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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

lunes, 17 de julio de 2017

New Moon in Leo, July 23, 2017 ~ Infusion of Creativity & Deep Multidimensional Healing

The process of self-healing is the privilege of every being. Self-healing is not a miracle, nor is self-healing a dramatization of the personality as though you could do something superior. Self-healing is a genuine process of the relationship between the physical and the infinite power of the soul.

Harbhajan Singh Yogi

Beloved Ones, 

At this time of our ascension journey, we find ourselves aligning with the New Frequency of the Higher Octave/Timeline, in which, we are consciously about to step into. It is precisely at this intense transitional phase, that we welcome a Fiery New Moon at 0 degrees of leo as a confirmation from the macro of the great infuse of deep healing/cleansing as well as creativity, that we are  receiving, since the beginning of this intense summer. It is a time for endings and new beginnings, for in truth both need each other to reconstruct reality. This is where we are now, what we decide to make with where we are now - as well as to create - will determine in which vibrational lower/higher timeline will we align ourselves. 

During this cosmic shift, there is no beginning or end, but the endless transformation that occurs when one is ready to release a dense form to embody a lighter one. This Moon is - as I have been saying in my previous article - the antechamber of the Leo Eclipse in August 21. We are going to be navigating between a galactic portal of constant renewal, creativity, dissolution and expansion. There is not a fixed/linear time or space for us to integrate these frequencies, but the opportunity of communing with our soul to know what we need to heal/transmute/embrace at every single moment.

This New Moon brings us expansion, creative revelations, and the gift to heal the traumatic wounds we still keep replaying - deep within our subconscious - without being even aware of it, imprinted in our emotional body, and burns everything that impedes us to embrace a higher state of being. However, the essence of this Leo Moon is also one of joy, passion and the opportunity to exhale creativity, for it is in the exhaling when the Divine within us expands and gives birth to new worlds, when it breathes out. It is a time to focus all the power and energy - from this conjunction - between the Moon and Mars - in giving form to our soul desires instead of being impulsive and giving birth to just our egoic ones, that will not benefit our Highest Will. 

A Fiery New Moon that comes to empower us, to help us burn the old, to remind us that true power is not about controlling or forcing anything, with the "power" of anger, but with the kind of power that comes from an open heart - always in love with All - which is from where true power and presence comes from. Mars accompanying the Leo Moon is an invitation to master our ego and anger, for ferocity is not about making other fears us to get our egoic desires, but about making them respect us by standing tall in our light, in who we are and our truth.

During this summer, the majority of the ascending souls, who are consciously working on themselves to finally dwell in a fifth dimensional space, will begin to notice the difference between both frequencies - 3D and 5D. For it is not a physically different location but one of a frequency what will show you where you are. If you vibrate at a higher frequency, this is what establishes the distinction between dimensions. So the reality that you experience is determined by the speed at which you vibrate.

In my personal experience, it does not matter what path I take, as long as it is aligned with the 5D timeline I have chosen to follow. I never cross paths with any of my past friends, even though they live in the next building and my city is really small. Everything I need to sustain myself in the physical, manifests even before I need it, not in the moment, not after a challenge, for the Universe knows what I will need, I just have to be aligned with it and keep myself  trusting, and vibrating as high as possible to be able to receive. Everything that used to be a constant, began to change until it is no longer the same reality, for this New Frequency cannot coexist any longer with those who have chosen a totally different one. 

Therefore, it is your vibrational frequency - the essence you decide to shine - that limits you within your plane of action. If what you are seeing is not what you desire to experience, vibrate higher, and from this state of being, learn how to mould the energy, send it out and learn how to create within New Earth, so what surrounds you begins to be aligned with who you have become.

This is just one example of what is going to occur for those who are stepping into the New Space, for everything in it, people, situations, outcomes must be in resonance with your inner frequency. For it is Law that two opposite frequencies do not collide, creating a vibrational barrier between one dimension and another. 

We are also in a very important period for relationships, for those of who you are choosing different paths, ask yourselves if you keep forcing these encounters - when they should occur naturally - due to your egoic attachments - and fears of losing that which can never be lost - or if you are willing to let go and let your Unified Self orchestrate the soul encounters, the situations that are meant to happen in your New Reality.

At a cosmic level, we not only have our Central Sun very active, always assisting us to release what no longer serves us, but also six Planets - in Leo - that will make us feel the urge of acting impulsively. There is another aspect, probably the most highlighted one, which is the Moon in Leo being influenced by Mars at the same time that the Warrior square Uranus too. This aspect brings passion to act, to stand tall within what we truly desire and take our power back. If used wisely, this energy could serve us to be bold and to free ourselves from old chains and embrace a higher way of living.

However, this frequency, if not properly embodied, can also make us impulsive, aggressive and direct our inner force to feed our unhealed anger. When we have such a mighty frequency reigning our heavens, we must ground and balance ourselves before acting, rather than creating outcomes that are not coming from a pure space of respect to the self and All. This is why it is essential to act, at all times, at the witness and not as the individualized 3D personality involved in a human journey, for it is then when we will lose ourselves in the delusions of our ego and begin to create without the proper focus.

Observe where you contract yourself, instead of allowing your soul expand into this physical realm. Witness your lower self, see where you are still angry and realize that it is never about others, about what they say or not about you, what they think about who you are and what you do. It is neither about a past lover who thought you were not enough and left you. It is not about what your egoic self thinks it loses. It is always about what you do with your thoughts, emotions and perception of your reality and the expectation you held of what should have occurred or not. It is all about you, it was always about you and what you create  in the human life you are experiencing. 

When we focus more on obtaining physical results/manifestations than in our internal evolutionary process, creating an imbalance between both, it is important to pay attention to the signs that our body sends us to make us become aware of what we are ignoring/denying to see. At this time, many of you may be feeling physical sensations in your heart center (connected to Fire) as anxiety, palpitations etc, in your spleen, stomach, pancreas and/or reproductive organs (Earth). 

If this is your case, this is a message for you to ground yourself, at a phase in which instead of denying where we are and our Planet, connecting to it, at all levels, is essential to transition as One, and remain well-grounded to avoid illusions as well as physical imbalances, created to dwell only in the ethereal. For it is in the physical, for the first time in our human history, that we have the opportunity to master our lower selves and begin to evolve, within this dense Plane. 

As important as keeping ourselves grounded is to combine this with working on an energetic level as well and to keep healing our emotional body of all traumatic emotions that are impeding us to move forward. The macro confirms us this great time for healing by the trine between the Sun, Moon, Mars and Chiron - a formidable encounter of healing Forces that will send us the proper  frequency for us to consciously work on our emotional and mental body to dissolve old programmed mechanisms  as well as those that were long ago imprinted - within our energetic blueprint - to manipulate us - and our own beliefs - and begin to liberate ourselves from more restriction, something that the Eclipse in Aquarius, in August, will - also - help us to do.

A way of recognizing emotional wounds - not yet surfacing - is by showing symptoms of pain, covering it with addictions, escapism, anger, frustration, blaming others, lack of self power, inability to express our hearts, and using denial and delusions to cover the truth that will challenge us, but that will also make us free. Observe the lower self, infuse it with love, never with comparisons, judgments or lack of empathy and therefore, compassion. See where you limit yourself, where you still punish yourself for old acts, past lifetimes residual (karmic) feelings and many other ways that diminish your Divine spark.

There are many ways in which you can realize if you are still punishing yourself and hence, feeling inadequate, and suffering from past deeds/emotions and to begin the inner work with your emotional body. Are you punishing yourself - and body - with food, drinking or any other substance that makes you addicted to the fake joy that they bring to you? Are you punishing yourself by getting attached to old relationships instead of allowing your soul to bring the perfect one for you at this moment? This is not the Universe punishing you, this is your own self impeding your to be in joy, which is our natural state of being.

The same occurs with abundance, we all do this sometimes. We tend to punish ourselves by not accepting abundance, if  it does not come in the way our egoic self thinks it shall come. We deny what is ours - by Divine birthright - simply by feeling we have to create abundance by our own selves, impeding others to provide us with what we need in this moment for our journey. There are infinite ways to sabotage the self, for in truth, we all still have limited self-created  or imprinted programs running  within ourselves, telling us how little we are, when in Truth we are Source incarnated, a basic fact, we tend to miss/deny.

By having expectations of how things should occur or not, you are limiting yourself and as you are not conscious of it yet, or desire to be, you are not receiving all the infinite influx of love that is waiting for you, at all times. No one is doing anything to you. You are free to create a dis-empowered victim version of you or to reclaim your sovereignty, take responsibility for who you are and for all you create and begin to walk a path of conscious creation and authenticity. 

There arre always two voices within ourselves, for we chose to experience a dualistic Universe. One voice is your ego telling you how wrong you are by believing you can accomplish all you wish from your soul, for you are nothing but a puppet moved by external forces, forces that are also doing their mission of bringing you down by programming you with negative agendas/emotions, if you decide to give them your power. 

This voice keeps you in fear, it is a tool we created, as humans, to provide us with the opportunity of experiencing what we are not. It is not real, so to say, it is not what you are but what you were taught/told that you are, and that you keep repeating to yourself, in your weakest moments. 

On the other hand, there is this other a voice within you, a Divine one, whispering in your ear, at all times reverberating inside yourself, that you are enough, powerful, beautiful and appreciated beyond measure. This voice is soft, a calming one, but strong enough to be heard, in the silence of your soul, who you truly are - reminding you that you are a Divine free sovereign being - and all you could do with the Divine power that was given to you, and that is you, if you choose to use it wisely to heal yourself and become a light instrument of Source to help All. As always, yours is the decision to shine or dwell in the darkness. 

Remember, Beloveds, even though your egoic self perceives darkness as being "evil" - all serves a purpose  to help us remember our True  Divine Heritage. All is equally within Creation. The only thing you shall decide, Now, at this bifurcation period, while we are bathed by this healing and powerful New Moon in Leo, is if you had enough of experiencing limitation, and are ready to experience the wonders of being who you truly are and dwell within a Higher Vibrational Space, or if you still need to learn something that  will serve you to finally step into a New Reality of Integration and Unconditional Love to All. 

A continuation, I leave you an easy exercise/meditation for you to begin the inner work of dissolving the traumatic wounds you still have in your emotional body. I am not fan of giving you any lessons or telling you what you should do, for you are your own master and healer and you know better than anyone else what is best for you and I am no teacher. For I am simply here - as you too are - to share. However, I was guided to share this technique I do - with great love and respect - in case it can assist you in your unique journey. 

This is one of the exersices that are essential before beginning to work with our DNA.  It will serve you to heal all of who you are - past, present and future selves. For multidimensional healing takes place in a nonlinear scale, and as we clear our past, we do so too with our present and future timelines. In working with our individualized aspect of Source incarnated at this time, with a certain physical aspect and name, we are also doing it for All, for All exist at this very moment. 

Dissolving emotional traumatic wounds exercise:
  • Locate the emotion that is stuck within you due to the rumination of it. Remember the more you ruminate about something, the more you keep it active within your emotional body, occupying a space that should be freed for you to fill it with love and constructive new emotions that will help you build a strong and healthy life experience. Call upon your Unified Self/Guides, to assist you in your healing process. 
These lower emotions/wounds can be covered with many things that can impede them to come into the surface. Do not cover them with substances, fears or denial, become conscious, become the healer that you are and feel the pain. Never ignore pain, for it is your best teacher and saviour, and the doorway to self-healing.

After you locate the pain, the most important thing is to deal with it, not from where it comes. It does not matter what we used to be, in our past lifetimes, and if the pain comes from there, it only matters what we are being now, and what we are doing with what we are feeling now. If what you are feeling is making your suffer, identify from where this pain comes, is useful, but you cannot come back to a past time to fix it, as there is nothing to fix, to begin with.

The only thing you can do is to forgive yourself/ves and let this pain go, after you learn what it came to show you. If you commune with your soul, for at least a few minutes a day, with the other selves that are One with you, whether past, present or future, you will have the assistance required to do the necessary work on the forgiveness you need to release these lower emotions that are causing you suffering.

When I work with my emotional body, in my sacred space, I always imagine it as a dark blue sea or lake, as you wish. I relate it to  the element Water and for me it is easier to flow with this element and release all that is stagnant in it, for water does not allow anything to remain stuck in it.
  • Visualize yourself in front of this not clear sea, all the lower  emotions are impeding the nature flow and radiance of this sea to emerge. Now feel all the painful emotions that make you suffer, one by one, after accepting your responsibility for these situations, be grateful for what they taught you and send them into the point residing in the middle of this sea, where there is a current that leads into a hole.
It is there where all your negative emotions are released, until you begin to feel peace, or at least in a balanced state of being, out of anger and repression. 
  • After regaining calmness, enter into this sea - that is now clearer due to the emotions released - submerge yourself in it, until you fall into the bottom of the ocean where a theatre resides full of people, souls, that have accompanied you in this lifetime or any other one, even though they have no faces, they do have a soul and have touched your life in a sense, making it better, and helping you to grow, whether your human ego recognized it or not.
As you enter, you will see a chair in the middle of the theater. Sit there. This is for you, all these souls are eager to be forgiven, as your soul is also eager to be released of experiencing the pain that these hidden wounds cause. Call them one by one, do it daily, as it is not a one-day process, recall what happened with this person that made you think he/she hurt you. 

Dissolve the illusion, remember, he/she helped you, by soul contract, by Free Will, to help you remember the powerful being that you are - to overcome any challenge - but also capable of forgiving, for an empowered Sovereign Being forgives the self and All, it is in our Divine Essence, it is who we truly are - forgiveness, love, light, joy, humility and wise beings, beyond measure.

Tell them what you need for you to end this pain, knowing it is a precious soul that helped you, for by your own self you could have never learnt as much as you did. When you finally remember the light in them as their only nature, send them with great love and respect to the pillar of light that emerges when one forgives, and send them into this wonderful space of freedom - at the same time that you too liberate yourself.

As you keep doing so, you will not only do soul retrieval but soul integration and healing of all the wounds that are yet imprinted within your emotional body. It is essential to work with forgiveness for we tend to forget all these wounds, in denial, and leave them in a mental plane, thinking that we are free of them, but in truth, we just hide them without realizing that they are still hurting our emotional body which is as important as our human one. 

This is why sometimes we experience anxiety, isolation and pain but we are not able to realize from where these sensations are coming. We want to think they come from solar flares, cosmic energies and so forth, but sometimes, they just come from the very pain that our hidden emotions cause us.
  • After doing so, come back to the sea, it is now clear blue, radiant and flowing, as you too are now, in love, in light, in gratitude with yourself and All, for you have been communing with your soul as well as with the other souls that are your Soul Family and Divine Companions, in peace. Souls who have done nothing to you but loving you, in ways that your egoic self could never realize by itself.
  • After that affirm:
I (say your name) accept the light of my soul as well as the light that dwells in others that have helped me on my journey. I release all human illusions. All sentiment of pain and anger and everything that impedes me to see the Truth of who I am and of who others are. I expand now - and forever - within Divine love and any resistance to experience all that will allow me to grow and experience joy, abundance and unconditional love, in a new and higher way. 

Now, You are free, free to walk your path without interference from. Free of past hurts. Free to create a path in which you will not have to force any interactions or soul encounters or getting attached to any of them, for you walk now as a master, healer and sovereign being of your own life experience and the mere essence of your New Frequency will attract anything and/or anyone you need to co-create a new path.

I wish you all a healing, creative and always loving New Moon, Beloveds!

In love and light ∞

Natalia Alba 

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