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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

miércoles, 2 de agosto de 2017

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, August 7, 2017 ~ Set Thyself Free & Embrace the Unexpected

It takes a huge effort to free yourself from memory but when you succeed you start to realize that you’re capable of far more than you imagined. You live in this vast body called the Universe, which contains all the solutions and all the problems. Visit your soul; don’t visit your past. The Universe goes through many mutations and carries the past with it. We call each of those mutations a ‘life,’ but just as the cells in your body change and yet you remain the same, so time does not pass, it merely changes. 

Paulo Coelho

Blessings Beloved Ones,

As we keep evolving within this eternal spiral of Creation, stepping into a New Era of miracles and integrity, the cosmos blesses us with a self-liberating Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse, at 15 degrees of Aquarius on August 7th, to conquer our shadows, release karmic patterns/programs/illusions and continue with our purification process, as we keep embodying the higher codes that we are receiving since the very beginning of this intense summer.

Eclipses are meant to assist in shifting consciousness, which, at this transitional time, is pivotal to help the Planet into the manifestation of a massive awakening that will make the necessary impact to finally step into Higher Octave, one, in which some of us are already dwelling. This together with the stellar codes received by many stargates, and the solar transmissions sent by our Sol, are being of great assistance for us to burn the ashes of the old, to bring healing into our body cells and to help us work with our masculine essence, connected to our power.  

It is a time to set thyself free. It is a period in which, we are being invited by the Universal Forces to finally put an end to an old cycle, of unconsciousness, of karma, and begin to embrace a higher way of existing based on authenticity and self-empowerment instead of the old sense of fear. For where we are going is a higher space of discernment, wisdom and conscious co-creation, and it is essential that we step into it, by being free of all the layers that used to hinder our true potential as Divine Beings.

In fact, there are many oppressors in your/our reality, but the majority of them have been created by you/us, unconsciously, and by our fear to be who we truly are and confront a reality that may be familiar but that is based on illusions. There is the oppressor that tells you that you are not enough to fulfil your desires, and that you must depend on others, on external things, for you to obtain what is yours by nature. 

The oppressor who can come into your life in many forms and ways,  who tells you that you should just earn a limited and fixed amount of money, remaining always in the same position/place, for change is not good for you. Then, there is the oppressor we attract in the form of a partner, to whom we give all of our power, becoming dependent on another person, denying our own value, and independence as a human being. 

Lastly, although there are infinite ways in which we allow external oppressors into our lives, there are the dark forces, the manipulative ones, that have been controlling you/us during eons, and to which, you/we have also given them our power to control what we think, feel, eat and are. Yes, Beloveds, there are many oppressors out there, to which we have learnt to give our Will to decide for us, believing that they are necessary, that we are victims and that we do not have the power to do anything about this. 

During this summer, we are having a blessed time,  with these liberating and fiery energies, to work not just on our old beliefs, fears and karmic patterns but also to recognize those hidden victimizing programs that weaken us and that impede us to be free and become the powerful beings that we are, in essence. It is time to step into a Higher Dimension, but to do so, first, we must release an old self that still lives in oppression, in fear, in unlove, and in the old belief that we are not worth all of the love, abundance and joy in this Universe. 

While the majority of people are focusing solely on the Lion's Gate as well as on the Eclipse in Leo, at the end of the month, this Aquarian Eclipse is as important as the Leo one, for this one is going to set the perfect frequency required for us to work on self-liberation. This Eclipse, or the energies we have been integrating for a few months ago, is not separated from the Leo one, we are the ones who label and separate, for all of them are an invitation to transmute, regenerate and purify ourselves as we keep climbing this infinite Divine Ladder.

As these energies are going to accompany us for at least six months, we are going to be constantly maneuvering between letting go and embracing the unexpected, which is nothing but the many miracles and opportunities to grow that our Unified Self has orchestrated for us, in this New Cycle, regardless of whether our egoic self is afraid of the unknown. 

Aquarius, a fixed sign that even if belongs to the element Air, is represented by the Water Bearer, as a reminder for us to also flow with freedom and adapt to all conditions, as water does. Water represents the emotions we have within as well as the ideas we hold in our mental plane and that most of the time are fixed and linear and limit ourselves in experiencing our true potential. This sign is giving us the message of releasing old wounds and emotions - returning to our natural state of constant change and flow, bliss and pure awareness with All. 

The Water Bearer is ruled by Uranus, the so called Planet of Rebellion, who helps us bring the inner change that we are so eager to find in the outside, reminding us that no outer change can truly come, if we first do not go within and transform what is required, as the macro can only show us - as One with us - what we are made of inside and hence projecting. 

As Uranus enters retrograde, on August 3, our mission is to use its destructive, but transmuting frequency, to demolish old patterns of thought that are hidden deep within our mental plane, and begin to use Uranus' innovative essence to turn the familiar, the old programming that is still ruling our human lives, into new ways of living. Its is all about the conscious destruction of old structures at the same time that we use the Fiery Frequency - from this month - to build anew.

This is not the only Planet that, during this summer, will be retrograde, for as the Universe always assists us to dwell in the depths of our soul when the time is right, we also have Pluto, Saturn, Neptune and Chiron retrograde, together with Mercury doing the same on August 12. If we pay attention and commune with the Higher Aspect of us, we will clearly realize that it is not a time to physically act, but to do it from within by focusing all of our energy into the dissolution of old worlds, for it is only when we empty ourselves, that we are able to allow and embody what we are meant to experience next. 

At a cosmic level, the most important aspect occurring at the Eclipse time, is Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, squaring Pluto, the Planet of Power and Regeneration. This aspect has already been strongly felt for more than a week now, especially in the collective, where more souls are beginning to realize that they do have a will, a powerful one, that is able to break free from anything/anyone that is enslaving them and embrace a higher level of consciousness.

This is about the power we all have - as Divine Beings - to manifest our true soul desires, destiny and soul companions. However, one can only do that if we are fully conscious of who we are, in essence, of our true potential, and reclaim our sovereignty, lost eons ago by misinformation and by the violence exercised by other "superior" races that did not respect the law of free will and neither the one who respects all beings as well as their own process of soul evolution, within Creation. 

Jupiter invites us to expand into our true sense of power, focus on where we are going, which is a higher space of love and integrity, instead of what we are leaving behind, and reminding us to use our power wisely, before acting impulsively, as the Moon will opposite Mars, during the Full Moon, we could fall into the egoic trap to want things in the moment, without the proper discernment. So if we align with this frequency, it will help us in realising that all these are inner oppressors we create to diminish our Light and we can begin to free ourselves from an illusory reality and engage into a Higher Timeline of conscious co-creation and sovereignty.

This aspect together with the Sun in conjunction with Mars, is a cosmic blessing, an infusion of strength and energy for us to use our inner fire, to construct, to heal and to burn the ashes of the old that are still darkening what our soul is creating in the Higher Realms for us to anchor into our physical one. At this time, our inner force must be handled with delicacy, for the intensity of everything that is eager to be dissolved within us, as well as what is waiting to come to the surface, can be overwhelming for our physical bodies. 

If we push this fiery frequency - as well as our bodies - to integrate it, we may fall into destructive patterns, that hurt ourselves instead of healing what is meant to be released. It is essential, especially if you are feeling exhausted with these frequencies, that you take care of yourself and your body without forcing it to go further, for it is not about how much you can integrate to ascend or how much effort you should do to finally step into this Higher Cycle, but about knowing in every moment what you need, not about burning your body and energy.

A lot of people believe that just because we are in a creative phase, it is pivotal that they act in the physical, which if this is what you feel and are guided to do, is perfect. However, if you are feeling tired, if you are feeling mentally drained, it means that your body is working non-stop to release the lower frequencies that must be out of it before it could internalize new ones. If you keep forcing yourself to be, do more, then you will create a collapse within it, impeding your healing process to be successful. This is why is so important that you do at every single moment, what your body and inner being is asking you to do and not what your egoic self wants.

Heart palpitations, sleeping more than usual and/or even in hours  where you never used to sleep, feeling like electric shocks in your spine, anxiety, headaches, and flu, between many other physical/inner sensations, are usual when we are leaving an old frequency and embodying  a Higher One. Your heart is expanding, your body is healing/releasing, let it be, let it do - at its pace - what it should. 

The Sun in a quincunx to Pluto and in another one to Neptune at the Full Moon time, often called in astrology The Finger of God, is a massive influx of assistance, at this transitional time, and especially for the collective, to shift consciousness, whether they are beginning to walk on this evolutionary path or whether already immersed within it. 

This will propitiate a shift of perception, in how we see our reality, for we have moulded it to be in a certain way, impeding ourselves to see it as it really Is. Now, we have the cosmic opportunity to open ourselves to perceive a Higher Reality and navigate through it with an open and free mind. 

This Aquarian eclipse/Full Moon, brings an ending to our emotional suffering due to the many oppressors, restrictions and old beliefs that we used to give our power to. If you are willing to finally realize that you live in a Universe of constant change, in which adapting constantly to it, is essential, and that one must continually release an old self, to embody new aspects of your Higher One, then you will experience this Eclipse as a blessing, even if challenging, to burn the lower frequencies remaining within yourself and physical body and begin to liberate yourself from the tyrant that you have within, who is sabotaging you not to manifest the true and highest version of who you are. 

This is also going to be a very intense phase for all the stabilizers, no matter in what unique way you do your soul role, you have probably been feeling the fierceness of these energies from the end of May. These energies will continue for at least for six months. Stabilizers are called now to harmonize and stabilize New Earth Grids as well as the new energies that we are receiving, during this intense summer - that first gatekeepers anchored. 

This process requires isolation. Stay at all times focused on your Higher Heart and above all, remain in perfect balance yourself, which is not easy if you are surrounded by people who have chosen a different frequency, between other distractions that even if they can seem challenging, are also helping you to master your lower self and to stay always focused on your mission.

At the very beginning, and to be honest, isolation is one of the most difficult tasks, for we are sent to stabilize not just in the astral or while we are awake within our physical reality, but out in nature or any other places required. We all know, that we all have the Universe within, knowing is easy, feeling it, experiencing it while we are in a human body, is hard and challenging, for we all feel alone at some point of our journey. 

When these feelings of isolation overwhelm you, call upon your Team - Unified Self/Monad and Guides - to assist you in your weakest moments. Call upon them to help you remember that you are never alone or hopeless. The entire Universe is reminding you of this, at all times. Yours is the choice to focus on Eternal Truth or on what your egoic self wants  you to believe. Above all remember, that you chose to be here, doing exactly and experiencing exactly what you are at this time, it may feel isolated, but you cannot imagine the many lovelight beings that are surrounding you, holding the light for you. 

As this subject is complex - I would like to share this with All, in case it will help you in your path. I am writing another article to show you how my role, as a stabilizer, feels like and some tips, especially if you are new to this, as staballizing grids, light tools and symbols I use to stabilize, to help you stay in balance. 

While you transit into a New Octave, you are consciously immersed, in a process of uncovering all the lies you once believed were true. Unlearning all the lies that have been told to you, that you have been nurturing for so long, is not easy. It requires daily inner work, it requires for you to feel, at every moment, the Light within, instead of the shadows that dwell within you - saying you are not enough and that you are not worth it.

During this period of cleansing, be strong, be compassionate towards yourself. It takes courage, it takes human time, and awareness going within. Look straight to your wounds and embrace them as other aspects of who you are and treat them with unconditional love. This is what it takes to grow, to ascend. For in order to do so one must begin by giving up on what one expected it life experience to be and surrender to the one that our Unified Self has prepared for us to experience. 

It requires inner transformation, Will, and a lot of discernment, to be able to walk a path of self-liberation and sovereignty. For we still walk among beings who are unconscious and will not understand who we have become, for we are yet adjusting to experience what it feels like to be the New but True us, for we are forever changing, and as humans, change is not well accepted by our lower self. 

Yes, Beloveds, walking the path that you have/are, at all times, consciously chosen/choosing, is not easy, but you have made this choice, you are walking your talk, doing the inner work required to dissolve all that is no longer required and preparing to embrace a new way of living. You are making it, you have conquered your shadows, recognized and overcome illusion, and are aware without judgments. Now, you are ready to embrace what living as a Divine Being truly means. It is your birthright and you have earned it. 

Celebrate where you are now, all you have conquered, achieved and transformed on your own. Celebrate your triumph over the dark forces, over your 3D egoic self. BE in joy for all you are and do, for without you, just without one single you, this world would never have been able to transit into a Higher Octave, you count, you are worth it, you are doing exactly what you need for your human growth and that of All. 

I thank you enormously for your never-ending assistance, for your unique soul role within Creation, for all the times you felt alone but never allowed this feeling to become real, and chose to feel the entire Universe - within you - instead. For all the tears, for all the challenges, know, they all count, every single  thing you have experienced has taken you to this moment, of liberation, of love, of integrity and of infinite expansion.

I wish you all a blessed, transforming and liberating Eclipse, Beloved Companions!

In love, light and service ∞

Natalia Alba 

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