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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

domingo, 3 de septiembre de 2017

Full Moon in Pisces, September 6, 2017 - Becoming New Earth Seeds

May you live in interesting times

Blessings Beloved Ones,

We are living in a unique time within Creation. I hope you are enjoying being alive in such a special time, and that you know how much you contribute, if you consciously have decided to, in this cosmic shift that our Planet, as well as ourselves, are experiencing. If you thought that you have seen it all, again, the cosmic energies will surprise you with new waves, from this magical and healing Full Moon at 13 degrees of Pisces, whose main essence is meant to help us transcend an old karmic cycle as well as the duality in which we have been deeply immersed for eons, and begin to step into the Light of who we really are.

It is not new that we have been subjugated by the negative forces for longer than we can ever imagine. At this transitional time, these negative forces, for denying they exist, would not be wise or helpful, are trying more than ever to regain control, to manipulate and to keep using human beings as their puppets. We, the ascending souls, who are conscious of what is occurring at a deeper level, and especially those who act as New Earth Anchors, must remain, at all times, in the Illuminating Presence of their Soul, where clarity and true power resides to stand tall above any other form of manipulation.

As we leave behind the 3D old Earth, and step into the higher timeline that we have chosen, past memories as well as old wounds are likely to arise. This does not mean that you are not doing the proper inner work, although only you can know this of course, or that there is something wrong with you. The fiery energies received during all this summer, especially the ones from the Eclipses together with this Full Moon in Pisces, are triggering within all that which is not yet united. This is a gift, take it, it is not going to hurt you, it is going to liberate you. Are you willing to face the shadows and embrace the Truth that comes when one is ready to face oneself?

With Pisces, comes liberation, one that can only come after being dormant, and experiencing what we are not. It is with Pisces, in the last sign of the zodiac, that we begin to remember our true origins, clearing karmic debts, purifying ourselves and achieving personal enlightenment. The Eclipses together with this Full Moon in Pisces marks a key point in the collective, for it will bring Truth above illusion, healing and many revelations, especially for the souls who are healing and deprogramming  themselves. Truth is only revealed when one is ready to face it and becomes strong enough to disengage oneself from all the human illusions that we have been fed for so long.

It is with intuitive Pisces that we begin to learn how to flow with All, embracing whatever comes as a blessing and remembering that we are all One within Creation - finally moving from our 3D programmed personality into a space of free sovereignty and compassion towards ourselves and All, embracing not just our individualized aspect as it was at the beginning of the zodiac with Aries, but all the multidimensional ones of who we truly are. 

When we reach this Water sign, it is because we are ready to ascend another step into this endless evolutionary spiral of Creation, and we begin to activate our higher chakras and awaken ourselves to cosmic consciousness. This Full Moon brings us the message of transcending an old karmic cycle and embracing a free one where no density, illusion or/and oppression takes place, for we have experienced it for a long time, and it is time now to remember again from where we come and rise above the illusion of separation.

During this month, and especially with the Full Moon at 13 degrees of Pisces, which is of course not a coincidence at all, but a perfectly synchronized cosmic alignment, we, the ones who consciously decide to do so, will have the opportunity to dwell in a Higher Space of harmony and conscious co-creation, leaving behind the 3D old matrix that encapsulated us for so long. It is our opportunity to let it all go and being to align ourselves with the New Earth's 5D Timeline that we have consciously chosen. 

The degree where this Moon occurs, 13, is the number of transformation, represented in the tarot by the Death card, one that does not indicate, always, physical transition, but a deeper transformation that occurs within and that makes our reality shift as we do so too from within. A number related to karma and often manipulated to infuse fear in the masses.

This is a message for us to transmute and rejuvenate, for where we are going, the burden of old memories or what we consider from a limited human perspective, past hurts, will not serve us, for where we are going, the energy of every being can be strongly felt, and no one can hide behind a mask - what their true intentions are - neither can we cover our higher senses as we did when we experienced a 3D realm. 

At a cosmic level, the Full Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune, the Planet of Illusion, but also Dreams and the Unconscious, which is retrograde at almost 13 degrees of Pisces as well, 12°49′ Pisces. As we also have the Sun in Virgo, which is all about making things tangible and using its strength to be of service to All, we are being invited to descend from Above all the guidance and wisdom necessary Below, that is to say, anchoring into our earthly plane all we learn and envision - within the higher realms. For as I always say, we were not meant to come here to live in the ethereal but to become masters of how to descend all this magic, love and remembrance into our tangible plane. 

It is a time to ground ourselves, for only by having strong foundations can we grow, connecting to the higher aspects of us while we keep being grounded to Earth and its foundations. This is a challenging time for the ones who are doing the inner work of conscious liberation and dissolution of the old, but it is also a time for magic, revelations, Truth and for integrating all the wisdom received - when we are not afraid of navigating with our subconscious.

For the ones releasing addictions, and again I repeat that addictions are not just about using drugs or drinking, but anything that keeps us attached to something/someone in whom we are giving away our power, we must be careful at this time, for they can be tested by the power of Neptune in Pisces. Neptune and even more with Chiron in Pisces too, does not do anything in itself, they are just energies, however, it is our decision to decide how to direct this energy, as Neptune's essence is meant for us to dive deep within our deepest wounds and hidden aspects and the ones who are experiencing addictions, have more chances to fall into it so profoundly that they lose themselves in these deep waters. 

We could also feel more sensitive than usual, especially during the Full Moon, this is why it is important to become the witness of our own life experience and from an outer perspective realize when we are living on mere dreams and becoming delusional and when we are fully in control, within our wounds. For this will create an imbalance between being grounded or only be only anchored in the ethereal, which again, will only recreate in the physical, a destabilizing reality, with outcomes that are not aligned with our true soul desires and Will.

Regarding physical sensations, this is very unique, as I always say, but it is common to feel pressure in your heart area, or it can be also felt as anxiety, exhaustion etc, as you keep anchoring yourself more and more within a Higher Dimension. This is due to the density we lose when we are leaving behind more of the old. If you feel everything with more intensity and even with feelings of releasing in the form of tears, it is due to the pain your 3D egoic self feels when releasing the familiar, as well as the past. 

Let it be, feel it, allow yourself to mourn what is not even real, for this will create the opportunity for you to see that nothing or anyone was ever yours to begin with and that at the same time all is One, dancing together or "separated" from time to time, experiencing different realms and experiences, until we remember again the power of unity and Divine Love. 

There is another event happening just before the Full Moon in Pisces. Mercury, will turn direct, on September  5 at 28°25′ Leo. I must follow my truth and act as the integrated person I consider myself to be, and while I know this is important for you, I have decided that I am no longer going to keep sharing or giving importance to something that belongs to the old and who just keeps feeding this old 3D illusion of Mercury being retrograde, which is just an optical illusion we have from Earth.

As you believe you create. If you believe this has caused you many challenges, everything within Creation will obey you and so you as such, not because it is true, but because the Universe always treats you as the master that you are of your own life experience. If you, like me, begin to stop feeding/believing/fearing in this limited belief, you, as I am experiencing, will never complain or even remember this again, for you will keep experiencing infinite abundance, joy and that everything, no matter what is happening in your reality, has been created by you or orchestrated by your God Self for Higher reasons, never to cause you delays or do anything to you. When one flows, stops feeding old myths and begins to take charge of one's own reality, all impediments disappear, and the road begins to be illuminated, once again. 

At the Full Moon time, we also have Venus quincunx Neptune. As always, energies simply are, and it is all about what we do with their essences. This is not a fatalist aspect, for it is also meant to occur to help us become more conscious of our relationships and begin to release what is necessary. This is going to show you the aspects of yourself that you still unlove and pay no attention to, hiding them and trying to fill the empty spaces where you do not love yourself with the love of other. 

This is where you are finally going to realize if you are experiencing an enlightened reunion or if you are yet having a relationship based on the old way of loving, one who believes love is attachment, control, manipulation, lack of freedom and expansion - whether together or not. This is also a wonderful time for you to look at yourself. Negative self talk is the main thing that impedes you to love yourself, for it is you programming yourself in unconscious ways, to not receive because you are not worth it, hence you are commanding the Universe not to treat you well for you do not deserve it and this is the only thing you will see. 

Do you tell yourself how bad you look physically, instead of honoring a body that is serving you well, and that is Divine too, in this physical reality? Do you still treat yourself as if you were not important and put others before yourself? Or are you finally realizing that only by loving and accepting yourself, as you are, can you can really love All, which is just a reflection of who you are too? 

Starseed Souls, Light Bearers and New Earth Anchors,

As you may already have been feeling, this is a very important, and at the same time challenging phase for all of us, for remaining, always, in the Light of who you/we All are, is not always easy for the 3D human. Starseed Souls, be aware of the constant manipulation that is taking place, and especially at this time during the Eclipse turmoil still with us and this Full Moon in Pisces who conjunct Neptune, of the massive manipulation that is taking place from the dark forces. 

Some of you already know, for you have experienced these attacks and now are well-informed and prepared by your own soul/Unified Self guidance, others are just beginning to awake and realize, and others may not yet be conscious of what is occurring and from where this negative input is coming. 

Discerning from a soul space, is essential for you to understand who you are and what is happening within your unique human life experience. No one can tell you but yourself, others may act as helpers, confirming what you already know, but if you go and search outside what you yet do not understand - for you are not ready - or simply because all we need to know comes at Divine Time, then you will be manipulated.

Commune with your soul. Protect yourself, set boundaries and when you feel the constant attack from these negative forces, especially in the astral, where not everyone is fully conscious yet, try not to panic and remain in love with All, even if you consider it harmful, for it is the only way in which you can avoid them being successful. When one does not know what is occurring behind the physical veils, one fears, this is why it is essential to be well informed and not deny the truth of these forces, and in order to be well informed, one must first know where to look to obtain guidance, and this is always within.

Use all the time you can during the day, to consciously work on your emotional body, this is essential to finally erase all karmic and painful memories and begin to liberate old fears so we can see with clarity what is happening and live not from a fearful space but from a compassionate and loving one, which does not mean, it is not a space of empowerment, freedom and sovereignty, for this is the first step towards liberation. 

Be careful with whom you share your experiences. Some may dwell in delusion, but not everyone is still in this space, and by sharing with others who are not conscious or awake, you are putting yourself in a position where you could be manipulated and taken for a fool without being one, and therefore hiding instead of  embracing and bringing into the surface what must be dissolved. Calm down, go within and open yourself to receive the right people and light tools that will assist you in your journey. Remember, fear repels, while love and openness attract. 

A message to all stabilizers 

I have begun to share more about my soul role, as I see no one, or at least that I am aware of or told, is doing so. I think sharing is important to help each other and learn and recently I was guided by my Unified Self to share more on this subject. When stabilizing in the astral, as you may already know, or begin to know soon at Divine Timing for you, you will see who we all are, as we are all connected by a clear pink light web, in which whether conscious - or not - of what you are doing, we become all One when stabilizing. It is pivotal that the ones who are beginning to be conscious of this do not fear the push of the dark forces and break the unity we try to keep between us, for we do this as One.

I do understand the first reactions when one is fully conscious in the astral, as all we have to harmonize and see is not easy and loving at all. This is why you chose this role and came here, to help stabilize what others try to break and destroy. You knew it was going to be challenging but you knew who you are, and this is what you must remember now. You are not a hopeless being ruled by outer forces, you command and control yourself and reality, as well as your own space and who invades it. No one can enter unless you begin to fear, creating cracks in your aura, and allowing them to enter into your sacred space, and your personal balance, is essential for you to be able to stabilize. 

I also notice and even more since I share my post on stabilizing, how people from Syria, are reading my site, and one of them contacted me, who just ran away from the country and to whom I am deeply grateful! I was told this was going to happen. Even though what it may seem, and even if due to the great violence there, it can surprise us, in Syria there are stabilizers, as I was told. 

I send all my love and gratitude to you and I do honor what you are doing in the circumstances that you are in. Remember, that you do not need to put yourself in danger going outside to stabilize, you will never be guided to do so, it can be done from your sacred space as well and if you do not possess the right tools, you can use your pure intention. 

As you already know, you soon will be placed in another location where you will continue, in a better position, your work on stabilizing. Trust, the work is not yet done there, you are never alone, you are more protected than what you could possibly imagine, and the Forces of the Universe are not leaving you unprotected, they are working unceasingly to bless you with a better place. 

To the ones who use crystals to create grid to assist you in anchoring balance, I was told to begin to use at least a Vogel Crystal, it reflects and spreads better the light and are stronger for our purpose. You will know where to place it. I know they are expensive and rare to find, if you cannot obtain one, you will be guided to use others with similar frequency. Just ask what will be right for you and the frequency of your location. In the article I wrote about stabilizing I shared a map to where and how the crystals must be placed, which is common for all stabilizers, as well as the common light symbols we use, go there if guided, if you are beginning, and if you choose to use a Vogel, I was told it should be placed in the center.

I hope it helps, remember we are going to be stabilizing for at least 6 month, in which doing it outside will be essential, you do not have to stay under extreme weather conditions, however you will have to bury the crystals in a safe place and make sure you set the proper intention for them to do their work. If you are guided to share and can, please choose to do so, I/we All will appreciate and learn as well from what you have to share. 

We are navigating within a very powerful cosmic passage. It is essential that while this transition into a Higher Octave within Creation lasts, you are compassionate with yourself. You are releasing an old self. One that must be understood for what it is, another aspect of us who is not evil, simply unconscious, and who helped us to unveil our 3D limited reality and began to expand into the vastness of what we do/are and the new timelines that are available for us to dwell. 

This is not a time to fix anything, for there is nothing to be fixed. When we try to fix, what our lower self believes is broken, and there is nothing ever broken within or without ourselves, we are denying the healing we are so in need of, and therefore not giving ourselves the opportunity to embrace our shadows and integrate them. 

It is not about doing, acting or forgetting what once happened, believing outer Forces will save you. You are you own saviour, master and healer. It is about remembering, healing, accepting and integrating what occurred to you that made you once close your heart to experience infinite abundance, joy, Divine Love and endless expansion. It is not even about you, but about All, ascending into unity from a space of duality and separation. This is not about what others have done to you, for no one has ever hurt you without your consent, this is about what you do with the moment you hold now in your hands.

Do you use this Now moment to realize how blessed you are, even though challenges emerge in your path? We will always experience challenges, for they are the opportunities that help us grow, and growth only occurs in the physical, this is why it is important that we have challenges, for the more of them we overcome, the more knowledge we integrate. 

Do you use this present moment, this gift, to choose a different timeline in which you could be who you are and stand tall in you truth? Or do you keep choosing to be small, fearing outside forces, as if they rule your reality, and hence giving them the power that has been granted only to you?

I hope that whatever you choose, you choose it because it follows your Highest Will, which is always based on unconditional love, compassion and infinite bliss. I hope that whatever it is you do, you do it because you are in love with All and because it makes you happy. And I AM sure that whatever you choose, in any case, will be always perfect for what we All need to remember.

I thank you for your precious assistance at this blessed time within Creation, for all you are and do. You do not need to do more, it is not about doing or acting, but about BEing. You have finally become New Earth Seeds. Remain always in the Light of who you are, and share it from your heart space to All. You do not need to use labels as Guide, or Spiritual Teacher, to shine your Light. You just need to go out stand in the sun, integrate in your unique way and with a pure intention send your love to every being and thing in this Planet. 

You, for who you are, are always enough, worth it and beautiful, and even if sometimes you choose to forget again and remain asleep for a while, everything you are and do is deeply appreciated by the Divine and All of us. 

I wish you All a magical, revealing and healing Full Moon in Pisces, Beloved Companions!

In love and light ∞

Natalia Alba 

Note: The Author of the photo is Artur Rosa. 

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