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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

sábado, 30 de diciembre de 2017

The Energies of January 2018 ~ A New Cycle of Conscious Evolution & Galactic Initiation

A life lived of choice is a life of conscious action. A life lived of chance is a life of unconscious creation.

Neale Donald Walsch

Beloved Light Emissaries, 

It is with great joy and love that I share the frequency of this new energetic month! For even if in truth there are no beginnings or endings, as they are both intertwined, we are already dwelling in the Fifth Illuminated Timeline that we have consciously chosen. This moment, as I received, came with the last New Moon in Sagittarius, for it aligned, together with Earth, the Sun and Saturn, with the Galactic Center - finally crowning ourselves as the Galactic beings that we are. It is a phase for galactic consciousness integration, polarity healing and above all, for us to, always, abide in this new frequency, as only by remaining in a loving and calm state of being - can we create this same reality, externally.

There are a lot of people who ask me if something in the external, on the Planet, is going to change. They would like to know when this Era is exactly arriving? What will this arrival bring forth? What changes will we observe, in the collective?. The only visible change that you will see is the one created within yourself, as it is precisely from this inner shift, that the outer begins - not to change - but to adjust to your current frequency. 

In my reality, I do not see any violence. I go out and I only see gentle people, and when others tend to find drama and unkindness, I only find smiles and precious gifts wherever I go, for this is what I feel within, radiate and hence can be aligned with. It is not about the outside. Nothing is going to save you except yourself. We are now entering a Cycle of conscious creation and self-empowerment, leaving behind the victimhood archetypes, as well as other egoic mechanisms. It is not by expecting anything but about creating it, for ourselves.

This New Year of 2018 is going to be ruled by an 11/2 Universal Frequency. This is meant to awaken the masses, to master the ones who are ready to take this step and to help us retrieve the Divine Wisdom that resides within us and begin anew by unplugging from the 3D consciousness, something that more and more souls are choosing to do, daily. 

For the ascending souls, 11 is a sign of our achieved self-mastery, although this inner work never ceaces, as well as the deep work we are doing of polarity integration. For number 1 possesses a masculine energy, while 2, the sum of both numbers, has a feminine essence, something that is showing us the need for us all to finally embrace both poles, as equals. 

For some, this will be a year of unifying the aspects that within themselves are not yet unified, working on themselves more than in their relationships. For others who have done this inner work, it will be a Year based on the harmonization of their relationship, as number 2 reminds us. It is all according to what we need for where we are. 

This is also a very creative number, which brings innovation and a new way of seeing reality, something pivotal at a time, when more and more souls are trying to disengage from the 3D Matrix and its manipulative reality. 11 is a frequency that introduces us to the unseen planes, for its nature is ethereal and its essence is connected to the Illuminated Realms, where we are going, to a new space where we begin to be a little be closer to the Higher Frequencies from 6D/7D Planes, as well as our True Divine Origin. 

2018 is a year in which, the presence of chaos versus harmony, will be emphasized on the Planet. Ours is the choice to keep choosing unity among the chaos others desire to create to keep control of Earth or to remain feeding this illusion of separation. During this Year, the ascending souls who have already mastered the fusion of both polarities, will experience the results of years of self-mastery, and even though we only master certain aspects of the self to keep discovering new ones to keep working with, we will be also experiencing the Harmony, Balance and Divine Love that this new frequency offers. 

As always, the presence of both forces - dark and light - will always be present for you to choose with which one you desire to align. This Year, if well understood, will offer a unique opportunity for the souls who are still learning how to master - and see as equal - both opposite polarities - dark and light/feminine and masculine.

For the majority of the ascending souls, this is a Year to seed and master new horizons as we continue to also master our human relationships, to make new partnerships, to work in unison, not in a solitary way any longer, for even if we are here as an individualized aspect of Source, we are leaving behind more of our old sense of separation - uniting as a team to co-create our deepest soul visions, finally understanding that it is not anymore about us but about assisting All. 

New galactic integration passage

Beloved Ones, from this time onwards, we are going to be fully immersed within a new galactic wave, until the beginning of February. In this new month, we are going to be in integration mode, for there is a lot to be descended and anchor within our body and physical plane. 

This is a time for expansion, but also one of hard work for the ones who are 24/7 working on this mission, which are the majority of us, for we begin to assist by our own Essence. There is still a lot of work to do with New Earth Grids, for the restructuring of Earth Grids as well as the activation of many Earth places, is not yet over. 

There are only a few small places in the world, according to my own guidance, that are actually crystalline and that holds a fifth dimensional frequency, as it is for example the so well known case of Mount Shasta in USA, or for example Montserrat (Barcelona) in Spain, where subterranean beings live. So the Planet needs a lot of assistance to clear and help in all we can to bring its lost purity back.

During this time you may feel your own physical sensations, for we all are unique, and our bodies will tell us what we need to release and in what part of our body. Certain soul roles could feel more these sensations, for they work closely with Earth, these are:

  • New Earth Grids
  • Earth activators, and healers in general
  • Earth Purifiers
  • Gatekeepers
  • Gridworkers
  • Stabilizers
  • Earth Unifiers - how I call the ones who are here to restore our deep sense of polarity. They come already with this knowledge of how to unify polarities and act as teachers. They restored balance by their mere Essence. 
There are more roles, of course, but especially the ones whose main mission is to help heal the 3D manipulated structures of Earth, they will be feeling with the need to rest more and will experience more physical sensations, for the work is very intense in both the physical and in the astral plane. 

For those who are beginning to open themselves to their soul roles, and feel the above roles could be one of their missions, using the Diamond, Emerald and White Rays to assist you purify and anchor the specific frequencies you are meant to, is of great assistance! 

There are some common physical sensations that I was told to share and that I am experiencing myself:

  • Disorientation - due to the feeling we are having of losing all sense of time, especially for the "solitary" ones, as it is my case, who are literally living in and off this world. For we have created our own reality and there are not much things that linked us to the old. 
  • Dizziness and/or vertigo - remember that everything within ourselves is being recalibrated in a way we never experienced before, so unless you have any medical evidence that it is something physical, this is usual.
  • Heart palpitations
  • Memories from many timelines and experiences, even while awake, of parallel lives. This is something that for me, to be honest, is being hard to experience. For it feels so real I am not totally able to always disengage from other timelines.
  • Intolerance of certain food: there are many people who are beginning to be literally intolerance to food they used to eat before. This is because your body is no longer able to digest these lower frequencies and your true desire, as once chosen and planned, is to begin shifting it to a crystalline base, something that requires self-discipline as well as the ingestion of lighter food. 
As always, be compassionate to yourself, a thing when one is, at all times, of service, is rarely applied to the self, as it happens to me often and must disconnect for at least two days. Take care of yourself, be in neutral observation with everything and everyone and be the seed of  the change and love that you are, and would like to see, in the world. 

Mental Transformation

For a dimensional transition like the one we are experiencing occurs, first a mental transformation is required, from within - as well as in the collective - so the entire Planet can begin to manifest a second - and more evolved - body, which is where we have been for years, until we as well as our Planet, were finally able to bifurcate from the 3D matrix.

A mental transformation takes place when the human aspect of us finally awakes, confronts shadows, and begins to discern if all we have learnt was truth or was part of a manipulated system. Once we begin to deprogram ourselves from all the half-truths, from a distorted 3D reality, we are finally able to break free from a slavery matrix and begin to step into an endless journey of conscious integration and co-creation, which is what humanity is experiencing currently, for we can move into this new dimensional space not because of the assistance of some but for the assistance of many working as One.

These are some of the first physical 
of an evolving civilization changes we can see in the outer due to our choice of stepping into a higher level of consciousness:

  • Energy exchange in the 3D vs. 5D: One of the main and most important result(s) of an evolved species is how they manage their energy and the exchange of it. We are beginning to use our inner gifts and hence, physical creations to assist not just the egoic self but All. This is something that will completely change, with time, how we value ourselves as well as others, for when we recognize ourselves as Divine beings, we also do it with All, understanding how precious their energy is as well.
In the 3D matrix, energy was meant to enslave, to control and manipulate people. The old 3D matrix was meant to use people, already programmed by the dark forces and human beings working for them, to only serve the matrix, as mere robots. As human DNA was deeply harmed and manipulated since eons ago, this is one of the many reasons, why evolved souls freely chose to descend to Earth, for they were not imprisoned within the 3D soul matrix and could finally help humanity break free from this cycle.

The controllers, in the 3D world, were meant to keep people in survival mode all the time, they worked for themselves, only to have enough to survive the day. In contrast, within a 5D realm, evolved beings begin to move from selfish service to a selfless one - ceasing satisfying the egoic self to satisfy a Higher Puporse, one that is also aligned with our own.

In this new dimensional space, conscious beings know the value of their energy, how to integrate and manage it wisely not just to satisfy egoic purposes but to bring assistance and joy to All, for where we already dwell is a space of unity, where we are just beginning to feel what being One, truly means. 

Energy, as it is in my case, is used to give from a pure space of love and assistace, and hence, this same energy is back. We no longer allow others to direct or control who we are and what we do, for we know ourselves as well as the unique gifts that the Divine gave us, and we are the only ones who can know how valuable is what we give.

It is by valuing who we are as well as the Divine purpose of what we are here to do, that we also see others with this same value - appreciating what they have to offer and seeing their creations as unique and precious, not just as something we can own for fun. 

This does not mean everyone must now become an independent worker, for all is sacred and serves the Divine Plan, and helps to awake consciousness. However, these are some of the changes we are going to see, not just the importance of managing our human job, but our energy, in whatever we work and with whoever we do so, which is, in the end, what truly matters, how we value ourselves as well as where we put our energy. There are many examples of it already, look how many people working online, offering their gifts to all the Planet, not just manipulated to only work with a minority - controlling the abundance one can receive or not. 

There are so many people wanting to shift their current jobs to something that at least resonates more with who they have become and with how they now view their world - that in a near future, humanity will be beginning to realize how this 3D matrix starts to vanish - and the result will be an empowered society, instead of an enslaved one. 
  • Dissolution of 3D relationships: This is something many of us have been experiencing during our ascension journey, especially in the last years. This has nothing to do with leaving behind everyone that is not how we are, but about simply standing tall in who we are and in our truth and from a space of respect towards ourselves and others, being able to say NO to what hurts our sensitivity and what is not in perfect resonance with who we are.
At this point, the majority of the archetypes created by our ego as well as the attachments in our relationships and all the egoic mechanisms must be cleared or beginning to do so, for this is the first step to maintain enlightened and co-creative relationships. 

In the 3D relationships we used to love in an egoic way, which can appear as real love, at some point, but has nothing to do with true and unconditional love. When we use the I sacrifice myself because I love you more than myself, the I take it away from me to give it to you, or the I cannot live without you - and infinite other egoic tactics - we are still loving from the Ego. I know this is hard to hear, but I did not come here to please egos, including mine, but to share the truth I receive, so as I always say, take what resonates and what is coming from your own guidance, based on where you are now.

I know it is very hard for the ego to accept this kind of selfish love, but when one begins to awake, and ascend, something that never ceases, one begins to become humble, observing the self, and realizes that one has never known what Divine Unconditional Love is because we were taught not to love ourselves, not to find happiness on our own, to try to find it in others, to try to cover our empty voids with others love...

Hence, we could not know what Divine Love truly is, until we begin to love ourselves, not with the ego, but with the unconditional and compassionate essence that is in our nature, as Divine beings. This is what loving with the soul means, to give without emptying ourselves, for if we do so, we know there is nothing good we can offer anymore. To share, to co-create as equals and to enjoy this human experience knowing that letting go with gratitude and love is essential, for it is in our nature that we must part just to reunite again, in an eternal dance of love and oneness. 

We were never meant to get attached to things and people, this was distorted deep within ourselves eons ago, we believed this was true love, but the more we awake the more we begin to have just a glimpse of what Love is, realizing that we were programmed to only experience the kind of 3D love that the matrix forced us to believe. 

Freedom from the 3D Soul Matrix 

As we end an old Era of slavery and darkness and embrace a light one, we must become conscious of the many desperate attacks that the dark forces are using to keep the 3D soul Matrix in their control. 

At the moment, the battle between both forces, as I wrote before, is very real, and only by being well informed, from True Sources, remember our main one is always within, is that we could liberate ourselves from this old cycle that has been going on for too long.

This is a historical moment within Creation. We have finally bifurcated from Old Earth and as Saturn, the so called Planet of Karma, aligned with the Galactic Center, as well as our Planet, we have a unique cosmic gift for us to end a karmic cycle of reincarnation within the 3D plane.

This is something that should be worked from within, by holding this new frequency, releasing any karmic pattern, and by also doing the work required, at an energetic level and further, to free yourself from the 3D soul Matrix, for some souls are still enslaved, by the 3D Dark Forces who created this matrix to keep them slave in the reincarnation wheel.

Dark forces - tactics to manipulate consciousness

It is well-known, especially between the ascending souls, working for the betterment of the Planet, that many Forces try to govern our Planet and human consciousness. It is pivotal to be well-informed about all these tactics, for this is what will give us the proper understanding – enabling us to realize if we are being targeted, by the many tools used to manipulate us. 

It is precisely the souls who are an "impediment" - for dark forces - that are most attacked. As many you know, only by reclaiming our sovereignty and by standing tall in who we are and taking responsibility for our journey – can we defeat the many tools used to manipulate our minds and rule our reality.

There are many dark tactics they used to manipulate us, the most common ones are:

  • Through TV - there are many organizations involved in the manipulation of consciousness through fear and many other created present/future scenarios that are shared constantly on TV. Learning how to switch from this 3D manipulated reality to find our own vibrational space - in which we can align with what truly resonates with us - is essential for us to step out of their manipulative tactics.
  • Projection of images - I had experiences, years ago, with this too. They implant images while we are in our dream phase, in the astral. 
  • Presenting themselves as fake evolved beings, something is really easy to differentiate when one is already in this path but not so much when one begins to awake. The main thing is that highly evolved beings, always, identify themselves, always speak through the power of love and compassion and never tell the future or tell us what we must do or not. The message should be unfiltered of any judgements or opinions.
  • Possession - as you well know there are many beings who have been possessed - as they did not embody enough light from their soul - who have easily been manipulated and it is through them that they try to fulfil certain roles near to us, to make us fall into detrimental behaviours and hence, lower our frequency.
  • Sex - almost everything in the 3D matrix has been manipulated with hidden techniques in which the main element - to attract attention - is sex. They do this with pornography and through various advertisements in which the main element is using women as a form of entertainment.
I am not by any means saying the ones who consume pornography are bad or are acting wrongly, this is not about all this, but about being conscious of where we put our attention. There are a lot of people who are seriously fighting, now, to open themselves and embody a higher level of consciousness, and they are still so manipulated that they are unable to truly discern for themselves, and unplug from mass consciousness.

Unplugging from mass consciousness means being able to become the witness of our own human experience and realize what are the 3D habits that are still impeding us, in embodying a higher state of being. Many things are responsible for our inability to step away from certain old patterns - sex, food, TV... and many others. These habits are so deeply programmed - within certain people who are not able to disengage from them - that they do not see any improvements in their human evolution. As always, it is the human aspect of us who evolves, our soul already abides in the Wisdom of the Illuminated Realms.

There are precious souls who due to the many 3D old programs, are not yet able to see that these small daily acts prevent them from becoming the empowered beings that they already are. Some continue to watch TV, feeding the drama, eating manipulated and processed food, drinking, paying attention to sex, when it clearly manipulates what a pure and authentic relationship is, and by doing so, they continue to have all these old programs active. 

All of them need compassion and all the assistance that they are willing to ask for. As ascending souls, we should be Bringers of Peace and Love, instead of becoming Judges of others, for we came not to judge or feel superior, but to seed unconditional love and healing to All, without any separation.

Ascension is not just agreeing when reading/watching something that resonates and then keep doing what makes your frequency lower, ascension is something natural when one is truly aligned with this desire to evolve, and for this to occur both our human and higher aspects must be unified. For two different wills cannot coexist. 

Planetary Alignments

As the Universe is never in conflict and all its messages arrive straight away, with perfect clarity, for those who choose to be in tune, we begin this new month within a new cycle, with a loving and at the same time, powerful Super Full Moon at 11 degrees of Cancer together with Uranus, moving direct the next day.

The Full Moon in Cancer is going to invite us in bring unification into our deep human sense of polarity, embracing the feminine/masculine as well as all the opposite aspects of who we are, as One. For this Moon has both a masculine and a very feminine essence - bringing feminine power, something that will especially assist the souls whose soul role is to bring back the lost feminine essence into the Planet. The masculine one comes from Saturn, Pluto, Venus, the Sun, all in Capricorn, opposite the Moon in Cancer, which is perfect for us to heal duality and work on the descension of the higher aspects of who we truly are.

This is going to be one of the busiest month of all the year in our Heavens! For we not only have one Full Moon and a New one but another Full Moon Total Eclipse, at the end of the month, on January 31, also happening at 11 degrees of Leo! This is our galactic welcoming as well as support into our new fifth dimensional realm. 

This is going to offer us the perfect frequency to dissolve, within a loving and protected space, the remnants of the old and begin to integrate these new galactic updates that when wisely embodied and directed, are also shown in our physical reality - changing jobs, places, meeting new companions that are now aligned with our current frequency, and by many other changes that most of you, may be already experiencing. 

The second Moon will be a New Moon happening at 26 degrees of Capricorn. During this month the dance between the masculine and the feminine as well as the reminder for us to anchor everything that is being experienced - within - in our physical realm, will be evident. This Moon invites us to put our attention not just into the physical aspect of us but into the need we have to transmute our old sense of a patriarchal society, with the loving power of the feminine, as Venus will remind us for it will harmonize with the New Moon.

This is also a phase for structures to fall off and for the ones who are anchors of change to begin using their gifts to bring deep change into society, shifting old rules that were created to destroy with the fake excuse of bringing order and everything that needs to be dissolved within an already corrupt system, as Uranus, in a square with the Moon will also remind us.

In the following two days, and a bit later, we will have three Planets: Venus, the Sun and Mars, on January 31, entering Aquarius -  bringing a message of liberation and dissolution of what still keeps us attached to our 3D ways of living and being. This is also an opportunity to work with our mental plane, for it is always filled with our human interpretations and what we create and leave unresolved in there - tending to spoil our true soul desires, and hence, creating manifestations that do not resonate with what we truly wish. Therefore, it is so important to work daily in clearing our mental and emotional bodies from all our human thoughts as well as conflicts, confusion and everything that could remain stagnant will manifest in some way. 

The empowerment to assist us, at this time, comes with the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse at 11 degrees of Leo. It will also have a feminine essence, as I will explain in depth when the Moon comes, and this is for me going to be more focused on feminine power, something we all, independently of of our genre, have within. We lived for eons under the command of our masculine essence, we all saw what it brought to the world. Now, it is time to bring back the love, compassion and intuition of the feminine that once was blocked in us, and create the proper balance between both of them. 

There is a time for bringing transformation and an end to the old, closing the window that connects us to our past, and dissolving old timelines that are still active within our current one, impeding us to fully embrace our new vibrational space. The time we spent working on this was for at least two years, for it is not something we can simply do from one day to another. This time has passed for the majority of us. 

Now, at this unique moment within Creation, the precious time we hold in our hands, is to empower ourselves, by remembering who we are, to focus on our soul visions, for this new cycle, and for finally embracing our True Divine Power, instead of crawling ourselves as hopeless beings, controlled by outer circumstances.

The time to feel unworthy or as mere victims has gone. We spent too long learning who we are not, suffering under our ego control, and experiencing what we do not desire. In this moment, in this new space, that we have consciously chosen, there is no time left for us to continue diminishing ourselves, but to finally remember the Divine Spark within us and begin to use it to bring unity, love, compassion and assistance into every single life we touch. For we did not come here to just master ourselves and remember, but to co-create and assist others to do the same, remembering that they are us and we are them, dancing in the illusion of separation, but getting back into the same Home, from where we All were originated.

I wish you All a loving, abundant, and above all, miraculous New - Now - Galactic Year and Conscious New Cycle, Beloved Companions!

Thank you for all you are and do for All. Thank you for another year of infinite love, support, kindness and above all, for being my companions, helping me to grow, to be constantly learning, for this is not just about what I do or am, but about you offering me the possibility of embodying more wisdom and love as we co-create together, and I could not be more grateful, to be honest, for all of you, Beloved Family!

In love and light ∞

Natalia Alba 

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