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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

domingo, 14 de enero de 2018

New Moon in Capricorn, January 16/17, 2018 ~ Becoming Masters of New Earth

Those who will not govern themselves are condemned to find masters to govern over them.
Steven Pressfield

Beloved Light Emissaries,

The birth of a New Earth has been finally achieved, thanks to the many efforts and conscious integration, of all the ascending souls, who are constantly working, for the betterment of the Planet, raising the frequency of, our already in the past, 3D Earth, so this transition could occur. It is a time to feel in joy, for we are the pioneers of this galactic initiation, something that is not a task of a few hours a day, but a 24/7 one, for what we do, is not about acting, but about embracing our unique mission and being, in a constant state of love and compassion to All, always, un-remembering, deprogramming ourselves from eons of slavery, mind manipulation - forgiving and remembering, again, our true Divine heritage. 

We are fully immersed within a galatic passage, in which consciously transmuting, is essential for the proper mental transformation to occur and be able to fully anchor ourselves within the fifth dimensional space that we are beginning to occupy. Precisely, at this time, where descending our Power and all the galactic codes we are receiving, in the physical, is so important, we are gifted by a wonderful New Moon at 26 degrees of Capricorn, with a very Venusian essence, six Planets in Capricorn - the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Pluto - together with Uranus squaring four Planets. 

All indicates profound change, and all this Cardinal energy, asks us to take action, which means to transmute the ashes of the old, especially in our relationships and sense of abundance, to anchor change - becoming New Earth Masters - for we are anchoring and mastering a realm that we have not inhabited before. 

Becoming New Earth Masters means to integrate polarity, embracing all as equal, and moving outside our deep sense of linearity, by finally becoming sovereign free beings, who descend all the wisdom we need, from our own Source, instead of obtaining it from others, as it used to be in the old. 

Descending our Power, as Capricorn reminds us, is as important as ascending our earthly essence to commune with the illuminated Realms. It is not about ascending to be able to received Divine Wisdom and live in the ethereal, but about embodying the lost feminine essence into a physical body and anchoring it into our earthly plane, so it can be spread to All. 

What is important is to bring all this integrations/activations and visions into the physical reality that sustains us, for this is what we came here to change and heal, an obsolete system that is already breaking down. At the New Moon time, we will have very powerful and positive alignments such as, The Warrior, Mars, conjunct Jupiter, both in Scorpio, a Water sign that brings deep transmutation, regeneration and healing, very appreciated, at this time, plus Jupiter also sextile Pluto, bringing the proper frequency for us to create positive change, and healing, within and into our physical life, not the impulsive change that comes from wanting to bring things into order or into a different state, all of a sudden, but with the proper clarity and strength than being balance and in an attitude of total surrender give us.

Polarity Integration 

At a time where many souls are yet in the process of unifying and embracing both polarities, Capricorn's Yang - masculine - essence, together with the feminine one of this New Moon, for it harmonize - conjunct - with loving Venus, and both of them sextile Mars, will be a gift for those who used to focus on one polarity more than the other, understanding that both of them are equal and essential to the our growth as well as to transcend the deep human sense of duality. 

There are certain souls, who only focus on the spiritual aspect of who they are, on their Divine gifts, and on becoming one with their feminine essence. These persons, tend to have some issues for example in manifesting abundance - masculine task - in standing tall in their truth and say no when they feel it and as they have imbalances in their personal solar plexus power area. This is also related to our we use our sexual energy, which has nothing to do with the usual and limited 3D meaning of the word sex, but with the energy that creates, from within, what the masculine will manifest, in the physical, after a proper period of nourishment. This creative force, when use properly can help us bring into fruition 

Others, who choose to focus on their masculine side, exert as perfect protectors, are able to manifest abundance but they are not connected to their soul true desires as well as to the healing power of Mother Earth. These persons tend to avoid feeling vulnerable, avoiding personal intimacy, and are not prompt to commune with their inner Goddess, unable to open their higher senses.

Transcending polarity is one of the hardest lessons that, as humans, we must remember, for everything else is connected to how we work with both of them. Abundance, as venus in Capricorn reminds us, comes when we love, fully respect and honor our Divine feminine/masculine essence as well as our energy and what we do with it.

When we polarized, when we still think abundance comes from the outside, when we have self-negative talk issues, when we tell ourselves we are unworthy, in whatever and/or unconscious ways we have to tell this same old story to ourselves, devaluating ourselves and what we share with others, more evidence we will have of lack in our human experience. All is a constant dance between contrasting and flowing, feminine and masculine, embracing and letting it go, when we resist some of these natural steps withing our earthly plane, the rest will fall out of order. 

As we also have, during the New Moon in Capricorn, six Planets in Capricorn, the message from Capricorn's essence, is not just about unifying our masculine and feminine polarities, but about unifying all opposites in general: structure vs. balance, self-discipline vs. surrender, action vs. stillness and everything that represents opposite frequencies and that we could begin to harmonize within and in our physical plane. 

As this is going to be a long transition, for this is not a one day process, the more we evolve, the more we will become aware of the many things we still have to unify and dissolve. This is a wonderful phase for those who are working on the integrating of their inner polarities, for only by balancing both, and seeing both as equal and not just the feminine as being better than the other, is that we all can begin to function within unity - manifesting our true desires as well as embracing more of who we really are.

Dissolution of 3D relationships 

As the New Moon in Capricorn conjunct Venus, and both square Uranus, the Awakener, the Bringer of Change, is going to assist us in the dissolution of old 3D relationships that are still based on an egoic selfish exchange, more than assisting each other to regain clarity on of why they are together and what it is that they could do to finally end any karmic bounds and move forward by being now whole and grateful for the soul encounter that allowed them to regain full responsibility and sovereignty to continue with their never-ending expansion journey. 

This cosmic alignment during the New Moon is asking us for freedom, for liberation of that which is yet blocking ourselves from embodying our true power, especially in our relationships. You know what it is, deep within ourselves, we all know. We are just trying not to listen our soul whispers, due to our human fear to accept the inevitable. The majority of the people who are still maintaining a toxic or simply already concluded relationship, know. The feeling is too strong to deny it, however, the ego knows how to play and keeps us in fear, unable to resolve what is already clear. 

The ego can indeed be a great predator when making us believe that the person who is our current partner is what is often called " the one" even though there are clear sings of a toxic relationships, or evidence, that we are forcing ourselves to stay, simply because it is what must be done or because of residual feelings, being unable to leave what is familiar. 

This is a very habitual, delusional, egoic pattern, that the majority of the people have not yet mastered or become aware of,  and  that we have to reproduce until we finally realize that we are not in an equal and enlightened relationship and that we have already learnt all we had to, there is no need for us to keep being in it, for there is nothing left for us to learn/remember. 

There are a lot of people who are beginning to completely release every relationship that no longer feels in alignment. This includes family, old friends and partners, and this is not easy at all, for familiarity means everything for the ego. However, it is one of the most important steps to take when we consciously choose to stand as sovereigns and free beings. 

There are clear signs of toxic or simply disempowered relationships that if you are willing to face Truth and become a neutral witness ,of your own life experience, you will easily recognize. Some are:
  • Personal attacks: One of the most common clear signs of an already ending relationship is the way partners recriminate things, or past attitudes, to each others, when convenient. They take advantage of any difference they may have to bring out what they do not like or simply diminishing each others. This is seen as something simply "usual" and "normal" when both discuss. From an egoic perspective all is valid, from a spiritual point of view, only love is. Being aggressive, yelling to each others, being constantly insulting or reminding past deeds, do not come from a pure and loving space and it is telling us something we must learn, which is often, how to let go, how to truly begin by loving ourselves and how to simply forgive, ourselves and others. 
  • Self-pity: Especially when the ego feels attack, in whatever possible way, and instead of taking responsibility, take care and move on from a hurting situation, we continue to feel pity, which is not the same at all as compassion, toward ourselves. This can be dissolved by becoming fully responsible of every past acts, come back into a neutral and present position, and from this wise space, take the proper decisions, as the powerful beings that we all are, to leave what is not aligned with who we are and has already fulfilled its mission for us. 
  • Guilt: This occurs when within the relationship one of them had acted "wrong" in the past, or is taking care of his partner in some way, and leaving feels simply wrong. We all have the right to be free, do it with love, and we have nothing to blame ourselves for. The most common way to betray ourselves and others is not to continue feeling the same and keep pretending that we do. This can be solved with innocence, for this is how the Universe sees us, in Truth. 
  • Dependency - due to not feel whole and trying to fill inner needs with others.
  • Victimhood - especially to make the other stay.
  • Residual feelings: This one is one of the most common ones and it takes place when we are still centered in what we once felt instead of recognizing that in this present moment our feelings have changed and probably the purpose of the relationship too. Due to this pattern a lot of couples tend to keep the relationship "alive" even though they both know there is nothing that keeps them together but what they once felt, at the beginning. 
  • Laziness or procrastination to leave the relationship. This can be solved by having self-discipline - instead of impeding us to do what is meant to be for us, in this present moment.
  • Defensiveness
  • Loneliness. For even though we are in a relationship we are not yet finding wholeness within, so it does not matter whether we are accompanied or not. 
Practicing detachment as well as self-love, and respect, is essential not just to impede egoic attacks within our relationships but not to make ourselves the same with our partner. Being able to discern instead of judging and simply move inward into a neutral witness mode, will help us bring clarity to where we are now as well as to show us where we still self-punish ourselves and why we keep repeating this pattern. 

Earth grids clearing

The work of clearing 3D Earth Grids is getting more violent, whether done consciously awake or in the astral, due to the many attacks of the forces whose main purpose is to keep Earth in their control. As Earth liberators our main mission, and those who consciously work on this now, is to clear, heal and dissolve the old manipulated structures from Earth Grids so they can come back to its natural and pure stay. 

    To do this task, personal integrity, balance and long periods of solitude, especially for the souls whose mission comprehends to travel, will be a constant. Nevertheless, loneliness has nothing to do with being on a personal "solitary" mission, for we already agreed to be One with our mission and put it before our egoic desires. It is simply another choice, the same as the souls who came here to experience life, in general, whose main task will include more personal interactions. 
      Earth grids are still in poor condition, in certain regions, such as Syria (due to the condition of this country, there are few people doing this work. I know one of them who run away from the country, who I met precisely by sharing, and they will need more assistance from the rest of us), certain places in Africa, Antarctic (due to the many nuclear experiments done in the past), Greenland, certain countries of South America, both Koreas, certain areas in Russia and many other places who need of our total dedication and yet, they do not hold the proper frequency to be able to experience the deep transformation that other places have already achieved.
        Earth is regaining its lost purity and feminine essence. Earth, as many of you, ascending souls, know, and already felt for a while, is already dwelling in its second/parallel body, so to say, within a higher frequency. Do not let yourself be fooled by the false propaganda and manipulation, all is happening in Divine Order and in a perfect time, for All. The exchange of souls will be done gradually as well, as it will take more years of what some see as a matter of a one day-process. For in truth, this is all about the frequency we consciously decide to hold within, more than a physical location.

        As we also work to clear many karmic and profound wounds or old programming in the collective consciousness, for in truth, all is linked to this, the souls whose main role include to work with Earth grids will be experiencing many attacks and/or important physical sensations due to the intensity of this galactic passage in general that will last even after the Leo Eclipse, at the end of this month. Some of the most common ones are:

        • Extreme sensitivity: especially being allergic to new things/plants/products etc, as it is my case, for example. This will become more usual, as we keep embodying more of our true crystalline essence. In my case, I am allergic to almost everything, especially in May, here in Spain, I was told more than plants in itself it is about the products they use to cure them. 
        • Vertigo - as a result of the many dimensions in which we navigate in. This is why being grounded is so important, because, we have to ground this individualized aspect of Source that we are now, within this dimension, instead of feeling confusion or disorientation due to experience many dimensions, as one.
        • Fever - disguised as flu symptoms after an intense night assisting in the astral
        • Nervous system affected - anxiety and other physical sensations such as heart palpitations, tingling in the lips and fingers.
        • Numbness in the ears. This is one of the many negative sound tools used by dark forces to manipulate us and try to avoid us from receiving guidance, especially from the ones, as it is my case, who clearly hear. 
        Remember, Beloveds, command your personal space, this is very important and must be done daily, to avoid any entity, energy or form of consciousness that do not come from Unity Consciousness into our personal space. Protect all your bodies, physical and non-physical ones, you do not just reside within this human plane, you have twelve bodies, residing in each dimension, although you may not feel connected to them all, for we are such a powerful creators that we made the human illusion of being separated, as if it was real, but you must also protect all aspects of who you are, independently if you are conscious of all of them or not.

        Descending Divine Wisdom vs. 3D Channelling 

        This Capricorn/ Venusian Moon, invites us to anchor within our earthly body, and physical realm, what we first descended from our Unified Self and/or Monad, depending where we are in our journey and when we are ready to integrate. Therefore, it is so important to discern from where we obtain our main fountain of guidance and the differences between directly descending guidance from our Unified Self and the old way of channelling, which from my humble feelings, and from the guidance I obtain, comes from separation, which simply means the inability to commune with our most important Source of guidance, our Unified (Higher Self), and descend all this Wisdom into our bodies. 

        This is shared with great respect and love to All. It is not my attention to hurt anyone's feelings or what they do or share, in their unique way, for I value everything, as equal. However, as I am here to share my unique perspective - and truth - from where I stand, there are many differences between "channelling" - for this word has been misused - and the direct descension of wisdom, from our own Unified Self.

        Channelling occurs, when we consciously or unconsciously allow other forces, beings, forms of consciousness, to enter our bodies - or not - I am not discussing the many ways of channelling, here - to express themselves through us, or simply by giving us their wisdom. This has been the most common way of channelling until recently. Giving our power, so to say, to other beings, for we consider them wiser than we are, when in truth, we all possess or are able to awake, all this knowledge, if we consciously choose to do so.

        I have nothing against this form of channelling as long as they have a clear channel and they do not fall into the many ways the dark forces have of manipulating our consciousness. For often, what is said to be channelled, is nothing but negative energies acting as impostors, fooling - those not yet able to discern - who are willing to share what they think is pure Divine Wisdom.

        During the last wave of souls descending from the Illuminated Realms, coming here to assist the Planet, which started years ago, this began to shift, for there are many ascending souls, at this time, who no longer need other beings to "use" them as a channel, for they already have within all this guidance, all they need to do is to integrate and activate themselves, work with their DNA - to be able to remember and share with All, which is what the majority of the ascending souls are doing, at this time.

        These souls, are sovereign beings already, which does not mean the other souls who belong to the 3D plane, cannot command their own space and become free sovereign beings - as well - it simply varies in the fact that it is not the same to consciously channel those who, in Essence, are One with you, that putting yourself out there, receiving manipulated information, from dark sources.

        There are some souls, as it is my case, who are asked or questioned, because we do not share in the typical way others do. The truth is, we do no need it, we do not follow a fixed way of sharing same repetitive communication. We are not mere puppets saying what we are told, we share consciously, in our unique way, for we no longer choose to disempower ourselves, instead, we go within and do the work to bring all this wisdom into the surface, with our own words. 

        In my experience, I co-create with other beings, especially to learn more about healing and new ways of working with my DNA. I never allow any other being, to enter my sacred body or to command me to say their words. I co-create with certain evolved beings, especially with my Guides, as well by the simple fact that some of them are One with me, there is no separation, and I know they come from a space of unity and love. The difference is that authentic and pure Guides, will always empower us to speak our truth, in our unique way. For they already treat us as masters, not as hopeless beings, waiting for them to save us. 

        What Sovereign Beings do is to directly descend all this wisdom - that was often sought externally - from within, for our Unified Self/Monad, and as free beings, we can put this guidance into our own words, why using other words if we have our own voice to speak up for ourselves? One thing is to share messages, from beings with whom we co-create, and another one to disempower ourselves by not sharing, in our unique way, our own guidance, which is as equal as the one coming from other beings, we consider better, not because we, as humans, have this level of wisdom, but because our Unified Self already knows it all, for we descend from these Illuminated Realms. 

        Therefore, there were so many souls without soul contracts or simply that allowed other beings to use them as a channel, because they could not have this knowledge within themselves or because they were manipulated. There is much manipulated information online, the words can seem nice, but an evolved being will never separate, will always come from a unified perspective, and above all, you will never be commanded to say something you do not wish to, predict the future - especially the typical predictions that never occur - and so on. All these are simple cases of consciousness manipulation. 

        The difference is a thin line, but the new channelers, are those who can co-create, who keep learning from other beings, but whose main Fountain of Guidance comes, always from within. They no longer use the same repetitive language, which is often self-programmed - from what has been read and from using the wisdom of others. Now, we, the ascending souls, who are able to embrace wisdom from other selves or dimensions, for we no longer have such a deep sense of linearity, use our own, all we must do is trust in our Divine Source of Guidance as well as to keep reconnecting our DNA strands, for this is where we decode all the inner wisdom we possess within.

        We are just beginning to see the energetic rewards of many years of conscious inner work. Where you are now is where you desired, it is not a time now to keep disempowering yourself, dwell in the past, regretting, blaming yourself for what did not occur, or getting attached to what no longer serves you. For now there is only time for you to seed the new dimensional space you occupy, being fully present in this moment, recognizing the LoveLight being that you are, and as such, commanding your sacred space and claiming your Power - and yourself - as being the only one in control of your life experience.

        I AM the Creative Power that bring into fruition all that surrounds me. 

        I AM a sovereign free being responsible of all my creations in the physical. 

        I AM in charge of my life experience, emotions, thoughts and acts. 

        I AM a whole and balance being with no attachments, always embracing and letting all go, choosing - always - to serve within Divine unconditional love - and compassion - to All.  

        And so are You!

        I wish you all an empowered, abundant and blessed New Moon, Beloveds!

        In love and light ∞

        Natalia Alba 

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