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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

domingo, 11 de febrero de 2018

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius, February 15, 2018 ~ The Age of Human Liberation: Self-sustainability & Personal Empowerment

Those who do not move, do not notice their chains.
Rosa Luxemburg

Beloved Light Emissaries,

This is the beginning of an Age of Human Liberation, and therefore, the end of a dark cycle, for in truth there are not beginnings or endings, as we no longer live within a lineal reality, understanding that everything is simply in a constant state of transformation, forever changing from one state of being to another. During this new Light Cycle, we are going to experience the end of a human era, as we knew it, for not only are we beginning to shift from a mental perspective, but from a physical one, dissolving more lower lawyers of our old self, and bringing back our crystalline essence, as it once was and as it is meant to be. 

At this moment of our evolutionary journey, we find ourselves under the influence of the Leo/Aquarius axis, for this intense integration phase began with the Eclipse in Leo, whose frequency is, and will continue to be, very present. This past Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo brought what is required to destroy old worlds, transmuting all that no longer serves us and begin to stand tall into our truth, what happens when we release the fears that impede us to be who we truly are. 

On the other hand, the New Moon Solar Eclipse at 27 degrees of Aquarius, will bring freedom for us to work on self-liberation and retrieval of self-love, something that has been lost for most people, by self-programming or by the manipulative tactics of the dark forces. Whichever the reason, the recuperation of the love for the self is pivotal when one is walking a path of selfless assistance, for no one can give love, if one does not feel it for the self, first. 

Aquarius, a fixed sign that even if it belongs to the element Air, is represented by the Water Bearer, as a reminder for us to also freely flow and adapt to all conditions, as water does. Water represents the emotions we have within as well as the ideas we hold in our mental plane and that most of the time are fixed and linear and limit ourselves in experiencing our true potential. This sign is giving us the message of releasing old wounds and emotions - returning to our natural state of constant change, flow and bliss with All. 

For many, the focus of this Eclipse is on relationships and communication, for its loving planetary alignments. However, as ascending souls, we know it is not just about what is happening in the micro, but in the macro as well, and all shall be taken into consideration. Thus, there are many other events occurring that are deeply affecting us, for as conscious beings, we do not just work within our earthly plane but with many timelines and dimensions, in our unique way. 

At the time of this Eclipse, we have the Sun, Moon and Mercury in Aquarius and some important conjunctions: The Sun in conjunction with Mercury, Asteroid Juno - whose essence is very similar to Venus -  Asteroid Hygeia - related to our health and healing in general - and finally the Sun in a square to Jupiter. The Sun in conjunction with Mercury is a wonderful encounter for us to use this frequency to work within our mental plane - emphasising communication not precisely with others - but with ourselves, for the most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves. 

If you do not talk to yourself in a loving and compassionate way, you will self-program yourself by telling you all you are not. Self-talk is essential, for in truth it is the first voice we listen and believe, our inner one, and if this voice says how unworthy, how unpretty or useless you are, then, everything else will match your opinion. It is vital to become the witness and observe how we talk to ourselves, for it is pivotal that we become our main fountain of love and compassion. There are many relationships that are yet based on blame, victimhood and so on, because it is a sign that we do not show love and respect toward ourselves first. 

Moreover, the Sun in conjunction with Asteroids Juno and Hygeia will be a another cosmic gift for us to heal the relationship with ourselves and others as well as our relationship with food, and with everything that impedes us to embrace a more balanced and natural life style. What we put into our mind is important, for thoughts define the physical, however, what we put into our bodies, is equally important, for if we continue to self-harm ourselves by eating what poisons our bodies or by feeding addictions (understanding for addictions everything that enslave us), we will not be fully able to anchor all the light we are descending, and that shall be anchored within our physical bodies, which is one of the main reasons why our bodies suffer from physical symptoms, because of our resistance to let go. 

The Eclipse will also sextile Uranus and square Jupiter. The Water Bearer is ruled by Uranus, the Planet of Transformation, often called the Planet of Rebellion. Uranus's essence helps us bring the inner change - that we are so eager to find externally - reminding us that no outer change cannot truly come, if we do not go firstly within and transform what is fragmented.  

This is a time for those who allowed, in the past, fear to rule their lives, to finally break this cycle, get out of their cocoons in which they have been hiding themselves, and begin to shine their unique essence, free from the 3D conditions, that no longer govern their human experience, for only they have the power to do so. As the Eclipse square Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, who also sextile Pluto, we can bring growth, expansion and inspiration to all the changes we are creating. 

Restoration of human values

This cosmic passage in which we have been immersed for a while, is one of the most important ones of the year, for it is an opportunity to bring deep change, and freedom, in ourselves, in our relationships, and in our physical reality. There are many souls currently working with the dissolution of old 3D beliefs and past habits/patterns, beginning to restore those old beliefs with new ones that are now coming from a space of lack of judgement and compassion, something that in the 3D matrix did not exist, for the system only focused on narcissism, where Love for All, was not contemplated.

The main task of the many ascending souls incarnated on this Planet, is not just being and assisting by our mere essence but by consciously being the wayshowers and mentors of the restoration of the true human values. We came here to act as authentic and integrated beings, spreading our truth and assistance to All, we did not come here to get trapped into 3D drama or feeding old illusions. It is pivotal that we move away from our personal human story and begin to act as the raisers of consciousness that we are, instead of repeating 3D old patterns, falling into the manipulative frequency of mass consciousness.

To be able to bring those lost pure human values based on unconditional love and compassion, first we must begin by transforming our own fears, and old programs that are still active within. Since we decided to experience a human life, we all have within our genetic patterns the ability to modify and/or dissolve, as well as the parental education received.

The main change in our values must be removing ourselves from self-destructive behaviours, for if we do not love ourselves, there is little we can do to love All, for they are all a reflection of us, after all. These new values should be taught at schools someday, moving from the negative agenda programming to an empowered and compassionate one. We were never meant to live in a brutal society, and hence, we were manipulated to the point of only bringing out our distorted masculine essence, becoming the doers of destruction instead of the bringers of love and peace that we essentially are.

Some of the main values that as New Earth Seeds we shall begin to bring back are:

  • The conscious use of our feminine-creative life force - beginning to shift from a patriarchal and masculine perspective into a more loving and feminine one, acting with love, integrity and opening to the intuition that comes from our soul, and above all, focusing not just in the feminine, but in bringing unification into both polarities. 
  • Restoring the true meaning of sexual connection between equal partners, and hence, dissolving the implanted unnatural 3D meaning, and use, of sex. 
  • Moving from a fearful space to a free one - overcoming the fear to stand firm in who we are, a thing that a lot of ascending souls are still fighting for. 
  • Beginning to consciously utilize our energy in everything we think, say and do, for we feed everything with our essence. 
  • Moving from desperation to our eternal connection with the Divine within, coming back to a state of trust and faith.
  • Retrieving our sense of worthiness, leaving behind the deep self-implanted belief we are hopeless and unworthy beings governed by outer gods and/or forces.
As always, it is only by working on self-love and personal power that we can finally shift eons of mental control and slavery by building a free sovereign society - whose principals are based on a loving and conscious exchange and on endless expansion - rather than in gaining personal power by oppressing others. 


One of the main things that will shift within this new dimensional space that we consciously inhabit now, is how we sustain ourselves in the physical. These series of Eclipses are very important, for we are bringing deep transformation, to be able to align with who we are becoming. 

The recent frequencies received, especially the ones coming from this Eclipse, are going to serve us to keep mastering certain aspects of ourselves as our sense of abundance, which is also another form of love. For we are beginning to seed a new space, unknown to us before, and we shall master how to manage our energy and create into this new plane of existence. 

Self-created jobs are one of the novelties that are beginning to arise, in a society where having a fixed job, has been a long-term pattern. Now, all that used to ensalve us is beginning to crumble and those who no longer feel like living in a manipulated reality, are stepping out of their old jobs and creating the ones who are aligned with their unique gifts.

There are a lot of people that even if they are awakened beings and speak about abundance, are not yet able to sustain themselves in the physical. This is a sign that what they share is not first anchored within themselves. This is not a reason to put yourselves down or simply leave what you desire, but an opportunity for you to uncover more human beliefs at the same time that you work with balancing the masculine, in a year in which we have the gift - and the opportunity - of mastering opposite polarities.

When we create, share, give or buy, we must begin to see everything as an equal and loving exchange rather as something we are forced to do in order to live properly or feeling we are wasting our money and/or energy in whatever form we give. These are just some examples of unconscious beliefs/feelings when dealing with abundance that impedes us to experience a major influx of abundance into our lives:

  • Fear to lose - especially when giving or buying something - feeling we are wasting our money, even though we like or need to sustain ourselves what we are acquiring. See everything as a conscious and loving exchange, do not focus on the money in itself but on what has truly value for you. Money is not meant to be kept but to be shared in a constant flow.
  • Giving/sharing your energy or what you do or create with a proper exchange. I know many people still live in separation, which is perfectly fine, thinking the ones who dedicate ourselves 24/7 to assist others, in a spiritual way, so to say, for I consider all spiritual, are not allowed to receive a proper exchange. Well, it is not about the money, we, or at least I, do not charge for the guidance we share, but for our time and energy which must be valued in the same way it is appreciated in other jobs. 
When one does not put a decent and proper value for what one does, then you are telling the Universe the story that you are not worth it, and that what you give is not first valued for yourself, for you consider yourself so small you are not even able to put a decent exchange to sustain yourself in the physical, then your physical reality, will of course reflect the same. This is why working with self-love is so important for the ones who are yet not honouring themselves. 
  • Gratitude - for the abundance we are able to give and for the one we receive. Seeing not just what we give or is left, but what we receive. 
Abundance is another form of love, not the love that others feel for yourself or the compassion, and give/donate money to you, but the love that is first felt - within - for all you are and do for All. Within this New Timeline, more people will feel the inner call to create their own jobs, for this is the only way in which what they/we share will be authentic, for we are sharing from a space of love and joy for what we do, rather than from a space of neediness from obtaining what is necessary for a living. For when we do so, we feel no excitement for what we do, and hence, our sense of assisting others is blocked, and we begin to feel forced to work in something we do not even resonate with. 

In this new phase of our ascension path, we are going to master how to fully support ourselves within a physical plane, without the need for self-sacrifice, working on things we do not support or resonate with, and begin to know ourselves to the point in which we become totally secure of our inner Divine Gifts and how we can share them to be able to not only assist others but ourselves - to move beyond the materialistic and narcissistic 3D matrix, into an empowered and increasingly loving society. 

The major reason of why some people live in lack is because they have also many hidden mental patterns which are not easy to identify, as their own self-programs that impede you to have everything you need. There is also another important thing that impedes us to ground ourselves: the balance between the ethereal and the physical. As you may know, there are some people who tend to live only in the Illuminated Realms, and hence, they forget they also came here to master a physical plane, in which, how to create a stable life is pivotal to support ourselves, this is why it is so important to be objective, understanding that in truth everything is spiritual, from everything is God, not just the non-physical planes. 

Planetary architecture changes

I have been informed by my Unified Self that our universal planetary coordinates have changed. I do not understand myself well what all this means, so I simply share the guidance for the ones who are meant to receive it. This is pivotal for the ones who travel to earth, for from now on if they do not possess the right codes they will not be able to violate our freedom, entering and trying to bring chaos, as it used to be in the Old Earth. 

This is also very important for the ones whose main soul role is to work with the restoration of earth fabrics of time and space as well as for the time travellers to other dimensions, which can sound delusional, but for those who understand, I am not literally talking about physically doing this, for we all know there are many other ways to do so.

The rays, as you may already know have also shifted, as well as our senses and therefore, capacity to feel/see them. There are other things who are also already strongly being felt by the sensitive souls, as it is the change in the Earth fabrics and hence, the dissolution of our deep sense of time. Many of you are already experiencing the acceleration of time, or slowness of this, in certain experiences, realizing the illusion of time and the truth that life is not made of time but about moments and how we allow ourselves to experience them.

Regarding Earth Grids, we are experiencing an important change, for as I saw/felt myself, there are more and more souls beginning to assist in bringing back their lost purity and connection between the Grids. I know we all have a way to explain what is not possible, in human language and understanding, so to simplify, I was told there are important opening areas in which it is now possible to bring restoration to Earth Grids, as I received. Some of these areas are:

  • Syria
  • Both Koreas
  • Cuba
  • Madagascar
  • Japan
There are other countries who are still in need of more assistance:
  • Feroe/Faroe Islands (Denmark). This is one of the most important places. I simply received because of the killing of conscious beings which is bringing a suffering frequency in the entire place. I thought it was physical crimes. I must be honest and confess my ignorance and lack of knowledge for I did not even know this place, I do not know the geography of the whole worldto be completely fair. I had to even search for this - a thing I rarely do for I simply receive and share - to know if this existed or it was my English, or I was not translating it well.
What I found was well, you search for yourself, and discern, please. It was just very painful to me, although sometimes one must see reality and help not avoid it. I am putting my feelings here, I know, sometimes I allow myself to share with you my honest feelings, for in the end you are my companions and we are all working together on this transition. So this Island needs help in both collective healing and Earth Grids. 
  • Laos
  • Venezuela
  • Thailand
  • Philippines
  • Africa, although there are some places where is possible (South Africa, Egypt to name a few), it needs more assistance.
  • Russia - the manipulation as well as the hidden agendas and nuclear activity, as I received, makes it hard to clear.
Please, know I share this with great love, and respect, to all the countries and of course to you All. This is not about me, if this was about me, I must be honest and say I am not brave enough to share all this without fearing many things, for I am also human. However, this is about the mission and about what I clearly received for the highest good of All. Thus, I share all this in case someone feel guided to send healing, in their unique way, and if this is part of your soul mission, and own guidance, to these places. 

I also would like to explain, that this is not at all about the people, but about the essence of the countries and the many negative hidden experiences and/or tactics used to destroy and manipulate Earth Grids as well as humanity consciousness. 

I thank you all who are guided to read this and to send healing to all these places and more that you are guided to.  

Restoring our Power Center: The Solar Plexus

As we are liberating ourselves from all the manipulation that our Planet as well as human consciousness has been suffering for eons, we should begin to consciously work with our power center, for it is constantly trying to be manipulated to disempower ourselves. As we embrace higher aspects of ourselves and release old illusions and patterns/habits, we are also able to integrate higher levels of consciousness, liberating ourselves from what kept us under lower frequencies. 

The Eclipses are a pure fountain of higher light codes that, if properly embodied, can assist us to release, heal, and integrate, all we could, for our major growth. However, if our central power center is not balanced and well treated, then we could not help by feeling disempowerment and lack of energy.

Our solar plexus as you know, is our power center, it is where we connect with the masculine essence of our Central Sun, and descend its powerful, and healing, influx, directing it to empower ourselves, manifest in the physical as well as protecting, what the feminine first creates within. If we do not consciously make the inner work of opening and nurturing it, it will be affected for the massive manipulation that we are still experiencing (in some countries more than in others). Therefore, true information, the main one coming from our soul, is pivotal, to be able to know and discern for ourselves what feeds it and nourishes it and what keeps it in a poor state.

This is also related to our sense of abundance, something that many are still mastering, for the more we shift and embody, the more we have to keep shifting our reality and how we live in it. To summarize, I will name just two of the many manipulative tools the negative agenda uses to disempower our power center. I know, again, many will agree, not others, this is not about agreeing, or not, but simply about being conscious and about what we are able to leave behind or not. There is nothing good or bad, simply different choices and all of them serves Source to experience. 
  • Food and drinks - especially in animal products and the majority of the drinks, they use genetic manipulation/modification to block our solar plexus power as well as DNA so we will not be able to work on strand reconnection. The importance of drinking pure water is vital, for it is the first human resource being constantly manipulated.
  • Vaccines - I am not saying some of them have not prevented certain diseases, and it is hard to simply quit all in a world where we all know it is still shifting, however the nature of vaccines is not really created to help us heal, inform yourself, if guided. 
If you experience stomach issues but with no medical solutions, this may explain, your power center imbalances. Become aware of what you eat, drink, how you direct your energy, everything that can help you discern why you are experiencing these sensations. The majority of the unknown pains, comes from the unconscious use of many substances, pills and/or food. 

Yes, Beloveds, you have been deeply manipulated, for eons. You have been unaware of your true potential - until the moment came when your soul was finally heard and woke the human. Yes, we all have been manipulated, by the food we eat, by the water we drink, by distorting reality, by creating a false image and concept of God, through many religions, all human creations, and above all, by unconsciously programming your minds, making you believe you are not worthy of love, of having limitless abundance, of creating your own human life experience and by convincing yourselves that you are hopeless beings directed by a higher authority.

You believed who you were not, you shed your tears, you felt broken,  and then you raised again, knowing there was a loving light - power - within, and that this light was a supreme and immeasurable Fountain of Unconditional Love. You awoke to your true origin, and now that you remember, and finally are retrieving your lost power, beginning to operate from a unified perspective, you are not going to look back, unless it is to regain your lost wisdom. For you are now too powerful for those whose only wish is for you to remain as mere puppets.  

Beloved Light Emissaries, raise as the powerful LoveLight beings that you are, that you always were, capable of causing a deep impact in the masses. It is time for you to consciously choose to eliminate everything that is still part of what you wish to leave behind: disempowering and toxic relationships, all that is familiar but that is no longer of assistance, and especially all the self-programming and 3D old habits/patterns that are still telling you how limited you are. You have made it, You are now dwelling within a new space, closer to the Illuminated Realms, for its Divine Symphony can be already heard and felt.

This is not a moment to feed duality. When you are challenged by your egoic tendency to feel attacked, gift yourself a moment to commune with your soul and see why you feel with the need to fight back. Become the neutral witness, know that what others try to do to you, has nothing to do with you, but with all the unconscious pain and wounds they have not yet healed. 

As conscious beings who are evolving, and hence, remembering our loving nature, our mission is, at all times, to remain in love, to dwell in peace and to remember that we, above all the egoic manipulations, came here as bringers of love and change and that it is precisely when we are most challenged that we have the opportunity to respond with love and compassion or to lose everything we have been mastering and engage into old patterns. 

Ascension is not just about reading or having the mental concept of it but about living as the conscious and compassionate beings that we are, every single day, with every single person we encounter, and, in every situation, we face, whether the situation touches ourselves deeply and leads us, for a while, to be in pain, or not. This is where you show your strength, higher understanding, evolution and unconditional love. 

Destroying is easy, feeding drama is often the norm, I see this every day, and even more within the spiritual community, so to say, lying is also easy, defamation is even more... but only pure and highly evolved beings are capable of forgiving and loving everyone beyond their egos, for they remember that we are not egos but precious souls forgetting, for a while, who they truly are, to be able to walk as humans. 

At this unique moment we freely choose to experience - it is not a time to allow ourselves to keep falling into old human illusions but to untiringly keep shining our unique Divine Creative Spark, for the world you came to assist, does not need your disempowerment but your strength, unique gifts and your conscious choice of assisting, from a pure and Sovereign Space of Unconditional Love, for you, and for All. 

I AM a free, conscious sovereign being reminding, at all times, the importance that BEing and spreading pure unconditional love and compassion, has for All.

I AM - always - in a constant state of Divine remembrance, loving and nurturing myself as well as I consciously choose to love, heal and protect all beings/form of consciousness, within Creation. 

I AM a timeless soul dwelling into Divine Bliss and its limitless love, choosing to seed the space I occupy with love and compassion, acting as the healer I AM, at all times. 

And so are YOU!

I wish you All a liberating and blessed Solar Eclipse, Beloveds!

In love, light and service ∞

Natalia Alba 

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