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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

jueves, 29 de marzo de 2018

The Energies of April 2018 ~ Hieros Gamos: A Return to Unity Consciousness

There is no such thing as doing right or wrong when there is freedom. You are free and from that centre you act. And hence there is no fear, and a mind that has no fear is capable of great love. And when there is love it can do what it will.

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Beloved Light Emissaries, 

We are entering into the beginning of a very creative phase of our ascension journey. This new energetic month of April brings the opportunity for us to descend all we have been creating, in the ethereal, and nurturing within, in the previous months of the year, into our physical plane. It is a phase in which we are given the gift to soothe ourselves, after a long time of physical integration, and to regain balance in all aspects of our life, for this is a month to stabilize ourselves, our relationships as well as to become the eternal witness of our human experience, realizing where we shall create more unity instead of separation.

As ascending souls, most of us have consciously chosen to dwell in a fifth dimensional timeline, leaving behind more of the old 3D manipulations as well as aspects of our old self. During this new month of April, when Piscean energies, apart from Aires ones, are still very present, especially during Easter with its implanted martyrdom and self-punishment beliefs, the collective or those who are still navigating within a 3D timeline, are going to be gifted with the opportunity to clear the old wounds that the Piscean Era left us - slavery through self-sacrifice rituals, victimhood etc. This is a phase to dissolve the implants that were put into the planetary consciousness to take away our freedom, and keep us dormant to the Truth of who we really are.

This is a month to bring balance to ourselves, to the Earth Grids and to all that have been manipulated from the micro to the macro. This is precisely why we end March with a harmonizing Full Moon, a Blue Moon at 10 degrees Libra, which oppose Mercury "retrograde", for as you know I do not believe there is anything ever retrograde within Creation, and that will be a cosmic reminder of the need to bring balance into every aspect of ourselves and life. We do not have any important planetary events until April 14/15 to give us the time we need to focus on the integration and subsequent stabilization of our bodies. 

April is a 15 Universal month - 6 reduced - another message for us to bring synthesis into the aspects of us that are in rebellion, for if we wish to create harmony and peace in the physical, first we need to embrace the aspects of us that are dwelling in fear, in pain and hence, in separation. Number 15, represented in tarot by the card of the devil, confirms this clearing phase, for we have been integrating our shadows, seeing beyond human illusions, and beginning to move from a deep sense of polarization to a unified one of love and compassion to All. It is now that we pass from the number 5 frequency, which indicates change, in March, to stabilize those changes within and in into the physical. 

On the other hand, number 6, the frequency from this month of April, also reminds us of the love that we all are - in Essence - and that we came here to embody within our Human self. Number 6 is represented by the tarot card of the Lovers, which to me, is not just about physical relationships but about the inner synthesis, between opposites, that has to occur first before it happens with another being. Balanced relationships or enlightened ones, come when first we act, at all times, as integrated and whole beings, for it is by acquiring perfect equilibrium and inner unity, that we can truly merge with another with integrity and equality. 

The term Hieros Gamos, a term I have never used and that was given to me by my Unified Self as the main title or essence of this month of April, is used to describe the inner reunion that occurs within all choosing to evolve, between our opposite polarites, God Self and between everything that resides within ourselves in separation, which is essential before embracing a physical relationship. It is precisely by working on inner fusion that we begin to become whole, acting as integrated and compassionate beings, for we have finally remembered that all living beings/forms are One with us, and hence, we no longer hold such a deep sense of separation within. 

The essence of April is one of unity, balance and harmony. It is a time for those who desire to finally awake the authentic essence of their inner Christos within, and not the false implanted meaning of Christos that have been imposed on most of us. However, for this to occur, first we need to work on the dissolution of the many fake personal beliefs as well as the ET planetary structures that are still reigning within ourselves and in the planetary consciousness field. 

ET artificial planetary structures

As many of you know, our Planet's original plan was very different from the current one. Due to the negative alien agenda, our Planet has been deeply manipulated, in both consciousness and its structures, to obtain full control of not just the Planet and its multi-dimensional portals that once were main open portals of interdimensional communication, but of human minds, controlling and programming us to only see what they wanted to.

At this transitional time, as many who work with Earth Grids will feel, these manipulated artificial planetary structures and beginning to decay, which is one of the main reasons of why the presence of the dark forces are being strongly felt as well, in their desperation to keep controlling Planet Earth. The dissolution of these planetary structures are not just due to our assistance, or to the massive light waves - Divine Intelligence - received from our central Sun but from the galactic center as well, which is increasing the process of liberation of old 3D manipulative programming. 

The Planetary fabrics are programmed with certain anti-human beliefs/codes. As more souls are beginning to liberate themselves from the 3D matrix, their efforts to keep manipulating us are increasing, however, the transition, or what everyone is calling now "the Event" has progressively occurred since December 2017, when we began to separate from old 3D Earth.

During Easter, many keep choosing to recreate this implanted view of what our Christed eessence means. I share this with great respect, and love to All, this is not about religions, for all of them in truth are human made, and to work on our sacred marriage, first we need to step beyond all human made beliefs. This is about becoming the neutral observers, at a time when, many keep celebrating beliefs based on self-slavery and victimhood, and witness if we participate or if we have finally released these implanted old beliefs. 

It is of great importance to work on self-liberation as well as to assist clearing the planetary manipulated artificial fabrics, for as long as they are still encoded with negative anti-human codes the more these manipulative tactics will keep feeding the collective, enslaving humans by making them believe they are guilty, unworthy and unloving beings, when there is not such a thing within a loving and wise Universe, for it knows only love and compassion for All.

Some of these non-human codes or beliefs with what these structures were once programmed are: 
  • Sex - by implanting a fake sense of what authentic and equal relationships are, by porn industry etc, and by the religious programs implanted on humans, which makes humans believe in the unholiness of it, if practice outside of their religious codes. 
  • Self-worship - based on the praise of egoic traits.
  • Victimhood - based on the concept that we are powerless beings and hence others have the power to bring us down or do something to us that we cannot control.
  • Guilt - this one programs humans to feel inferior and "bad" for past "wrong" deeds, when in truth there is no right or wrong, simply different ways - frrom different levesl of consciousness - to experience this human realm. This has been also very inculcated by many religions, where the original sin has created the collective belief that everyone has done something wrong since we were born and hence, we must suffer and become pure again, when we were pure to begin with, since we are born.
  • Self-punishment and unworthiness - as a result of the previous one. This one, especially during Easter, is going to resurface again. I know not in all countries, but especially in Spain, as many of you know, this self-imposed belief of self-punishment, as a way to redeem oneself, is one of the deepest between the collective, for they physically punish themselves to redeem their sins, creating physical wounds instead of self-love, forgiveness and compassion for the self. 
  • TV - the main fountain of manipulation in all possible ways.
  • Attachments to human roles: This is one of the most important ones as well, for due to the lack of information a new born is given when incarnates on Earth, it is raised to serve and remain, always, within the nuclear family, when in truth they are meant to provide a loving space for the new born souls, not get attached to them. This is when the relationship is no longer aligned with who we have become, creates deep pain and resistance, for we have been programmed to keep, always the same relationships, even though they have fulfilled their role. 
  • Survival fears: this is created by limiting the freedom of human beings, by creating fixed jobs with a fixed amount of money and by making them believe they cannot get out of this limited matrix. This is what makes people most afraid, to not have enough, to experience lack in whatever possible way, and hence they program themselves to remain in the same limited space, for they fear if they get out of their cocoon they will never have enough. 
These are some of the many negative agenda programs to put humans to sleep, again, and use them for their aims. When one begins to walk on this evolutionary path, one begins to realize that the more we ascend, the less we know, and that the only way to grow is through self-neutral exploration and observation as well as humility, for if there is no humility to recognize what we have not yet mastered, there cannot be real evolution, for we are falling into the trap of thinking we are in the light, and others are only beginning to walk in it. 

In truth, no matter how much we have evolved, within an infinite Universe, we will never cease to embody higher levels of consciousness, for if it ends, at some point, then we will not have a wise and eternal God but a limited one. 

Balanced relationships vs. Anti-human values

April offers us opportunities to find inner sacred union as well as to create it within our relationships, for the ones who have already mastered inner synthesis. To be able to create an equal and balanced relationship first we need to become fully aware of the patterns we tend to repeat both within and in our relationship, as the relationship we maintain with ourselves will be reflected in the one we have with others.

Self-love and respect is essential if we desire to create the same essence within our reunions. When we still experience feelings of unworthiness, victimhood and many others, we are not ready to enter an equal and balanced reunion, for we do not love ourselves to begin with. We, as this month of April reminds us, during Easter, have been programmed with fake beliefs of how our relationships must function, emphasizing egoic love above soul love, and hence, creating attachments which lead to possession and many other fake ways to experience a relationship.

Anti-human or non-human values are the ones that we have been experiencing for eons, for most of the souls incarnated on earth. Whether we are starseed souls or not, this does not matter, we are all humans, at this Now moment, and as such, we all have genetic imprints to heal and clear, for the entire genetic history of humans, our race, as well as our human family is encoded there, so we all need to clear this at some point of our ascension path.

Therefore, it is important to recognize these non-human values that are easy to develop when we do not witness enough the self, some of them are:
  • Narcissism - one's desire to only satisfy the self - due to an excess of egoic self: one of the most common ones, even within the spiritual community and that impedes an authentic reunion, for one of them or even both are focusing on the self - rather than in co-creating together something that will assist All. 
  • Delusional beliefs - due to the self-imposed belief that they are perfect and hence, others and their partners, are inferior to what they think they represent.
  • Possession: this is very common in the most of the 3D relationships, for one is programmed to think that relationships are eternal and that once they are with someone, they get attached to them and they belong to themselves forever. This is against the natural laws of the Universe, for everything, from ourselves to everything else, shall, always remain in a constant state of flow and freedom.
  • Jealously - resulting of not loving the self, lack of trust in a partner and unworthiness. 
  • Self-pity
  • Addictions
  • Try to coexist while they both hold different frequencies: Usually this occurs when the role of the relationship has been fulfilled and one of them is more evolved than the other but still they choose to remain together due to human attachment and the pain of leaving the familiar aside. When this occurs acting with integrity will save you both from creating an illusory reunion where both of them will suffer.
All of this is the result not of our human personalities, which are also prompted to experience a physical realm, but to the eons of manipulation experienced. This is why the majority of humans do not know how to create balanced relationships, because first they do not look within to search from the unconscious and/or program acts they keep repeating and secondly because they have been taught only egoic love since they were born, so now, they have to unlearn, just to program themselves, again, with real and loving human values.

This is something we all have done to be able to dwell where we are now, and will continue to do, for as I always say, the inner work of self-observation and embodiment of more humility is never over. 

Starseed souls, New Earth Seeds & Planetary workers

We are immersed in a massive influx until the end of April, in which unifying as One is pivotal for the betterment of the Planet, for the following months will be different in frequency, unlike these past ones that we have been experiencing. As I shared before, the planetary fabrics, or structures, I understand it is not easy to explain, with limited human language when we clearly see in the astral or non-physical planes, as well as to explain what is infinite within a confined plane, so use the terms you feel more comfortable with.

When I talk about the Planetary manipulated structures, this has nothing to do with Earth Grids, for there are other structures artificially created, eons ago, to encapsulate, so to speak, our Planet within a fixed lineal time and space. This is easy to say but hard to internalize for by manipulating this, they are modified not just by our sense of time and space but our connection to the cosmos, closing access by changing galactic coordinates so only they can choose to be open to contact. 

Then, our sense of isolation increased, as well as the first beliefs of being hopeless and useless beings punished by God were implanted, beginning to dominate humans as they wished. We, the ones who came here from the Illuminated Realms, already free sovereign beings, who only need to remember, we are here to break this long manipulation, and it is done, for we have already bifurcated from old earth, which again, is not a location, yet, but a matter of which frequency we decide to hold.

The ones called starseed souls, as I call these souls, many can use the names of Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows and so on, as well as New Earth Seeds, also free sovereign beings originated on this Earthly plane, are equal, there is no one coming from elsewhere, for we all come from the same Source. There is not I am better or wise because I am from elsewhere. Our main aim is not to separate but to unite as one, without comparisons and begin to remember the nature of our mission, instead of being absorbed by our egoic 3D personality. 

I thank you all for taking the time, and energy, to read and assist, if you are guided, since I decided to share, the amount of assistance has been incredibly felt and deeply appreciated. I have received the following places (maybe some are repeated) where we should work more, within this amplification passage - to anchor purity, love and restoration, the places shared in other posts are still on the list, I just do not wish to repeat all of them, just the new openings:
  • Birmania - Burma.
  • Yemen
  • Both Koreas
  • Eritrea (Africa)
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • North Sentinel Island
  • New Zembla (Russia)
There are more Islands that need lots of assistance due to the nuclear activity by man and their subsequent abandonment. 

Remember Beloveds, this is not about the beauty of the country or land, but about the collective consciousness that the country holds as well as how the Earth Grids as well as other structures are, for there are countries which possess a wonderful nature but if hidden activities or wars have deeply touched them, then, their essence has been corrupted.

Thanks to all who decide to join wherever you reside. We all have solitary missions. However, there is some planetary clearing/healing we can do as One, and it is precious when we meet in a timeless space of conscious co-creation and compassion to help All retrieve its lost purity essence.

Commanding your personal space

At a time when we are exposed to so many attacks from the ones who have chosen a different experience as well as from non-human sources, commanding our sacred space is vital for us to only allow and/or co-create with the Light Forces or beings or other forms of consciousness - we really desire to unite with. When we do not begin our day with a daily routine to protect and clear our sacred space, we are exposed to many entities, forms and beings entering the auric field and manipulating our consciousness, implanting false holographs - between many other forms of human manipulation. 

I wrote this as an example for All, as I was asked some time ago to share an example of what I do, and due to actual petitions I am sharing it again, for I understand there are many who are still navigating between timelines and while one is in this passage towards a new dimensional space, may face many challenges. 

This declaration to command our sacred space is an example, for those who are willing to protect themselves. I am teaching no one, this is why I do not do workshops or activations, even though I find them helpful of course, because my mission is to share, in my unique way, not to tell people what to do, so as the Masters and Healers of your own human experience - that I consider you all to be - feel free to use your own words.

I _(your name)_ call upon my Unified Self, Monad, Guides and LightLove beings, helping me on my human journey, coming from the love, light, truth and unity of God to assist me protecting my personal and sacred space of everyone and everything - incarnated or not - of negative thought forms, other form of consciousness and everything vibrating in the opposite frequency of the Divine Love that I AM.

I _(your name)_ as a sovereign free being, conscious of where I put my intention, and responsible of all my thoughts, actions and creations in the physical, as well as non-physical planes, clear now my personal space of all debris, negative thought forms and anything that is vibrating in a lower frequency, in this earthly plane, where I dwell and in any of the other dimensions where other aspects of me reside as well. 

I am fully anchored to Mother Earth's power, as I am Anchored Above - acting from a unified space to be able to assist, at all levels, in the physical and in the non-physical aspects/dimensions within Creation where I also exist. 

I AM forever protected.

I AM forever grateful. 

I AM forever working in perfect unison with God and with the Forces of Light of this Universe and all multi-universes. 

I __(your name)__ thank you for helping me purify all the channels within my physical and non-physical bodies, removing all lower entities/energies, from this current timeline to all existing, so only the light - Truth - and protection of the Divine can descend through me, allowing me to act as a pure conduit of the Divine, wherever I am, without any other entities or lower energies interfering in my personal decisions, space and personal soul mission.

I decree that my only and pure intention is to only be here, incarnated into this physical realm, at the same time that I too operate in other multidimensional dimensions, serving my God Self 's Will to assist All who will benefit from my Essence and Presence, and as this will be, always, my intention, I make of this declaration a permanent and irrevocable one. 

Therefore, I declare that no being/entity or form of consciousness - coming from an unloving source - can act without my permission, or enter into my personal sacred space and act through me or for me, for I only serve a Higher Will and Power who works in selfless service, from a total space of respect and unconditional love to All beings, things and other form of consciousness within Creation, practicing, always, the Law of Harmlessness to All.

I AM a LoveLight being of the Divine - giving form to a Human body - and as such, I AM always One with this - unconditional - loving, non-judgmental and forgiving Source within me, and I declare that I use this infinite loving Power, within me, to only serve All, in an unconditional, compassionate and loving way.

I AM a pure conduit for the Divine Light, I AM always protected, for I AM, always, One with God, forever acting as a sovereign being in service to humanity, from a pure space of Divine Love, and never from an egoic one. For I know I am always One with All that exists and has ever existed within Creation.

And so it is and it will be so by Grace and in a perfect way for All!

After this statement, you are ready to make any other declarations of intention, healing or any other session you would like to maintain with your Guides or simply to be able to be protected and make the conscious statement of only allowing the Forces of Love and Light within your sacred space. 

Planetary alignments

This month is a very active one, not as much as the previous ones, for we are heading into soothing frequencies, but it goes beyond our micro planetary alignments as I shared above, and it is a blessing to transcend Piscean slavery beliefs. This month, even though I do not resonate or share anymore about retrograde periods, will be calmer for those who do resonate with it, for even if Mercury on April 15 will turn direct, others - Saturn and Pluto - will turn retrograde, so the collective illusion created by retrograde periods will confirm this as a period of inner retrospection for May will be more focused on the physical realm, unlike with March, with its Piscean energies, for example.

Now, with April and its Fiery energies, we are heading into the part of the year where we descend what we consciously built, during the previous months of the year. This month as its 6 universal frequency reminds us, is one which brings balance, harmony and tranquillity for us to work on what is required to dissolve old structures both within and in the macro.

We end March and begin April with a full Moon in Libra which introduces the harmonizing essence of this new month and the first important cosmic alignment we find is late in April, on April 14 with Jupiter sextile Pluto. This is a catalyst for a prosperous change if we focus our pure intention into the conscious alignment with this frequency. Jupiter expands everything it touches with positive energy, on the other hand, Pluto is the Planet of Power: will you choose your creational power energy to build something pure, and of service that will stand in the sand?

Will you choose to use your power to transform what has been disempowering you, giving birth to a new self and life? Or will you use this power to bring chaos and absence of peace? As always, all choices are equally received, for the Universe knows, no matter how hard we try, we will never succeed in separating what is always united under the embrace of the Divine. 

On April 15 we will have Mercury moving direct, again, something as you know I no longer choose to focus, for my existence is not conditioned by this collective belief or something which is not even real, but an illusion from earth, so I will be true to my beliefs and will share about the second important event - the New Moon at 26 degrees Aries, which brings an opportunity for us to work on inner conflicts, dissolution as well as to use this powerful essence to continue manifesting our soul desires, for not all is living in the ethereal but to descend it from the depth of our being, into the human plane, we decided to experience.

On April 17, we have the Cosmic Healer as I call Chiron changing signs, from Pisces to Aries. To me this is one of the most important cosmic events, for if we observe closely we will find out how endings and new beginnings are intertwined and how since March until the half of April, we are in a timeless space where the opportunity of deep transformation, growth and healing, is at hand, for all who are willing to do the inner work required.

We are passing from the realm of Pisces to the Fiery ones of Aries. We end an era of self-punishment, slavery and unworthiness, to realize who we are and stand tall in our truth. With Pisces we end, with Aries we begin, and so it is with Chiron, for while Chiron was in Pisces, it gave us the opportunity to dive deep into our deepest wounds, taking the necessary time we needed for us to do the proper healing required. With Chiron in Aries, we are being asked to manage our wounds, and finally heal them to be able to move on by being renewed and purified of all past wounds. 

On April 17, we have Saturn, the so-called Planet of Karma, which I prefer to name as the Planet of the Discipline or Task-maker, turning retrograde. To me, whether retrograde or not, Saturn is always a wonderful opportunity for us to revisit the many timelines in which we are existing, at the same time, whether as humans, we separated it or not, and see what wisdom we can bring into this present moment and individualized self to cease repeating old habits and patterns. Having taken responsibility for all we used to be - and did - is another important reminder that this Planet helps us in acceptance.

The past is only worth it when we wish to see if we have finally achieved something or simply grown, if not, there is no need to dwell in there much, for the present aspect of you has nothing to do with the past self that is experiencing what we call past, for your present self is the evolved self of your past one.

On April 19 the Sun enters Taurus. If the first months of the year are for us to create and nourish the aspect of us that is feminine in essence and that creates and nurtures from within, the following is dedicated to the masculine, to how the feminine creates in the womb - bringing fruition - and with Taurus and May we are going to be able to test our inner creator, and even if our human existence - as sometimes the egoic self thinks - is not about being constantly creating, in the physical, there is a time for everything within Creation, and if we spent some time in the ethereal, now is time to descend all we first created in the non-physical into our human plane, where we can see how we work with energy as well as enjoying our creations.

Another Planet turning retrograde is Pluto on April 22. The Planet of Power is always for us to bring inner transformation. I understand the ones who believe in retrograde periods say this is a time for an inner revision as well as to bring transformation within ourselves, but in truth all transformation is first created within so in trying to adapt Saturn to our limited view, we can never change the main essence of a Planet, especially when this is never retrograde.

Finally, on April 29, we have another event that invites us to visit the depths of our being, for we have a Full Moon at 9 degrees of Scorpio. With this Full Moon we have a time to heal, rejuvenate, regain our power and transform what seems broken to our human self, by transmuting old feelings into unconditional loving ones - prearing ourselves to finally enter into a very creative phase with the month of May, where our soul creations, ones that have been nurturing by the femenine essence, for months, will finally blossom, in our physical plane.

Beloved Companions, April introduces us to our next creative phase, for if we have been constantly integrating, now will be a season for us to bring to the surface all we have been embodying. This is a month that gives us the opportunity to work on self-liberation, forgiveness and compassion, for it is easy to talk about compassion but when it concerns ourselves, some choose to still punish themselves instead of being benevolent - with themselves.

This month will show us many ways in which we still choose to enslave ourselves. The essence of this month is one of liberation, self-mastery and the end of an old cycle, it is not one based on crucifixion or martyrdom, but one of love and compassion for the self and All, for this is what the Ascended Ones came here to share, the rest, has been distorted for the benefit of certain humans and non-human organizations.

Life is meant to be lived freely. Otherwise one is not living, but fulfilling the expectations of others, and we did not come here for that, but to experience a human realm. Some of us are called to bring deep change into the old system and begin a path of self-liberation and conscious creation. Others are here to experience life in itself. No matter what we came here to experience, we came to live within a free plane, and this was not respected, this is why we are here to retrieve our freedom, for it is our birthright. 

You too have the choice, and enough awareness, to choose, at every single moment, whether you engage and feed the old system, or whether you choose to unite with the ones working for unity consciousness, bringing deep healing to All. As always, all choices are appreciated and equally respected.

I AM a free Sovereign Being in command of my own human experience, as the free being that I AM and came here to be.

I AM Divine Intelligence awakening the human self to remember, again, what I truly am.

I AM the Creative Force that creates worlds and that is ever expanding within you and within infinite Universes, for I, have no beginning nor end, and so are you. 

I AM the love reminds you of your true value and beauty, when all your human senses tell you otherwise.

I AM the Infinite Fountain of Love and Compassion that dwells within you and every single being within Creation.

And even if many choose to forget this Truth,

So are you!

In love, light and service ∞

Natalia Alba 

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