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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

lunes, 11 de junio de 2018

New Moon in Gemini, June 13, 2018 - Balanced Relationships

“The highest form of human intelligence is to observe yourself without judgment.” 

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Beloved Light Emissaries, 

As we approach June’s Solstice, whose frequency is already strongly felt, the need to create inner synthesis within and in our relationships with All, is essential. This is a passage for us to balance what we are continuously descending, from our I AM Presence, and the Illumined Realms, into our physical bodies and tangible plane, for as you already may be feeling, these waves will not cease, and our cellular healing process will continue, since we are immersed within a year of deep acceleration of our ascension process, in which we are constantly working with the conscious integraton of these new cosmic frequencies, with not much time to rest, as it used to be in previous years. 

This is a phase for us to work on integrating polarity, for as Gemini reminds us it is all about the embrace of both that true balance can exist. Gemini represents our silver and golden (feminine and masculine) aspects, and like them, in embracing each other in an equal and rhythmical dance of Love and Oneness. For as Gemini reminds us, it is only by inner fussion that we can create equal and balanced relationships.

While in the micro, this is an opportunity to work on the integration of opposite polarities, and the healing of the many imbalances that are still hidden deep within our being and physical body. In the macro, this stellar passage, that the New Moon at 22 degrees Gemini opens on June 13 goes further than just creating harmony, for it is the beginning of a higher cosmic connection to other galactic civilizations that were once One with us - for this Moon is influenced by eight stars - that are assisting our planet and many of us, in remembering our cosmic nature and Divine heritage.

Stabilizing phase: Earth grids & planetary fabrics 

At this phase of our evolutionary journey, where we find ourselves constantly integrating/activating the recent wave received, we are also blessed by the cosmic embrace of the New Moon in Gemini that will not only invite us to create balance within, as its numbers 22 - 4 reduced - remind us, but in our relationships. When I speak of relationships I am not just referring to our human reunions, but to the relationship we maintain with All - other beings (animals), Earth grids and other planetary structures.

To recognize that as humans we are connected to All living organisms and beings, is vital, for even though we possess an individualized feeling, we are working and connecting with All and it is time for us to consciously live authentically, for all we create affects All. As starseed souls many of us already came with specific codes that are connected to certain planetary structures that help us feel and connect with the planetary fabrics we came here to work with.

Some of us also send this information of our progress in restoring these structures to other civilizations and/or dimensions for this knowledge to be kept. It is of great importance that the ones who act as planetary servers and healers remember the importance of their mission and the need for us to be connected and remain as pure as we can while we continue to work on our specific missions, for if we try to connect with the Earth fabrics by holding separation within, we will only be fomenting this within the planetary structures as well. 

Now, many will be working with bringing balance, especially stabilizers and others with anchoring the specific codes they are meant to, for we all have unique missions. However, there is something we all are working on, and it is the reconstruction of Earth grids as well as bringing back its lost connection to other cosmic structures and purity. Therefore, I was guided to share about places which will benefit from our assistance and unification - to bring deep transformation and healing into the physical places where healing is needed the most
  • Botswana
  • Mauritania
  • Israel
  • Uzbekistan
  • North Korea 
  • Linfen, China 
  • Dzerzhinsk, Rusia
In the last three places, the work will continue for many years, for they need still more purity and the collective decisions to embody a higher level of consciousness. 

As I always say, these are the ones I received which does not mean there will not be more. If you receive more add them or feel free to share in my Facebook page, if guided, for all to know. Each of us are a key piece of a bigger puzzle and it is only by joining our strength and sharing that we can give form to this large puzzle and make sense of it. 

For many stabilizers and New Earth anchors this will be a phase of devotion to the Planet and to their own ascension process. Honor yourselves, this is a time when if we do not have purity we cannot anchor it elsewhere. If you feel the inner call to be at peace on your own, honor every feeling as long as it is healthy and focus on the mission. For the already solitary ones, as is my case, this will not be a problem. However, remember the gift of conscious interaction when the mission becomes challenging.

I have received many emails asking me the same question, which is why I am sharing publicly in case it can be of assistance, of why some of you experience sleep paralysis when you return to your bodies or before leaving them and consciously work in the astral or simply when we come back to our bodies after recharge ourselves with cosmic energy, something that we all need to do when we sleep. This sleep body paralysis can also occur when one is awake, in meditation.

First, I would like to clarify that I am not talking about any delusional experiences or something some people create, in their dreams, which is another thing that someday I will speak about, or by their own mind creations. This is when we are fully conscious of our astral experiences while our body rests. We are not dreaming, we go consciously to assist to where we are called. 

Having said that, there are many different possible causes, and as always first follow your own guidance, for we are all unique. However, from my experience, if you are beginning to assist in the astral in conscious ways, this process is usually when you return to your body because you do not fully master how to direct your consciousness and energy. Furthermore, consciousness travels at the speed of light, and the physical body is denser, which is why it takes the body more time to awake. This will cease as you master both frequencies or states of being.

On the other hand, if you are already familiar with this work and you still suffer from body paralysis whether in meditation or in your dream phase, this can be an indication that your physical body is not in a good state, which is why it is so challenging for the body to recover and awake. Then, you shall feel every part of your body, connect with it, and see if this is due to a loss of energy or bad diet, lack of vitamins etc. Sometimes when the body is not well, this also occurs when we are about to leave this human plane, it is very easy to get out of the body and have problems in returning. 

This does not mean you are about to leave or simply that something is wrong, it is just a sign from your body for you to see where you can strengthen it. It is also very important that when this phenomenon occurs, you do not despair. Focus on breathing, this will help you to connect to your body and come back to it. For as you may already have realized, when we go into the astral with our non-physical body, we do not breathe, our body keeps doing so, we do not need it. So, breathing will help you to come back to your body. 

I know the feeling of being literally trapped within a dense body is not one of the easiest or pleasant things to experience. However, since we are conscious beings, we must be patient and understand that the human body functions more slowly than consciousness. You are this cosmic energy, pure consciousness in motion, direct this consciousness back into your body.

Thank you for your uniquely loving assistance, Beloveds. Always an honor to co-create with you all. 

Balanced relationships: Narcissism vs. Humility 

During this stabilizing passage, one of the first things, as Gemini reminds us, is to build a strong relationship with ourselves, for it is when we are unified, from within, that we can bring this same unity and equality within a partnership. The line between loving and respecting oneself, as an aspect of Source and the egoic love for the self is a very thin one, and while some believe in the rise of their feminine essence, there may be a great polarity imbalance that leads to narcissism, which is not always easy to detect and dissolve for the individual, if one believes in his/her superiority, even as a spiritual being.

Humility comes when one recognizes the perfection of the individualized aspect of God that dwells in this realm, not because of her/his physical appearance but because of the perfect vehicle that Source has created for us to experience this realm. When humility occurs, there is not space for the exaltation of one's physical appearance, for one only loves and sees our bodies as wonderful Divine vehicles for us to be able to have a human experience. 

Narcissism disguised as the rise of the feminine, is one of the most common imbalances among the spiritual community and why these precious beings, for there is nothing to judge, suffer lack of abundance, self-love, equal and balanced relationships etc. They have not yet embodied and loved, as equal the masculine, for they have focused only in one aspect. When this occurs, it is often due to traumatic experiences, especially with the paternal figure.

When we only focus on nurturing the feminine, denying our masculine essence, we create many imbalances, for what we are doing is existing, or wanting to, in the ethereal, and we are not able to create an abundant and stable physical reality, which is why it is so important to disengage ourselves from any egoic desires and perceptions we have of ourselves, and from a higher view, be able to see what illusion/s our human mind is creating. 

One of the main signs of an unbalanced relationship is when the narcissist punishes, so to say, the male in the relationship, which indicates parental hidden non-healed issues, and hence, why the woman tries to keep punishing the man. If it is the man doing so, it is also a representation of maternal issues, between many other things. The way we treat our partners says a lot more about how we treat ourselves, and our inner voids than about them. 

Gemini also rules communication, and since the most important relationship of all is the one we maintain with our own selves. We are invited to observe the way we talk to ourselves and others. As I always say, self-negative talk is one of the main causes of many imbalances and self-sabotage. Do we speak to ourselves and others from a place of respect and kindness? Or do we still do so from a place of attachment and neediness to obtain something in return? 

The frequency that we are already feeling from this New Moon is an opportunity for us to work on inner synthesis and clearing of all the imbalances that may be impeding us to fully descend new levels of consciousness. There are many self-created unconscious programs, as well as implanted ones, that may be still impeding us to become aware of what is stopping us from embodying our true potential and keep expanding within the new dimensional chosen timeline. 

Orion’s Connection 

Gemini’s New Moon will be a huge fountain of energy, cosmic remembrance and magic. For this will be a very galactic Moon for its connection to Orion’s Belt as well as the many other stars it harmonizes with - Bellatrix (Orion), Capella (Auriga), Phact (Columba), Mintaka (Orion’s Belt), El Nath (Taurus), Ensis (Orion’s Belt), Alnilam (Orion’s Belt), Al Hecka (Taurus). 

As the New Moon will occur in between Star Mintaka (Orion) and El Nath (Taurus), this will open a portal that will help many who are working with polarity integration, and especially for the ones connected with Orion, by soul contract or simply by personal resonance and/or due to their connection with their star families.

The history of Orion is a vast one, as everything is within Creation. However, Orion’s civilization suffered, eons ago, as did our Planet, a deep sense of polarization, which I personally am not going to name as positive or negative, simply as something they shall experience. After eons, they finally became enlightened beings, and this is what some people do not know or believe, for they are yet in separation, but these beings are already highly evolved ones who are helping humanity into the transcendence of our human deep sense of polarity.

If one goes within, commune with the Unified Self and especially if one is able to interact with one's cosmic guides, one will be able to remember this information before searching it outside, falling into the many traps of online and false information. However, some tend to rely upon outer sources and this is why they are not able to discern, yet, the different between the frequency, and nature, of certain cosmic  beings. 

It is pivotal that in this New Era, we begin to put into practice all we read, receive and/or believe, by our conscious acts instead of just holding these mental concepts about ascension. Obtaining guidance from within, in our unique way, will always save us from falling into negative agendas, and hence, false propaganda, whether coming from humans or non-human sources. 

At a planetary level, the most relevant aspects of this New Moon, for it does not have any challenging aspects, so to speak, is Mercury in Cancer, opposing Saturn in Capricorn and Venus who squares Uranus. This frequency is one of receptiveness for us to create equilibrium, not just in our opposite polarities but within our mental and emotional planes, and begin to open ourselves to a higher connection, by being balanced and whole. For when we establish communication with other aspects of us or beings, if we are not mentally balanced, we may fall into delusional as well as into the negative agenda’s manipulation, bringing fake information instead of the pure wisdom received when one is in perfect harmony and has no expectations or attachments to what one is going to receive. 

During this month, we have the blessing to create healing and embody a new level of consciousness to keep expanding within our new dimensional space, from a pure and balanced state of being. Balance comes when we finally release our shadows, and instead of denying them, we embrace them, without labelling and/or judging what we find in them. 

Balance comes when we love, equally, all aspects of who we are, as well as all sides of Creation, for in the moment we see something as good or evil, we are again, lowering our frequency, and coming back into a lower 3D state of being. The Illumined Realms where we are so eager to dwell, the highly evolved beings we are so eager to interact with, live in a neutral state of being, they possess no will other than the Divine, no judgments other than the pure discernment that comes when one lives in a unified state.

If we desire to evolve, then, we shall live in neutrality, not in a forced one, but in one that comes when we love All, independently of its polarity, remembering, that aside of our human interpretation, all is equal and loved by God, and that it is only the human mind the one that can never understand what this non-human love truly is.

Transcending polarity and the judgments that come from it, is a personal choice, when one sees everything with a Divine purpose behind it, one knows that no matter the outcome, all will benefit us/All, for everything is Divine, and God is, forever dwelling, in love, taking care of All within Creation, equally. 

I wish you all a balanced, loving and magical New Moon,Beloveds!

In love and light ∞

Natalia Alba 

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