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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

sábado, 7 de julio de 2018

New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer, July 12/13, 2018 ~ Feminine & Masculine Wound Integration

“Oh what a wonderful soul so bright inside you. Got power to heal the sun’s broken heart, power to restore the moon’s vision too.” 

Beloved Light Emissaries, 

The path to conscious evolution, from a total state of amnesia, into a free sovereign being, is not an easy one, for it is filled with many challenges - opportunities - that trigger the inner shift required for us to regain a higher level of consciousness, remembering, again, our true nature and human purpose. At this time, in the midst of this intense passage, we are blessed with the proper frequencies for us to focus in the necessary healing we shall create for our unique journey. 

The New Moon’s Solar Eclipse at 20 degrees Cancer, sets the perfect climate for the ones who are dealing with maternal issues, sexual traumas and everything that has to deal with integrating wounds and polarity. This passage will last until 2020, for the majority of the Eclipses until this year, will occur in Cancer and Capricorn, which gives us the perfect frequency for us to work on balancing the feminine and the masculine. For as you know, Cancer represents the feminine, the caretaker and the mother figure. While Capricorn, on the contrary, represents the masculine, the protector, the one who manifests and the one who makes what the feminine births, tangible.

At a planetary level, the Eclipse opposes Pluto, which is retrograde. On the contrary of what traditional astrology says, I do not consider this aspect as a curse, but as an opportunity, for this is precisely the alignment that triggers the necessary inner crisis required, for us to become aware of our wounds and finally look our deepest fears and pains in the face and embrace them. Pluto's energy is the one that pushes us to the limit and make us, whether we want it or not, confront and transform our shadows and dissolve what the human self cannot understand and hence, denies. 

At the New Moon time we also have two powerful Grand Trines in our Heavens. One in Earth and another one in Water signs. This is what sets the tone of this Eclipse, for it also gives us the chance of creating a great transformation and harmony between our emotions and the importance of being practical too, and between creating a balance in our earthly and spiritual sides, helping us being grounded, so we can make our ethereal creations, tangible, in the physical.

Healing sexual traumas 

The New Moon’s Solar Eclipse in Cancer not only has a feminine essence but also a masculine one coming from the Grand Trine in Earth signs as well as the remaining influence of the past Moon in Capricorn. As we also have Venus in a trine with both Uranus and Saturn, during the New Moon, this is where we go beyond the astrological meaning of Moons and Eclipses of simply dissolving an aspect of our lower self and/or physical life and communing with these frequencies, for what we call energies or light waves, are not just mere energies being poured into us, but pure Divine Intelligence, liquid light, which is pure consciousness and which goes to where it is appreciated and consciously invited.

If we work with the essence of this Eclipse we can begin to heal sexual, gender, and many emotional other traumas that come when we still possess imbalances in one of our feminine/masculine sides as well as when we have been deeply damaged by other's acts, as abuses, or society, for example, when certain unconscious individuals try to discriminate against those who possess different sexual proclivities. 

This is a passage for us all to work with the deprogramming of the sexual indoctrination that for eons have been inculcated to us, for this is where all begins, by healing the many programs that tell us that we can only love the opposite sex, that we must live under the gender we have been born and many other negative agendas and manipulative tactics. 

There are many, even in the spiritual community, so to say, and this is perfectly fine, who still see this as something that can be healed, or that is not a part of a enlightened being, as well as the ones who think that twin souls can only be born in opposite sexes. Whilst I am not entering discussions, my intention is one of spreading equality as well as the compassion that we, as ascending souls, must hold for everyone no matter what their personal paths and choices are, for all serve in ways we cannot imagine, from our limited human perspective.

The imposters or negative agenda infiltrated within our mental body, by many mind control tactics, that only if we behave and are in a certain way, we are pure and normal beings, when the truth is that it is precisely diversity that allows us to learn, evolve and expand. It is now time to heal the core of the many sexual traumas in many people and the many abuses suffered that even if we try to bury them, they are still hurting some fragments of our soul that are still in pain.

The unconscious abuses, not just sexual ones, and even physical, that many of us have experienced, go deeper than certain physical traumatic situations, for these memories reside in our cells impeding us to free ourselves from what we are not even conscious of. The true balance between the feminine and the masculine in my humble opinion and according to the guidance I receive, which I completely trust after years of consciously working on it, has nothing to do with what we were taught about sex and sexual  tendencies.

The first and most important reunion shall be the one we must have with our own selves, for if we do not work on hieros gamos - inner synthesis - we cannot hold the proper balance required for us to maintain a balanced relationship, which is what is still happening. We have been programmed to get attached to other people, especially to our partners, we have been manipulated to believe they complete us and if we are not in a Divine reunion, we are not whole, and in my opinion, this continues within the so-called twin flames communities, for it is something I see that continues to be fed, and it is the main cause of self-disempowerment amongst many other delusions.

To be able to heal what once was distorted apart from the many abusive experiences we may have had, first we need to break the barriers we once created within our hearts that keep painful memories buried deep within our being, keeping us from experiencing the relief and calmness of true healing. The second step is to leave behind the role of victim, which is also an imposed one, to try to disempower the person who suffered abuse and hence, taking for granted that the person is weak and hopeless to become whole and healed, again. 

Ceasing to blame the masculine, due to an excess of feminine essence, which leads to feeling overwhelmed by our own emotions,  creating unnecessary dramas and manipulative tactics, is vital when we are trying to heal past old wounds, for we will always blame the masculine in every situation and/or relationship, for what once happened to us. This also goes for blaming negative agendas and others. Focusing on self-love and healing, is pivotal to stop feeding these unconscious people as well as to regain full control of the self and sovereignty.

This is a very delicate topic, and of course, these abuses must be followed by medical and/or other therapeutic assistance, I am always sharing about the deeper perspective of these traumatic experiences, that many of us have suffered, from a non-physical perspective, where all originates. 

The feminine/masculine collective wound will only be released as we keep expanding in consciousness, leaving behind the old patriarchal society, in which, tiranny used to be the norm for both women and men. Sexual, mental, emotional and gender enslavery will cease when we all take the conscious decision to unprogram ourselves and begin to live without fear, embracing love and using compassion as our main tool of healing instead of victimhood. 

As the Planet regains its lost feminine essence, where the values of self-love, respect and tolerance with one another are the main Laws, our main mission, as conscious, and loving beings, is to practice unconditional love, with ourselves and All, and spread non-judgement where others sow fears and separation. For we did not come here to fix and/or change anything but to naturally stand firm in our light, for this light is enough to shift all that has been distorted and shadowed by those who work for the dark forces. 

Note: Please, understand when I say at the beginning re: healing traumas of gender - I am not by any means saying people must heal how they feel with the gender they have born into but do not resonate with. On the contrary, I am referring to the ones who traumatize others for how they feel in their bodies, abusing them and hence, causing them traumatic wounds  which are hard to heal. 

Transitional phases

This is a very important phase that begins with the Full Moon in Capricorn, which had the honor of introducing this new passage, where many will create profound change in their lives, for even though we all are evolving, we all have our micro cycles and there are many who will benefit from the frequency of this Eclipse, and some of its alignments - as it is Saturn trine Uranus - to transform their lives.

For the ones who are passing through a personal transitional phase, where guidance seems to be lost, and where sometimes one feels hopeless and without direction, remember Beloveds, patience as well as trust in the Divine, in your own God Self who orchestrated your human journey in a perfect way, and surrendering to what Is, at this moment, is what will prevent you from decaying in lower states of being.

I understand when one sees only darkness one does not believe things will improve, focusing only in how they are going to change when most of the times they cannot. Once this occurs, the only thing we can really shift is how we feel inside, for even though it can see useless for the human self, is what will begin to trigger the change we desire to see, in our physical reality.

There are moments when not seeing the ending of a situation can make us fall into a sleepy state of being, again. Therefore, it is so important to work on ourselves, to have faith when all seems lost for the human, for faith is not about having it when all is going well according to our human desires but in keeping faith, even though things are not going in the desired direction. 

The ending is the beginning. However, when one does not know how long this ending will last, desperation tends to arrive and stays for a while. Embrace whatever feelings come, without dwelling in them, rise through all your human feelings and envision from a higher perspective what is truly happening, for behind what we see as chaotic, there is always a blessing, in disguise.

During our personal transition, what often occurs is that we are finally ready to embody a higher level of consciousness, and this takes time, and inner work. The more we resist - or lower our frequency - by becoming resistant to release old wounds and painful emotions or properly deal with them, the more we will be impeding this new state of being to be fully descended to us.

When we are in this phase of dissolving more old layers of our lower self, many complain they have lost their intuition or simply they are no longer in contact with their guides. Please, remember, as you well know, even though sometimes we tend to forget, as humans, we are never hopeless or without guidance, mainly because our Unified, or Higher, Self is always One with us and our main guide of all.

Our sense of disconnection comes from navigating in different states of being, nothing to do with our guides abandoning us, what occurs is a temporal recalibration or adjustment of our higher senses and during this phase we pass through a period in which we simply need to trust and have faith and let it all go, knowing we are being protected and guided, even though our human senses are not yet ready to embody this new state of being.

Another reason is that when we are ready to take another step in our personal journey, we overcome fears, dissolve shadows and old wounds, and hence, what we need is a new team of guides, for we are ready to learn and/or remember higher Truths. Then, there is a period of a few days in which our guides never leave us but they are welcoming the new ones and sharing the work they have done with us and where we are for them to know. Remember that these beings we consider highly evolved beings, are also evolving and learning through this eternal spiral and for them, guiding us, is their mission too.

Be compassionate with where you are, seeing not all that is yet to be done, but all you have achieved. You have been dwelling in the shadows for longer than you even remember, for your human self may have darkened these painful memories. You have overcome many challenges that were once impossible for you to face.

Choose to remember how strong you really are. Choose to remember where you used to be and where you are heading now. Choose to see the light you are, even though you continue embracing your shadows, knowing they are lost fragments of you which need to be embraced, instead of refused.

If you are passing through a similar personal phase, you know, you already have been there before, it will pass, and once it passes, you will realize it was for your highest good and that where you are now is thanks to where you once were. 

Cellular transformation & Self- nurturance

The alteration that our bodies are experiencing, during their transformation into crystalline beings, even if barely perceptible to the human eye, is highly significant. During the Eclipse season our bodies are going to be constantly releasing, whilst they also integrate, at an accelerate rate, these new cosmic waves. 

It is pivotal that during this process we work on the regeneration of our body cells, which are releasing many old memories/programs and become our own caretaker, for our bodies are passing through a deep cleansing process and we need to be supportive rather than passive. When we do not consciously work on helping our body cells regain its lost purity back, our cells tend to program themselves wrongly, and then it is when deseases surface, for our cells are acting against their natural behaviour. 

Resting, drinking pure water, and all your body asks you, will help in this process. As you keep integrating, you will realize how your body will cease asking you for dense foods and your diet, as well as your body,  will also become more lightly.

As I shared before, there are many who will be experiencing depressive periods, for they are passing through a profound transformation. All the feelings of being alone, not understood, feeling unworthy, all the things you consider as being "wrong" ir even "sins", especially, as in my case, if you were raised in certain religions where this belief is deeply implanted to you. 

All this darkness will be back once you begin the process of cellular transformation. When this occurs only communing with your God Self and seeing this natural process from a higher perspective, rather than from a human one, will help you to step out of this dark phase that we all experience, at some point.

You are not just releasing this present lifetime of yours. You are not just dissolving past wounds and old patterns. You are also releasing many lifetimes of mental slavery/control, and not just from this present individualized body you inhabit, in this lifetime, but from all your ancestors, for even though some came here for the first time, we cannot escape from our human heritage and all we need to release until we can finally let it all go and begin to pass from a denser body into a lighter one.

For the starseed souls and sovereign souls who descended from the Illumined Realms, this process at some point will be a natural one, for it is already planned by their God Self that at a certain time of their human journey, their bodies will wake. Some of these beings are programmed, so to say, to awake their DNA when their human aspect is ready, to begin the process of DNA reconnection. For their star families also placed, eons ego the certain codes for them to not just awake but to descend the ancient wisdom that their DNA holds.

For the New Earth Seeds, the native souls from Earth, this process will begin by conscious inner work, for they have never been awake, and they shall desire this process. For these souls the process will be more challenging for they have within memories from eons when they began their incarnations and all of them must be released. This does not mean these souls are less precious or will not ascend as the others, it is simply a different choice within creation. We are all equals, there is only one Home and there is no one better or more special than the other.

The cellular transformation required for us to become crystalline beings, implies many physical changes, for we are not just shifting to light beings but our physical bodies, especially our heart, is synchronizing with the heart of Earth. There is a lot occurring within ourselves and as everyone is unique I can only share the many sensations experienced by many at this time, which are the natural transition our bodies are having:
  • Nervous system affected - as it is the one that distributes the light/energies into the body. 
  • Headaches
  • Seventh chakra sensations - vibration etc.
  • Spine pain
  • Sensitivity to noises and certain environments that are no longer in resonance.
  • An increase of out-of-body experiences.
There are also other physical changes as for example changing residence, for our soul will lead us to the frequency that best resonates with our bodies and with our human lifestyle between many others that will naturally happen, when we finally begin to transform not just our bodies but our human lives. 

The most important, is to always remain into the Illumined Essence, and loving Presence, of our God Self, knowing that we are, always, protected, loved and appreciated within Creation. Remember beloveds, DNA reconnection is not a one-day process, and if we are willing to enrol on this personal transformation, first we need to shift our feelings, thoughts and all the 3D habits and beliefs that are embedded deep within our core and that are so unconscious that sometimes it takes a lifetime to wake to all of them.

Therefore, be loving toward yourself, be compassionate and kind, as you will be with a child who is new to a human realm and needs assistance and someone who shows him/her understanding. Love All but create the boundaries that allow you to continue with your unique evolutionary process. We are not here to reject what we call darkness, for we will not be the LoveLight beings that we say we are, but to integrate this darkness and move on from 3D labels, remembering all is equally loved within Creation.

I wish you all a blessed, nurturing and magical Eclipse, Beloved Companions!

In love and light ∞

Natalia Alba

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