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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

lunes, 15 de octubre de 2018

Full Moon in Taurus, 24/25th October, 2018 ~ Sol & Venus Healing Transmissions

Enlightenment is living in the light of cosmic collaboration. Collaboration gives us the freedom to come out of the boundaries of limited realities.
Amit Ray

Beloved Light Emissaries, 

At this phase of our ascension journey, many of us are already feeling the strong influx coming from our Central Sun as well as from its opposite Essence Planet, Venus. We are immersed under benevolent frequencies during this Full Moon at 1 degree Taurus, for us to work on unity, fixed mental patterns, masculine and feminine polarities synthesis, as well as many other wounds regarding our relationships and sense of abundance, for the Presence of Venus, during this Full Moon, is quite relevant.

Whilst others may see this Moon as a challenging or chaotic one, especially for its releasing essence, to me, this is a cosmic gift beyond measure, for there are many healing frequencies that are willing to embrace us and help us bring transformation and inner synthesis. This is a very powerful time for us to focus on bringing conscious change on what is no longer working in both a physical and a non-physical perspective, for not only we are passing through a transitional corridor during this Moon but also during the last months of this year.

The Full Moon in Taurus is a very unique and special one, for this Moon and the Planetary/stellar alignments, happening at this time, are going to help us deal with matriarchal/patriarchal imbalances. We are indeed receiving powerful transmissions from both Sol and Venus, to finally help us create unity where our human creates separation, using both powers, wisely, rather than in a distorted human way, as it used to be in the 3D old times. 

During the Full Moon, we have seven Planets in fixed signs and some of them at the same time in water signs, as it is Scorpio. This invites us to bring our focus on breaking free from old patterns, especially mental rigid ones we tend to keep repeating in an unconscious way, and as Water flow and surrender to the Divine Order. This Moon's frequency together with the one coming from other stellar events, happening at the same time, is going to be one of the most intense passages for us to work on flexibility and our sexual creative force.

As a confirmation, and kind push, for those who are still doubting whether they should create change or not, we have, the Taurus Moon in conjunction with Uranus, the Great Awakener or Change Maker, to bring us powerful energies of transformation. As humans, we often tend to reject change, for we are beings who like to dwell in the familiar. Not because it is in our nature, but as a result of one of the many beliefs that were implanted on us, as a false idea of happiness, as remaining always in the same place with the same people, when in truth, this is attachment.

When the human aspect is not ready yet to transcend  the old, we will experience what we call challenges, which are nothing more than the natural pressure that the Universe exercise upon us, when it is finally time to release what shall be liberated, for it is Law that everything and everyone must be in constant flow and change, beyond our human sense of linearity.

This is one of these periods in which we are being encouraged to shift everything that our human self gets attached to - our relationships, habits, physical things etc. Everything we fight for keeping, the Universe will find a way to release it, for it was never ours and the more we try to remain in the old, the more we will suffer, which occurs when we go against our own nature.

This change that we have been feeling since the beginning of this month, also comes for our soul reunions - creating feelings of confusion, sadness etc. if one is not ready to release old relationships that have come to an end. However, this not only affects our relationships, but sense of abundance, as Venus is not just about physical or soul love but about all forms of love, and abundance is an extension of the love we feel for ourselves and what we do.

For those who have already released old relationships, and have created inner synthesis as well as balance within and in their physical lives, Venus sextile Saturn, during the Full Moon, will give us a unique opportunity for us to experience enlightened relationships. This is the second step for us to experience what a real companionship truly means, for it was never about getting attached to each other’s without the opportunity of personal growth and freedom, but about honoring and respecting each other’s, as equal, no matter where they both are, in their evolutionary journey, simply enjoying the time they are meant to be together, learning, nurturing and remembering, from each other’s, what they cannot do on their own.

Healing patriarchal domination/wounds

As you know when certain stellar bodies aligned cosmic portals open, releasing healing frequencies for us to integrate and use them to activate our DNA. At this time, during the Full Moon, we have the Moon in conjunction with Uranus, but also we have a reunion with Pleiades and our Sun, whose connection sends to our Planet a very powerful transformational influx. 

Despite the nature of this Taurus Moon in an Earthly sign, it does not mean our higher senses are not going to keep experiencing a major opening, if we are ready for this inner process to occur. These cosmic energies are meant to be anchored within our bodies and tangible plane, for this is precisely what ascension is about. Sol or Sun, as you prefer to call it, I always receive the first name, is helping us to heal masculine wounds that are yet active within our mental body, and begin a process of reeducation of values. Most of the times, this is one of the main blocks that keeps us from experiencing a deeper connection with our soul, and inner gifts. 

As you know, our Sun has been very active recently, giving us the power to dissolve the distorted masculine. If we leave behind all human illusions, and beliefs, about the Planets that inhabit our Galaxy and simply connect with their True Essence, we will realize that their essence is also present within ourselves and that if we choose to align with them, wisely, we could direct their healing frequency to work on the many blockages that we, as humans, have been feeding for so long.

On the other hand, we have Venus, also sending us, at this time, Her loving transmissions to help us heal the feminine wounds caused by eons of patriarchal oppression. There are many factors that have influenced us to foment the masculine control, as educational causes, between other ET manipulative ones. What is important is not the when or who but the conscious intention to heal this distorted perspective of ourselves, and human reality.

Actually, our Planet is being assisted by many souls whose purpose is to bring back the lost feminine power/balance. However, we all have to do our inner work to heal the many old beliefs regarding how our society as well as own lives must be experienced. This is why neutral observation is essential for the ones who have decided to evolve, for the majority of the times we cannot be aware of all the old programing that still runs through our cells and mental body.

There are some clues that will help us realize where we keep fomenting the old patriarchal society:
  • Distorted power: It occurs when we use our power to control and manipulate others instead of using it to be empowered and assist those who need it, from a loving, although non less powerful state of being, and compassionate one.
  • Victimhood and drama - especially as a way to attract other's attention.
  • Family - male - domination: Sorry but it continues to happen, especially in certain cultures. I do experience this in my own family, to set an example. This is an old belief implanted within us all that tells us that the male is the one that should rule the house and family, and the rest should dance at his rhythm. This is a belief that should be erased, replacing the old tyranny with the loving power of the feminine, without diminishing the masculine.
  • Bullying: Sadly, very usual, especially in schools, nowadays, and one of the signs that shows an excess of masculine essence and wrong use of it.
  • Violence: Both oral and physical one. This is not just an extreme sign of masculine excess but of many inner imbalances not healed or even recognized, consciously.
  • Misogyny
Remember that the mental body is connected to the masculine and the feminine with our heart, which is why it is so important that we balance both and listen to our inner voice to make the right decisions, for if we only rely on one side, we could fall into imbalances, manifesting undesired outcomes, in our physical reality.

If we only rule ourselves by our minds, then we will leave our feelings, and one of our main forms of guidance, aside - becoming mere robots whose main interest is just the material plane. If on the contrary, we are governed by just our emotions, we will allow delusions, and probably drama, to be the main theme of our reality, being unable to manage our own lives. 

We are here to co-create a loving and abundant reality, assisting ourselves in our own journey to evolve into higher level of consciousness and assisting others, in our unique way, in doing so as well. However, if we first do not learn how to master the mind, so it can surrender to the power, and wisdom, of our heart, we could not create a balance and loving human experience, for our mind is always fearing that something could happen to spoil our security, and creates many delusional scenarios, where we tend to live, in fear, of something that even if it is not even real, could threaten our existence.

While living from the heart, connects us to the rhythm of the Universe, being able to be in flow and in a loving, and conscious, co-creation with All. It is then that we begin to remember that there is nothing to fear, and we pass from making decisions from a fear state of being to a free one, knowing that a Higher Force is guiding us and that we will never be making wrong decisions anyway, for what we call "wrong" decisions sometimes are simply human experiences that are not aligned with who we are but that must be lived for us to truly remember what we wish.

Venus Transmissions - healing matriarchal wounds

This is a very unique time as we are not only receiving healing frequencies for our Sun and with them the opportunity to heal patriarchal issues, but also from Venus, the Planet of Love and Abundance - providing us too with the loving healing energies we need to deal with our matriarchal imbalances. From a limited human perspective, it is said that Venus is retrograde, in Scorpio, at the moment, and there is some truth is this human illusion, however, no Planet is very retrograde for real, but from our Earthly plane.

The history of Venus goes beyond what I am able to share, in this short article, but I am sure many of you are already familiar with the many civilizations/beings that colonized this benevolent Planet, for even though in astrology, we tend to talk about the nature of a Planet as being good or bad, in truth, the Planet in itself simply IS, it is just our human need to label things who give them their current meaning.

Venus Essence has nothing to do with the human meaning we attribute to this Planet. If we truly connect with its essence, we will realize that Venus will not just help us at this time to release and create balanced relationships but her transmissions - frequencies - are also assisting us to heal many of the imbalances related to the feminine that are impeding us to regain unity. Some of the many imbalances that impede us to embrace our feminine power are:
  • Motherly issues
  • Female submission. To deal with this wound first we will need to heal our genetic lineage, for part of this wound is due to our inherited karma from old generations.
  • Exaltation of feminine attributes - as another form of narcissism - which in truth is the distorted version of the Goddess we all have within. The inner Goddess is about beauty, not about the physical one but about the one that comes from being aligned with our power and the love and compassion we feel for All.
  • Sexual manipulation - using sexual tactics to control. This occurs when we use our sacred sexual creative energy to manipulate the male, something we were programmed to do eons ago and that continues to occur when the woman is not yet empowered and use her power in a distorted way.
  • Emotional collapse: This occurs when we only focus on our intuitive/feminine abilities, leaving aside our physical and mental aspects, and then we fall into delusional, being unable to balance our emotions, and hence, making difficult to see ourselves, and our reality, as it truly Is.
With this Moon we all have the blessing to create Sacred Union where our egoic self continues feeding illusions of separation - fomenting old patriarchal/matriarchal wounds. Creating the proper balance between our feminine and masculine essences is vital, if we desire to evolve and act, always, from an integrity and respectful state of being. 

Conscious declaration to create inner synthesis

I have received another declaration for All who feel guided to use it, as you wish. As always, you are your own masters and healers, and you can change it, as you desire, in case it can help you integrate these current energies and bring deep synthesis within, and in your physical life. I hope it helps you in your journey, Beloved Companions. 

As you know, the first thing before doing this decree is to call upon our Unified Self, Guides or any other beings you co-create with and use the proper protection in all the aspects of who we are - physical and non-physical bodies. After feeling the embrace - in your unique way - of your heavenly companions, you can begin this declaration. You only need to truly feel these words and set the proper intention. 

As many of you have asked me, before making the protection exercise, I also use four main crystals, after I sit in the middle. Each one of them has a unique form and purpose, and are clear quartz crystals, they are to keep the lower energies outside my sacred space. This is just something I do. Like I always say, if you are not guided, have other way to do things or simply are in the middle of something/somewhere and you cannot do it, with simply a pure intention will serve. I also use a clear merkaba star crystal, for it represents inner synthesis and I have programmed it for these purposes. 

I_(your name)_ thank my Unified Self, Monad and Guides for helping me protecting my personal and sacred space of everyone and everything - incarnated or not - who do not belong to the Light. 

It is under the protection of my Unified Self, Monad, Guides and the LoveLight Beings that are willing to assist me in this conscious declaration, that I _(your name)_ by conscious choice call upon the Benevolent Light Forces of the Universe to help me dissolve the generational, and programmed, fixed patterns, that are still active within my DNA, and therefore, mental and emotional bodies - impeding me to embrace unity consciousness.

I_(your name)_command that all the feelings that dwell in a lower frequency and that have been implanted to me by the dark forces, or by my own self-created beliefs, be dissolved of all my physical, and non-physical bodies, so my True Loving Essence can be embodied, again. 

I _(your name)_ as a sovereign free being, choose to release all the past genetic/karmic ties and/or agreements and patterns that still cohabit within this present human body that I consciously, and freely, occupy now. For it is my Will, and human right, to live liberated of any genetic bonds that keep me in a fear frequency. 

I_(your name)_ as a powerful creator of my own human experience, choose to release all patriarchal and matriarchal old beliefs that have been inculcated in me to create synthesis, balance and harmony within and in my physical life. 

I AM a conscious unifier, bringing together my masculine and feminine essences as well as my dark and light aspects, for I recognize them all as equally Divine, disengaging myself of the many human interpretations given to them, remembering that these essences are neutral ones, fulfilling a unique role within Creation, as we do so too. 

I AM a bringer of unity, choosing to create this same balance and harmony within my spiritual and earthly planes, for all has been designed by the same Source of Love and Light, and hence, all belongs to this Higher Intelligence that creates worlds. 

I_(your name)_ command that only this present, individualized being, that I AM in this lifetime, rules my human experience. I forbid lower energies/beings/form of consciousness and all that inhabit in an unloving frequency to enter into my sacred space.

I_(your name)_ choose and commit myself to embrace and use my power, as a Divine Being, to only restore, nurture and heal myself and others, if this is meant to be. For as a LoveLight being, it is my responsibility to only serve the Law of One, using the power of love to bring healing and compassion in my own self and physical plane, where our human aspects or others unloving beings/sources, desire to bring destruction. 

I AM eternally grateful for all my past experiences and I let it all go with great humility, for all has helped me remember/learn/heal.

I AM now living in perfect alignment with God and with the Forces of Light of this Universe and all multi-universes. 

I __(your name)__ thank my Unified Self, Monad, Guides and all the LoveLight Beings that have helped/protected me in this decree.

Thereupon, I make of this declaration a permanent and irrevocable one. 

I AM a LoveLight balanced being incarnated into a physical body, bringing this same harmony, unity and love to All within Creation and as such, I AM always One with this - unconditional - loving Source within me that equally appreciates and values All That Is. 

And So it is and it will be so by Grace and in a perfect way for All!

I wish you a blessed and healing Full Moon, Beloved Ones,

In love and light ∞

Natalia Alba 

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