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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

lunes, 29 de octubre de 2018

The Energies of November 2018 ~ Tuning in to Unity consciousness: Soul Groups Reunion

There is only one all pervading God. It has only one message - Love all, encompass all and transcend the limits of the selfish gene.

Amit Ray

Beloved Light Emissaries,

In our endless journey of conscious evolution, and co-creation, we are about to close another chapter of constant self-transformation, integration and clearing. We are indeed ending a cycle within our ascension path as well as human year, in which releasing old layers of the 3D egoic self has been essential. November is a pre-creation period, the threshold that introduces us to the loving energies of December and New Year.

In a blink of an eye we are leaving behind a powerful year of transcendence. It is truly a time to dissolve old timelines, vows, memories and continue assisting our Beloved Planet by practicing, at all times, not just when convenient or when Christmas comes, unity consciousness, for it is our responsibility - as starseed souls and New Earth Seeds - to act as light bearers, always, especially when spreading our unique Essence, is pivotal during this planetary transition.

Planetary speaking, this is going to be a one of the busiest months of all this year. During this month we are going to be presented with the opportunity to look back only to realize if we have finally mastered the ego, the relationships that were based on attachment, old 3D behaviors and every loose end that we need to clear, for the following month of December will be one for us to completely focus on self-nurturance and on the conscious creation of the next phase of our human journey, that we are already co-creating, from within.

As you know, this year 2018 is an 11 Universal Year, a sign of our achieved self-mastery, although it never ends, and hence the beginning of a new timeline, to master and explore in co-creation with the new frequencies that we are receiving. November, even though it is a universal number 4 which also holds the 11 frequency, as a reminder of the importance that working on self- mastery/initiation and hence, unification, has, if we are willing to evolve.

Mastering inner synthesis is precisely one of the many gifts that the last Full Moon in Taurus offered us, for love is not just confined to our divine reunions but to the love we feel for ourselves. This is why it is so important to unify our feminine and masculine essences, so we can be able to really appreciate, what true and unconditional love is, without human bandages, or separation, but with the loving naked eyes from which the Divine sees us All.

Releasing past vows & removal of old memories

As you know, and as we have been feeling for all this 2018 year, we are evolving in such an accelerated way that it is required of us to be constantly wiping old memories/timelines and what is often more important not to get attached to old energy and companions. At this time it is vital to release all the conscious, and unconscious vows, we once made when we were dwelling in a different frequency, and hence, holding different desires.

Energy is light - consciousness - and the more we feed old memories, the more we will continue impeding the influx of the New Light we are receiving. It is essential that we take some time, daily, to work on past liberation. It is one of the most important things that as ascending souls, we shall do, as old memories limit the embodiment of higher levels of consciousness.

By erasing old memories I am not by any means referring to the complete erase of our conscious memories, for it will go against our human nature, and own evolution, but to simply work with the painful and fake memories that are impeding us to move forward, especially with the ones we have created ourselves or others have imposed on us. For example, when we keep using self-negative talk, what we are doing is literally programing ourselves to believe we are not enough and that we should not receive what we deserve by Divine Law.

There are also other limited beliefs that used to be implanted on us when we were kids. For example by parents with a limited consciousness or one of lack, or by teachers or other people who simply did not know best or chose to see their reality ass being a closed and fixed one. It is now, as conscious beings, our inner duty to liberate ourselves from these memories and the pain that they have brought to us.

Past vows are the ones that we made in our past relationships/lifetimes before incarnating and that have been fulfilled or that we simply no longer need to fulfill, by decision of our sovereign soul, and our human self is not aware of it yet. These past vows need to be released, if it is our will to evolve and embrace new companions. Otherwise, we will keep attracting if not the same souls others who hold the same frequency with different faces.

When we have fulfilled a purpose in past relationship or any other kind of reunion, we will know in our hearts, for there will be no coming back to this relationship or the repetition of a similar one. When we get attached to certain relationships but our main purpose have been already accomplished the difference can be appreciated in the type of relationship we maintain.

If the relationship is flowing and even though there are some challenges, we know it is a soul mate reunion (sometimes even karmic, depending on your unique soul path) we will stay, for we know we need to learn something from this reunion, and then we will keep fulfilling the main purpose of it.

On the other hand, if we are experiencing a toxic, dependent, relationship, then we will have to become the neutral witness to become aware that the main purpose have been fulfilled and that we are just postponing the ending of this relationship and what we feel is just a feeling of attachment to someone that is no longer meant to be present in our current human experience. This is what happens in the majority of the human relationships, when the purpose has been accomplished, and we unconsciously refuse to let go of the other person, for as humans, it is in our nature to try to retain the familiar or what we think is ours.

Old memories are the ones that we hold not only from this lifetime, from our past, parallel/present timelines, but also from all the implanted memories, by the negative agendas that manipulated humanity for eons, as well as those memories that come from the collective, for we all, whether by living it directly or by imposed educative tactics, have implanted collective memories, as for example remembering something that have never existed, or that never occurred in that way or simply that we have not lived and the 3D matrix wants us to keep remembering and feeding their already obsolete and decayed matrix.

There are certain signs that will let you know if the presence of old energy is still blocking your way to embody a higher, so to speak, state of being.
  • Repetition of old/toxic patterns in your relationships or towards yourself, as it indicates some aspect of us is still holding the belief that we are not enough or worthy.
  • Dreams: it occurs when we tend to dream with certain people from our past constantly or often and when certain situations keep happening, exactly the same they happened once, in our dreams. I know many people do not even remember what they dream. However, others, as it is for example my case, not only consciously work in the astral but are, even though sometimes we do not wish, fully conscious in our dreams - remembering everything we had experienced.
This is why is so important that we utilize these dreams to dig deeper into the reasons why we still continue dreaming with certain people that a priori should not be any longer in our human experience/dreams, and especially when the main issue of our dreams is something painful that happened with these people. The opportunity of healing during our dreams is unique and should be taken, when needed, for it is blessing our soul offers us to reunite, again, with these people to solve our human differences.
  • Fake memories: This can seem hard to understand as some people cannot comprehend how they have memories of something they did not do or was even real. For the ones who are conscious of the constant dark manipulation with our consciousness, we know they implanted, in the matrix, certain memories of things/events that never occurred and that we should believe they did for their dark purposes.
It is important that we begin to become the neutral observers of our own memories, especially regarding historical ones, personal ones that may have also been manipulated, especially if they have been narrated to us, and other fabricated ones that have been inserted to us by false propaganda.

I understand it is hard to disengage oneself from social media, and only using it to share and interact with like-minded people. However, it is essential that we disconnect from TV, certain social media sites and other propaganda media whose only aim is to infuse our mind with fake memories. If we desire to clear our minds and empty ourselves from all of the old as well as from all that is not true, then it is our task to do the inner work of dissolving and step out of that which is manipulating our consciousness.

Soul groups reunions

There are times when the power of many as One is required for us to create a significant change during this planetary transition. As ascending souls, you already know the importance than working on our frequency has, as the more pure we are, in essence, the more we will be able to have an impact in where we are located by our God Self.

At this time, in which the efforts of the dark forces, as I have shared many times, is tremendous to bring us back into a lower state of consciousness, it is necessary for the highest good of All as well as for the continuation of the evolution that Planet Earth already initiated, that the ascending souls, whether New Earth Seeds - incarnated directly on Earth - and Starseed Souls, unite our forces to sustain the current transition aside from the many attacks received in both individually and in the battle to regain control of our Planet.

There are actually soul grouping occurring all around the world to bring balance and light in the darkest corners where lower frequencies are still impeding the anchoring of a higher vibration. The meeting of these souls is not just confine to our human desires of being with others who resonate with us or that value and love us, as we are.

The true purpose of these reunions is made among souls who have already reclaimed their sovereignty and that have mastered their egoic self. These reunions are not to teach anyone, although we all learn/remember from each other’s, but to recognize the Divine Light within and to co-create as One Soul to assist the Planet openings that are taking place as a result of the new dimensional, and more evolved, space we now occupy.

One of the main aims of these souls is to stabilize, raise the frequency of a certain place, of simply to be stronger together to cause a deeper impact in a certain area of in the Planet. The type of these reunions are not prepared by us, but by our God Self, who decides if these reunions are meant to last for a certain amount of time, or if it just serves the original purpose with one encounter. Our main aim resides in following our soul Will, without asking or wanting to know the details.

These souls know who they are. They do not need to be guided in a human sense anymore or need of others approval, for they have already embraced their God within.

Some of the main purposes of these souls, as I was told by my Unified Self are:
  • Space clearing - there are certain physical locations in the Planet, as you well know, which are not yet pure enough to anchor a higher frequency, this is where these souls focus their Light to bring transformation and cleansing into these places.
  • Guardians of Consciousness. These are souls - sentinels - in charge of protecting our consciousness as well as our planetary one, of any negative intrusions.
  • Time gatekeepers: their mission, as you know, is one of assisting in helping us retrieve the true sense of time and space, and align it with the cosmic timeline, so to speak.
  • Raising the frequency of a certain area: This occurs when the physical space has suffered past or recent painful situations, such as attacks with bombs or simply concentrated negative energy, and it is required to clear this space. It also occurs in big cities.
  • To stabilize and anchor this balance into certain places where higher frequencies had been anchored but they have not been stabilized. This is the work I do by essence and by many other tools I was taught by my Guides. Since this summer, and it will continue until January, the amount of work for the stabilizers is tremendous to balance all the frequencies that first gatekeepers anchored. If by our own essence this mission is not possible, as it is happening in big areas, then, our soul will orchestrate a soul group meeting in which we all, as One, will do this task.
  • Planetary karmic clearing.
  • Cellular/collective planetary memory healing. This is one of the tasks that the souls who belong to the Blue Ray perform, although it is not necessary to belong to this group of souls.
  • Planetary fabrics/grids healing.
There will be more purposes that only the ones who are working on it know. I simply share the most common ones, in case it can shed some light for the ones that may be experiencing this. As always, follow your own guidance when a certain reunion takes place, to discern if it is coming from a soul agreement or if it is your ego wanting to create a connection, where there is none, to simply feel accompanied.

This is a blessed and powerful time. As you know, some of us, who are just beginning to remember the vastness of the path that we are starting to walk. We have been parting and reuniting for more than our human mind can recollect. We have been preparing for this transition for many lifetimes, whether we were incarnated on this Planet or another one, or simply being a witness, from other sovereign dimensions, to what was happening on Planet Earth.

Our presence in this Planet, our reunion with other loving souls, with similar soul roles, is not a coincidence, for there is not such a thing within Creation. This is the time we planned for us to meet, work and act, as One. This is the time that the dark forces are fearing, for they know what many, reunited as One can do for All.

This is where we no longer choose to fear our power and begin assisting by standing tall in who we are, in our truth and in our unique abilities. For it is only when we choose to remember the God within and what we are here to do by Divine Will, that we can finally step out of an egoic path and enter into an endless journey of selfless assistance and conscious co-creation with All.

You were never as powerful, as worth it and as perfect as you are Now. You were never more prepared that you are Now to do what you deep within yourself remember came here to be and do. You need to fear nothing and no one but your own power and how you decide to use it.

There are no more doubts, pains or challenges that can stop you from what you know you are here to do, for now you remember unity. Now you know that in the moment you choose to ignore who you are, the entire Planet, will be affected by your decision not to shine your unique Light.

You need no one telling you if you are ready or not. You have all the answers within. You just need to know where to look to begin acting as the sovereign, powerful and free soul, and human being, that you do are and choose to be.

Planetary alignments 

We begin this powerful, and planetary busy month of November, with the confirmation of the rebirth that we are experiencing and of the importance that mastering the egoic self has, for us to step renewed into a new cycle of our evolutionary journey. This month reminds us by its 11 essence, that before wanting to go further within this ascension path, first we need to work on remembering oneness - acting, always, as unified compassionate beings. 

In numerology, this is a 22 universal month - 4 reduced. After ending a transitioning phase, we pass to anchor these inner changes into the physical, which is also the same message that number 4 gives us at this time. The card that represents in tarot number 4 is the Emperor, portraying the image of a powerful presence that has an abundant and stable reality, not because of some miraculous destiny, but because he has done the inner and physical work required, establishing the strong pillars for that to occur.

Creating strong foundations in our earthly lives - remembering that not only can we live of mere dreams that reside in our ethereal plane - is essential if we desire to create harmony within our human experience, and finally master the art of bringing them into physical matter. Numbers 4, represents the Yang - masculine - polarity in perfect unity and balance, which is the inner work that we have been, and still are doing, during all this year and especially during this past Full Moon in Taurus.  

At a cosmic level, we begin this month with a planetary healing encounter between Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, and the Cosmic Healer, as I call him, Chiron. This trine will be a tremendous fountain of healing, for those who are working on healing certain imbalances as well as for those who are simply expanding into their healing abilities. 

If the second is your case, then you could focus on receiving extra guidance about how to use your healing gifts to help others bringing unification within themselves or focusing on establishing communication with other galactic beings, as are the Arcturians, who are maters healers and are helping some humans, and incarnated starseeds, to remember their healer within as well as to learn/remember new healing modalities that are yet unknown for some humans. 

As you know as we continue to evolve into a new, and more illumined, dimensional space, the more we will be working with different energies, leaving behind what is obsolete and embracing new ways of bringing deep healing into ourselves, and hence, All. This is why it is so important to move on from past ways of healing, if this is our call, and begin to embrace new ones, that even if unknown yet to us, are the ones that are aligned with the new frequency that supports us and that is part now of our new reality. 

On November 6, we have three important cosmic events: Uranus square true node, which at the same time enters Cancer, and Uranus, again, entering retrograde in Aries. As you can see in this month we are going to be deeply influenced by the frequencies of Uranus and Jupiter, confirming us the great transformation and expansion that we are undergoing. As you know, Uranus is the Breaker, for it ends with everything that limits its desire to keep expanding itself. 

This is what we are going to be invited to do, to keep breaking free from old patterns, most of them created by our own mind illusions, and continue our path of conscious remembering and co-creation with All, for all these limiting patterns/programs are the only cause of why we are not yet receiving more guidance about who we truly are and what are the next steps we need to take to follow our true soul purpose and mission.

Uranus is going to give us the strength required for us to follow our true destiny or soul path, without the restricted chains that impede us to know our true potential and share it with others, for as sovereign beings, we not only came here to remember and heal our own inner programs, but to spread our unique Essence - Light - to assist All.

For many of you these inner and physical changes, of transforming an old life will be already evident, for the majority, this is still something they are working to manifest. Where you are is perfect for what you need to remember. This is not just about you, while you keep working in the job you abhor, others will benefit from the light you are spreading there, and until some of them are touched by it, you shall continue to be there to help them, even though you may not like to be where you are.

It is all what we All need as a whole more than what we desire, as humans. These cosmic events will be the catalyst, for those who it is time to do so, and will help many to finally dissolve an old job, life or relationship - creating the comfortable, stable and nurturing reality, as the True Node in Cancer reminds us, for you to begin anew. For you to finally give birth to the human experience that you were so eager to manifest and that for certain Divine reasons, for all is in the end orchestrated by this Higher Intelligence, were not meant to occur at that time. 

The True Node in Cancer will also give us the gift for us to realize if we feel at Home where we are, or if we are yet separating. Home is always within, in the moment we are Homesick, it is because we have not yet discovered/felt the Light within. Cancer will remind us of this Truth as well showing us the way for us to create the relationship, the physical things and all we need for us to feel at home, for once we finally find this inner remembrance that home is always within, our physical environment will begin to reflect  it as well. No matter what you seek to create, the importance will be in creating self-nurturance, love, mastery and the familiar and secure environment that you need to live an abundant and comfortable human experience. 

In this same day Uranus retrograde in Aries. Aries as you know is a sign that focus on the self, it does not mean in an egoic way, however, this is another facet of this sign, to be so determine and self-focus that it tends to lose sight of the importance of the whole. It is with this sign that we begin to master our ego until we finally reach Pisces and remember, again, Oneness. 

Uranus retrograde in this sign will remind us that being independent, doing things on our own and be constantly starting things, is important. However, it is even more important when we first do it by holding the perfect balance within - giving birth to our inner creations not from an impetuous space but from a stabilized one. This is an opportunity for us to learn how to manage our energy and urge to do things for some of us are hyper in nature and it is pivotal to learn how to manage and direct this energy. 

The next day, on November 7, as if it was not intense enough, we have two other important events: Jupiter trine True Node and a New Moon at 15 degrees Scorpio. Jupiter trine True Node will be a Divine Encounter for the ones who are trying to go deeper into their soul mission as well as relationships, if first they have created inner synthesis. If you align with this essence, you will expand in your true soul purpose, for it will lead you to the steps of your path you have to fulfill to obtain the guidance you are so desperately seeking outside, about who you are and what you are meant to do/bring here. 

Trust your path, your soul is guiding you, at all times you do know what you are doing, even though your human self is not aware of it yet, trust that it is happening for a reason, for your egoic self will move into the frequency of fear, if it knew of the great task you are meant to do here. Simply trust the Force that is guiding you every step of the way and follow it, no matter what, with all you heart. 

The second important event is the New Moon at 15 degrees of Scorpio. This Moon will trine Neptune, the Planet of Intuition and Dreams. This is a very feminine essence we could use to enhance our creativity. As this Moon will also make a positive aspect to Pluto, it will give us the power we need for us to transform what is required, from within to our physical plane, so we can bring forth our soul creations and deepest inspirations. 

On November 8, we continue receiving strong planetary energies as we have Jupiter quincunx Uranus at the same time that Jupiter enters Sagittarius. The first cosmic event will teach us to be patient when we are yet giving form, from within, to the desires we would like to make physical, as Uranus is all about creating change. However, Jupiter is eager to expand on all these changes, which can be a bit overwhelming, if we first do not possess the harmony and peace within to wait for the proper time for our creations/changes to manifest in the physical, for as you know, there is a gap until we see our soul desires manifested into this dense plane. 

On the other hand, Jupiter entering Sagittarius will be a very benevolent energy if we are willing to expand into new dimensions, retrieving guidance from them and navigating within our inner realms to bring into the surface the wisdom we need to resolve the human puzzle for the next phase of our journey. For Jupiter in Sagittarius is all about expanding into a higher wisdom, being adventurous, joyful and following our deepest passions, knowing that it is not about reaching the highest peak of the mountain what truly matters but the journey, and all we learn in it, what is truly worth it. 

On November 15, we have an unusual combination, as the Warrior Mars will enter into the Water sign of Pisces. This mighty Force in sensitive Pisces will give us an opportunity to master any feelings of rage etc. and if you are one who needs to surrender and go with the flow, then this encounter will assist you to manage the potent, and sometimes impulsive Fiery, energy of Mars into a more harmonize position.

It is all about balancing our human tendency of trying to exert force upon someone or a certain issue, and simply practice the art of being still and flow, which has nothing to do with the human sense of being passive that we have, as sometimes, what we understand as doing "nothing" and being "passive" is simply the wise way of BEing at a certain moment, in which trying to manipulate a situation will only ruin more the outcomes that are meant to come naturally rather than forced by our human will.

The next day, on November 16 we have another two important events, as it is usual in a month where the intensity of the planetary events are absolutely extraordinary. On one hand we have Venus, the Planet of Love and Abundance, turning direct, and on the opposite, we have Mercury turning retrograde. Many will say this is not a time to act etc. with Mercury retrograde, or that it is a time to move inward. 

This is very delicate as some of us no longer follow, or choose, to be affected by collective beliefs, as independently of whether Mercury is retrograde or not, we all have our own micro cycles and knowing the self is essential, to know when it is our time to go within. Others will believe differently. What is important is what you believe and what you do with what you feel, for it is what creates your human reality, whether it is true or not, in the moment you make of something your most profound belief, it becomes real. 

As you already may know, I have chosen not to focus anymore on retrograde periods, for they do not affect my human experience, as I spent years working on what I think is a limited belief and illusion coming from Earth. Therefore, I shall act with integrity, honoring what I feel, and leave it to you, as you are your own master and wise guru, to interpret these events in your unique way. I can simply share the dates they will turn direct and retrograde, for I think it is relevant, for those who are still following these beliefs, which is perfectly fine, and equal, as the ones who no longer follow them. 

On November 22, the Sun will enter in Sagittarius. We pass from going deeper into all matters and bringing into the surface what was hidden with Scorpio, to manifest new opportunities in our lives with the gentle energy of Sagittarius, a sign that seeks beyond the surface but also enjoys its quest and making things tangible. Sagittarius likes to explore new horizons and as its ruler is Jupiter, it also helps us to expand ourselves even more in our own soul, and mission, search.

Sagittarians are the Truth-seekers of the zodiac, they wander for more wisdom and answers to their inner questions, they do not hesitate if the road gets hard as they know that finding the Truth will be worth it. Sagittarius are persevering in what they truly desire, and they enjoy the journey more than getting to their “final destination” as they are grateful for all the lessons learnt in their path and know that it is in the journey in itself where true wisdom resides.

Sagittarian energies will finally give us the necessary rest that we need after this intense and revealing summer - introducing us to the last month of December, a decisive month before entering into a new phase of our human journey. 

The next day, we have a Full Moon at 0 degrees Gemini. This Full Moon is a gift from the Universe for us to feel strong and brave in our new beginnings, for it is directly influenced by Mars and Jupiter. These energies come at a time when we have already spent an entire month of incessant cosmic activity, and even though we need to replenish, we will also need to hold strength to create this new cycle that is already being formed, in the non-physical. This is a Moon to be in joy for all we have achieved and for all that is yet to come, for December will be a month for us to nourish ourselves as well as for enjoying all the blessings that this year has brought to us. 

Finally, we end this intense cosmic month with Neptune, the Planet of Illusion and Intuition, turning direct. Neptune is the one who transcends what is tangible and has form to dive deep into our subconscious and what is yet to be discovered within our inner realms. As everything within this Universe, Neptune in its own quest through this evolutionary spiral also has two sides. In its dark one, Neptune prefers to live under veils of illusion than dealing with reality - falling even into any kind of addictions to cover Truth. In its light side, Neptune brings faith, compassion and it helps us enhance our intuition and connection to our Higher Self and Realms.

When Neptune was retrograde we had the time to visit those unconscious realms, overcome old paradigms and delusional human thinking. Now that is direct again, although like I shared, whether rertrograde, from our earthly plane, or not, its Essence is, always, the same, we are prepared to expand ourselves within this Divine Knowledge we found within our soul instead of losing ourselves in old illusions that impeded us to consciously create from a place of clarity. 

This is one of the most intense and at the same time blessed months of all this year. For not only we are finally bifurcating more and more from a delusional and limited matrix, but being the conscious participants, helpers, and Divine co-creators, of the New Light Era that we are stepping into.

All you thought was challenging you beyond measure. All the poured tears, and all the shadows you embraced, have served you to conquer the dark, remember who you are and be ready to embrace your true mission of selfless assistance to All. Now is when you clearly see that all you have decided to leave behind, has never been a curse or punishment but a Divine blessing in disguise, helping you to remember love, above any other form of human illusion.

Fear will always be a part of us, for we are human, and denying our nature, will mean that we continue separating rather than honoring All, as equal. What we do with our fear is what truly matters, for it will determine the nature of our creations as well as the frequency we choose to hold within. 

As always, the choice is yours to decide whether you keep dwelling in the frequency of fear, simply because it feels familiar to you, or if you decide to embrace the unknown, navigate within new timeliness and explore new horizons that will help you to expand yourself and discover new detours that you could have never imagined by remaining in fear. 

I wish you all infinite love, joy and blessings for this last phase of this year, Beloved Companions!

In love and light ∞

Natalia Alba 

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