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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

jueves, 27 de diciembre de 2018

The Energies of 2019: Becoming Creative Channels

Honor your self. Worship your self. Meditate on your self. God dwells within you as you.

Swami Muktananda

Beloved Light Emissaries,

We are about to welcome a New Year and human cycle, leaving behind a year of deep acceleration in our ascension journey, in which we spent most of the time in a phase of constant integration and hence, releasement of the past. 2018 has been indeed a very intense and powerful year for us to finally step into a new dimensional timeline as well as to stand tall in who we are, and in the unique soul mission we came here to do. 

This is a year for us to become creative channels - sharing all the gifts and ancient memories that we are meant to share for the highest good of All. There is no space for fears, doubts and lower emotions anymore, for we have spent years mastering the egoic self, accepting who we are in nature and loving all aspects of ourselves, equally. This is the year for us to align with our Divine Creative Spark and begin to co-create a human reality based on unconditional love and respect to All living beings.

If during the previous years we focused on the conscious integration of the Wisdom descended from our God Self, to be able to remember who we are and our unique role within Creation. During this year 2019, the focus is going to be on expressing our truth in our earthly realm, for this is where we dwell and where we are meant to bring all we have previously integrated, from the ethereal planes. Furthermore, this is going to be a year to honor, respect and work with Earth at all levels - manifesting and stabilizing our soul desires in all areas of our human lives, so we can create an abundant, joyful and stable life. 

At a soul level, this is a year for those who have done the inner work of working in polarity integration, to reunite, if this is what it is meant to be for their unique soul plan, with the soul companions that are meant to co-create with them, at a deeper level. This is also going to be a year for those who have already created balanced relationships, reached through inner synthesis, to give birth to something new that will serve All to awake and expand within this endless evolutionary journey. 

There are many who will pass from feeling the usual isolation, which has nothing to do at all with feeling lonely, that we often feel when we are totally focus on our unique mission of selfless assistance, to reunite and co-create with the one that have a soul contract with us or simply with like-minded people who are in resonance with who we are becoming, as we continue to descend more aspects of our God Self. 

At a cosmic level, we begin this year with a New Moon Solar Eclipse, in January 6, in the sign of Capricorn, introducing us to the transformative energies that are going to accompany us, during the rest of this New Year. This is the first planetary reminder of the important that focusing on our tangible plane, will have, during all the year. The second reminder will come in July, with another Eclipse in this same sign. And the third, at the end of the year 2019, with Jupiter, entering into Capricorn as well, allowing us to expand on the physical, in the ways we consider that will serve us best. 

We also begin this New Year 2019 with the so "dreaded" conjunction between Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, which is another cosmic message for us to unify ourselves with our physical plane, rather than continuing living in the air, of mere dreams. This is by no means a reason to panick and begin to create more collective false beliefs, for these two cosmic forces are simply, as well as we are, experiencing their own evolution within Creation, and none of them are there to curse or bless us. 

These forces, as everything within Creation, possess a frequency and it is up to us to align with it and feel in what way we could take advantage of it to create a radical change in our lives, as it is also occurring at a planetary level, with the transformation that is already taking place.

There is nothing from the outside created to have a direct impact on us. This is human creation and the main reason why many people are still wasting their power, as they continue to give it to outer forces whose interpretations are not even real but human made. This conjunction is going to activate the massive shift that the collective is experiencing, like I mentioned in previous posts.

Capricorn's essence is going to rule this Year 2019, reminding us how important is to focus on our earthly plane. It is a great gift, especially for those that are not grounded yet, to begin working on the creation of a stable human reality, which is where we live and where we can only practice the descending and manifestation of what we first create in the non-physical. 

Capricorn will teach us how to create structure in our lives, without being too practical, to bring inner balance into the physical as well, discerning if we continue to focus more on the ethereal, and hence, manifesting lack in our physical lives, or if we focus too much in the practical that we disconnect from the aspect of us that is Divine and is connected to All. 

During this Year 2019 the frequency of change, in the physical, that is already being strongly felt and that has accompanied us for a while, is going to show us more and more the collective mental transformation, and hence planetary cleansing, that is occurring in the collective mind, especially for the ones who are ready to step into a new dimensional timeline.

Another important message coming from this New Year is its universal frequency, represented by the number 3 - a feminine and creative essence that will be very present during all this year. A number ruled by Jupiter, another sign of the expansion that we are experiencing or about to, it is all depending where we are.

For All, this is definitely a year to foment and nurture our connection to Mother Earth and honor the privilege to be living, and experiencing, this loving and beautiful earthly realm, something that we all were eager to do and one of the reasons why we chose to live a humans. 

For the ones whose soul mission involves to work, closely, with Earth, this will also be a very challenging year, as we will be called to work in new ways to assist in the already transition that took place last year. However, when what we do is done from a space of unconditional love and compassion, as well as joy for the dimensional jump that we finally were able to take, all is, always, done with great love to All. 

Creative channels 

This is the year, as I shared, for us to become creative channels of the highest divine expression that we, in nature, are. During this year we are going to have the gift to commune with our inner feminine creative force - bringing into the surface all of our creative talents for us to create a new life based on a conscious way of living. 

Being a creative channel means to be able to commune with our soul and God Self to bring from the Illumine Realms that which is going to be for our highest good and that of All. We can descend this Wisdom in form of healing, channeling, painting etc. or by simply using our voice to express our truth. Whatever tool we use, will serve us, to expand ourselves, if we use them with the pure intention to bring unconditional love and authentic information to All. 

When I was writing the energies of this 2019 year, I was told this subtitle, by my Unified Self, and then I remember how many co-create with me who are creative channels, in their unique way, and are beginning to develop their true potential and unique gifts. There are many gifted souls whose inner doubts and fears impede them to see the Diamond they truly are. However, and as I have the pleasure, and honor, to see, there are more and more awakening, and stepping into the magnificent of who they are. 

If only you knew how much creativity, unique talents and love you hold within, you will not spend another second of your wonderful human experience focusing on what you think you cannot do, but on the discovery of all these wondrous gems you carry within, that you are, and that you came here to share for All. 

This is going to be a year that will help those who are working on finally releasing all their fears and self-doubts and embrace their true path, expressing who they are as well as the unique task they came here to fulfill. There are many who are already feeling the soul desire, to free themselves from their jobs, old relationships and everything that is enslaving them. During this year, if this is also part of your soul plan for this exact time, for we all have our micro cycles, many will begin to step into their power - realizing all the precious gifts they have within and that can also help many in their own journey. 

To be able to create a new life first we have to burn even the ashes of our old one. When we desire to build what is going to sustain us and nurture us in the next phase of our human experience, first, we need to balance ourselves so we do not act from an impulsive or egoic space. There are many who desire to leave their 3D realities, jobs etc. because they have awaken to their true mission and the joy that comes when we finally remember it and are ready to do it.

If this is your case, then your entire being is telling you that you are prepare to step into a new journey of assistance to All and that you have regained the power to do so, for even though this is a blessed path, it also has many challenges. If on the contrary, you still want to leave all behind because your job, the people in it and all that surrounds it annoys you, you are not yet there, for you are not leaving to do what brings joy. You are leaving because you are upset for what you think is making you unhappy. 

Before we are able to help others, and of course I speak by own experience, for if not it is easy to give an opinion, first we should pass through certain challenges, which can involve different jobs we do not resonate with, relationships etc. that teach us how to love and be of assistance to All, whether we like it or not, for if we do not love All, then we cannot assist only a limited fraction of the whole, as there is no such a thing as loving only what resonates within Creation. 

Another important step to step into what we desire by holding clarity and unity is to have worked on polarity integration. When excess of feminine polarity occurs, then we could not properly manifest - a task of the masculine - in the physical, what the feminine has created within, for we are not connected to the aspect of us that has the power and the physical strength to overcome the challenges required for us to create a new life. 

Having the feminine essence of us imbalance often result in creating a protective bubble, a delusional one, in which you are not fully anchor in the real world. Other times it will have to do with traumatic experiences, it all depends on your unique experience. However, this will affect your creative expression - impeding it to fully flow with harmony, into the physical.

If on the contrary you have excess of masculine essence, you will be practical, rational and logical, but you could not easily flow and commune with the inner creative spark that makes everything flourish and that is connected to an invisible but very real divine power. Working on balancing all opposite polarities within ourselves is as important as dissolving the old, for if we do not act from an unified perspective, we could not fully align with the proper essence we need to give birth to our soul desires. 

When we are giving birth to new aspects of ourselves or soul mission, we know because we are for a while dwelling within a space that is not yet comprehended by ou human self. However, if one is connected to our inner guidance, one can clearly begin to feel that we are birthing something that even if unknown yet, is coming into fruition, and our task is not to desperate and try many things, forcing something that is not yet ready to come into the physical, but to support this process by being patient and by supporting the important changes that we, our bodies and physical lives, will experience as we continue to descend this new level of consciousness.

This new human cycle is going to help us become more aware of all the love we could offer and that due to our fears are not yet giving. Love is in truth the essence we came here to offer, for this is all we are. Each and every one of us has a unique loving frequency that when put in the right place, person or situation, can bring deep healing into any undesired circumstance previously created. The important thing is to choose to shine this unique loving frequency, using it wisely, rather than fearing the power of it.

Soul liberation

From a soul planetary perspective, this is a very important year for those who are beginning to liberate themselves from the illusions and control from the matrix, for the frequency this year holds is one of freedom and conscious expression of who we are and our truth. 

Since the moment we begin the process of fragmentation from Source, we begin to feel as if we were separated and hence, in pain. This is our first wound, the separation experienced from this Source of unconditional love, and the first step to remember our true origin and Divine nature. When the process of incarnation begin, especially within our human plane, some souls tend to forget who they are - getting trapped within the matrix manipulative tactics and then forced by the archons, to reincarnate without their conscious consent.

This is why many souls are trapped within a karmic wheel that are not meant to, repeating once and again human incarnations. The first steps towards regaining soul liberation from these forces and their energetic karmic traps, involve the recuperation of empathy, unconditional love, self-forgiveness (essential to stop the manipulation through guiltless and blame used by them to keep us trapped) sovereignty, responsibility and compassion, between many others. Soul retrieval is also another important tool to regain consciousness as well as the wholeness of the soul - fragmented for eons due to loss and pain. 

During this Year 2019 the souls who awoke o are beginning to awake, for the year 2018 was a year of acceleration/integration in which many souls step into a conscious journey, will begin to energetically disengage from these forms of soul manipulation, as they continue to become more and more conscious of the illusions in which they have been trapped, breaking free from the 3D soul matrix, something that will finally allow them to regain knowledge about the compassionate and unconditional nature of the Universe as well as to come back to their original Homes, if they choose to do so, when they leave this human plane.

If you are one who feel trapped, in some way, and you know, by own guidance, that you do not have karma, for if you observe yourself as well as the life you are experiencing, you can clearly discern if you have any karmic patterns to dissolve o not, then these patterns could let you know that you are in need to work on the conscious liberation of your soul from the manipulations coming from the matrix. 
  • Narcissism
  • Attachment
  • Victimhood
  • Delusions
  • Egoic desires
  • Sex addiction
  • Fixed mental patterns
  • Blame
Becoming the eternal observer of who you are, of what you say, think and do, is your main duty if you are choosing this path of conscious evolution, for the more you observe yourselves, the more you will begin to cease all the judgments about why your human life is not happening according to your desires or about who is the responsible one for all the happiness that you are not yet experiencing. 

Healing the past, forgiving ourselves, others and retrieving all these fragments that are still dwelling in pain, is pivotal if we desire to finally get out of the karmic wheel and begin to create a conscious path rather than a delusive one. 

Many want the pleasure of this human plane, and it is too beautiful I do not have any judgments. However, remaining always in the same patterns does not contribute to expand our consciousness. There are also many who dwell in delusions, for this is easier than confronting the egoic self and master it, as it takes inner work, devotion, and a higher dedication that goes beyond the self that not many are ready to embrace.

If you are one that are already awake, have went to many healers, have done all you think is right to step out of the many egoic traps you are still immersed with, and nothing seems to work. Then, there is nothing to be sad or worry about, for you have finally found the true healer and powerful master that can finally help you liberate yourself from all these illusions and egoic chains, and this is You. 

After all the outside searches, after all the excitement every time you met someone who told you could heal you, could make you whole etc. after all, all these was precious and served you for you to learn that only you, by working on inner alchemy and by devoting yourself to your inner transformation, can finally free yourself from all that enslaves you. The question is: Are you willing to do all that it takes for you to regain your sovereignty? 

As always, the choice is yours to make and there is always a perfect time for all who decide to leave what is not authentic and come back to the love they truly are, in Essence.

Beloved Ones,

Far away resides now the aspect of us who used to live in limitation, dwelling in fear of our true potential and unique way to express it. This is a time for you to look at yourself as the Divine Expression of Source that You are, in Essence, and begin using it to finally share the love that you are, and that can create a profound impact in the whole.

There is never a fix time for you to stand firm in who you are. You as well as your time are eternal. Those predictions that only disempower us belong to the old. The only time is Now, and in this moment is where you exist and where you decide whether to shine or not. For there is, and never was, such a thing as judgment for your human choices, within Creation.

At every moment, a new door is being opened for you, you just have to know where to look. Your feelings, and nothing and no one from the outer, will let you know where is the new door that you shall open for yourself, in this new phase of your journey. No prediction, no wise guru but the one inside yourself can point out the direction you chose for yourself, once you became human. Only you know where you truly desire to create and be next, and only you have the power, and the key, to infuse this Now moment with your purest intention to create that which you wish, or give it to outer forces to use it for you.

As always, you are so loved, appreciated and respected within this loving Universe that whatever will be your choice will be honored, as the Master that you are considered to be, even though you may not always remember, and as such, what you desire will be an order for the Universe to fulfill. 

Now, in this moment, and not when a certain cosmic event comes or when someone says it, there is a wondrous and unique creative influx desiring to act through you into this world. Now, there is infinite blessings, abundance, soul companions waiting to reunite with you, again, and touch your life. There are many precious experiences waiting for you to choose to embrace all these infinite possibilities. The question, as always, is: Will you?

Dearest Companions, I thank you for another year of wonderful co-creations as well as for sharing this journey with me! It is with great love and joy that I embrace this Now Year and its infinite blessings and I wish for you to do the same.

In love and light ∞

Natalia Alba 

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