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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

lunes, 28 de enero de 2019

The Energies of February 2019 ~ Ascension Encodements

You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.

Swami Vivekananda

Beloved Light Emissaries, 

We are about to enter into the second, and one of the most powerful, and thence intense, months of this year. February is a continuation of what we began to experience with the Fiery eclipse in Leo on January 20/21. This is indeed a month to focus on two main essences: freedom and change - working on the dissolution of the miasmatic ties, and other important links, that keep us, energetically, chained to the past. Everything that we continue to feed, whether consciously or unconsciously, is old energy impeding us to step into the desired present timeline. 

During this first phase of this year, the heart activation process that many are experiencing and that the eclipse in Leo has highlighted, will continue - feeling the deep heart expansion that takes place, after passing through a period of intense transformation/awakening. For the ones who already dwell in their Higher Heart, this is a time for the integration of galactic encodements, some that many of us are already decoding, especially during our sleep phase, and that are helping us to activate our higher senses as well as certain parts of our bodies that need to shift.

February is a month to flow with change and to adapt to it, and even though as humans, it is not easy for us to fully disengage from old habits and complete surrender to what shall be for All, as this is not just about us and our unique journey, it is essential that we learn how to accept our soul Will, for we are not in a position where we can judge a Higher Intelligence that orchestrates everything in a perfect way for All.

During this month, the presence of Earth sings will be also very present, assisting us to ground ourselves, especially in a month where we are entering into the realm of Pisces, as well as our soul visions, if we truly desire to create a healthy and abundant way of living, in our tangible plane. The majority of the times what causes lack, in whichever aspect of our life, is not just our distorted sense of abundance but a profound magical thinking that tend to make people live in the ethereal and hence not manifesting the abundance required to sustain themselves. Although there are many imbalances that can also cause these issues as polarity imbalances, between many others.

As always, change begins from within. To be able to create the reality that we envision, first we have to confront our shadows, embrace them as equal and finally create the balance needed. It is only then that the human self is finally ready for the soul infusion of Wisdom required for us to awake certain aspects that were still dormant, for growth is an endless inner work within this eternal Divine Spiral, and begin to bring into fruition our soul desires. 

Ascension encodements 

This is a unique time within our ascension journey, for many of us are noticing the results of the inner work that we have been doing for a while, in both within and in the trajectory that our physical lives are taking. It is with great effort and devotion to All in this planetary transition that many of us are constantly working on the embodiment of more Light and the proper used we must give to this new knowledge received.

The new guidance descended, at least in my personal experience, varies in the way it used to be embraced, as the more we continue working with DNA reconnection, the more we will realize that all we receive simply comes by inner knowing or by revelations that are coming from our Unified Self more than from other Sources as Guides or even physical signs, as it also tends to happen. Although, often Guides as well as other beings are parallel/future selves of us residing in other dimensions. Beings who are more aware than we are of their multidimensionality and assist us in our human path. 

This new level comes when we have worked on self-love, worth and when we master our ego and begin to work as One with our God Self - accepting and surrendering to this Higher Intelligence's Will, at all times. I received the title of this post for the February energies just before waking up, and once I woke up, I heard these same words, again. This was also a confirmation for my own journey, for the increase of light intel received recently has surpassed all that I have ever experienced before.

This process can also be, as it often happens to many of us, received in the form of sacred geometry, for this is the Foundation of Creation and hence, how Consciousness expresses itself in the form of patterns/numbers - holding all the information required for us to decode it. Therefore, it is also important that we remain open to receive guidance, in whichever possible way, for our soul has infinite ways to express itself and it is our task to understand the invisible wisdom that lies behind it. 

Comprehending sacred geometry is pivotal for it is often received in unique forms that are not even known, and that are directly coming from our soul to educate ourselves. So while some can receive a universal unity code within the Vessica Pisces symbol (I am referring to the authentic tri-wave symbol not the 3D manipulated version of the Vessica Pisces which is based on a bi-wave structure), which symbolizes polarity integration. Others can receive any other symbol which can be unknown, and that represents the same or any other instruction that the soul desires for us to apply to our human self, with the finality of self-recoding, healing or the required treatment. 

As we are all unique, you will receive the codes that must be deciphered only for you. It may come in form of symbols, containing the proper information for you to experience a profound shift. It may come in form of inner knowing, or further contact with other lovelight beings, which mainly occurs when we have soul agreements that involve the retrieval or sharing or cosmic information, or it may come in another way for you.

As usual the acceleration in our ascension journey and the constant embodiment of these new frequencies, will deeply affect our bodies - transforming them in ways that we may not be ready to understand. This is why it is so important to observe ourselves, and be open to new ways to nurture them. I know many people only desire to go directly to the physical plane and make the changes that they are so eager to manifest and that all this can sound needless for some. 

However, these are the first steps towards the manifestation of something solid and prosperous - to do our inner work and dissolve everything that is not aligned with our true soul desires. If not, we will repeat the same old results, for we have not begun to heal and build, from within. 

As a result of the inner work done, many things can begin to change, within our bodies. Some of these changes may affect our body functions, weight changes, blood pressure, eating habits etc. And of course, for many it will be the beginning of an inner/mental transformation, and hence, profound awakening, until they will be ready to step into this ascension path, embracing higher levels of consciousness. 

These are some of the many activations taking place at this time and that I was shown to share for All, in case it can serve you as a confirmation of what you are experiencing:
  • Stellar activations: It occurs when we consciously dissolve lower energies and begin to receive higher codes that prepare us to experience the necessary transformation for us to embody more galactic wisdom. This involves knowledge about our star lineage, personal mission etc.
  • 8th chakra activation - the beginning of Monadic integration, and hence, soul mission embodiment.
  • DNA activations
  • Egypt (Giza, Luxor) activations : In the etheric Temple of Luxor resides Serapis Bey keeper of the Ascension White Flame, for those who are ready to initiate themselves there, whether by physically going and having an activation there, in the astral and/or by remote viewing. 
  • Sun (masculine essence, power) activations
  • Diamond heart activations
As always, there will be many other activations that you are meant to decode, at this time ,and that will be unique for your own evolutionary process and for what you are here to share and offer, from a selfless space of love and compassion. 

Yours is the inner task to move inward, know yourself and from a neutral witness position know what is affecting/triggering your body and how can you deal with the process that you are experiencing. 

Raising the planetary light quotient vs. "false" light

At the end of last year, as many of you know, by personal experience, the process of soul gathering began for the ones whose mission involves joining - as One - to raise or bring specific changes within certain spaces and/or planetary cities. I was informed by my Unified Self, that during this month a planetary movement and process of raising the light quotient of many places will begin, one that will change the lives of many. So for many, this requires to physically move themselves.

One aspect of the personal mission of many starseed souls is to work with the planetary fabrics/grids or living consciousness of Earth - helping to dissolve the distorted structures that are impeding the proper flow of light, as it used to be, of the planetary fabrics. Our main mission is to bring back the lost purity by working with the grid system, in our unique way - clearing those planetary structures that have been damaged, during eons. 

During this month, for those whose mission involves working with these structures, the work on assisting the planetary time-space fabrics, will be intense, for as you know the location of New Earth - parallel earth - is shifting since the process of bifurcation from old earth began, and so it is the sense, and concept, so to speak, of time and space, within this New parallel Earth. So for those whose main task involves working with Earth relocation, you may feel many 3D distractions or lower frequencies when you are doing your task. 

This task shall be accepted for what it is - a part of our universe of duality and what we understood we had to experience before coming here. Please, remember how important it is to always use daily protection, in both our physical and non-physical bodies, for we not only dwell in this physical reality but in 12D, in which we exist, as well as remaining, always, in our higher hearts. As you know, protection is pivotal whether you use remote view to transport yourself and be of assistance, astrally, in your dream state or both. 

At this time, there are many souls who have agreements to reunite, or simply souls who deeply resonate in Essence, to work with many places on Earth that are finally open to receive, and anchor, the new planetary frequencies that we have been integrating for a while. As you know, there are still certain places on earth where the anchoring of higher frequencies is not possible, due to the massive nuclear experiments between many other manipulative tactics. 

These souls already began the process of light encodement that others will begin now, for there is always a time for everything and it is all about what is required, not what and when our egoic self desires. These are souls who may be traveling to sacred sites to work with certain frequencies whether to awake specific memories within themselves or guide new souls who need this knowledge to these sacred sites, or other soul groups that are aligned in frequency and travel to make the important task of increasing the light into a certain space.

If this is part of your mission you will know where to go for when the time comes of doing this work your Unified Self, call it as you prefer, will send you a message for you to understand where your essence is needed and appreciated at this time.

If on the opposite you are one who do not have this task, as a part of your soul mission, but you have a pure desire to assist into this process, you can also create your own light space, which will radiate to All. You can begin by erasing old programming, by dissolving all that no longer serves and by working on spiritual devotion and self-purity. When you clearly feel your auric field strong and pure enough, you can build your own sacred space by setting the pure intention and by helping you with your light tools, and send light to any specific place on earth you resonate with.

I was guided to also share about an important subject that many of us are witnessing within the spiritual community and that is pivotal for where we are now. Something that unfortunately is occurring, as many, due to magical/delusional thinking or simply ego manipulation, and hence, self-programming, are experiencing. It is important to share about this subject, especially at a time when the more we focus on knowing ourselves, unique abilities and how we can be of assistance, the more we will be avoiding ourselves of falling into delusions.  

It is important that we do not force a mission that have not been assigned to us, or that it is part of our Essence, and that from a state of humility and complete surrender, we understand that we all can simply assist with holding a pure loving intention by sending love to All, not by trying to go further. I have witnessed this issue myself as well as many also had, and I share this with great love and respect, never with the intention to judge but with the pure intention to inform and help those who may be opening to simply leave aside their egoic view of what they should be, and begin to embrace what they truly are.

Comparisons, as I have seen many do, only diminish our inner light and hence power. When some people whether consciously or unconsciously, and it happens to many in the spiritual community, read, or see someone else doing a certain soul task that they take as being important and that in some way they see as attractive, it does not mean they have to do it too, for their mission is as unique and as important as the other ones they admire. There are many who allow their egoic selves fancy with these ideas until they convince themselves that any of these soul roles are the ones they also fulfill.

When this occurs, I have been informed that as the person has been self-programmed and believes so, then there is nothing their Guides team can do, for they will never violate a person's free will. This person will find then evidence of this self-created belief everywhere and will be then doing a mission that acts in a similar way as fake light acts, without being even conscious of it, for their intention is in truth a good one. However, it is a mission that was not revealed to them and that they have not the appropriate frequency and tools to do. They are just copying what they see and admire - losing their own precious abilities to assist.

This is also one of the main reasons of not manifesting what one needs in the physical such as abundance, soul companions with the same/similar role one thinks one has and the natural flow and inner peace that one holds, when one does what one came here to naturally be. The Forces of Love and Light of the Universe will not support illusions or false light, for these Forces only desire for you to stand tall in who you are in you unique abilities. Other forces will, but not the ones who are loving ones, which is why many do not obtain the desired outcomes in the physical. 

It is pivotal that we understand the importance and at the same time the difference, between asking for guidance and receiving confirmation. When we ask, without knowing ourselves what we are yet, we are predisposed to believe what others tell us, which can be true or not. Something hard to discern when one has not received yet the guidance required for oneself, especially when people are not even fully awake yet. This is why it is so important to respect the periods in which we simply do not have to know, for our human self is yet preparing us for the mission that we are meant to fulfill here.

The source from where the guidance is received is also very important. When dealing with our soul role, it is pivotal we take only what resonates and if we do not have yet the information, from within, then we shall put everything asside and wait, rather than programing ourselves with fake information or simply with information that we do not know yet, from within. Anything we do not receive from our God Self first or resonate with, is not for us or at least not yet. 

This is something that we can easily observe in many who idealize others who they consider to be more evolved and then they begin the inner process of self-programation to award these soul roles to themselves. It is essential that we work on being both the one experiencing an earthly realm and the one who is, at all times, observing it to be able to catch our ego in time so we do not fall into these egoic magical delusions.

This is why for me, it has been, and continue to be, so important not to read or watch anything, unless I have received first, from within, information regarding the subject. If not, I could fall into the trap of not discerning if this is something I read, and liked or resonated with and hence made mine, or simply something that my egoic self fancies and tries to imitate. However, this is what works for my journey due to other reasons as well, it does not have to be the same for everyone. 

There is an online fashion, in the spiritual community, to tend to believe that doing certain soul tasks are more important than others - impeding their unique gifts to surface. For example, I have observed how many say they open portals. Although it holds some truth, for there are portal "openers", which is mainly what they did in other dimensions and hence, it is in their Essence, but it is not exactly as such. 

What they do is communing with other Forces and Beings who facilitate this task to them, so they can proceed to anchor on Earth (some even see these portals opening) the codes received by these portals. In my humble opinion, and according to what I receive from the Higher Aspects of me than know more, no one directly opens portals, this comes from an egoic perspective of what is truly done.

Portals are opened by Higher Intelligences/Forces, that know how to do this, for as humans we cannot imagine the profound cosmic knowledge that is required to orchestrate everything, in multiple dimensions and Universes, to open a portal. Portals are opened by Forces and/or Beings who are highly evolved, trained, and whose mission involves knowing things that we cannot even comprehend, from our human view. The task of many is working with the codes descended from these portals and anchor them on Earth or do what they do, in their unique way. 

It is a collaborative task, which is not about us, but about working as One to assist All. Lots of people play with this without knowing what they are opening and to whom they are facilitating the entrance. For Light Forces do not violate cosmic Laws or respond to egoic desires. However, other forces do. 

Humility as well as seeing ourselves, and everything within Creation, as equal, as we see others and what they do, is very important. However, it is also important for us to recognize ourselves as beings who are just beginning to evolve, whether we have experienced other dimensions or civilizations or not. Now, we are humans, and as such, we also need to remember who we truly are. No mission is useless, small or inadequate, everything we believe to be superior comes from our egoic view of comparing between the many soul roles that exist. This only shows us where we still separates, and hence, what we shall dissolve.

You are unique, and your merely task resides in expressing this uniqueness through a human self. You are not meant to be what your ego tells you to be, or what others are. You are meant to align with the pure Essence of who you truly are and act according to the Wisdom residing in it. 

Every time you try to be like someone else you diminish your light. Every time you choose, for whatever reasons, to compare yourself with someone else and decide that you are not enough, for you are not being/doing what the other is, you not only decrease your light but the Will of Source whose desire is to express Itself/Himself/Herself (as you prefer) through you.

You are precious, and by simply holding a pure intention, are doing all you can, and all that is required, for you to bring a significant change in the Planet - beginning by working with yourself. You do not have to do what others do or any other thing, for you to be better. You do not have to travel to far away places to search or do what you think is better than any other thing you were doing. 

The only thing you have to do is embracing who you are, and your unique abilities, and allow a Higher Intelligence to assist through you. That is all, and as Guides often say, that is enough. 

Planetary alignments 

At a cosmic level, we begin this new month with the reminder of how important it is to master our tangible realm, a recurrent theme during this New Year 2019. As another confirmation  for us to embrace and adapt to change, the universal frequency of February is number 14 - 5 reduced - which again shows us the need to transform ourselves and lives, if we truly desire to step into a new timeline and leave an old self and life behind. 

This is where we are, after the potent Leo eclipse that shook us all in some way, embracing transition and the freedom - that if well-directed - this new influx brings. We are indeed passing from eons of slavery and co-dependence to embody sovereignty and self-empowerment, something that requires more than a lifetime. 

In tarot the card that represents number 5 is the Hierophant. The Wise Man is a metaphor, for He represents a Higher Intelligence who reveals Truth for all who are ready to listen. This is indeed a phase for revelations, a passage to show us Truth and to explore the depths of our being, where we may find fragments, residing in fear, waiting for us to unify them. A time that will begin at the end of this month by the Sun entering into intuitive Pisces.

Number 5 has a very creative and passionate frequency. Mars is related to this number, whose Warrior Essence, if well embodied, is perfect for us to overcome any challenges, remembering, that every single challenge we face in our human life experience, was first, created and perfectly planned for ourselves, when we were in a soul plane. All is meant to help us, everything, even that which we consider "bad", helps us to evolve and embody higher levels of love.

However, as we are impulsive by nature, sometimes too eager, and hence impulsive, to manifest, without the proper discernment, the essence of number 14, which also governs this month and which corresponds to the tarot card of Temperance, invites us to balance ourselves before stepping into the unknown, and as the winged women on the Temperance card, to cultivate patience, for as humans, we will always be with a foot in the ethereal and another one in the mundane. 

To help us in our mission of descending all this inner wisdom and soul visions, into the physical, we begin this month of change with Venus, the Planet of Love and Abundance entering into the Earthly sign of Capricorn. The encounter between the Goddess of Love and Abundance and Practical Capricorn, is going to assist those who need to shift the way they experience the physical plane, where we dwell now. 

This is a cosmic meeting that is meant to show us how important it is to stay grounded, to sustain ourselves in the physical, remembering that there is no separation between what we consider sacred and Divine and our earthly plane, for everything has been first descended from the Heavens, and hence, it is equally Divine and worth it of being appreciated.

If one desires to creat abundance, one must first feel it from within. This is the first step into the manifestation of a stable human reality. We must feel that what we are and do is important and assist others in some way, which is why we are worth it of receiving the proper exchange, in whatever way or form, to sustain ourselves, in our human reality. 

At the same time, it is equally important to anchor our visions, and share our abilities with the world so we can receive this exchange. For even though we may feel abundant from within, if we keep living in the ethereal, not making tangible the unique creations we came here to share, we cannot receive, in a material way, as we may contribute in the ethereal with our mental creations, but again, not in the physical.

This is also a great gift to show us where we need to create more structure in our life. Where we need to grow, shift, or where we simply need to begin anew. Sometimes the main issue with abundance and creating a stable life, comes from not creating the proper foundations and structure that things shall have, for our creations to grow strong, and this is one of the main reasons why we are not able to receive all the abundance that we deserve.

On February 4/5th, we have a wonderful New Moon at 15 degrees Aquarius, which coincides with the Chinese New Year of the Pig. This Moon offers us liberation, expansion, abundance and joy, for it, as the Sun and Mercury, sextile Jupiter, giving us the opportunity to expand in our soul creations, in healing and in whatever it is that we are focusing ourselves at the moment. 

There are more aspects of this Moon that will make of this Moon a wonderful opportunity for the ones who are consciously descending more Wisdom from their I AM Presence, for they are ready to confront their shadows, do the necessary inner work to release the old and embrace a higher level of consciousness. This requires devotion, to ourselves and unique evolutionary path, to the Divine within and the soul plan that we created for ourselves. 

Revelations and everything we desire to know, always come. There is nothing ever hidden within Creation. However, we must be ready to truly accept whatever it is we receive, knowing this will be for our highest good, and strong to be able to transform a life, if necessary. This is why, even though we do not understand, the universe protects us, when we are not ready to deal with certain information. 

On February 10th, we have Mercury entering into Pisces. This is a perfect frequency for those who are working on awakening/expanding their higher senses - retrieving wisdom whether by working on past life activation or simply by the unique way they have chosen their gifts. For the ones who have already awaken their abilities or some of them, they could receive creative visions, dreams, or the transmissions they need at this time to receive, from the Illumined Realms or anything else, in the unique form they receive guidance, that can help them in their ascension path as well as others. 

To steady our sensitivity with Mercury in Pisces and to offer us the harmony and balance between the time we spend dwelling in the One Consciousness and our earthly plane, on February 14, we have Mars entering into Taurus. This alignment will help us to create stability within and lives, understanding that the passion, joy and connection that we feel when we commune with the aspect of us that dwell in the Heavens can also be experienced in the physical, for one is not separated from the other and it is only in the tangible that we can truly express who we are and enjoy our creations. 

This is also an opportunity for those who are creating a new path to set long-term goals, for everything that lasts beyond our human time, which is solid and authentic, must be first anchored step by step, as nothing made with rush has ever the right pillars to grow properly. In a year where the main focus is going to be in our earthly realm, this month will be a constant reminder for us that true change is the one that is created and nurtured within and wisely anchored, in the physical. 

On February 18, we have two important cosmic events: the Sun entering into the deep realm of Pisces, and one of the most important planetary events of this year: Chiron leaving Pisces and entering, definitely, into Aries. The Sun, who represents our Higher Self, shining its light into Pisces, is an opportunity for us to see beyond our human reality and enter into the vast ocean of our inner worlds, as Piscean energies will lead us to connect with other realities that will show us our true multidimensional nature as well as revealing new insights that are pivotal for us to know, at this time. However, and again, one can only grow and discover new horizons, if one is well anchored on earth. 

One of the lessons that Pisces offers us is the ultimate transcendence of all the old mental programming and beliefs that we used to hold within, as Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and therefore the one who has already discovered all the aspects of himself, integrating all the challenges/lessons required to embody a higher level of awareness that will make Him see the Truth, instead of the old illusion in which He was immersed. Now that we have seen what is beyond our human senses and crossed the illusory veils, we are ready to embrace a new way of living based on of authenticity, integrity and compassion, attributes that can only be mastered in the physical.

It is indeed by living as free beings, aware of who we truly are and our role within Creation, that we can finally move towards our true soul path without hesitation, expressing our soul gifts and expanding ourselves into new experiences and higher levels of creativity, which is what the Sun in Pisces will invite us to do.

The second important, and rare, cosmic event is Chiron, leaving Pisces and moving into the sign of Aries until 2027. I prefer to call this stellar body, the Cosmic Healer, for I find the term Wounded Healer to be part of the 3D old beliefs/labels given to the planetary events, from a limited or mythology perspective. While Chiron was in Pisces for years, it helped us to confront our fears, inner shadows - healing all the wounds that we carry due to our unconscious fixation with the past. It was in truth a time of awakenings and spiritual expansion, especially by having also Neptune in Pisces.

As always, there is a time for everything within Creation, a time to create, a time to transform/destroy, a time to heal and a time to become whole, again. It is now that we understand our past and have learnt from it that we can better know what we desire to create next. Chiron in the first sign of the zodiac is a new phase for us to focus on healing our egoic self, for Aries is a sign that tends to focus in the individual egoic aspect that we are - leaving aside the Divine aspect that lies behind it.

This is where we begin to observe where our egoic self still rules ourselves and lives by feeding/repeating, unconsciously, old patterns and when we begin to not hide or deny our ego but mastering it, if there is something, and there always is, that is not yet unified, for as humans, the inner work never ends. 

There are always higher Truths to be embodied, things that due to our limited human perspective we cannot understand, and things that even though we try and have shifted tremendously, are not even available to our human realm. This is why becoming the witness of our own selves and human life experience, is so important to continue experiencing a major grow, for if we do not become humble beings, it is challenging to recognize where we still are governed by our ego. 

On the opposite, this is also an opportunity for us to work on loving ourselves, and in the unique abilities that we came here to express. In truth, everything we do from a loving and compassionate space, is Source acting through us, and when we decide to be who we truly are and share our unique gifts, is that we are finally doing our mission, for our mission is not about being this or that, and using many labels to describe the unmentionable, a mission is fulfilled simply by being who we are, not by doing what we think we came here to do. 

This frequency from Chiron in Aries is also an opportunity for us to stand tall in our truth and in our power, healing the fear of showing our uniqueness with the world, for this is precisely what the world needs, the unique gifts that we have and that no one else can repeat. 

If on the contrary, what manifests in you is an excess of individuality, you will then show the distorted version of an empowered being by being aggressive or getting upset easily and by using you power in a patriarchal dominant way, using control and manipulation as your main tools to behave with others. This will also be an opportunity for those that, from a humble position, observe themselves and begin to heal the tyrant within, and hence, these patriarchal domination old patterns. 

In a physical level, this planetary encounter will also help us to realize, through our physical bodies, if we are aligned with who we are and showing it without fears or if we are not yet doing so by physical sensations related to our throat chakra, brain and eyes. At a deeper level, it will also affect our power center, helping those who need to work on self-empowerment and  regaining self-sovereignty, for as long as we balance it with remembering our Divine Essence within, it is important that we too honor the individualized aspect of Source that we are. 

This is going to be a great shift for many as it is precisely with this sign when we begin a process of consciousness purification, beginning to work on inner alchemy, preparing ourselves to release an old self, as we embody higher aspects of us, burning through the element of Fire everything that belongs to the old. This is a cosmic event that will help many to experience a Kundalini awakening, something that is of extreme important in a year where the focus si on the physical realm, body and on the massive awakening occurring, at this time, in our Planet.

Finally, we end this month by having another loving Full Moon at 00°42′ Virgo on February 19. This will also be a very special Moon, for it will conjunct the Fixed Star Regulus which brings this fiery essence of courage, heart empowerment and self-confidence, to be boldness and create the life we envision, shifting everything that impedes us to bring the change we desire to create in the physical. 

This Moon has many more aspects that I will share when the moment comes, for it is not easy to summarize a certain essence with so much advance, for things are always shifting, and even though we already feel it coming, we cannot truly express in a few words the totality of what is taking place in the macro. 

February is a month that has the gift for us to recognize, and anchor, our unique Essence on Earth. Some may already know their worth, as Divine Beings. Others may still doubting about their value and power. The important thing is that we continue to remember the magnificence of the Source that lies within us all - allowing It to fully express Itself through us.

You are a wondrous Divine Creation, as well as part of It. You just have to know where to look, to retrieve the memories of your True Lineage and value, and that is always within. Every time a soul comes to this earthly plane, it is because his/her unique abilities will help humanity, for sometimes as humans we tend to forget the holographic nature of All.

Therefore, your Presence on this Planet is no mistake, for there is no such a thing within a loving and Wise Universe. You are here for a Divine Reason that sometimes you cannot fully comprehend but that begins by accepting and embracing all of who you are and being you, at all times, even when you do not even understand where you are heading, for this evolutionary journey can make us unrecognizable, even to ourselves, as once we accept the infinite task, and challenge, of evolving, we are in a constant state of change.

You as well as the unique abilities you brought here are as equal and as appreciated as the ones from any other being within Creation you may admire. You are needed and respected by the entire Universe, for All remembers that without you the current planetary transition would have never taken place, to begin with. 

The Planet needs your unique Essence, your unique gifts and the unique way you have to do what only you can do. And while All is already recognizing how valuable you are and how important, you are still questioning if your Presence and role are significant.

Everything is grateful for you and the unique task that you are doing to assist All, whether you are conscious of it or not. Are you?

May you always recognize the precious Spark of the Divine that you are, your natural abilities, your value, and the gift of your Presence on this Planet. May you always celebrate your uniqueness, honoring all of who you are and do for All. 

In love, light and service,

Natalia Alba 

Gratitude to Sequoia Arayas for the art work. 

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