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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

viernes, 15 de febrero de 2019

Full Moon in Virgo, February 19th, 2019 ~ Soul Mission Integration

Only the truth of who you are, if realized, will set you free. Eckhart Tolle

Beloved Light Emissaries,

At this unique and powerful time of our evolutionary journey, we are immersed in a cycle of constant change, and hence, the transformation and rebirth that come when we embrace and adapt to it. This change will vary for each and every one of us, for we are all unique and have our own micro cycles. However, for the ascending souls, the passage that comes with this loving Full Moon at the special 0 degree of Virgo, is going to serve us not just to give a new direction to our human lives, but to descend the proper wisdom required for us to align with our soul unique purpose. 

For some it will mean a complete alteration of their lives, bringing changes in their jobs, relationships and/or any other field that is not in resonance with who they have become. For others, who are already living according to their soul Will, will be about supporting their bodies in the mutation that we are having, and create new ways of being of service. In any case, for All, this is a month in which being authentic is pivotal, for we can only assist when we finally embrace our uniqueness from a space of total devotion to Unity Consciousness and the Divine Sacred Plan that we came here to embody.

The Full Moon in Virgo, especially with its conjunction to star Regulus in the Leo constellation together with another important conjunction between the Warrior Mars and Uranus, will make of this potent Moon a cosmic gift for all who are working on breaking old chains. Regulus's essence is powerful, courageous, independent and expansive. This is a Moon that brings freedom and the Truth that comes when we have freed ourselves from fixed beliefs. However, we cannot do so, if we have not break what enslaves us, which is why Fiery Mars, in conjunction with Uranus, will give us the opportunity to do - realizing what keeps us small, limited and dwelling in lower frequencies. 

This is a Moon for those who are ready to confront their own delusions and begin to awake to who they truly are. For the ones who have already done their inner healing work, this Moon will bring many important revelations, especially regarding our soul mission, for as you know during this year the collective will need more support, as there is a massive awakening taking place in the Planet, and the need for us to devote ourselves to bring unconditional love and compassion to All, is vital. Since Virgo is all about devoting himself to others, this is going to be a gift for those who choose to align with its frequency of assisting others.

The earthly sign of Virgo, which is ruled by Mercury, is associated with the Virgin Archetype, which is by no means related to celibacy. On the contrary, it concerns the Divine Feminine Archetype of wisdom, purity and wholeness - nurturing and loving everything she touches; in the physical. Virgo is the one who reminds us that we are here to descend and embody the Essence of who we truly are in nature and anchor our soul desires into our dense realm, as always, balance between opposite forces is pivotal to live a grounded and at the same time magic and visionary life.

This Full Moon reminds us  the importance that acting as the light conduits that we are has. This is a call for all the starseed souls and New Earth seeds who are feeling guided to begin being of service, for it is required that the ones who came with this mission of assisting others awake, and begin to use their unique abilities to show others the way to become free sovereign beings. 

In a physical level, all of the zodiac signs have specific and wonderful essences for us to bring alchemy in the parts of our body that we are feeling there could be still past energy attached. Virgo brings us the blessing to work with purity, so it is a good time for detoxifying our bodies as well as to support them in our unique way, with the proper care that we are guided to bring healing and rejuvenation to our bodies. 

Virgo rules our intestine, where physical purification takes place, and these energies, together with the Piscean ones - ruling our feet mainly - and other alignments from this Moon, are perfect for us to focus on certain parts of our bodies that need support. We will know where body parts of us need more assistance, if we align with these energies, they will let us know where we should bring healing by experiencing certain sensations in specific parts of our body, for it is the way they have to communicate with us.

Grounding ourselves is also vital, as it goes beyond our personal well-being. Our energetic human field is interconnected with the planetary field, for as you know we are all One living consciousness under the illusion of separation. When we are not grounded we temporary create an obstruction in our energetic field channels, impeding the natural communication with the planetary field and grids. This is mainly what creates the feeling of isolation that many have from Earth and foment mental delusion.

To help us being grounded, which is also very important to discern between what is real and what is a mental creation, at the time of the Full Moon, we have Pluto, Venus and Saturn in Capricorn together with Mars in Taurus. This could not be a more perfect frequency for us to connect with the aspect of us that is equally Divine in nature and that helps us discern the nature of the information we receive and from what sources we receive it. 

Soul mission integration: Initial phases 

As you know this is an important phase for all of us regarding our soul unique role, whether you already know your main mission, are beginning to descend it or new aspects of it. This is a month in which sharing our uniqueness, dissolving delusional and magical thinking about our soul role, is essential, if we desire to act as transparent and integrated beings. The Full Moon in Virgo, for this sign is oriented to be of service, invites us to commune with our soul to clearly receive the unique purpose that our soul chose for us to fulfill, once we freely chose to come to this Planet. 

Humility and inner work are the main tools for the ones who devote ourselves to be of service - remembering that it is not about us but about helping the whole what truly matters. I shared in the energies of this month the importance that clearing our mental plane of delusions have for us to truly know and discern the nature of our soul mission. At the time of the Full Moon in Virgo we have certain planetary alignments whose frequencies are going to be of great assistance for those who are open to release magical self-programming and embrace their true Essence, and hence purpose.

We have the Sun, Neptune and Mercury in Pisces, at the time of the Full Moon, whose frequencies can enhance magical thinking, if one is not ready to receive the truth about the nature of his/her mission, which most of the times happens because people are not ready to receive the truth in case it does not fit the illusion. 

On the contrary, it can be a very good essence to integrate, for the level of spiritual connection that this alignment brings, if we are open to receive the unique task that the Divine entrusted us. As always, it all depends on our attitude and intention. Being open, and humble, makes all the difference between receiving truth or foment illusion. 

Neptune brings us closer to our true nature and helps us dive deep into our inner visions and desires, but we can also fall into the illusory trap of believing that the ethereal world is all that exists, when there is more beyond the invisible world that we also came here to discover, and this is where Virgo sheds its light, helping us to realize that all these dreams and inner creations are nothing if we do not make them tangible.

Discerning between true guidance and the many illusions coming from our human minds as well as other dark sources, is not easy at all, as many of you know, when you begin walking on this path. This is a deep subject. However, sufficient to say that the main difference between Light Forces and dark ones, is that the latter will feed your ego by making you believe something you are not, for this it is precisely how they control people - through their fake glamorous manipulation.

There are some initial stages before clearly knowing our unique purpose. First, as you well know, we experience the so called awakening, although some of us have always been awoken, which is one of the main causes of experiencing deep pain, during the first years of our human life, as we are not able to realize that our sadness comes from our original feeling, and hence wound, of separation from Source.

The next phase comes when our God Self begins to descend to our human self the light - information - required for us to start decoding who we truly are. It is here where the process of remembering comes. Generally, it is during this phase that there is a period of absorption where we cannot cease searching outside, asking constantly etc. for we are yet feeling within the birthing of something that we are not yet able to fully comprehend.

Thirdly, another phase of integration comes, when some aspects of our soul mission are finally integrated, if we have done the initial inner work of ego clearing, delusions, attachments etc. This is where we must be cautious, begin to look inward and be patient to receive, with more clarity, the Truth about our unique journey. For the more we ask outside, without first knowing ourselves, the more we will be falling into egoic traps. 

Lastly, when we have finally embraced both our shadow and original self, is that we are ready to begin the endless work of polarity integration, and the embodiment of new levels of  consciousness, which is often called ascension, although this phase comes a bit later, when we are also ready to begin consciously anchoring what we receive in our physical bodies, for the process of descending wisdom is never separated from working with our body.

It is pivotal that we understand the important before stepping out and do our mission that doing daily inner work has. When we convince ourselves of something it is very hard to let go, for we are not conscious of it and continue feeding the delusion that we have received something that is not real. This is why being open to the Truth not to our truth, is vital when we devote ourselves to be of service, for we came here to do what Source desires to do and experience through us, not what our ego sees as glamorous.

I apologize if I sound as if inner work is all that we do. I understand it can seem as if this journey is a hard one. However, it also has many blessings. There is a phase one reaches when one has done all the clearing required that is pure, joyful and even though may not be free of challenges, it is a blessed and peaceful one.

We all have our own micro phases as well as soul plan and it will vary, but it is important to focus on humility and being open, if we truly desire to know ourselves as well as personal mission and begin to be of service. What is important is that we remain open to receive what truly IS as well as to clear the ego, which at least for me, is an endless work, as it is something that will not disappear, since this is intrinsic into our human nature. 

Above I share some of the main things to work with, daily, if you desire to keep an open heart, and mind, towards who we truly are and the nature of our mission. As always this is shared with great love and respect for you and where you are in your unique path. 

It is important to share, in case it can serve others to realize they may be also passing through these stages of confusion/mission integration:
  • Clearing egoic delusions
  • Magical thinking
  • Neutral observation
  • Self-love and worth: Usually due to these two feelings it is that some attribute themselves a mission or a certain task that they do not have but that according to their egoic belief make them glamorous. For they desperately try to find something from the outside to love themselves as well as to attract this "love" from others. 
  • Clear doubts: when something it is part of who you are or what you came here to do, if you continue working on yourself, it comes, and it comes with such a clarity that you no longer feel the need to search outside, except for confirmation, for we are not isolated and we are also here to help each others. However, guidance shall come from within, in clear ways. Otherwise, it can be illusion, magical thinking etc. coming from others or from our mental confusion, and hence, we take the risk to self-program ourselves with fake guidance. 
  • Personal sovereignty: This is pivotal to claim to all the forces that are out there to try to manipulate us that we are free beings in charge of our own human experience.
  • Responsibility for our journey and for all that we have created as well as the consequences that all of our actions have. 
  • Integrity: acting as we think and feel. 
  • Complete surrender 
  • Clear mental confusion and old patterns
  • Clearing parallel timelines and working on past lives - gifts - activation. The first one serves us to clear the past memories etc. that come when we begin to be aware of our multidimensionality or even other memories that we may make ours when they belong to other selves.
What we desire is to be fully present in this individualized aspect of who we are not to bring here anything from other selves that we are not meant to experience. The second tool is for us to only bring from our parallel/past, for all exists at the same time so the word past cannot define what I am trying to share here, that which is going to be of assistance for us and All, in this present lifetime. 

These are our gifts, ones that even though, as humans, we have forgotten, we still keep having within our DNA for they are a part of who we are and all we master and have ever mastered reside within as something already learnt, and it is something that we can bring back, so to speak, from within, to assist in this present lifetime, as a part of who we are, for our mission is never or shall never be separated from who we are and purest intention to be here. 

Sirian activation codes 

As you know nothing that occurs or that has ever happened within this wise and loving Universe, is by chance. At the time of the Full Moon and during the following days, for as you know energies do not just last one day, Sirius will be briefly occulted from Earth due to the pass of an asteroid.  

This occurs precisely at this unique time within Creation, where our Planet already dwells in the second harmonic dimensions (4D,5D,6D), and when more people are beginning to awake and integrate the codes that one of our Forefathers left for us within our DNA - the Anuhazi Feline Race, the Christos Founders, together with the Sirian Race - for as you know there are more races involved in the seeding of the human race.

This is not just the only star that will be "occulted", for there is another star that will have the same fate called: star chi Virginis, in the Virgo Constellation. What I have been informed by my Unified Self and the Sirian Council, is that this is only an occultation from Earth, from our limited perspective, for it is not exactly as such. In truth this is just a series of many galactic alignments and events meant to align for many reasons, between one of them to activate the Sirian codes that our Forefather left for us, eons ago, for when we were finally ready to awake and ascend - doing the inner work of DNA reconnection.

These are very important cosmic events that goes beyond the typical delusional or magical thinking and that if well integrated and directed could serve us beyond what we can imagine. For some this will be about awakening to the truth of who we are and origins. For others, it will involve the reactivation of certain codes that will give them the required information they need, at this time, regarding their soul mission, or any other valuable information they need for themselves, and hence, for All. It is all about what we need, and as we are all unique, this is why it is so important to be the ones who activate these codes, from within, for others cannot truly do this for us, directing them into what only we know will be of service. 

Activations shall be done from within, or at least it is what I always receive from my Unified Self and Guides, for our body cells, and entire body, will only respond to our command, and no one else. It takes devotion, an open mind and dedication to master our egoic self. However, it takes a simple meditation/activation, using our own words and simply pure intention, to awake certain aspects that were dormant. 

There is no need for complicated rituals, or for searching therapies or others that say they can do this for us. We all need confirmation and of course assistance for we are all together as one Light family. However, the authentic, and sometimes hard inner work, can only be done by us, especially when we dwell in an individualized aspect, as humans, within this dense plane, for it is one of the things we precisely came to remember - how to become free sovereigns masters of an earth plane, and body.

Some of the other alignments that will take place tomorrow we know, as there is the Full Moon in Virgo as well as its alignment with the Star Regulus in the Leo Constellation, which will foment the focus on sharing our uniqueness, giving us the power required to overcome any fears. Others, we do not know from our human view, and others are being hidden from us, as this one of tomorrow, for this is the first time that this event has been predicted. However, it has not been the only time that has happened in our Heavens.

For the ones who desire to watch how the brightest star is "dimmed" by this asteroid, it will happen at around 22:30 p.m. on Monday in western Mexico, central U.S. and Canada. Although as you know, this is not about physically watching this event, but about our conscious alignment to reconnect that which is a part of our original DNA and true potential, one that was manipulated for eons. 

Taking into account that Chiron will also enter into Aries, after having spent years in Pisces, we have another cosmic gift to focus on the self and heal what diminishes and disempowers us. As the Sun will also enter into Pisces, one of the most intuitive signs of all the zodiac, Piscean energies will help us to connect with other realities that will show us our true multidimensional nature - revealing new insights that are pivotal for us, at this time. 

As I wrote, and share, again, now, for I was deeply guided, in the  energies of February, this is a month that has the gift for us to recognize, and anchor, our unique Essence on Earth. This rare, and unique, cosmic events of tomorrow from Sirius as well as the many others that will occur, will help us tremendously to stand firm in who we are and remember/share our uniqueness. 

You are a wondrous Divine Creation, as well as part of It. You just have to know where to look, to retrieve the memories of your True Lineage and value, and that is always within. Your Presence on this Planet is no mistake, as there is no such a thing within Creation. You are here for a Divine Reason that sometimes you cannot fully comprehend but that begins by accepting and embracing all of who you are and by being you, at all times. 

You as well as the unique abilities you brought here are as equal and as appreciated as the ones from any other being within Creation you may admire. You are needed and respected by the entire Universe, for All remembers that without You the current planetary transition would have never taken place, to begin with. 

The Planet needs your unique Essence, your unique gifts and the unique way you have to do what only you can do. And while All is already recognizing how valuable you are and how important, you are still questioning if your Presence and role are significant.

Everything is grateful for you and the unique task that you are doing to assist All, whether you are conscious of it or not. Are you?


During this month, and especially this Moon passage, we have the opportunity to be open to receive Truth. This is something that will help us tremendously, if we are open and brave enough to listen, even though it cannot be pleasant for the egoic self, and dismantle the many half/fake truths or wrong self-programing that we have created. This is a time for us to begin working in unison with our God Self, and hence All. Dissipating the main illusion of separation is the first step towards regaining the wisdom about our soul mission that we are so eager to descend, and that some many continue to search outside. 

To me transparency is to show oneself as one is, without egoic filters, without delusions and without expectations, for one knows the only real assistance we need only comes when one is authentic. This is precisely what many who are just awakening and beginning to discern what is fake from what is pure, and hence true, are beginning to work with, at the moment and during the following months.

Transparency comes when we cease all noises in our mind that tells us to keep acting, to keep being who our ego desires us to be and finally surrender and embrace who we truly are. It is then that we begin to feel at peace, in love with ourselves and All, for we remember that it is Source experiencing itself through us, and we finally understand that this is not about us, but about All, as One, working for the improvement of the Planet.

This path requires dedication, an open heart and mind, and the devotion that involves to be of service, which does not mean at all to put others before you, but to commune with All, as you do so too with yourself. This is why doing our inner work is so important, because on the contrary of what our human self perceives, we live in a holographic universe and every time we heal ourselves and dissolve what is not authentic, what is diminishing us or simply impeding us to flow and experience the natural expansion that comes with it, we are also helping the whole to evolve. 

This Moon is a wonderful gift for the ones who are already descending new information about their unique role on the Planet, as well as for the ones who are beginning to realize the importance of beig authentic and act from a space of transparency in all they do, for these energies are going to support us in our conscious choice of releasing old chains and embrace our true nature, if this is our purest intention.

I AM a LoveLight being - a cosmic traveller - incarnated within a human body to allow Source to act through me and be of  selfless assistance.

I AM here to experience an earthly realm that helps me remember the magnificence of my true existence as a Child of God. 

I AM a fearless, wise and humble sovereign being, shining my unique Essence - within Divine Love and compassion to All.

And so are YOU. 

I wish you a blessed, loving and revealing Moon Beloved Companions.

May you love, appreciate and value all that you are and do for All, from a space of humility and deep appreciation for the opportunity of being alive, in this unique time within Creation.

In love, light and service ∞

Natalia Alba 

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