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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

jueves, 28 de febrero de 2019

The Energies of March 2019 ~ Revelations

The truth is that you already are what you are seeking.


Beloved  Light Emissaries,

We are about to welcome one of the most creative and magical months of all the year. March is a month in which we dive deep into the ethereal, bringing profound revelations for us and our unique human journey. During this month - as its 6 universal frequency remind us together with the Full Moon in Libra and the Equinox, at the end of the month - the importance of being balanced and grounded is going to be pivotal for us to focus on the proper embodiment of these benevolent energies in both our human self and physical plane.

This six universal month is also related to family, not just our earthly one but our galactic soul family. This is a month where many will continue to experience soul gathering, for there are more souls who are beginning to step into the path of consciously leading others into the integration of ancient Truths or simply the opportunity to remember who they really are, in Essence. 

To align with the creative, revealing and harmony frequency of this month, although the pure intention to do so will serve, I have received that the peak of these energies will come on the 3/3 within a 3 universal year. This is a time for us to anchor balance, work in the stabilization of the Earth Fabrics - for those who have this as part of their mission, as this month is going to be very intense for the ones who are stabilizers - and bring deep healing in all aspects of ourselves and lives. 

This is a phase for those who need to embrace their shadows, for Piscean energies are perfect for this inner work, and it is also the first step towards true self-empowerment, sovereignty and authenticity. For the ones who have confronted their shadows and are already working with polarity integration, this will be a wonderful month to continue working with their DNA, for it is by doing so that we regain our natural ability to receive the insights that many keep searching outside. 

Lastly, there will be many who are immersed within a more harmonic phase who will be acting as creative channels - expanding their creative essence through the new creations that they are beginning to birth. As always it is all about where you are in your unique path and wherever you are will be what you need to experience to bring this remembrance of who you are, and the many gifts that you came here to share with All. 

Nothing is ever in vain. Where you are is perfect, because every encounter, experience and situation, of whatever kind, is training you to be the empowered, whole and free being that in truth you already are and that due to the forgetfulness process of incarnation, between other reasons such as human illusions and other distortions, you unconsciously forgot.

DNA synthesis & creative expansion

As you know what gives us the opportunity of becoming conscious beings and hence, evolving beyond our human plane and limited consciousness, is the inner work done by reconnecting the strands of our DNA that eons ago were deeply manipulated by the several seeding that humanity have had from different beings. 

Consciously working with our DNA is precisely what awakes our innate abilities - some of them hidden for eons. As you know humanity is now in the Aryan cycle race. Our main aim is to work with our layer 4 of our DNA as well as with soul retrieval, which is the process that involves the conscious recuperation of all the lost soul fragments, and hence wisdom, that have been dormant, and in pain, for many lifetimes. 

Since the Eclipses we are having the perfect frequencies for the ones who are ready to begin activating the dormant strands of their DNA. This is the process that follows DNA reconnection, being the first one the releasment and subsequent healing of it all. As starseed souls - Indigos, Crystals etc. - we have come with certain layers of our original angelic human or Diamond Sun DNA already reconnected, for us to activate them, once we were ready. 

This is precisely one of the reasons why the first waves of the so called Indigos began to incarnate into the Planet, to bring a new consciousness, something that cannot occur, as it was happening on Earth, if first we do not have our DNA properly reconnected or awake. These souls and the new wave of children that are beginning to descend into our planet, come already with their second DNA group layers already activated, which again corresponds to the second harmonic universe whose dimensions goes from the fourth to the sixth one. The one that our Planet as well as many of ourselves inhabit now. 

This does not mean that the New Earth Seeds cannot work on DNA activation, for they also have within all the wisdom required to activate at least the main layers that allow them to step into the next harmonic universe, where many of us already dwell. 

Our DNA goes in groups of three, as all within Creation, and as it also happens in the macro with dimensions, they are grouped in three. As our Planet successfully bifurcated from old earth and is now in the 4/5 harmonic universe, a band of frequency that contains dimensions 4, 5 and 6, it is now our responsibility to work on the same DNA strands that resonate with this frequency band. 

These bands are not separated, as neither are our DNA strands. The only thing that differentiates them or that tells us the pass from one layer to the next one is the different frequency hold by ech and everyone of them. Layers 4, 5 and 6 are the DNA strands that have to do with the conscious integration of the Divine into the physical. It is where the melding between our God Self and physical begins to occur. 

The more we work with our DNA the more we will notice how we regain our natural ability of being creative channels, which has nothing to do with channeling outer forces or beings, but to align, again, with the one within and expand our essence, and soul visions/creations, in a physical reality.

DNA activation tools

There are many methods you can use to begin the process of DNA reconnection/activation. What I personally do is to consciously talk to my DNA, removing annunaki manipulation/distortion, negative implants (which are not only ET ones but the ones that we unconsciously create by negative self-talk etc.), and all past wounds and energy that remain in both my emotional body and body cells. This is pivotal and the first step to be done when we desire to decode the wisdom that resides in our DNA. 

Our voice is heard, understood and appreciated by our body cells, DNA and our entire body, for we are the Higher Self, so to speak, of them. As it is represented in the macro it is also in the micro. No one can command to our DNA but ourselves, it will simply not work, for our body will not recognize any authority. 

If we wish to ascend, it is pivotal that we understand that we cannot live isolated, separated from one another, thinking we know and can do all by ourselves. However, the path to unification is more a path of recognizing that all this is within than continuously searching it outside of ourselves. Compassion, confirmation, assistance without interference, is unity, is conscious connection and help. Doing things for others or believing that we can do so for them, especially in healing, is interference and violation of our own sacred being, space and path. 

There is another important and basic tool we can use when working with our DNA, one that many who are used to work with Earth Fabrics use, for it is what guide us towards the different Earth pathways and stargates, which is the 12 tree of life grid. Every sphere of the tree of life connects to the Earth's stargates, to our chakras and to the unique time codes with which we were born. 

As we meditate and focus on the life tree, we will begin to decode and repair all the distortions that impeded us to embody the knowledge that resides within our DNA and that will help us to know who we are, as well as our organic connection to Earth. This is a long-term and not easy task that comes when we already have certain knowledge about our mission and unique journey. However, it is precisely by doing it, instead of trying to understand it mentally, that makes us masters of our own life experience. 

I know many in the spiritual community claim to have their entire DNA reconnected or almost all the layers. Since I receive many emails asking about my opinion regarding this subject, the only thing I can share is the guidance I obtain about where the majority of us are in terms of DNA activation. My Guides, or Illumined Selves of me, shared there is no one on Planet Earth who has all their DNA already reconnected, for our human body could not even hold the potency it brings, not with the present human body that we possess, for it is yet too dense.

One of the main physical changes that involves having our entire DNA reconnected is the cease of the physical deterioration that we experience a humans and that lead us to death. No one, that I know, is already experiencing that. Our biology, even though is shifting, continue to be the same. This is why it is so important to stay grounded, so we can begin to see, with clarity, the real process that we are experiencing, without wanting to go further, for each phase is unique and precious, simply as it IS. 

This is delusional and it is fine, for it is precisely by experiencing what is not real that we finally get to what truly is. The fact that humanity, and more souls are awakening each day, is already a motive for us to be in joy. We do not have to constantly want to go further, without being even physically prepared yet, or wanting to be what we cannot, at the moment. 

This is an endless process, for DNA not just holds 12 strands but as the ones of our first forefathers it can reach until 48 strands. As we continue to evolve within this eternal spiral, there will be more inner work to do to regain higher levels of consciousness. There is never a final destination in evolution, for God is infinite and so is His/Hers/Its Wisdom. 

DNA physical visible changes

Since the beginning of this year, there are more who are beginning to do this DNA activation work, something that is reflected in the physical by experiencing many changes. 

Some of them are:
  • Physical changes in bone structure, and hence weight, and muscles density.
  • New insights: the more we awake our DNA strands and work with ourselves, the more revelations we will receive, for this is precisely what occurs, when we awake what has been dormant, which is nothing but Divine Wisdom, bringing us information about ourselves and human history.
  • Chakras membranes dissolution: this occurs when we are ready to finally step into a higher frequency and hence harmonic band or dimension, and our first, second and third chakras dissolve their denser membranes. 
  • Polarity integration: a process that happens simultaneously with that of the dissolution of our chakras membranes, as a sign of the beginning of the embodiment of unity consciousness. You will notice how your sense of human judgement begins to vanish, between many other things that will begin to crumble. 
  • Changes in our endocrine and nervous system. 
  • Shifting eating habits and foods. I do not resonate, precisely because it happened to me, with the ones who have the fixed belief that shifting your eating habits has to be done gradually. While I consider it to be a good way of transiting from one diet to another, and have nothing against it, in my case, after a "dream" I had, I never again was able to eat anything that comes from animals. From one day to another, when I did not even try to wanted or not to become a vegan.
This is something that to me occurs, when the soul considers, the same as when our soul awakes us. For our physical body is no longer needing to eat certain foods. Others, who are highly evolved beings, at least to my humble opinion, consider eating meat is essential for us to be grounded and because for humans this is something that is acceptable. I respect all. However, my humble advice would be simply to do, wisely, for taking care of ourselves is vital, what our bodies ask us to do. 
  • Menstruation changes.
These are just some of the many physical repercussions that come with the reconnection of our DNA. As we all are unique there will be more, of course. With the coming of these changes, we will also experience, headaches, teeth issues, body shape changes, and many other sensations/changes that come from releasing old energy as well as for the dissolution, and hence pain, which is a natural process, that our body is doing, as it dissolves and embrace its natural silicate essence.

Planetary alignments 

At a cosmic level, we ended February with a very galactic and loving Super Full Moon in Virgo together with the Sun entering into Pisces and Chiron in Aries, after having spent years in this Water sign. The frequency of this month is introduced by the numbers 15 - 6 reduced - as a sign of the stabilizing energies that we are going to receive for us to work on self-balance.  

Number six is a message for us to bring synthesis into the aspects of us that are in rebellion, as if we wish to create harmony and peace in the physical, first we need to embrace the aspects of us that are dwelling in fear, in pain and hence, in separation. The frequency from this month reminds us of the love that we all are - in Essence - and that we came here to embody within our Human self. 

Number six is represented by the tarot card of the Lovers, which to me, is not just about physical relationships but about the inner synthesis, between opposites, that has to occur before it happens with another being. Balanced relationships or enlightened ones, come when first we love ourselves and act, at all times, as integrated and whole beings, for it is by acquiring perfect equilibrium and inner unity, that we can truly merge with another with integrity and equality. 

As another confirmation of the loving and liberating essence of March, which is one of unity, harmony and profound healing, this month begins with Venus entering into Aquarius on the first day of the month and with Mercury turning "retrograde" in March 5, something that as you probably know, I simply leave as an informative planetary data, not as something I believe or make real, for this is in truth an illusion from our Planet, and I do not focus on illusions or something that has no effect in my own path. I leave it to you to make of this event what you consider more relevant, for your own path.

Venus, the Planet of Love and Abundance in Free Aquarius is going to assist those who are working on liberate themselves from limited or fixed beliefs, especially related to abundance, which is another form of love, and from attachments in relationships, for this is pivotal to be able to create an equal and balance reunion between two sovereign individuals. This is going to be an opportunity for us to work with our emotional plane regarding stuck emotions as well as the limited beliefs some have about the way in which abundance flows to them, for there are many who are still attached to the old ideas of how to sustain themselves. 

Precisely on March 6, we have two important events: Uranus entering Taurus and a New Moon at 15 degrees of Pisces, which also coincides with the universal number 15 of this month. Uranus, the higher octave of Mercury, and the first of the transcendental Planets, in Taurus will assist us to reinvent ourselves, breaking free from old mental chains, finally expanding into new horizons by creating that which is finally aligned with who we have become. Uranus's frequency is meant to destroy old worlds, obsolete ones that impede us in embracing our true potential and experiencing new realities. 

Traditions, old habits, what is familiar... Uranus's essence will dissolve all that is keeping us enslaved, helping us to remake our entire world, so we can move into a zone of infinite possibilities, whether known or unknown, for Uranus does not fear what is new, on the contrary, it dwells in what is genuine, unknown and inexperienced. 

As Uranus will stay in Uranus for seven years, this will also cause not just many changes in our physical lives but globally, for as it happens within it is without. During this time we are going to see many changes that will have to do with breaking old rules that coerce people and the fall of many structures that were only meant to diminish our true potential. This will be an Era of new inventions and great inspiration. 

Secondly, we have the New Moon in Pisces, which will be all about surrendering, letting go and be open to receive the Truth/Revelations from the Illumined Realms, that we many need to continue with the path that we have chosen. We have the Sun and the Moon all conjunct in Pisces. This is an invitation for us to wonder to what we are clinging on to and we also have Mercury in Pisces, it will be an opportunity for us to remember how important it is to speak to ourselves kindly, with compassion and with the love and affection that we will give to a child. 

We are innocent beings having a human experience. The majority of us who have chosen to be in this evolutionary journey do our best to fulfill a path that is not easy when one is constantly releasing fake/half truths and integrating new ones, for we have to leave it all behind. Therefore, treat yourself with respect, for this is not an easy or one day process and it takes time, devotion and discipline. While having Mercury in Pisces is indeed an opportunity for us to watch our thoughts, observing in what way we speak to ourselves and others. 

Until March 20,  we do not have more activity in our Heavens, for this is a month where all the influx will be concentrated in the first and last week of the month. During the first week will be more a period of integration and receiving new direction. On the last week, the energies will be for us to stabilize that which we have been integrating/creating/expanding. 

In this day, March 20, we have three important events: the Sun moving from Pisces to Aries, a Full Moon in Libra and the Equinox, when the energies will reach its maximum apogee. This is a day to assist, for those whose mission involves restoring the Earth Fabrics, stabilize and anchoring the codes received from the star gates. We all can help in bringing deep cleansing and healing into the Planet, in our unique way. For others, this will be a day to focus more on themselves and the things they have to clear or harmonize. Again, every time we choose to work on ourselves, we are also helping healing the whole, so no matter what we choose to do, for as long as it will be about bringing more focus on unity and love, will serve All. 

This is, at least for me, a day to spend in profound silence, away from social media, for in the moment you are focus on being constantly chatting, sharing etc, you are not focusing on the importance than being present, integrating this frequency, has. It is a day to fully focus on our connection to Earth, and in anchoring this light for All. Finally, we also have a wonderful and stabilizing Full Moon at the special 0 degrees of Libra. This will equilibrate the energies that during the Equinox were poured into the Planet. 

We end the month with Venus entering into Pisces on March 26, Mercury turning direct on March 28 and Mars entering into Gemini the last day of the month. The energies that we are going to receive from the cosmic and magical encounter between Venus and Pisces are formidable healing ones for both, the unresolved healing issues with our own selves and with our relationships. 

Pisces invites every planet that dwells in its deep Waters, to go deeper into its visionary and healing frequency to realize if challenges, and our deep sense of separation, have been transcended and if not, to integrate all the experiences and wisdom acquired in order to move forward by being renewed and with an open heart to embrace that is meant to touch our life, next. 

For those of you who have already integrated the knowledge received from past challenges and its wounds, it is going to be a time to go deeper into your unique process of alchemical union, as the inner process of soul integration never ends, and start anchoring all the magic, manifestations and soul encounters desired from this same place of openness and wholeness, by knowing that you need no one else or any other external thing to make it happen. 

For others that have not yet integrated all the fragments of their souls, this is a cosmic gift for you to work with self-love/acceptance, and forgiveness when the echoes of the past begin to come back again, without judging the self or any other soul involved in this process. It is a time to surrender, to become the observer of all the past relationships we maintained that served a purpose and that for some reason, we have not released yet and are not allowing us to fully step into new enlightened relationships. 

Visualize all your soul past encounters, and surround them within Golden/White Light, feel the heat of the love, become aware of the perfection that these souls, in Essence are, see them as Divine beings and not as someone who hurt you. Speak to their souls, their human body may not be present, but their souls are fully aware of this healing process of integration and the recognition that you both are equal beings helping each other into this earthly realm to embody higher levels of love and consciousness. 

Venusian energies in Pisces together with the powerful ones of Neptune in this same Water sign, connect us with our inner creator, something that will be enhanced in a month whose main frequency is one of love and creativity, represented by the numbers 6 and 3s. This energies will help us giving birth to our new visions, expanding ourselves into our soul desires and other realms of existence, as this is a time for us to immerse ourselves within our inner senses - connecting to our souls, listening to its guidance - and Divine inspirations - more than focusing on the outer. 

March's gift is for those who are brave enough to transcend old patterns, as Piscean energies invite us to do, ways of being and begin to embrace their true essence and unique abilities. When we decide to become the pillars of light, the embodiment of Divine Light that we are, we begin to realize the tremendous power that resides within ourselves and that was wasted by giving it to others. This is the continuation of the energies that began with the previous month and that invite us to begin being in love, and in joy, for all of who we are, and share.

It is vital that we understand that we are our own oracles. A sovereign free being searches nothing outside, for he/she understands he/she is roaming around the wrong places. A sovereign, and hence wise being, commune with the God within to remember, and when one finds oneself in a crossroad, one finds assistance in others through confirmation, love, compassion and simply in the warm embrace of an equal companion, never the answers that can only be found within.

Revelations as it is often believed do not come from outside ourselves. If we desire to truly embrace a sovereign journey, first, we need to understand that everything we idealize is already within. Understanding this mental concept is easy, however, feeling it and acting a such, is another different thing. Revelations come when we work with ourselves, releasing the dense energy that is impeding them to come into the surface of our physical being. 

The more we continue searching outside, the more we will fall into the risk of integrating fake guidance, delusions and magical thinking. While the more we commune with our soul, the more we will be finally able to truly envision who we are, and the unique mission and path, that was designed for us.

I AM a conscious being choosing, at every moment, to remain in the Wisdom and Power of my soul.

I AM One with the Force that creates worlds, co-creating with It, always, bringing forth only that which is going to be of assistance to All.

I AM forever abiding in possibility, for this is where the living Source dwells, in love, light and compassion with All.

I AM the Light that loves and heals everything it touches, consciously choosing to sojourn in the unconditional and loving frequency of my God Self, now and always.

I AM Divine Wisdom incarnated within a physical body, experiencing myself through a dense reality, and remembering the true power and infinite knowledge that lies beneath the illusion of being human. 

And so are You.

I wish you all a creative, revealing, and blessed March, Beloved Companions!

In love and light ∞

Natalia Alba 

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