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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

miércoles, 26 de junio de 2019

The Energies of July 2019 ~ The End of Duality

Beloved Light Emissaries,

We welcome a new energetic month whose energies are so potent that many of us have been feeling the deep impact that they have on our emotional body. As always, these energies, if wisely integrated and directed to the proper healing of our bodies, will have a different purpose for each one of us, as we are all unique and are in different phases of our evolutionary journey. This month is not only one of the busiest ones astrologically speaking, but has three Moons of which two are Eclipses - seeding the shift in frequency that many of us have been experiecing since June.

This month of July will help us realize where we are, in our ascension journey, showing us, in the physical, the changes we have created and that are finally being anchored in our reality. If you feel that what you are birthing is not yet aligned with what you truly desire to experience, then it is the perfect time to shift your focus, begin anew, and align with what you wish to bring into form. 

If you are living in a limited reality, it is because you have created limitations inside yourself that are impeding you to blossom into the boundless being that you are. If on the contrary, everything you see makes you feel in your natural state of bliss and peace, you have finally mastered the art of how to create a desired reality, in the physical. 

Thanks to the energies received from the Cancer-Capricorn eclipses, ones that will last until 2020, we will be able to discern in what aspects of ourselves, and lives, we continue to foment duality, beginning to synthesize all that remains fragmented and hence, living in pain. Globally, this is already having a deep impact as well, for this influx is creating stability, even though it can be seem as chaotic, at the beginning, and restoration from our Planet to an individual perspective.

Capricornian energies are here to help us remember the importance that anchoring what we first create in the ethereal has for us humans. And these two years are going to be of great relevance for those who came here to descend Heaven on Earth, so to speak, as no real change is so, if we do not ensure it in the physical. 

Everything you experience will show you where you are; where you are going with what you are creating and what needs to be changed. There is no one to blame, no one who can tell you where you should go next, but yourself. Therefore choose to look within, where all answers lie and where all the love you search outside yourself, truly resides. 

On a comic level, during July, it will be a month of deep communion with our Planet. For the ones whose main mission involves working with the Earth Fabrics, our main focus will be on anchoring the stellar energies that are being descended upon us, as we continue restoring what have been damaged through men activity. For us, this will be a month of contemplation, restoration, and rejuvenation, when this massive wave passes, for replenish ourselves after being constantly giving, sharing and assisting, is pivotal, for our well-being, and hence, that of All. 

The Cancer-Capricorn eclipse cycle

To be able to comprehend the real essence behind the current planetary energies, first we need to move beyond our human limited sense of time and space, polarity and the energies that reign in our micro plane, for only by going deeper, outside of our physical confines, is that we could really begin to understand what this Cancer-Capricorn eclipse cycle brings to all of us, as this is a gift from the Illumined Realms to humanity, for us to begin working on polarity synthesis.

It is with Cancer that we heal what was given to us genetically or what we created when we were in a state of separation. After this initial healing phase, it is with Capricorn that we begin to bring illumination to ourselves and physical lives, for both are not separated, finally creating stability in all aspects of our selves. 

This eclipse cycle began on January 9, with a powerful eclipse in Capricorn, and will last until July 4 of 2020, with the last Cancer eclipse. Beginnings and endings, this is going to be the main theme for the ones who choose to follow old fixed beliefs or simply have chosen to constantly manifest these same cycles in their human experiences. The wheel of life, often karmic one a well for some, continue to be there for those who desire to keep experiencing a lineal reality. There is nothing to judge in a Universe where duality is precisely the gift that we are offered, when we freely choose to come here, as an opportunity for us to remember unity. We all are free to create what is best for our human growth. 

However, for the ones who are ready to go further than this common meaning of the eclipses of beginning and endings, for in truth both are intertwined and there is not a real beginning without and ending and vice versa, you will be presented with the blessing of creating unity in all that continues to be fragmented, within, and hence in your human life. 

The theme of healing duality may seem a common one between the ascension community, or as you prefer to call it. However, it is an issue that shall be very present in our daily lives, for as humans, we tend to avoid what is not familiar or comfortable, and it is usual that we tend to fall into old egoic traps of separation - judging others and ourelves, how they live or not, how they choose to see their reality and a long etc. 

Polarity integration is not just an inner work we can do in a one-day process, this involves many things - accepting all aspects of who we are, confronting our shadows, healing old wounds, and our human genetic lineage, for as you know many of us also have a star one, implants, between many others issues - and only when we become integrated beings, sovereign of our own human experience, is that we can walk as unified beings, conscious of our frequency and what we do with it.

This is why this subject of polarity integration is so important, for this is our main inner work to do, especially for the ones who are beginning on this journey. This eclipse season offers us many gifts for healing ourselves and shifting our current timeline. Some of the many things this new light will hep us heal are:
  • Feminine (Cancer) and masculine (Capricorn) essences balancing.
  • Mother and father wounds
  • Sexual imbalances
  • Creating balance between the ethereal aspect of us and between our earthly one.
  • Descension of our soul mission, or new aspects of it, into our physical body and hence physical plane, bringing it into the tangible, where we can be of assistance and where we can direct our abilities to build something constructive, stable and of service to us and All.
  • Mental and emotional balance
These are just ones of the many issues we can work with during the cancer-capricorn eclipses. As we welcome these frequencies, I will enter deeper into them. By now, it is important that we focus on what we have in the moment and the Cancer Eclipse can be already strongly felt, especially emotionally speaking, at least for the ones who are very connected to the ebbs and flows of our realm and even beyond what we can, physically, appreciate.

Astrologically, the New Moon Solar Eclipse at 10 degrees Cancer on July 2, will sextile Uranus, as a planetary sign of the opportunity we have to bring change in any aspect of us or our lives that we consider. On another hand, we also have Uranus semi-sextile Chiron, which is another blessing from the Universe for us to heal what is required to live as whole beings, and even more with fierceness from Mars in Leo, which will help many to deal with their imbalances by enhancing our strength. 

Another important conjunction is the one between Saturn and Pluto, in Capricorn, together with the South Node in Capricorn as well. As I shared at the beginning of this year, Capricornian energies will reign until 2020, giving us the opportunity to descend all that is ether (Cancer) into our earthly realm (Capricorn). The South Node is very important as well for it will help us release many old habits and patterns that keep repeating into our lives and that impede us to evolve. 

This is where the healing frequency of Cancer enters, as the North Node is in Cancer, assisting us to let go of an old self, life and wounds. The North Node represents what we are creating, where we are heading. If we desire to give birth to something new and pure, then we shall let go of the familiar, of everything that still vibrates in a lower frequency, as if not, we will be pulled back every time we desire to come to the surface and shift our current timeline. 

This Eclipse in Cancer, in the perspective I am feeling it and as I have received, has little to do with new beginnings, as this is more in a general view. New beginnings are created from within, not due to outer energies, but when our soul considers that it is time to move into a new micro cycle, within our personal journey. These energies are linked to so many other planetary and non-planetary energies, that we cannot truly define its essence as being this or that. Or we feel outside our limited human plane, or we will continue to be imprisoning into beginnings and endings. Like the mouse that always spins in the wheel.

Under the influx of Cancer, it is a time to dissolve, especially from our emotional plane, all we have ever created and hide there, for it was not pleasant to confront it and accept it. This can be familiar issues, as Cancer energies will help us tremendously to work with miasmatic familiar ties, feminine or sexual ones or anything that involves working with our sexual creative essence. 

This is a time to connect to the heart consciousness, embody Universal Love, and direct it towards ourselves, for as long as we do not totally remember that we have been created by the same Universal Source, we will not be ready to heal and accept the mission that we brought here and that can only be done when we remember the love that we are. 

During the Cancer eclipse, we will be presented with the opportunity to clear old implants, ones that have been not just created by ourselves, or inherited from one generation to another, but that have been implanted to humanity through a manipulative matrix since eons. Ones that are our responsibility, as conscious souls, to heal, and that no one can do for us. A time to heal all the victim programs, especially the ones created in women, and in the many relationships that we have had/have, until we can finally create balanced ones. 

This is a sacred passage that you owe to yourself, for all the times you have come here to remember, give, stand tall in who you are and be of service. It is a gift you do to yourself, and by doing so, you will be giving it to All as well. It is important that we all work in soul retrieval from time to time, when we experience traumatic or challenging relationships, or simply painful situations, as the more we avoid this inner work, the more we will lose, so to speak, fragments of our soul which are in pain and need of our love and understanding to come back to us, where they are meant to be, and where they can experience the most profound love.

During this month we have the cosmic gift to release old fixations, so what is meant to come can finally manifest in our human experience. This is not just about releasing old habits, and beliefs, but about letting go of the relationships that simply because they are familiar to us are not helping us to evolve and to welcome new soul companions that are aligned with our soul essence and that are meant to co-create with us, in a new and deeper level.

Let it all go. It will be painful, for you have been accustomed to live in this reality with these same people for a long time. However, this pain will go as you embrace it, and the real cause of it, which is always the separation from the original Source of Love that gave birth to us. This is, in truth, the Love we truly desire and miss. 

You have it all within, there is no one who ever leaves us, as they are not separated from us. And the more illusions you clear the more you will realize that your natural state is one of joy simply for who you are, came to do and experience here, and everything that you could possibly  ever need, is very close to you, you just have to look within. 

Planetary alignments

This new month of July is a very powerful one for us to create a new path that is in perfect resonance with our current state of being, for we are new, at every single moment that we desire to consciously integrate new levels of consciousness. To confirm where we are in our ascension journey, as we continue transforming new worlds, this month is a Universal 10/1 number - 19 reduced.  This is the space in which beginnings and endings find each other. It is precisely in that infinite space, where we dwell in possibility, free to choose the timeline that is most aligned with who we are now. 

In Tarot, the card that represents number 10 is the Wheel of Fortune, which also represents a change in destiny, one that we have been able to accomplish, as we have consciously created it ourselves. No matter what number we choose, we will always have a confirmation of where we are giving birth. If we completely reduced number 10 to 1, we will also have another confirmation of this emptiness space in which all is possible, represented in the Tarot card the Fool, of all we are creating from within that is beginning to flourish, in the physical.

If you choose to align with number 19, then, we have another wonderful confirmation of the tremendous influx of Light received, at this time, for the tarot card that represents this number is the Sun, which is as well another sign of what comes with the Solar Eclipse is Cancer. Whatever frequency you choose to align with, you will have a precious gift for healing what you need, at this time of deep transformation. 

At a cosmic level, we begin this new month with Uranus semi-sextile Chiron. This will bring us the opportunity to align with this frequency to create the change/healing we need, if we are willing to confront what limits us and are open to experience true liberation. The process of self-healing and release, never ends, for every time we embody a higher level of consciousness, we must dismiss certain beliefs that are no longer aligned with a Higher One and so forth.

On July 1, just before the New Moon Solar Eclipse at 10 degrees Cancer, we have Mars, entering into Fiery Leo.  Mars in Leo will help us tremendously to embrace our inner Power and bring this strength into the aspects of our lives that need of our determination, courage and passion. Together with the solar eclipse, this combination will be a very powerful one for those who have done their inner work and are now ready to bring something into form, as not everyone is in the same phase. Remember that we all have our own micro cycles, which are more important than the outer ones, as these rule our human existence and this is what we should focus first. 

The Solar Eclipse, as I shared above, brings the opportunity to work on duality synthesis. However, this is not just the only gift from this New Moon, as Venus, the next day, will also enter into Cancer, and will help those who are working on ancestral karmic patterns as well as the relationship with their mother and feminine essence, something that truly marks our life. This will be also a wonderful time for those who need to work with their emotional plane, healing their familiar roots or simply going deeper into their emotional wounds. 

On July 3, when Venus joins the New Moon and also enters in Cancer, we will be presented  with the gift to align with our sensitivity, intuitive side and not be afraid to be vulnerable, for this is what makes us stronger in the end, not being afraid to feel and express our feelings, which is what our human self is so reticent to show. This is an opportunity as well for those who need to learn how to become their own caretakers, for not only came here to give, share and help others, but to nourish our soul and experience joy and peace, at the same time that we try to seed our own Spark. 

On July 4, we have Saturn opposition North Node. This is a very important planetary opposition, from our human view, for this is about being open to receive what we are destined, by soul plan, to do when we freely chose to come here. Once we heal old issues, wounds and clear the many conscious and imposed implants that blur our minds and emotional body, we are ready to know who we are and the nature of our human journey. It is then that we can begin to focus on the key aspect of our personal human experience that shall be fulfilled and that we desire to bring into form. This alignment will help those who wonder about their true purpose and service in this lifetime. 

On the following days, July 7 and 8, we have one Planet and an Asteroid - Mercury, which will turn direct again on July 31, and Chiron - entering into their retrograde phases. As always, I leave this for your information, and for you to make of them what you most resonate, for I no longer choose to focus on retrograde periods, since a long time. They have no impact in my human existence, for I have chosen not to continue feeding old beliefs. However, for those who choose to believe, which is perfectly fine as well, in retrograde periods, as this will have an impact in your life, for this is what you choose to create for yourself, I consider important to leave the dates so you can follow your own guidance or do your own researches.

At this time of intense healing, Mercury, especially when it enters into Cancer as well on July 19, will help us heal and clear our mental plane of all the conflicts, fake beliefs, confusion, desperation and many other wounds which impede us to see with clarity  our value as well as our true path. On another hand, Chiron's essence is one of going within, whether it is retrograde or not, for the Essence of the Planets does not change just because we decide to give to them our human meaning. 

With Chiron we look deeper at the wounds/aspects of ourselves that we try so hard to hide but are still dwelling, in pain, within us. When we consciously desire to align with the frequency of a certain Planet, star or asteroid, if well directed we can connect with the consciousness of this certain stellar body and integrate its healing frequency to assist us in dissolving what is still fragmented and that is not allowing us to experience our true soul path and potential. 

On July 16, we have Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse at 24 degrees Capricorn. These series of eclipses between Cancer and Capricorn, will continue, as you know, until 2020 helping us to bring into form our soul creations, and what is more important: to create stability in ourselves and lives, for this is where we came to master and enjoy. Capricorn is the perfect partner of Cancer for its masculine essence resonates well with the feminine one of Cancer, giving us the opportunity not just to heal but to remember how important is to descend from the ethereal our visions and dreams to create an abundant life experience. 

This also goes further and in a macro level, it is also going to be a very intense phase for the ones whose main work involves to help with the Earth Fabrics, especially of both time and space, for all of them, as you know, are being restructured and it is time for us to assist in bringing restoration in all the implants that were created for us to dwell in duality, victimhood, distorted masculine, and many other implants to keep us enslaved. Capricorn's essence is very important to complement the healing we do with Cancer, for it is the following step to stabilize ourselves in this physical plane, when again, everything shall be anchored. 

On July 22, the Sun will enter Leo. With the Sun in Leo we can embody this fervent essence to empower ourselves and to express our hearts by standing firm in who we are and by expressing our unique Divine Spark. As always, Leo's essence simply Is, this energy by itself is not positive or negative - it is what we decide to do with it. If we direct this frequency properly, we could be courageous and bold in following our own path. On the contrary, an excess of this fiery frequency could lead us into arrogance, which is why balance, as always, is the key, to be able to discern for ourselves if we are using these energies for self-empowerment or just for our egoic desires to feel superior. 

Venus, will also join the Sun in Leo on July 27, together with the third Moon of this month, a powerful New Moon at 8 degrees Leo together with Mercury turning direct for those who are interesting in knowing it. We end the month we a loving push from the cosmos after having spent all month working on conscious releasement, healing and integration. 

This Moon offers us strength and the opportunity to take some time to nurture and love ourselves in the midst of all the eclipse turmoil, so we can move into the next energetic month, which will soothe ourselves after these intense energies, and that will continue to be there for us to work with them for a while, helping us comprehend all that has occurred  while we were between worlds, shaping our new lives and letting all go, so we can begin, again.

This is a time for us to become whole, again, to call upon the fragments of ourselves that continue dwelling in pain, and that needs to come back Home. A time for us to remember not the many "mistakes" we could have possibly made, but where we are heading, and who we have become now.

If where you are going does not totally feels good to you, then shift the course again, change your focus, there is no one or outer force impeding you to get to where you desire, but yourself. You are a magnificent Divine Creator experiencing a human realm just for the mere joy of it, as well as for bringing your unique Spark to All, assisting the whole in all you can.

The past roles you created or chose to play and that you made yours - the victim, powerless one, and many others - is not who you are. These past roles helped you to regain unity, to retrieve the wisdom required for you to become who you really are, in Essence. Now it is time to let go of who you think you were and embrace the real, the wise and the enlightened You, to continue expanding within the loving reality that you have consciously chosen for you to experience. There is no need for you to wait for some energies, or someone else to guide you, you have your inner compass within and all the power required for you to do it Now, where all resides and where is truly happening. 

I wish you all a blessed and transformative July, Beloved Ones!

In love and light ∞

Natalia Alba 

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