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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

domingo, 14 de julio de 2019

Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, July 16, 2019 ~ The Path of Illumination

Enlightenment is not about becoming divine. Instead it’s about becoming more fully human. It is the end of ignorance.

Lama Surya Das
Beloved Light Emissaries,

We are about to welcome the second of July's Eclipses, a very powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 24 degrees Capricorn. It is not easy to divide the energies of both eclipses into one single explanation, for even though as humans, we desire to see everything, including the energies, as being separated, and they are not, as everything within the Universe works in unity. The energies from the Cancer-Capricorn eclipses will last until 2020, and it is easier to integrate them as One and feel their unique message and frequency of assistance for us than wanting to work on just one side of what we are currently receiving, for the immensity a well as diversity of these energies go further than just the eclipses and what our limited mind can capture.

During these two years, we are going to be on a dance between the feminine and the masculine with these cancer-capricorn eclipses and it is pivotal that we work on self-synthesis as we keep transiting within a new octave. Furthermore, Cancer is also going to rule this month, which is going to help us integrating the masculine without forgetting the feminine. 

Capricorn's Earth Yang essence reminds us to bring our inner visions into the physical, with determination, instead of just relying on dreams and letting our goals vanish in the air. On the other, we have the Sun in loving Cancer. This Water - intuitive - sign with Yin essence, invites us to abide in the depths of our being to retrieve guidance and clarity before manifesting our desires. 

Cancer likes to express his/her heart and go after what he/she desires without controlling every single step. Cancerians do not follow logic but feelings, they nurture, they love and they honour the invisible. Capricorn prefers to manifest, it protects, it nourishes what is tangible and honours the visible realm. The masculine and the feminine are supposed to embrace each other as One, in an eternal and loving dance of unity and equality and so these two polarities that lie within us all; shall do.

This eclipse in Capricorn is all about our power and how we use it. Do we use it to stand firm in who we are and personal truth? Or do we give it away, allowing others to direct our lives? Do we really know what true power is, which is all about love and the proper use of wisdom? Or do we still believe that power is about using our ego to control, manipulate and hence try to govern others?

This is a Moon to use your power wisely, become One with it and commune with your soul, from where all your choices should come, for as ascending souls, we no longer wish what we think is best for us, but what our Highest Will desires for All. You are here to BE, observe and assist, and to be able to do so, one must be fully anchored to Earth. 

Another of the many cosmic gifts from this eclipse, at this intense but unique time of our ascension path, is the opportunity to anchor in the physical all we descend from the ethereal, from our soul desires, to our intuitive senses, for it is time for us to begin the conscious integration, during these two years cycle, of our higher chakras into our new physical body. 

The eclipse in Capricorn is going to help us remember that we did not come here to live an ethereal experience, but to master an earthly plane with the wisdom we integrate from the Illumined Realms. There are many who separate, thinking one is best than the other, in doing so, we are not honoring the aspect of Source that desires to manifest Itself through the infinite realms of Creation. When we deny our physical aspect, we are not recognizing that All is God and that All is sacred, loved and equally Divine, in Essence.

Physical embodiment 

We are immersed in a two year cycle in which the main inner work for the ones who have chosen to ascend while we inhabit a physical body, is to work with the dissolution of the lower aspects of ourselves and begin to embody, in the physical, higher ones. As we navigate the eclipse waves, especially with Capricorn, it is important that we focus on the anchoring of these ascension energies into our physical body - allowing them to show us what needs to be released, so we can begin the process of physical embodiment, which is how we truly ascend, in the physical.

At this time, I have received that it is pivotal to work on our solar plexus chakra, as it is going to be especially affected by the Capricorn eclipse energies. During the eclipse we have the Moon conjunct with Pluto as well as the Sun opposite this last one. These frequencies will help us into the proper embodiment of our emotions of whatever nature they are. This could result into a personal shift, which is necessary if we desire to experience a personal transformation. If we align with these energies in a physical level, we could direct them to help us discern if we still have lower emotions trapped within our power center, or if we have transmuted  them into loving ones.

As you know, it is in our solar center where the conscious transmutation of lower energies, from ourselves as well as lower chakras, begins. It is there where the process of transmuting lower energies into higher ones occurs - allowing us to dissolve lower emotions, such as fears, guilt, etc. into loving feelings towards ourselves and All.

The energy has to be built from this chakra onwards, so we allow pure emotions to be conducted to our higher chakras. One of the main blockages that impede this influx to our higher senses and hence their opening, is the accumulation of lower emotions, which makes our upper chakras to spin very slow, and hence impeding us to properly descend the guidance and spiritual energy that is meant to be constantly flowing through us. 

As always, you are your own healer and master and you are the one who knows your body and knows how to work with it. However, for those who are beginning or that are not familiar with clearing work yet, one simple tool I use and works for me, although it does not mean it will work for you, as we are all unique, is to call upon the Golden-White Light or just Golden, as you prefer, especially if you are just focusing on your solar center, to be descended to you through your crown chakra with the purpose of purification, self-empowerment and freedom.

This Light is a very powerful one that is pure Consciousness, not just a mere color. This will help you together with your Unified Self, Guides and Soul direct family, to clear your physical and non-physical bodies as well as channels of all lower energies and will help you do your inner work of self-transmutation, so the illumination of your physical self can take place.

I suggest to work with the feminine at the same time that we focus our attention into our solar, and hence masculine essence, as well as patriarchal issues, at this time, not only due to the Cancer frequencies that still surround us and that invite us to work with old wounds, familiar issues etc. but for the proper balance of both essences, so we do not fall into the trap of nurturing one more than the other. 

During these two years, we are being blessed beyond our human understanding with what we call healing energies that in truth are Illumined Essences, Beings and forms of Consciousness directed to us for the inner work of self-remembrance and illumination. This is an opportunity for all, not just the ascending souls, to work on the harmonization of both essences, distorted beliefs about the authentic role of the masculine and feminine, parental wounds and what true power really is, which is never separated from love and wisdom, as the Threefold Flame reminds us. 

After the proper work is done with our solar plexus chakra, it is important to clear our four bodies so we can begin the process of purification required for us to begin anchoring our higher chakras system - fifteen chakras - into our physical body. This is a process in which we finally begin to unify and anchor, in our physical self, all the ethereal energy and wisdom that resides in our higher chakras and that needs to be descended and anchored.

While we are working with our bodies, and in any other purification work we do, it is pivotal to call upon Guides, often parallel aspects of us, Unified Self, and Soul direct family to be working with us from a deeper perspective. This will assist us tremendously to have the proper protection required for us to develop the inner work we are doing with success. This is also useful to integrate the healing energies required for this process to conclude with the dissolution of what no longer serves.

Your soul direct family is You. These are twelve soul extensions, counting yourself, who are incarnated, although the usual is that five or six remain in the non-physical planes, and ascend as you too do so and vice versa. All of you, even though residing as individualized aspects, are One. They will protect, care and love you above all, and your responsibility is to provide them with the proper evolution that will help the entire soul group to move into a higher level of consciousness.

When we call upon all these aspects of us we are working as One, whether we are aware of it or not. It is then that unification and healing occurs, allowing us to begin the conscious task of anchoring higher essences from our Unified Self, into this physical body, resulting in what we call self-illumination, which is simply the evolution, of our human self in the physical, by properly embodying spiritual energies.

Astrological alignments

From a planetary view, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will also reflect what many of us have been already working on for a while, clearing our 3D egoic personality so we can transform ourselves from fear and limited beings to loving and compassionate ones. This Capricornian cycle is all about physical embodiment and to do so first we need to transmute and purify all that belongs to our old self, as we descend new aspects of our Illumined one.

Both opposite energies from Cancer and Capricorn give us equilibrium where inner conflict may reside - so we do not fall again into the trap of illusions, procrastinating the birth of our new creations because of old fears and lack of trust, following just the rational aspect of us that forces us to do what we think we should, instead of what we truly feel guided to create.   

The eclipse will conjunct Pluto. When this occurs we have the opportunity to conquer our shadows and embrace our inner power to look at our deepest feelings - accepting them for what they are without judging what we, as humans, feel. This is not about denying our human nature and search how to hide what we feel, simply because it is not pleasant. This is about facing who we are, what we have created and what we actually feel with the results of our actions, for this is how sovereign and integrated beings act.

This gift to look at our fears and embrace our feelings, it is of great assistance for those who are working on familiar wounds and any other pain that their subconscious hides, as we also have Cancer frequencies surrounding us, for a long time, and it is a perfect time for us to work on genetic/familiar issues, until this cancer-capricorn cycle lasts.

As we also have the Sun in opposition to Pluto, this will also help the ones who are working on personal transformation - learning how to love, accept and respect themselves above any other thing. When energies from planets, eclipses or any other cosmic event, are measured and encapsulated according to an old definition, we are losing the main gift, we have as Divine Beings, to connect with everything within Creation, understanding and integrating for ourselves the true essence of the many realms. 

Now, we have evolved, regained consciousness and understand that all is within and that we all have the power to commune with these Planets, energies etc. to align with them and truly feel what their true essence is as well as the main assistance that they can provide to us. 

As a confirmation of the continuation of the feminine/masculine healing that these energies offer to us during these two years, we have the Planet Eris, squaring the Lunar Eclipse and Pluto. Eris's feminine essence is going to help us individually as well as collectively to stand tall in our feminine power, in who we are and in restoring the feminine attributes on the Planet, which goes further than what many, due to manipulation, wants to stand for, as it is more based on unconditional love, compassion, following our intuition and being the natural nurtures of life that we are.

As ascending souls, especially the ones whose main or part of their mission is to bring back the lost feminine essence, is pivotal that we focus on restoring the loving values that were meant to reign within our human plane. Women were never meant to sacrifice themselves for the system, for in the beginning we were deeply appreciated for the role we play of givers of life. This was created due to the fear the dark forces had of our limitless power. We All are meant to co-create in perfect unison - balancing both polarities, complementing ourselves, so we can then anchor this same harmony within our physical plane and reunions. 

On another hand, we have Venus opposite Saturn and in a trine to Neptune. As you see there is nothing limited or acting as a curse for us within this benevolent Universe, when we are given a challenge to learn/remember who we are or reveal something that is hidden to our physical senses, we are also given the solution, for both are not separated and one is intrinsically within the other. 

With these planetary encounters, we are given the opportunity to work on self-limitations, for after all, everything that we experience as being limited in our physical reality is a manifestation of the many impediments we put to ourselves. This is for the ones working on their sense of abundance, values, self-love as all comes from how we feel for ourselves, and as we also have Venus in a trine with Neptune, this is about restoring faith, in the Divine, in ourselves, and in the fact that we are endless and hence limitless beings, capable of manifesting infinite resources and all we need to sustain ourselves. 

To do so, first we need to trust in our inner power and remember that everything we need is inside. It is important to understand that if we focus on building this inner connection with All That Is, we could finally realize that all we have ever wished was always nearer than we thought. We are not hopeless beings, waiting for something outside ourselves to save us, we are our own healers, saviors and masters, and it is up to us to rely upon this Power to continue expanding within our reality or keep trusting outer forces to do so for us. 

For those who have mastered abundance, we have Saturn sextile Neptune, which is wonderful to put into practice all we have learnt about the art of manifesting abundance. It is especially with Capricorn energies that they have the opportunity to make their soul desires tangible and create the resources they need to do so. This alignment is about us working on how important it is to descend anything we envision in the non-physical planes into our physical one, for being realistic and creating a stable reality does not make you less spiritual, but limited in thought, which is what keeps many living in lack - due to their inability to unify both planes.

This is a wonderful passage for us to embrace the gift that these energies bring to all who are willing to face their shadows and become integrated beings. Embrace what is hidden within yourself, crying out to be loved. Embrace your child wounds, the distorted feminine and masculine, and anything that is showing you who you are not.

All you choose to accept, love and appreciate, at this powerful and blessed time will become who you will be in what you call future, in these times you imagine being better than the ones you are experiencing now, without realizing that the only thing that needs to be changed is your state of being, for there is no time, energy or being that can make you whole and healed, again but yourself.

You choose what time you desire to dwell. Yours is the decision of what situations you will experience and what lovers you will meet. Yours is also the choice to decide whether what you are living at the moment and who you are now, is who you want to be and serve your personal journey as well as that of All, or if you have to try and choose again. 

There is no one else deciding for you. There is no one who has preferences over your human experiences. There is only your human fixation to continue being governed by outer forces that has nothing to do with who you are, and with the precious experience that you came here to live. 

At every time you have the opportunity to choose wisely, embrace your power and become you own powerful sovereign free being.

I wish you all an empowered, blessed and loving Eclipse, Beloved Ones.

In love and light ∞

Natalia Alba 

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