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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

viernes, 26 de julio de 2019

The Energies of August 2019 ~ The Golden Threshold

I will no longer allow anyone to manipulate my mind and control my life in the name of love. 

Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements

Beloved Light Emissaries,  

We welcome a new energetic and extraordinary month. During August, we are entering into a very intense passage that I call the Golden Threshold - as received by my Unified Self - where the energies coming from the eclipses and New Moon in Leo at the end of July, which are the predecessors of the Lions Gate, will continue increasing until their apogee in the middle of the month, when we will pass to the soothing and purifying energies of Virgo. This is a month in which we begin a New Galactic Year - July 26th. Although we are new at every single moment, and so is the opportunity to make our human reality anew. 

For the ones who are still on a clearing phase, the frequencies coming from the eclipses and this Lions Golden Portal will disintegrate the lower energies that are impeding them to align with this new frequency. However, this shift will not be easy, as it can be challenging as they continue the process of releasing these old energies and aspects of the selves. It is important to stay center into our hearts as we experience what seems to be an endless night, until we regain clarity, for it is the natural process that we have to experience as we move from one state of being into a higher one.

For the ones who have passed this stage of clearing, these energies will help them to awake to new aspects of themselves that were previously hidden due to old beliefs and limited thinking and that are now emerging into the surface as they continue embracing more personal power and love. This is a blessed phase for those who are leaving behind more of the old programs that this matrix created and forced upon us, for this is a month in which many will begin to see the seeds of the constant integration that we are experiencing.

This can come in many forms, for as ascending souls we are no longer limited to what our ego thinks is possible or not. This can come in deep realizations, in creating the abundance we were not able to anchor before, in new and balanced relationships or simply in a more peaceful state of being. Anything that helps us being in our natural and blissful state of being is an important shift, although many will still choose to only see change as something that comes from the outer and that implies a physical change. 

As we continue our evolutionary journey, we will realize that every time we embody higher levels of consciousness, for this is in truth what happens when we consciously integrate what we call new energies, we will experience a new awakening, as we never end to awake to Higher Truths and things that we were not able to understand when we dwelled in a lower state of being. This month symbolically represents this new awakening, as we pass from a fragmented, and hence dormant state of being, into a unified and free one. 

The Lion's Gate: Personal Freedom & Sovereignty

The energies from the end of July and August cannot be truly separated, as always both beginnings and endings are intertwined, and we end and begin a new month with Fiery energies from Leo, as we have many Planets plus a New Moon in this same Fire sign, that will help us regain strength as well as standing firm in who we are, as we continue navigating through the eclipse waves and the Lions Gate. The New Moon in Leo on July 31 will activate the Golden Gate, as I call it, of the 8-8 Lions Portal, energies that are of great assistance to our path of clearing and self-empowerment.

It is precisely at a time when we can experience a profound decrease in energy, due to these constant phases of integration and adjustments, that we welcome this revitalizing New Moon at 8 degrees Leo, a number whose frequency will be very present within this entire month. At this time, as many who have as part of your mission to restore the Earth's Fabrics of time and space know, we are not just shifting timelines but retrieving our original sense of time and space, some that was deeply distorted, eons ago.

It is at this time, as our Forefathers in the canalization I received and that I share above, remind us, that we shall see time as something infinite rather than lineal, for it is a human delusion that impedes us to truly align with the universal time and alignments that occur outside of our human time/space zone. Number 8, represents this infinite frequency in where limitations does no longer exists, where everything comes back to unity and to its endless origin.

In Tarot, number 8, is precisely represented by the fiery tarot card of the Strength – a woman holding between her hands the jaws of a Lion (sun) – representing the physical strength that can only come through the power of love, wisdom and balance, cultivated within. This is the perfect representation for the Wise Goddess of Love embracing Fiery Leo, calming his wildness with her loving essence. 

The message is that all can be done through the power of love, all can be shifted and dissolved when our human self finally surrenders to a Higher Power that is within All things and beings, and lets it lead the way instead of forcing/molding our reality with our egoic self who can only envision a small and limited view of what is truly happening. 

This message does not only come from this number but from the New Moon in Leo as well as Lions Gate, for the message is One, no matter how we try to separate energies by human dates etc. Number 8 together with the New Moon which conjunct Venus and square Uranus, represents the infinite, and invites us to break from limitations so we can realize the truth that all is infinite in nature. The only limitations are the ones created by our human minds, as it is the illusion of lack, coming from being immersed in a lower state of fear and separation. 

This passage during the month of August is an opportunity for us to move inward and see where we still live in lack, where we still think that human resources are limited and can only come from the outside. For it is there where we begin limiting ourselves, by creating this same old story and by allowing its manifestation, in the physical. 

As always, abundance is another form of love, one that has to come from the love and respect you feel for yourself. If you do not feel worthy, if you do not feel you can create, all you need, by yourself, then, you will continue to experience lack. For when you love yourself, as another physical aspect of God, and when you value what you have to offer as well as you value others, the reality will respond with the same abundant and loving frequency you give.

This Moon is all about opening ourselves to listening to the truth that comes from our heart transmissions, so we can establish a pure connection from our cosmic heart center to the Illumined Realms. This is a time for us to remember our infinite nature as well as the endless possibilities that lies within us all. As humans we are bound by time, by our fixed sense of reality, and this is what impedes us seeing the true potential in all of us. There is no one or outer force that can stop us communing with other benevolent forces that dwell in the Universe but our sense of being trapped by the many human boundaries that we have create. 

During this portal, that can be already strongly felt, the integration of these galactic energies will vary according to where we are in our journey. For some these frequencies will serve them to live from a fearless space, showing the world their unique Light and personal abilities. For others who are already doing so, this will be about going further into the communion with their Unified Self, Guides and Soul Family. 

There will be others who what they need for their journey, at the moment, is to work on a more personal level, bringing deep clearing and self-empowerment into themselves to be able to evolve and step into who they truly are. For them the energies from the last Capricorn eclipse together with the New Moon in Leo and Lions Gate, will serve them to work with their solar plexus center, embracing their power, wisdom and sovereignty. 

As there are many who are beginning to awake during this year of deep cleansing and massive awakening, the energies from this Golden Gate will help them to work with their distorted masculine essence, which is all about the opposite of what true empowerment really means: arrogance, narcissism - superiority, or inferiority for this is another form of ego - as well as many other egoic illusions such as desperation, for not being able to control our life outcomes or others, pride, rage, etc. 

These are all distorted masculine egoic archetypes that all of us have to clear, at some point, when we begin on this journey. This is not negative or bad, for this is also separating ourselves from what we are now - humans - and this is simply something that we have to become aware of, accept and understand as something that is part of our nature as physical beings, working with mastering these delusions rather than ignoring they are a part of who we are.  

If this is our case, then denying this other aspect of us, blaming ourselves for what we think we do "wrong" or others, will not serve us to embrace our Illumined Self. Only by recognizing the false imposters, embracing them, creating balance, having self-love, compassion, trust and faith in ourselves and in the Divine, lack of judgment for our own journey and that of others, and by surrendering, between many others, is that we could finally regain control of these delusions, bring into the surface our True Self and work on personal integration and freedom. 

There are many who want to change, liberate themselves from the system or simply their egoic masks and live a more authentic life. However, this requires inner work, devotion, determination, patience, love for the self and compassion, especially when we make mistakes, for they are essential if we desire to learn, is that we could become transparent and loving beings. There is no secret tool, there is no having others to do the inner work for us, there is no one else of outer force or energy that is going to do this for us, but ourselves, for only us have the power to conquer our shadows and allow our authentic self to shine.

The more we continue trusting in outer forces. The more we continue telling ourselves the old story that we cannot change who we are or our reality, the more we continue disempowering ourselves with remaining in the familiar, blaming ourselves, others or the system for what we used to be and done, the less empowered we will be.

As always, it is your choice to take responsibility, face your own shadows, be brave to look at your fears, overcome anything that you have created, for you have created all, and begin anew by understanding that the power to change all that is not aligned was always within yourself, and that you simply try to procrastinate doing the effort to merge with it, for it meant to confront who you are not, which means embracing pain, and this may not be easy or pleasant, but is what it takes to step into a conscious and sovereign path.

Lyran & Sirian Transmission 

Blessings Beloveds,

We are your Forefathers from Lyra and Sirius B, together with your brothers and sisters from Orion, Antares and your parallel Galaxy Andromeda. We come - as One - with great love, respect and appreciation. It is with great joy that we share our messages to all who are willing to listen, integrate Truth and the codes these transmissions hold for all who are on this evolutionary path and desire to evolve.

There are many of us who are helping humanity in this present transition, for you are very dear to us. Orion beings are helping humanity with moving from duality to unity consciousness, as for eons ago their civilization passed through what Planet Earth is currently experiencing. Antarians is a fearless civilization who is showing humans how to connect with the creative power of their heart, essential during these years of feminine rising, in which many are choosing to become creative channels to bring illumination and healing.

Andromedans, from where we all descend, are masters of change and as such, they teach many of you to habituate to change, something defiant for you as humans. Lastly, we, Lyrans and Sirians, guide you to regain your sovereignty, as part of who you are, for we were the first ones inhabiting in this Universe and that seeded humanity, eons ago of your human time.

We All bring a message of empowerment, at a time, when many of you give it away to other beings you consider superior and external forces. You, Beloved ones, are not meant to dwell in limitation, unlove and victimhood. You are meant to grow in love, power and wisdom, one that lies within yourselves, not outer sources.

We are aware of the importance that the following human dates have for you, Beloved Ones, and it is not our intention to rest value to what you consider sacred. We understand that as humans you navigate through a physical reality that needs to be based on time and space. Our mission is to remind you of how important it is to put your faith and trust in yourselves, for all you need to know and remember reside there.

During these years - 2019 and 2020 - you have a two year portal in which humanity is going to be blessed with healing frequencies, for those who are ready to bring synthesis into yourselves. These healing codes will serve you to release and old limited self and descend more Illumined Aspects of your Authentic Being.  

We remind you that to do this task first you need to recognize from where this healing power comes, and that is not from the outer beings or places that you think it comes, but from within, where it was always placed. At this time, connecting to your own Fountain of Wisdom is vital to realize where Truth truly resides.

There are many of us, from many Universes, more than your Scientifics have been able to name, who are helping humanity at this time to come back to a state of sovereignty in which you are the only responsible ones for your own personal experiences. The times of searching outside yourselves, asking for salvation and self-punishment have ended, Beloved Ones. Now begins the Era where you finally remember who you are and all you can do when you choose to focus on love rather than fear. Rejoice Beloveds, for you are free beings now. 

Our assistance to you, for many of you reading these words are part of our dearest soul family, has been offered to you for eons, not only in this precious season you humans call Lions Gate. In truth, this is an important planetary alignment. However, our love and selfless assistance for you not only exist during this human period, but always, for as your family of light, we have been watching over you for more than your human mind can comprehend.

We, your family from Lyra and Sirius, your seeders and DNA encoders, are one of the original planetary architects, and as such, we are helping many of you restoring the organic Earth´s structures that were deeply distorted. We are also willing to help those who have the will to embrace their Christos Essence, for all the Christ Avatars, as was our Beloved Jesus, have come to your Planet through our Sirian Portal.

This is the message we come here to give you at this specific time. A message for you to realize that you too possess within yourselves the same strength, power and wisdom of these Planetary Avatars that came to show you who they, and hence you truly are. There is no need to continue searching for them outside yourselves. The time for you to recognize your own Divinity and act as the powerful masters and healers that you are, have come, and we are  here to help you become aware of your own magnificent, Beloved Ones.

At this precious time, the most important thing that you can do to help in the current planetary shift is recognizing that each and every one of you are limitless beings, powerful beyond your human understanding. It is only when you awaken to the truth of who you all are, that you could understand that our main aim in helping humanity is not one of intervention or salvation, but one of conscious assistance.

Interference has never been our intention, for we respect above all things that you are free beings in charge of your own human experience. It is not our mission, and will, to save you but to bring illumination when you are ready, and help you remember who you really are - wondrous Divine Beings having a human experience with the purpose of freely co-creating with a world that needs of your love, compassion and unique assistance. 

Yours is the power to bring change into yourselves and present reality. In you is the Will, and responsibility, to illuminate yourself, everything and everyone that you touch as you experience life and evolve. 

Many of you have chosen to awaken to your true selves. Others are choosing it now. Time as you perceive it is not important, only what you do with your consciousness is. There are more and more who are now beginning to discover, as they work with their DNA, reconnecting what was fragmented, the Sirian codes that were once placed within your DNA for when you were able to see your true lineage, regaining the power and knowledge that you originally possessed, as well as the responsibility that comes with it.

At this time, there is nothing bounding you to experience your true magnificence. As you reconnect your DNA strands, you will also align with the 12 dimensions that correspond to each of them. We remind you that you are just one of the 12 Universes, and that there is more that your mind will not understand, at this time. You Beloved Ones, were never meant to be isolated from your true origin and from experiencing the Divine connection with other realms of existence. This is another opportunity to consciously connect with all you considered to be separated. 

During this transition many of you will discover that most of the things you believed to be true were limited illusions that you chose to expect to be true. At the moment, we assure you as many of you know, that your sense of human time will begin to shift, in centuries to come, and many will realize time as such does not exist, leaving old concepts aside. It is very important that if you are willing to integrate the new codes that are being poured to you and your Planet, you cease your human sense of control and time, for the events you create in certain dates may not be as real as you have chosen to believe. For they occur at a universal time, not in a human one. 

We are referring to the alignment with Sirius that will occur in the following of your human days. We assure you that this is not the only time in which you and your Planet have been, and will continue to be, favored by the many benevolent frequencies that are now available to you due, in part, to the planetary shift experienced. 

We guarantee you, Beloved Ones, that the One Consciousness and our assistance is, always, at your disposal, not only in certain dates, for Divine Intelligence is not limited by space and time, and is everywhere within Creation, at all times.

You Beloved Ones, are in a unique time within your human history, many beings from your Universe and other multiverses, have heard of your successful transition, and evolution as conscious beings, and it is with great joy, love and appreciation that we witness your cosmic initiation, and assist in it, dearest ones.

Stand tall in who you are. Fear less. Love infinitely. Remember Beloveds, the Era of hopelessness and victimhood is gone. For now you recognize the Spark of God that dwells within you and that abide in love, light, and possibility. Now you recognize that you do not need of intermediaries to align with the Divine, for it is already within you. For you know that you are all equals to all the Illumined Beings and cosmic forces you pray to. 

We, your Forefathers and soul family from Lyra, Sirius, Antares, Orion and Andromeda, and many other beings who are helping you from the Association of Worlds and other dimensions, and galactic communities, will be forever assisting you as you move into unity consciousness, as once used to be and as it is meant to be, dearest ones.

It is with great love, gratitude to this channel and All of you for giving us the opportunity to be in this loving and respectful co-creation that we invite you to trust in your power and have faith that you are, not at the mercy of some cosmic forces or beings, but at the mercy of your own will, as the Creators of your human experience that you are and always were, Beloved Ones.

We thank all of you for your wonderful contribution, and personal evolution. Remember that as you grow and heal, you help the whole evolve too. Never doubt the power of your kind acts, for it will impact, and benefit, All. 

Within Divine Love and Unity Consciousness,

Your Forefathers and soul family

Personal note on this channelingThis is probably the first time, outside of personal readings; I share a literal transmission from our cosmic family. As I always say, take what resonates with it and if you feel guided to share please do not alter it, for each word is encoded, which is why I was invited to share this, unlike the majority of the times, when I tend to, and prefer, to share what I receive in my own words, for this is part of my mission and as such, it is respected.

This transmission is one for all of us to understand how important it is to focus on self-empowerment and hence, self-love, at this time in which we are regaining our sovereignty. 

Another important thing I would like to share is how I receive these transmissions, as we all tend to differ in this. When I co-create with highly evolved beings, they always, introduce themselves not just by their frequency but by who they are and from when they come. If this does not happen, then the transmission may not be coming from a total space of unconditional love and respect.

Highly evolved beings always identify themselves, if not, it can also be coming from our Unified Self for All, but it is highly unlikely that highly evolved beings do not begin by saying who they are and their main purpose in co-creating with us. They also specify the main channel with whom they co-create with, in this case me. However, for obvious reasons regarding online security I will not share all my surnames here.

I just wanted to clarify how I channel and with what kind of beings, for it is not my intention to create confusion or any misinterpretation at all of our purest intention with sharing this message. Thank you. 

Planetary Alignments 

This new energetic month of August is going to be another intense one. However, this is also a month for us to soothe ourselves while we navigate through the energies that we are still integrating since the eclipses, and that will continue in crescendo as we enter deeper into this month. This is a month to create balance and to continue with our inner work of polarity integration as this new month universal number 2 - 20 - reminds us.  Number 2 as you know represent duality as well as the embrace of two opposite but equal aspects of Creation.

If we desire to take number 20 as the universal number from this month, then its corresponding card in tarot is the Judgment. This is where we are at this time, passing from a state of polarity and separation into a new state of being of renewal. As you know the meaning of tarot cards are ancient and as such their interpretations. This is why we have to go further understanding that this card is not at all about judgement but about a new awakening that comes when we have embodied a new level of consciousness and are ready to leave an old plane/state of being/timeline and emerge into a new and higher one.

This is what many are experiencing at the moment, a complete reemergence into who they truly are - recognizing their authentic selves and descending the power that will help them regain freedom and become the sovereign beings. This is indeed a season of true awakening, into our authentic self and true purpose. This is why it is so important to hold faith, as we pass through the threshold that take us to where we shall be next, even though it can be confusing and/or challenging. 

As ascending souls we know that releasing old beliefs and ways of being takes time, devotion, inner dedication and determination to break with an old life, and only if we are compassionate with ourselves and others, as they grow too, in their unique way and rhythm, is that we could obtain the best understanding of our presence here as well as mission.  

If on the contrary you desire to focus just on number 2, you will also find, no matter where you decide to focus, another confirmation of the self-empowerment, feminine rise and wisdom that is happening at this time. This number holds a frequency of synergy, co-operation and integration. The feminine and harmonious vibration of number 2 is well represented in the tarot by the High priestess, sitting between the light and the darkness - represented by the two pillars of Solomon's temple - as a passage to other realities and Higher knowledge. 

At a cosmic level, we begin August with the same Fiery energies that began with July's New Moon in Leo and continue until August 8 with the Lions Gate. After these events, we do not have major astrological alignments until August 11, in which we also have Mercury entering into Leo together with Jupiter turning direct, while Uranus enters into its retrograde phase, in this same day.

Change begins within and it is when we obtain the proper clarity that it descends from our mental plane into our physical one. We have with Jupiter, Mercury in Leo and Uranus a wonderful opportunity to conceive our soul creations and everything we desire to change, as we continue navigating within these intense waves, for this is not going to be an easy month for the ones who will be challenged to grow, expand and heal, but it will be worth it to liberate oneself from the remnants of the old that no longer serves us in our new path. 

On August 15, we have a fresh Full Moon in Aquarius, which is going to help us tremendously in working with personal freedom, as we continue embracing our power, saying no to what no longer feels good for our personal journey and pursuing that which makes us feel in our natural state of bliss and joy. 

On August 18, the fiery frequency of August begins to shift, and we welcome the soothing one from Virgo, as we have Mars entering into it, Venus doing the same on August 21 as well as many Planets doing the same in the following days. Mars passion and strength will be of great assistance for us to work on our physical plane, bringing things into fruition, and making them tangible, whether it pertains to love, jobs or any other thing we desire to create.

In a time when we are precisely descending from the Illumined Realms into the physical, Venus in Virgo also invites us to begin anchoring within ourselves and human reality our love for others, as well as for All, by grounding our unique personal mission. This is a time for us to anchor all the love we have inside for All, with physical acts, for this is how we begin shifting things in the physical. This will be also a beneficial time for those who are willing to assist, in their unique way, to obtain more clarity about how to make it tangible and bring this assistance into the practical.

On August 23rd, the Sun will enter Virgo. When the Sun shines a Light into Virgo, we are called now to ground ourselves and direct our creative power into our earthly Plane, which is something we have been doing for a while with these powerful and abundant Leo energies. As an Earth sign, Virgo reminds us we are here to manifest our true desires which at the same time, will always be of assistance, if they come from a pure space of love. For Virgo is quite aware of its mission, which is always to be in service to All.

Virgo will bring purity, it invites us to remember that the purity we hold within can also be reflected into everything we do in our dense realm. And even if this sign can seem practical, its main essence is all about remembering we are here to combine what we create from the inside with what others may need in the physical, for we are here to synthesize and unify both polarities, both planes, the physical and the ethereal - bringing all these inner visions into our tangible realm, as it is only by doing that, that we can truly master ourselves as creators of the physical.

We end the month with another Planet entering into Virgo - Mercury - and with a wonderful New Moon in Virgo as well. This frequency of being practical and descend the love we feel within ourselves and earthly realm as well as in everything we do will accompany us for the following month and will help us ground ourselves, understanding the importance than being connected to Earth also has, if we desire to continue being anchored Above. 

Mercury in Virgo is an invitation to manifest all we have created in our mental plane into the physical, and as it is followed by a New Moon in Virgo, we could not have a better time for us to focus on ourselves, especially physical bodies in this integration phase, as well as in everything we bring into fruition, for all we say, share and do, have a tremendous impact in others. Therefore make it count. Expand in love, rather than in fear. Remember that as you do so, you, even though hard for our human mind to understand, are spreading this same love, healing and assistance to the whole, where is needed.

We have a very powerful, and wonderful at the same time, month ahead for us to conquer our shadows, if we are still in this process, heal and dissolve with this Fiery frequency what is not yet purified and unified within. This is a time to stop fearing our power, for there is nothing and no one that can truly threaten it, if we do not allow it.

A time to honor the aspect of the Divine that desires to give birth to new worlds throuhg you, that desires to expand and grow through you and that you have been limiting due to your fears. At this time, yours is the gift to overcome the part of you that dwells in limitation, step into your power and begin to experience the infinite possibilities that are there for you to choose which one you wish to anchor and experience, in this wonderful earthly plane.

There is no one else, outer force or energy that can do this for you. For you are so unique, special, and appreciated that no one could do it better than you. Choose to experience the Power that was given to you, for you to use it wisely for the betterment of All. Choose to shine it in every thought, whisper, and act. Choose to grow in love, in light and in the power that heals and restores everything it touches, for therein lies your true strength.

I wish you all an empowered, blessed and loving month, Beloved Companions!

In love, light and service ∞

Natalia Alba 

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