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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

martes, 27 de agosto de 2019

New Moon in Virgo, August 30th, 2019 ~ Becoming Universal Healing Channels

Beloved Ones,

We end August and begin a new energetic month with a very earthly and soothing New Moon at 6 degrees of Virgo on August 30. This Moon's loving frequency is meant to help us purifying ourselves with the loving embrace of the element Earth, after all the constant embodiment and for many releasing process too. It is with this Moon that we begin to feel the energies of what September holds for us - rejuvenation, cleansing and the subsequent stabilization.

The Virgo Moon is highly influenced by Mars, Venus and Mercury, making of this Moon a perfect one for us to tune into our power and use it to ground ourselves, as its Grand Earth Trine reminds us, descend our soul visions into the physical and the most important of all - use all this energy, and our soul creations to be of assistance, in our unique and perfect way.

This Moon acts as a the catalyst of the Earth healing happening at this time - even though the recent events may seem otherwise - and introduces the energies of September. The focus during this time between these two months is on acting as pure light canals of these healing codes so we can assist Earth at this tumultuous time. This is why it is so important that in order to do so, first we also focus on self-purification, so we can act as unadulterated filters of love.

As I always say, we do not have to be more or do what others do. We came here with specific essences and abilities that help us bring together the whole puzzle of Creation. When we diminish ourselves by doing what we see as glamorous, or idealizing other's abilities, we are shadowing the unique Spark of the Divine within us that desires to express itself, freely and uniquely.

This is a time of big changes for many of us, as it is cosmically introduced as well at the end of August by two loving trines involving the Sun and Mars to Uranus. As I always say, change does not have to happen at a physical level, as simply with achieving a peaceful state of being, it will signify a profound change. Change comes when we work with inner alchemy, transforming from within what does no longer serves us, opening ourselves to receive and experience, without judgments or expectations, what our Soul desires to undergo through us.

At this time my Guides, which for me includes my Unified Self and other cosmic companions that are often paralell selves of me or part of my soul direct family, have reiterated the importance that assisting Mother Earth has, at this specific time. To do so, regain purity and being gounded is vital, so we can send love, in our unique way, and help into the restoration of what is being destroyed.

I received a loving and very powerful healing activation transmission for All who desire to tune into its healing essence, and that I leave with great love here, for I was told it is with this New Moon in Virgo that this earth healing, purity and higher love, will begin to pour into all who desired to act ass universal healers, helping to help our Beloved Planet.

Blessings Beloved Ones,

We are your Anuhazi forefathers and Founders together with your family from Mintakan, Orion, who have a strong connection to this channel and who are deeply connected to you all and your Planet, since life began.

We bring a message for those who are guided to align with our words and receive our loving embrace and the light healing codes embedded in it. We appreciate your presence and the opportunity to co-create together, Beloved Ones.

At this time of your evolutionary path, you are in a crucial phase, as there are many things happening that seem to be threating your evolution. For the ones who are connected to your Illumined Self, seeing from a higher perspective what is taking place, understand the many tactics and desperation of those who work for the opposite polarity to create chaos and damage into Planet Earth.

We assure you that there is no real threat that will destroy your efforts to become an enlightened race, and that if you reside in your higher heart, spreading your love to All beings, you will be contributing to earth healing, in your unique and special way. This is, beloved ones, the only way to shift your frequency, the frequency of the area in which you live and the whole Planet’s vibration. You have been doing so for a while, and we kindly invite you to continue loving every single being, independently of their personal choices, and present planetary situation. Look with loving eyes what your mind cannot yet understand Beloved ones. Know all is always perfect and as it shall be for All.

At this time, it is pivotal that you understand the importance of working in unison with Mother Earth's Consciousness to restore your Planet, not just from a more etheric perspective - as we know many of you work in the restoration of Earth´s original fabrics - but from a more earthly one too, for Earth is a living organism that is constantly rewarding all of you from your contribution, and for all the love that you share with Her.

It is vital that you beloved ones understand that every kind thought, feeling, and gesture you send to your Planet, has a profound impact in the whole. Nothing is ever lost, especially not if you remain in a space of unconditional love - sending loving thoughts to everyone and everything that is experiencing their own way to come back Source again.

You all can help Earth by visualizing its dodeca icosahedron unified field to which you are linked through your body canals and send love to it, as it continues its transformation and transition into a new dimensional space. As many of you know, who are geomantic masters, this geometry is connected to sacred earth spaces to conduit light form thoughts and other forms of consciousness yet unknown to you, so these places can be activated again, and so can you - retrieving the wisdom that has been hidden and distorted from you for eons of your human time.

Some of you have as your main mission to activate certain vortices, others to concentrate yourselves so you can send where needed an infusion of your light-love most pure intention to your Planet. You all know what you can uniquely offer to your Home, for it is one with you and speaks to you all the time. Feel in what ways you can contribute to help your Planet purify itself and evolve.

You have now a powerful time to observe energy, discern the different kinds of it and its many missions and unite with the frequency that will benefit you most to assist Earth. As energetic-light beings you all are able to feel energy and work with it. You have many choices to connect with the living matrix of Earth and know in how you can be of help.

Now, there is a great opportunity to create positive change in yourselves, and hence planet as well as in the lives of your parallel selves, for you affect all the aspects of who you are, Beloved Ones. Observe that when there is an opportunity for change, there is for freedom, and the present moment in which you find yourselves, as the macro planetary aspects of who you are, are showing you, is a moment for you to welcome change and dismiss old aspects of yourselves, physical lives, and embrace new experiences and assignments that your soul has prepared for you.

In this present moment, you can choose to dwell in fear or remain within Divine Love, in the hope, trust and warm embrace of the Light that is You, to continue having faith in your human path and in the greater one that the Creator has for all of us. Your choice will be embraced and respected, for there is no such thing within Creation as judgment or being wrong. All serves the whole plan, Beloved Ones.

We remind you, beloved ones, that you are all beacons of Light, Universal healing channels from where Divine Light descends to you and your Planet. At this time, purification is required for your body conduits to be cleared of old energy and act as the natural filters that they are meant to be. When you humans cover these body canals with you fears and doubts and with lower vibrational food, these channels cannot transmit the light that your God Self descends to you - impeding this constant flow of love that you shall share.

With this conscious interaction we would like to kindly offer our assistance to all of you who are guided and willing to accept it by sending you through this transmission a massive influx of light that will restore hope and will help you cleanse your fears. We know many of you are immersed in a mission of helping your Planet and therefore all Creation Be open to receive, if that is your will, as you continue integrating this transmission codes, and we assure you that this pure Light will sweep away all that is not aligned with it.

Beloved Emissaries and Earth keepers, once more we remind you that you are not alone in your mission of seeding love into this Planet. There are many others, incarnated and not, that are also walking this conscious path of assistance with you, offering their help when you feel most hopeless and you need to remember most who you are.

Your inner Force has been trying to hide for eons. Now beloved ones, it is a moment for celebration, for there are many of you, and each day more and more, that are remembering your true origin and the power that lies within all of you.

We invite you to use this power wisely, for the betterment of All, and act as the light vessels that you are and came here to be. There is no one threatening your existence. There is nothing that is in truth impeding you to be who you are except your own fears of standing firm in you power. The times in which you were convinced of otherwise, have long gone, and now you have all the assistance within and from all the Universes to embrace again your nature as a Divine Being and Channel, Beloved ones.

You, and no one else can create a shift big enough to affect the whole. You only need to trust in yourselves and in the love that resides in you to bring this change into manifestation.

We are profoundly grateful to you all for your contribution to Earth, a loving Planet that already has its counterpart in another timeline, as a fifth dimensional organism. You all have helped in this unique and important shift. Everything within Creation is witnessing this tremendous leap in your evolution, and everything within Creation is greeting you as conscious beings and is immensely thankful to you for all the love, care and effort in contributing to this massive change.

We would like to remind you, and assure you, the importance of your work of assistance, as each and every one of you, simply with a pure intention to send loving thoughts to you Home Planet, is helping it ascend and heal.

As planetary healers it takes only a kind thought and the conscious creation of a pure physical space to become a beacon of light and spread this light into your town as well as Earth.

You are only a thought away for embracing that which you already are in Truth, Beloved Ones. You are only one thought away of becoming the free sovereign lovelight beings that you came here to be to help All awaken and reclaim their true power and lineage as well.

Choose to be the universal healers that you are. Choose to shine in the most challenging scenarios, when you think all is lost, for all is never lost but being transformed into something more pure, loving and brighter, that is more aligned with who you are becoming.

Rejoice in who you are. Remain in the Illumined Essence of your Soul and trust that what you are - and consciously do - is reaching All Beloved ones.

It is with great love, appreciation to this channel and All of you who have decided to be in this loving interaction with us, that we, your Anuhazi and Orion family, send to you our infinite love and gratitude for your contribution to your Planet and therefore to All Creation, Beloved Ones.

Blessings to all of you beloved light beacons.

Love, light and gratitude to All who consciously assist the Whole, Beloved Ones.

Natalia Alba

Gratitude to Cosmic Collage for the wonderful photo. 

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