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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

domingo, 22 de diciembre de 2019

2020 ~The Year of Stabilization & Infinite Possibilities

Enlightenment is like quantum tunneling - when everyone sees walls and barriers, enlightened one sees infinite possibilities.

Amit Ray

Beloved Light Emissaries, 

It is with great joy, love and gratitude that we are about to release this year 2019 and welcome another year, and phase, of our evolutionary journey. The year that we are leaving behind was a year for conscious co-creation in which many of us have indeed experienced a profound shift in our physical bodies, as we continue our transition into higher realms of existence. A year in which many of us began to create, from within, what we now pass to manifest and nurture in the physical. 

A year to commune with our soul to listen to what it whispers and clearly discern about what we truly desire and no longer wish to experience. A year in which the union of all the aspects of us was pivotal to give birth now to something that comes from a unified, authentic and loving space. 

2020 is a 4 universal year, and therefore a year to build, in the physical, what our soul can only envision in the non-physical planes. Number 4 is the number that represents the four pillars that sustain the universe, what lies behind everything within Creation that grows and expands, as nothing can be properly built without the appropriate foundations, which are nothing but the Divine Love and Strength that resides within all that exists and have ever existed. 

These four pillars are also represented on our Planet and are called the Four - man - Pillars of Easter Island, some that represents the strength behind everything we see in the physical. All that upholds what is eternal and lasting. These are the pillars that sustains our Planetary Fabrics or Grids and that hold all the records of our original DNA on Earth. 

As a stabilizer I am very connected, etherically, with this Island, although not the physical location in itself but the etheric double which is connected to other multiple universes where many of us operate to restore what was sacred, balanced, authentic and shall come back during this New Era that many of us are blessed to witness and participate in.

All within the universe is based on a pattern that sustains all together, from the micro to the macro and it is just a matter of time and learning about our human cycles, as well as we work on remembering the Divine Laws, that we integrate these phases and work on bringing balance to ourselves and Planet, as it used to be eons ago. 

We are going to begin creating the strong pillars that are going to sustain our own bodies within this new dimensional space that we now occupy, for as we shift from within we will begin to realize how our physical reality also does the same, faster than it used to be - matching our inner frequency and visions.

However, number four is not just about hard work, manifesting or creating structure. Number four is about service to others, devotion to our personal evolutionary journey and to All. This is also a good opportunity to go beyond our limitations, as number four tend to be limited by their strong sense of responsibility and order. Order is not about being fixed but about knowing how to create peace within so we can reflect this same harmony without.

This frequency will provide a great opportunity for all of us, especially to recalibrate our hearts, as four resides in the higher heart, where love - stability and service - reside. This will also help those who are too structured and need to flow more and be more creative rather than fixed in their ways of being and living, as well as for the ones who need to be more focus on the physical - creating stable lives that will help them sustain themselves and soul dreams in our tangible world. 

As always, energies do not just come and go in one day, they stay for more than sometimes we are able to understand, in our human minds, and shift when the time is right and not when we feel like introducing something new. Therefore, the current energies are very linked to the universal number 3 of past year 2019, as both essences are contained in this present vast space, in which the infinite possibility of continue creating, while bringing our creations into balance, is there for us to co-create with these energies for our unique purpose.

During this phase, some may be still focused on the creation of a new stage of their path, others may be already stabilizing it. The when, which seems to be very important for the human, does not matter at all in a soul level, for what the soul enjoys is the Now and what one learns and masters in this moment. Only the embodiment of higher levels of love and self-consciousness is what truly counts. 

We end 2019 with a very powerful and earthly Solar Eclipse in Capricorn and we begin 2020 with another intense Lunar one in Cancer. As you know during these two years we are going to be immersed in a Capricorn/Cancer cycle, in which we are going to be invited to make our creations physical. To do so, first we need to work on our emotional body, releasing what no longer serves, which is pivotal to be able to initiate a new life without old burdens and energies that will manifest, again, into our present lives, in a form that will no longer resonate with who we have become. This is why it is so important that we take the proper time, even if sometimes seems endless, to let go and dissolve the old.

The Solar Eclipse in Capricorn at the end of the month shines a light into everything that we desire to co-create next. It is the frequency that will activate the main essence of 2020 and that it is already being felt. This is an invitation for asking ourselves if we have created structure, harmony and stability in our lives, or if on the contrary we need to rebuild our human reality so we can also pay attention to the aspect of us that is tangible and that needs to be sustained. 

In a year where balance is indeed a key element for our ascension journey and bodies, these eclipses come to help us create harmony between the aspect of us that is ethereal and dwells in the non-physical realms - Cancer - and the aspect of us that is equally human, although sometimes we many deny it, and see it as lower, Capricorn, so we can have the opportunity to unify both within ourselves.

These two years are going to be very useful for those who are working with the opposite polarities that lie within ourselves as well as with the mother/father archetypes that are so important to work with and that have been so distorted. Many other aspects such as familiar issues, old karmic genetic wounds and/or others such as emotional imbalances may resurface during these years for us not to fall into old patterns but to become stronger sovereign beings who are able to overcome any difficulties by mastering our egoic self and unify it with our Divine One. 

This New Year 2020 is going to be of great importance for the ones helping on the current planetary stabilization. If this is part of your mission, you will know. As a stabilizer there are several stages and one is always conscious, especially if we listen to our bodies, of what is taking place, of where we are needed and of where we are doing, behind the physical veils. 

Solar Consciousness Rehabilitation

At a time when the Earth precisely aligns with the Galactic Center and we begin another step forward into the reunification with Source, within our Universe, I received a message which was introduced by a wonderful and bright merkabah, on working on the conscious activation of our solar consciousness. As you know a merkabah represents unity, and finally coming into Oneness with Source. This is the authentic process of solar rehabilitation - lightbody synthesis - and the one that many of us are consciously undertaking, during this period. 

When we consciously work on Solar rehabilitation, what we are activating, again, is the God Spark within ourselves, call it Unified Self, God or as you prefer, and this is why the connection with the Galactic Center and our Central Sun, is so important, for these are our main Sources of wisdom, love and remembrance. as we have chosen to move from polarity to unity, as it once since the beginning, and as it is meant to be. 

The Earth alignment with our Galactic Center is a macro galactic event that is going to activate the assistance required for the ones who are on this journey, so we can begin the process of solar consciousness rehabilitation, which is the integration of all the aspects of who we are - dwelling in many dimensions and timeliness, which is why I received a vision of a very bright white merkabah, as it represents the union of all the aspects of who we are. 

The process of aligning with our Unified Self and beginning to understand the entanglement between the many extensions of our soul, is a challenging one. It is necessary to spend lifetimes of conscious embodiment. This is not a process that happens with just a single activation, or anything that we can imagine, for connecting all the selves that make us whole, is something that takes devotion, strength, trust and hope for it may take eons to come back to our original Essence and to the Source from where we All belong.

2020 is going to be a year in which the main focus is not just on the stabilization of our physical bodies and human lives, but on the conscious process of solar consciousness integration, call it Christed Consciousness, Sun or Crystalline Sun DNA reactivation if you prefer, for all fulfills the same function of activating our Source Consciousness so we can begin to fully act from an unified, whole and loving state of being. 

Solar Consciousness is about healing our lower selves so we can begin to act as One with our Unified One, beginning to integrate all the soul fragments that are in pain and become One again - functioning as balanced beings. This is precisely what the energies of this new year 2020 are going to provide to us - harmony, love and equilibrium for us to bring back into order what was separated. 

For the healers who are in communion with this Infinite Fountain of Love and Balance, this year they are going to experience a new opening in their healing abilities that are meant to work with the new energies, finally restoring the old ways of healing with the new ones that come from our direct Source, and that work with the New Light that our Planet is now receiving, in the new dimensional space that we occupy now within Creation and that has nothing to do with old ways in which we used to be, do things or try to heal ourselves or others.

As we continue evolving, we too keep embodying new ways of being and doing things, this is why for many the old ways no longer work, because as soon as we begin to remain fixed in the familiar, it is law that we should release it all and embrace something new again.

Important Planetary Events in 2020

Jupiter opposition True Node, January 8th.

In a moment in which we are about to give birth to something new, this alignment comes to assist those who are still liberating themselves from their past. It is important that we do not carry past energy into our present creations, as the outcomes will always carry past experiences, and hence same repetitive outcomes. With this event we are invited to dwell in the past only to heal what is still wounded or to retrieve the information whether from previous lifetimes or parallel ones, that are going to help us integrate new abilities that we considered lost or that could help us remember how to assist others in their path. 

Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Cancer, January 10th.

This is the first eclipse of this year which is, as you know, link to the Capricorn ones that are going to reign during these two years - 2019, 2020 - and that will provide us with the opportunity to heal emotional wounds and begin to descend, from the non-physical planes into our earthly realm all of our soul visions for our new live. A wonderful eclipse to work on familiar lineage karmic patterns as well and with our upper senses to work on their expansion and healing. 

Saturn Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn - 12th January.

With this planetary encounter the path to move from darkness to light begins. For many that are still in their awakening process this will be a gift as they will finally find clarity to bring change into themselves and lives. 

On another hand, within a very earthly year, we begin by being assisted to make our soul visions tangible and go after what we truly desire. This is a harmony portal that literally greets us within this new cosmic cycle that we already began and that is going to give us the opportunity to live as the free sovereign being that we are, using their power to build and work as One rather than fomenting separation.

Saturn in Aquarius: Between 22nd March and 1st July, and 17th December.

This frequency from Saturn, the Planet of organization and duty, in Aquarius is a wonderful essence for all of us to free from any karmic patterns and begin to work on how to be self-sufficient and bring into the tangible what will last and help us create a balanced reality. 

Venus retrograde in Gemini 13th May - 25th June.

This is the Planet, that from our limited view from Earth spends less time in its slow phase, although as you know, there is no such a thing as retrograde periods within the Universe, for all always follows the Laws of constant flow and expansion. This is a time for us to focus on our relationships, the one with ourselves, for it is the key to maintain balanced relationships with others, and the ones we are experiencing with our loved ones, for we on our own could not have the level of evolution that when we are blessed to test ourselves in the company of other souls that may come to challenge us but that in truth are showing us how to put in practice unconditional love. 

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse June 5, 2020, at 15° Sagittarius and another Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on December 14, 2020.

The Eclipses in Sagittarius will come to bring some different energies within a very Cancerian and Capricornian year. Highly influenced by its square aspect to Mars, and in opposition to Venus, will help us bringing some stability and control over our emotions and relationships. Time to observe where we still act on anger, and why is that we have this energy inside ourselves that is telling us something hat our egoic self is not yet wanting to accept.

Anger the majority of the times comes from fearing something and from our reluctant to accept what IS and move forward. Anger comes when we desire to control something we cannot change and when we direct our strength in distorted and harmful ways towards ourselves and others. This is going to be a wonderful opportunity to look within and understand all aspects of ourselves, embracing the ones who are yet in pain. This will also give us the opportunity to bring some clarity upon the feelings that we try to hide but that show up in our relationships with others. 

Annular Solar Eclipse on June 21, 2020, at 0° Cancer and a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on July 5, 2020, at 13° Capricorn.

These series of eclipses in Cancer-Capricorn are the ones that are making of these two years are the ones that will give us the perfect frequencies for us to work on polarity synthesis as well as our mental and emotional one. It is so important to work on unification that we have two years to just begin mastering what living as unified and sovereign being means. 

Mars Retrograde in Aries 9th September-14th November.

If this powerful Planet had no retrograde phases during 2019, from our human view. On 2020 Mars will turn "retrograde" in Aries. As you know I do not even feel retrograde periods in the human experience I have chosen to manifest, for there is no real evidence of retrogrades more than the collective illusion, from Earth, that has been created about Planets going into slow motion.

Mars in Aries is about managing our energy. For the ones who are impulsive, this will provide them with the perfect opportunity to work with balancing being too impulsive and lack of action. Taking action is important. However, acting shall follow the proper meditation and thinking required for us not to fall into unconsidered impulsive behaviours that could damage ourselves and others.

This is going to be a great gift for us to control our egoic instincts and anger, so we can begin to work on the conscious integration of energy and strength in ways that are constructive rather than self-destructive. 

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse November 30, 2020, at at 8° Gemini 

With the intensity of the energies of 2020 this Eclipse in Gemini comes to give us a boost of energy and self-confidence to continue with our journey and the new projects that we are birthing. This is one of the most joyful and loving phases of all the year, as we are going to be immersed in a constant mode of receiving, where integration and how to direct the frequencies embodied is going to be determinant to what we are going to bring into fruition. 

Jupiter transits in Capricorn since December 2, 2019 until December 18, 2020. 

During 2020 the emphasis will be on Capricorn as we have eclipses in this sign as well as Jupiter transiting in Capricorn as well. This is going to be a great opportunity for us to organize our lives, shifting what is no longer working, and beginning to create the order required for us to experience balanced lives in the physical. 

This will provide us with the opportunity to expand into the aspect of us that is tangible, dwells into this earthly plane, and is as equal as dwelling in the spiritual worlds, which is precisely what helps us mastering this dense realm.  With Jupiter in this sign we are going to be given the opportunity to work with what is physical and bring it into the proper order, again. 

Jupiter in Aquarius starting 19th 2020 December until December 28th, 2021.

If we begin this year with Jupiter in opposition True Node, now with Jupiter in Aquarius, we are not focusing in the past anymore, for it is in our new trajectory that we shall focus our energy, so we can build something constructive in this year in which building stable foundations is so important, so we can move forward within the chosen path. 

The Great Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, 21st December 2020.

This is probably if not the most, one of the most influential and most important alignments of all this New Year 2020. This cosmic encounter will not only affect to our personal human lives and especially the use we make of our power but that will have a tremendous impact in the collective as well, where important shifts will begin to occur, at this time. 

On another hand, this is also going to be a wonderful time, especially after Jupiter entering into Aquarius, which helped us to release the past and leave an old phase behind, as now with this conjunction, it is a time for growth and expansion in new ways. All barriers that you used to cover your true potential. All the feelings of being unworthy, impossibility, must be now released to leave space for what we are birthing inside.

Declaration of Intention to welcome a new phase

This is a declaration I was guided to share time ago to release the past and welcome the new, for those who resonate, and feel guided, to use it, as they wish. I felt guided to share it again since we are shifting into a new timeline and beginning another phase of our never-ending evolutionary path. 

As always, you are your own Master and this is just an example, you will have your own words. 

I _(your name)_ call upon my Unified Self, Monad and Guides who assist me on my human experience, and who come from the Love, Light, Truth and Unity of God to help me release what no longer serves my current human path and embrace a new phase of my journey. 

Thank you for helping me protecting my personal and sacred space of everyone and everything - incarnated or not - who do not belong to the Light. 

It is my conscious desire to let go of everything, and everyone, with great love, and blessings, that have fulfilled its purpose in my journey - being free of the old so I can welcome what my soul planned for me to experience, in this human plane. 

I _(your name)_ as a sovereign free being, choose to no longer feed the past, for it is no longer existing, in my present timeline, fully opening my heart to new horizons that have not been walked, yet, by my human self and that will offer me precious new experiences and soul encounters. 

I AM forever dwelling in this Now moment.

I AM forever grateful for all the past experiences and relationships that have served me to become the empowered and sovereign being that I am now and that have been already released, forgiven and appreciated. 

I AM ready to let it all go, with great love, joy and excitement for what is coming, in this new stage of my evolutionary path. 

I AM now manifesting what is for my highest good, and that of All, working in perfect unison with God and with the Forces of Light of this Universe and all multi-universes that help me manifest a perfect reality for what I need to experience next. 

I decree that it is my pure intention, and conscious soul desire, to only dwell, and hence, experience, this moment, removing all previous ones that my human self is no longer living and needing for its growth. 

I __(your name)__ thank my Unified Self, Monad and Guides for helping me dissolve all past timelines, energies, and relationships that are still active in my energetic field. 

I welcome infinite possibilities to create my new path. I embrace all the infinite blessings that are coming into my human experience and I AM grateful for all that is already helping me to step into a new timeline.

Therefore, I make of this declaration a permanent and irrevocable one. 

And So it is and it will be so by Grace and in a perfect way for All!

Happy New Year and happy Now everything Beloved Ones! 

In love and light ∞

Natalia Alba 

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