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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

jueves, 27 de febrero de 2020

The Energies of March 2020 ~ The Season of Miracles

Beloved Light Emissaries,

It is with great love and joy that I share the energies of one of the most magical months of all the year. March is a month ruled by Piscean energies, ones that come at a time when dwelling for a while into the depths of our being, is essential in a year ruled by Capricornian energies. As you know during 2020 the main essence is one of making tangible what we first envision in our inner realms. 

It is very important that at the same time that we like to remain in the ethereal we too understand that we are living in a human plane, when we have the opportunity to physically ascend, and when we can master the art of being conscious co-creators. However, as there is a time for everything within Creation, it is now a time for us to stop for a while of being so practical, of trying to be constantly acting, to sojourn in the aspect of us that is Divine, that dwells in possibility, in love and light with All.

This new energetic month is a 7 universal one inside of a 4 universal year. As you can see, whether we choose to look at astrology, numerology or simply to feel the essence of this present moment, all conduits to the same interpretation of the current energies, as the Truth is only one. We have been working with these pairs of opposites since the New Moon at the end of February of balancing our Divine Self with our human one. 

On one hand, we have number 7, the seeker of truth, which is all about communing with Spirit, sacred mysteries etc. and on the other we have number 4, which is all about being practical. Now, during this month it is a time to harmonize the wise guru within that resides in the Illumined Planes, with the physical, and hence, mental aspect of us that likes to manifest what the wise guru within envisions, in these non-physical realms.

Number 7 as you know is a number that represents spirituality, contemplation, and the mastery that comes with experience, one that with Pisces, as it is the last sign of the zodiac, shall come, for we have now navigate throughout the entire galactic zodiac, incarnated in many signs, to be able to learn the unique essence and opportunities that they offer us. It is then now the time to end a cycle and get out of a karmic wheel has finally come, especially for those who have been manipulated and/or trapped within the planetary karmic wheel for eons.

March Equinox: Earth’s Reconfiguration

As you know, and as I shared in the New Moon in Pisces at the end of February, the reconfiguration that our Planet is experiencing, which is being strongly felt, especially for the ascending souls that are working on restoring Earth’s Fabrics, as well as the many ley lines and vortices that are beginning to be reactivated. 

For the ones who are immersed in this mission, during the March Equinox, these energies will become more present and many of us will be in sacred communion with our Unified Selves, and other souls, who share this mission with us, to help anchor the new light in the many sacred sites and non-physical spaces in where we have been guided to work. 

During this month, and always, for this is not just a one time event, the need for us to create balance, loving, and conscious, intentions, is vital to be able to hold the purity required for us to continue working with Earth Grids and the reconstruction that not just the Grids are experiencing, but certain sacred sites on Earth as well as their connection to the stargates. 

Everything is moving into another location, therefore everything in our physical world too - is being shifted to be aligned to our new dimensional space. The ones who assist with the New Earth Grids, may have noticed how they are being sent to different locations, which is something that happens not just in a physical way but in an astral one too. 

We are never alone, even though by personal essence and mission, we not all are meant to travel, reunite etc, and feel lonely sometimes, our Unified Self will always orchestrate everything in a perfect way for All, simply to remind us not just of our mission, and our strength to be able to fulfil it, but the wondrous reminder that we are many, connected, at all times, and that above our sense of individualism, we are never alone. 

I was told that there are going to be new openings, for the March equinox, to work with the bridging and healing, of old and new earth grids in certain areas of the Planet, for the assistance received, from both a physical and non-physical plane, has made it possible. The Equinox 's light amplification will allow us to be of service during weeks, for the influx will be received for not just one day. 

There are many areas that the work we do could take more than we may think. On the opposite, there are other places which grid restoration is easier, for they do not have such a deep damage and, if united, the work is possible and will have a deeper impact.

For the grid workers or others who feel guided to work on the restoration of the grids, apart from the spaces they are guided to go by their own guidance, the areas I was told by my Unified Self to work with, for they will benefit from this opening/amplification, from the Equinox are:
  • China
  • Mali
  • Gabon
  • Argentina - Lago Puelo, which is the name I received, although it is not in just this precise area. As always, you will feel in what space you can be of more assistance. 
  • Mexico
  • Ireland - there are many sacred sites here being reactivated, the ones who are guided will know where their presence will help more, for the rest, we can simply send our pure intention to act as a conduit of love, which serves equally.
  • Turkmenistan 
  • Chile 
Thank you for all the love, kindness and assistance wherever you are. 

It may feel as if physical challenges and/or other issues, may never cease. This is due to the huge impact that a non-lineal reality is having upon ourselves. For we are beginning to experience a faster reality and acclimatizing ourselves to it. We have yet to master expanding or contracting time, by how we feel in each moment. 

Thanks to all who feel guided to reunite, with me, in planes beyond the physical, where distant does not exist, and send your love and healing to these and other places you feel guided. 

Karmic healing & ascension

The Moon at the end of the previous month, as well as the  Piscean energies that surrounds us during March, represents the end of a cycle. As ascending souls we have long ago left behind human illusions as well as the many distortions that came with them and know how to connect, in a deeper way, with the planetary frequencies that reign at every moment.

The essence not just from ths new month as well as from the many alignments that are affecting us at this time, it is one of releasement of old karmic burdens, ones that are not just genetically inherited or coming from the so called past lifetimes, for this same theory cannot be applied to all, as we all have a unique path, but that comes as well from our own self-created limitations and negative self-programming. 

It is pivotal that if you feel this is your case and you still have certain patterns to clear within your DNA and hence as well, emotional and mental bodies, you spend the necessary time working on how to disengage yourself from all these implanted or again self-created beliefs that only damage yourself and physical body, for only by doing this inner work of liberation is that more wisdom can be properly embodied, after eons of distortion and attempts to hide who we truly are and therefore our real power. 

With Piscean energies it is a very good moment to work on our upper chakras reconnection and communion with the Illumined Realms. However, if we are yet on the first stages of conscious release and freedom, then before going further into this work, there are other important things to with with before stepping into the next stage:
  • Sexual trauma healing
  • Inner marriage: polarities synthesis
  • Divine human blueprint resurrection
  • Unity consciousness
  • Unconditional love
  • Inner alchemy
  • Karmic cycle final liberation
  • Ascension - as the ultimate lesson
As always, every step further in healing is another progress towards regaining unity. It is precisely by dissolving lower layers of our egoic self as well as self-liberation that makes ascension possible. This is why it is not about just raising our vibration or leaving aside people or situations we consider negative, but about working with our own selves, where everything that truly disturbs us resides and where everything that really should be cleared dwells, inside ourselves. 

Planetary alignments 

We welcome a new energetic month that comes with great possibilities for those who are open to create outside our 3D matrix and begin a new life free of manipulation and mind control. The essence of March is represented by the 16 universal number - 7 reduced. Number 16 is represented by the tarot card of the Tower, which is destructive for many, but to me, it simply means the conscious change or the necessary one that must occur, for us to dissolve an inner state of being and/or situation that is not aligned with our true soul journey, and rebirth, again, transforming it into something that is aligned with our Soul Will.  

A misguided path can be destroyed by conscious desire, is realize that this is not the path we are meant to navigate in, or by Divine Intervention, as sometimes our God Self can cause the necessary changes required for us to return to our original path. When this occurs, the human self may tend to see it as something negative, and as if everything from the outside is causing us troubles or as if it was a curse. In truth, what we see as chaotic or as destructive, is the required frequency we need to change the direction of a "mistaken" path, for in truth all paths end by leading us to our true destination, nothing experienced is ever wrong or useless. 

On the opposite, number 7 - 16 reduced - is represented by the tarot card of the Chariot. This card represents the renewal, and triumph that comes when we are aligned with our God Will and when we have finally passed the challenges that may come with change and with the apparent chaos that seems to reign while this change lasts in our human experience. In the end, if we learn how to accept, embrace and navigate through change, we will end up being the warriors and powerful brave beings that we naturally are. 

Number seven is a mystical and master number, for it holds all the wisdom required for us to manifest in the tangible, all we desire to experience. On the contrary of what is often thought of this number, it is not a passive one, for its masculine essence means the one who wisely brings into form that which was once nurtured and properly discerned from within, from a space of love and connection to All That Is. 

From a planetary perspective, we begin March by having Mercury retrograde, for those who resonate with this, entering in Aquarius on March 4th. Mercury in Aquarius This is a soothing and great frequency for us to work on bringing mental healing/releasement as well as liberation. 

This is going to help us immensely, if we are working to free ourselves from delusions, old beliefs and anything we are trying to let go. This essence brings mental flexibility, for us to flow and be open to new truths, as there is always, a higher truth, as we continue to evolve. Indeed a very important energy that if used wisely, could help us work on self-sovereignty at all levels.

On March 4, we have Venus entering into Taurus. Venus in Taurus is going to be focused on the things we most value in the physical: our relationships and friendships, our creative essence and everything that involves bringing all the love we have within into our tangible plane. As everything, if we distort this essence, we can fall into the egoic trap of being possessive of material things and/or people in our live. 

This is why creating a balance and practicing not getting attached to anything or anyone is pivotal when we have the Planet of Love and Abundance in Taurus. It is always an opportunity for us to begin understanding that in truth we possess nothing and that authentic love is about letting all free and simply focusing on enjoying the co-creation until it is meant to come to an end. 

On March 9, we will have a Full Moon at 19 degrees Virgo together with Mercury turning direct, again. This Moon is one for us to create a frequency of hope, trust and confidence. Especially at a time when, as many of you know, there is a new strategy of creating fear in the masses, and we need to be united and centered into our hearts to avoid be contaminated by this fear that has been created to disturb our peace and wholeness.

This Moon opposite Neptune, which does not have to be a negative thing, as many seem to think about it. The meaning of something being opposite, is simply another human interpretation and in truth we never know how planets, who are forms of consciousness, communicate between themselves or interact, but for our mere human interpretation. To me, if I listen to my own guidance and connect with these essences, this Moon will be all about connecting in a deeper level with our sensitivity, with our Illumined Essence, who knows that even though we may not see our reality as such, everything is happening in a perfect way for All.

The Virgo Moon will be a very important frequency for us to work on our unconscious fears and everything that we create and that puts us down and makes us dwell into a lower frequency, and hence, instead of being. A blessed time for us to cultivate faith and hope, knowing that we are always guided by a Higher Intelligence that knows best. 

On March 16, we have Mercury entering into Pisces. This is a perfect frequency for those who are working on awakening/expanding their higher senses - retrieving wisdom whether by working on past life activation or simply by the unique way they have chosen their gifts. For the ones who have already awaken their abilities or some of them, they could receive creative visions, dreams, or the transmissions they need at this time to receive, from the Illumined Realms or anything else, in the unique form they receive guidance, that can help them in their ascension path as well as others. 

On March 19, we have Uranus sextile True Node. This is a wonderful encounter, which is all about finding our true soul calling and place on this Planet. As you know, the North Node represents our soul desires, the ones that we wish to manifest, all that impulse us into what we call future. This is a time to make the proper changes for us to move forward rather than dwelling in the past, where nothing can be changed, as it is no longer existing in our current space/time. 

On March 19, we also have three important events: the Sun moving from Pisces to Aries, and the Equinox, when the energies will reach its maximum apogee. This is a day to assist, for those whose mission involves restoring the Earth Fabrics, stabilize and anchoring the codes received from the star gates. 

We all can help in bringing deep cleansing and healing into the Planet, in our unique way. For others, this will be a day to focus more on themselves and the things they have to clear or harmonize. Again, every time we choose to work on ourselves, we are also helping healing the whole, so no matter what we choose to do, for as long as it will be about bringing more focus on unity and love, will serve All. 

This is, at least for me, a day to spend in profound silence, away from social media, for in the moment you are focus on being constantly chatting, sharing etc, you are not focusing on the importance than being present, integrating this frequency, has. It is a day to fully focus on our connection to Earth, and in anchoring this light for All. 

On March 21, we have asteroid Vesta entering in Gemini. Vesta embodies the feminine and devotion to service. With Vesta we are finally able to connect with our intuitive essence and devote ourselves to be of service in a more spiritual way. When Vesta dwells in Gemini, we are invited to engage ourselves in learning higher principles, in devoting ourselves to be open to new experiences and to master ourselves in the things that truly resonates with us and make us grow, in a soul level. 

In the same, on March 21, we also have Saturn entering in Aquarius. This is a unique opportunity to restructure our lives and find new ways of living. As you know many are still acting on old habits, an may not even be conscious of it. As soon as we become aware, is when we have a chance to finally do something with our own programs and begin to unplug from the masses and create a new life structure based on our current values. This is going to be a very good time to do so and evaluate our habits and human experience and begin to shift what no longer works, taking responsibility of who you are, what you do as well as your reality, for you have created it. 

On March 24, we have a fresh New Moon at 4 degrees Aries. After working on healing, releasing old patterns with Piscean energies and clearing old layers of our self, with this Moon comes new beginnings and hence, the conscious initiations that we all may pass, when we decide to step into this evolutionary journey. 

It is with Aries that we are ready and released of an old cycle and its many delusions and now we are ready to embark into new adventures and projects, which is what the essence of this New Moon will invite us to do, for those who are ready, for as you know, we all have our own micro cycles, which shall be respected above the macro planetary ones. 

We end this magical month with the Warrior, Mars, entering into Aquarius on March 30. This together with the New Moon in Aries is a great influx of energy, confidence, courage and personal power, if we choose to align with its benevolent frequencies and begin anew. We have all we need inside, and at this season in the macro as well, to commune with these Forces and create a reality that is based on abundance, love, magic and healing. It is up to us to choose whether we wish to keep feeding an old reality and the lower state of being that comes with it, or work on personal healing and begin to move into a new direction. 

March brings with it the blessing to transcend old patterns, ways of being and begin to embrace their true essence and unique abilities. When we decide to become the pillars of light, the embodiment of Divine Light that we are, we begin to realize the tremendous power that resides within ourselves and that was wasted by giving it to others.

It is vital that we understand that we are our own oracles and guides. The more we continue searching outside, the more we will fall into the risk of integrating fake guidance, delusions and magical thinking. While the more we commune with our soul, the more we will be finally able to truly envision who we are, and the unique mission and path, that was designed for us, which is what March invites us to practice. 

I share with great love one of the many affirmations I do, that resonates perfectly well with the Essence of this month for those who feel guided to connect with it, and recite it, or simply use it to create their own ones.

I AM a conscious being choosing, at every moment, to remain in the Wisdom and Power of my Soul.

I AM One with the Force that creates worlds, aligning with It, always, to bring forth only that which is going to be of assistance to All.

I AM forever abiding in possibility, for this is where the living Source dwells, in love, light and compassion with All.

I AM the Light that loves and heals everything it touches, consciously choosing to sojourn in the unconditional and harmonic frequency of my God Self, now and always.

I AM Divine Wisdom incarnated within a physical body, experiencing myself through a dense reality, and remembering the true power and infinite knowledge that lies beneath the illusion of being human. 

And so are You.

I wish you all a creative, revealing, and blessed March, Beloved Companions!

In love and light ∞

Natalia Alba 

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