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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

viernes, 6 de marzo de 2020

Full Moon in Virgo, March 9th, 2020 ~ Healing Transmissions

Beloved Light Emissaries,

We are entering into a portal of purity and service to others with the wonderful Full Moon, at 19 degrees of Virgo, that we welcome on March 9. It is a time with Piscean and Virgo energies when we all have a gift from our Heavens to commune with the Unified Aspect of who we are and begin the conscious descension of the many aspects of our mission that we could use to help ourselves and All, in this ascension journey, in which we all need  each other to continue evolving and growing from the many interactions that we experience, during our human life experience. 

Virgo is an Earth sign, on the contrary of Pisces, although it is a mutable one as well, which has in common with Pisces that both are flexible and are devoted to be of service, and for that one must be open to change in all its forms. Virgo energies come precisely at a time when the Planet, as well as ourselves, are experiencing a deep cleansing, which is the main Essence from Virgo, to help us remain in the purity of our soul and in the love that we are.

The earthly sign of Virgo, which is ruled by Mercury, is associated with the Virgin Archetype, which is by no means related to celibacy. On the contrary, it concerns the Divine Feminine Archetype of wisdom, purity and wholeness - nurturing and loving everything she touches; in the physical. Virgo is the one who reminds us that we are here to descend and embody the Essence of who we truly are in nature on earth, as well as our soul desires. 

Grounding ourselves is also vital, as it goes beyond our personal well-being. Our energetic human field is interconnected with the planetary field, for as you know we are all One living consciousness under the illusion of separation. When we are not grounded, we temporarily create an obstruction in our energetic field channels, impeding the natural communication with the planetary field and grids. This is mainly what creates the feeling of isolation that many have from Earth and foments mental delusion.

To help us being grounded, which is very important to discern between what is real and what is a mental creation, at the time of the Full Moon, we have seven Planets at the Full Moon time in Earth signs. This is another invitation to make things tangible, to descend healing into the physical, bringing purification and restoration to both our physical body and lives and to begin understanding that in truth being a master is all about knowing how to work with the physical aspect of us. 

As we also have the Full Moon in Virgo in a trine aspect with Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, all of them in Capricorn, an essence, as you well know, that will be very present during all this year to help us work with our earthly plane. This is going to be a great influx of power for us to wonder about what it is that we truly desire to manifest and plan the new experiences that we would like to bring into form, with the proper infusion of passion and focused intention required for us to birth our soul desires. 

This is a very important Moon to ground ourselves, to connect to Mother Earth and to dissolve any delusions that we belong to other planes outside of our earthly ones or in truth all is galactic, and hence Divine in nature, and we all belong to the same Fountain of Love, and what truly matters is to be able to be balanced enough to bring this Divine Essence of love and healing into our human reality. 

Furthermore, we have the Moon opposite Neptune and trine Jupiter. The Moon too activates Jupiter sextile Jupiter. All these combinations are a great opportunity for the enlightened, cultivating faith, hope and everything that involves stepping into the spiritual world, for it is from where we originate from and where we shall come, from time to time, to remember our True Essence and purpose here on Earth.

Healing transmissions: etheric surgeons 

This is a very powerful Moon in terms of healing and enlightenment. Something that is only achieved when we embrace our emotions, all aspects of ourselves as equal and move from fear and fragmentation to unity consciousness. It is pivotal that we understand that in order to become an enlightened species, first we need to clear the many programs of separation and distortions that during eons we hold within whether for genetic reasons or self-created ones.

As many of you know, this Full Moon in Virgo is a master healing one and with it comes the galactic assistance of the many lovelight beings that within Creation have already passed through a deep state of separation into unity consciousness, as we are also experiencing at the moment in this planetary transition, and desire to help humans now to evolve too. 

As always, we are all unique and will have our own things to work with/dissolve at this time. Therefore, it is so important to investigate our chart as well as to connect with these energies so we can feel the unique purpose they have for us. On a more physical level, The Virgo Moon rules our intestines.

As you know this is where physical purification takes place, and these energies, together with the Piscean ones - ruling our feet mainly - and other alignments from this Moon, are perfect for us to focus on certain parts of our bodies that need support. We will know which of our body parts need more assistance, if we align with these energies, they will let us know where we should bring healing by experiencing certain sensations in specific parts of our body, for it is the way they have to communicate with us.

At a deeper or non-physical level, I have received during a starseed healing session with a companion a profound message from Orion for this Full Moon in Virgo of healing assistance, for the ones who feel that this could be of help for their own personal healing journey or simply for their mission of bringing assistance to other soul companions in this journey. 

To help us in our conscious inner work of self-synthesis we have Orion beings, who are now a highly evolved species but who passed, eons ego, through a very hard process, especially during their war times, as you already know. As starseed souls, or universal citizens, for we all belong to the same Source of Love anyway, many of us are connected to this civilization and the ones who are healers will also know that Orion’s healing transmissions are there for those who with a pure intention desire to bring healing and removal of lower energies and implants into our human bodies.

It is indeed a wonderful time with Piscean, Virgo and Neptune energies to commune with your Unified Self and Guides as well as other Lovelight beings as Orion ones or any other ones we have a connection with, to bring these healing transmissions/codes into the Earth, for this is where we are meant to act as conduits of healing energies and restoration. 

For the ones who are beginning on this healing mission, it is very important to ask for protection and protect our 12D bodies, for we not only dwell in the physical, as you well know, before working with these Illumined Essences/Beings. After that, calling upon our greatest guide and protector of all - our Unified Self - and Guides is pivotal so our soul counterparts can help us protect ourselves in a deeper level.

Having done that, we can begin calling upon the Orion healing transmissions codes for us to receive them with an open heart. In my case I open my hands, and with the palms up, I begin to feel the heat as well as the deep love from these Beings/frequencies codes, in my palms.  It is important that we learn to know ourselves before doing this further work, as it is important not to compare ourselves with anyone else or wanting to receive guidance or healing in the same way as others.

While some people will simply feel, hear or both at the same time, others may know simply by inner knowing. Others will see or simply know what they must do after asking for healing. It is all very different from one to another, as we are all unique and while some have their heart centers more activated, others will feel it more in their hand chakras or other body parts that they work more with or are more active. 

Orion beings are masters as well as Sirius in etheric surgery, something that many of you will know well while you do this task in the etheric planes, if it is part of your mission to be an etheric surgeon as well, especially to remove implants etc. It is important that we understand that we on our own can achieve little, for we are all meant to be one in truth, and that we all need help in our evolutionary journey, which is why we have many masters helping us to grow in love and in our unique abilities in many different planes of existence, whether we remember or not.

When I was guided to expand on my mission as a healer and being working more in a face to face level, I totally felt the difference in the sense that I receive more insights and healing from the many beings that dwell within our plane and outside of it. It was a totally new experience and a blessed one indeed for me, as it is helping me to grow in humility and self-mastery.

When we work with starseed souls in a more personal level, the amount of beings who come to assist us in healing as well as the many different energies, is absolutely incredible, and it is then that the process of learning to discern between the many energies, forms of consciousness and beings begin, for starseeds can be linked to many beings and different types of energies and it is a very enriching work to do, if one is willing to evolve and learn more about the many different types of healing energies that exist. Although as you know, there is never an end and we are just beginning to know the many possibilities that truly dwell within our human plane and ourselves. 

This is indeed a very powerful Moon that will have a different energy for each and every one of you, as it will reside in a different place in your chart. As you are your own master and healer, it is your personal choice to feel in what unique way you can use this energy to be of assistance for your personal journey, in a more specific way.

We are in a time in which our connection with our cosmic companions and family is more evident for all of us ascending souls, and it is just a matter of evolution and inner work that we continue expanding within the many possible connections that we can establish, when we are willing to work for the benefit of All and it is part of our mission as conscious beings.

Believing in ourselves is vital, if we desire to do this Divine Mission of being conduits of healing energies. However, it is even more important to begin by clearing the many distortions and delusions that dwell in our mental plane, especially regarding the subject of starseeds and other cosmic topics, is pivotal, if we truly want to remain balanced at all times, without falling into our egoic trap illusions.

As sovereign beings it is our mission as well as helping others to help ourselves remain stable, while we do our task and work of assistance, for the ego is prompt to feel superior or inferior and it is our mission to master it to remain in the humility and higher understanding of our Illumined Essence - always learning, always in love and in oneness with All.

We are in a unique moment within our human history. It is thanks to the many united as One that this planetary evolution has been achieved. We live in a Universe of infinite possibilities, we dwell in infinite dimensions, and we all have the power to become aware of this Truth and use it to create a wondrous human reality for the benefit of All, or to continue living in the limitation of our minds. 

Therefore, choose wisely. Choose to experience your true potential, choose to experience the love that you are and that you came here to share with All. Choose to embrace your sovereignty and the freedom of choice that comes with it. 

I wish you all a healing and blessed Full Moon Beloved Ones!

In love and light ∞

Natalia Alba 

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