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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

lunes, 6 de abril de 2020

Full Moon in Libra, 7th/8th, 2020 ~ Clearing Timelines

Beloved Ones,

This is a time of planetary confusion for many, as the majority may not know what is truly happening behind the created chaos. This is why it is so important to always look within to connect with our own guidance and receive with clarity the truth behind any situation in our live or in the macro. This is a time for the ascending souls to unite as One Family and practicing unconditional love for All, not just for the few who resonate with us, spreading our compassion, for it is the only thing that we can truly do, and that will reach All beyond physical borders and other mind limitations. 

Many of you are already feeling the consequences of what is taking place in our Planet. The created crisis has affected us all in some way or another and it is only through dedication, devotion to service, and to our unique purpose, that we can counteract the many tactics that the matrix uses to keep us enslaved and isolated.

It is precisely by impeding us to be totally free that many of us cannot work, as we wish, as physical contact is not allowed, for obvious reasons, and many have lost their unique way in which they sustained themselves. To help us anchoring balance at this time in both within ourselves and in the Planet, we have a wonderful and harmonizing Full Moon at 18 degrees of Libra on April 7th/8th. A harmonic wave that began previously to the 444 portal. 

This is a Moon that helps us in setting the proper stabilization required, as well as to create balanced relationships, as it is one oriented to assist us in our soul reunions, as its ruler is Venus who aligns with Mars, which even if at this time of isolation can be ironic, it is not, for as you know, in a soul level we are all connected and interact in any way and it does not matter whether we are physical near or able to touch each others or not.

There are some who believe this Moon will seed disease, as it makes an aspect to Neptune. However, this is just our human interpretation, for what the macro is reflected is simply what is already occurring. The planets and stars do not rule our lives, this belongs to the old and needs to be dissolved, for they simply have a unique essence and it is our task to align with it, understand and direct it towards what is best for us, rather than making simply conjectures based on human illusions.

As I recently shared, the influence of the Jupiter and Pluto conjunction will be also great at the Full Moon time. We often tend to think that luck comes from outside and that the best circumstances to act upon our soul desires are brought by the planetary events and other human illusions. 

The truth is that luck is a mixed between strength, determination to act towards our desires and personal power, which is what this conjunction invites us to remember at a time when we may not get out or act much, in the outside, but we can always create from within the perfect conditions for us to live the lives we truly desire, or simply a more peaceful state of being, for we do not necessary need to go out, as we reside everywhere, as the unlimited and multidimensional beings that we are.

At a deeper level, the message I received at this time for all who desire to connect more with the present healing energies, as well as focus on personal evolution and selfless assistance to others, is one of humility, for all that is happening is in part doing so for humanity to learn that we are not in control of the Planet but in equal co-creation with it, as their guests, and that man damage to it, was never meant to occur, for all beings shall coexist in perfect resonance and respect. 

However, for those who continue believing that this is a punishment, this will be a time, if you choose so, to move inward where the Truth resides, so you know that within a loving Universe, there is never such a thing as punishment, there are just consequences for our acts as well as taking the responsibility for them.

As healing tools, I received that at this time, calling upon the God Will Power, called as well Blue Ray or Ray of Power, as you may prefer, will benefit many who are still working on the conscious embodiment of their sovereignty, understanding and differentiating, that this is not about the human meaning of egoic power that we were taught, but about the one who comes from remaining in a space of love for All, working behind the physical scenes to liberate ourselves, and helping others to do so too, from human, whether implanted or not, illusions. 

As a second tool, when I was beginning to write this message, I envisioned an icosahedron, which as you know has twenty triangular faces, and belongs to one of the sacred geometry forms of the Platonic Solids. This is a tool that whether consciously painted, used in a crystal form or in any other way we feel guided to connect with it, will assist us to release, let go of what does not serve and birth something new, which is what is truly happening  behind the chaos, whether some believe it is a new order in which we will be enslaved in a harder way, and others a new dimensional space. The truth is that something new is being reestablished, restructured, and hence birthed.

Nonetheless, whether it will be something greater or meant to destroy, it is up to you, for in what you focus, it will become the timeline that you will be experiencing. As always, it is up to you to diverge into the new dimensional space that resides first inside, and that many of us occupy now, or within the new 3D one that is being created.

Behind the destruction, the chaos and the many tactics used to create fear, there is a seed growing, within all of us, within the collective consciousness. This seed is pure, humble, loving and compassionate, and it cannot be manipulated or destroyed, for it is the result of all the conscious intentions put by many of us during years.

Hold a higher vision of who you truly are, even though they try to make you believe otherwise. Hold a more Illumined vision of where you are heading. For it will determine what you will be experiencing the day we called tomorrow, although as many of us are experiencing at the moment, there is no tomorrows, just endless todays, which can be filled with joy and love for what we are birthing, or by fears. However, the second one only comes when we do not take charge of our own life experience, and we always have the gift to begin doing so, from an empowered and loving state of being.

Have a healing Full Moon Beloved Ones. 

Stay always in the Illumined Essence of your Soul.

In love, light and service,

Natalia Alba 

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