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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

sábado, 18 de abril de 2020

New Moon in Taurus, April 22/23, 2020 ~ Global Awakening

If you do not like where you are, change it. You are not a tree.

Jim Rohn 

Beloved Ones,

At this time of profound transformation, in which humanity is finally choosing in which timeline they desire to stay in, something that many of us did a while ago, we welcome a very powerful New Moon at 03°24′ Taurus. A Moon that conjunct Uranus and that hence confirms the change that is already occurring in both internally and in a planetary level. As I always says, the planetary aspects that we try to interpret, from a human perspective, do not mark our human lives or determine our fate. On the contrary, they, in their also unique planetary evolutionary dance, reflect what is happening already, within our dual universe.

This is a very important time not to focus on what is happening or what we are told that is happening, but on the conscious creation of the timeline that we wish to step into. It is only through the conscious infusion of our pure intention into the timeline desired that we could determine our next moment, not outer people or events, but ourselves and the level of focus that we put into the creation of what we truly desire from our soul.

Another important aspect of this New Moon is that it also square Saturn, and while many believe this combination together with Uranus is not a good one, as I always say, Planets simply are, and it is up to us to embody their essence, which in this case is related to how healthily integrate change, making the best we can with the current energies that we choose to embody.

The present moment is one of deep change, and with it it is true that we are experiencing chaos, fear, disease and manipulation like never before. This of course coincides with the planetary transition that begun a few years ago and that some are trying to impede. There is always a way out, and that is to look within. 

There is a lot that is indeed affecting us, I am experiencing this myself. However, as we integrate change and discern about our situation, surrender and open ourselves to experience new ways of being, living and acting, solutions come, for as long as we remain in our higher hearts, we will be able to realize that there is always a way out and this can only come, if we remain at peace rather than in constant fear and hopelessness. 

This is indeed a critical moment in humanity, one of deep adjustment. However, it is also a moment of awakening, evolution and dissolution of what no longer serves. Above all, this is a time in which humanity must choose whether to continue living in old ways and in old patterns of thoughts, feeding, and fearing, the 3D matrix, or whether to liberate from it, and we can always do so from the inside, by clearing our mental and emotional bodies and embody higher levels of consciousness. 

Protection begins from the inside

At this time we are being bombarded with how to take care of our immune system, it is very important to remember that protection towards anything that we believe can damage us, begins from the inside. The New Moon in Taurus is one directly connected not just to the change that is taking place at the moment but to our bodies, connection to what is organic, nature and the care of everything that is physical, and that have been previously descended from a non-physical plane. 

It is important that we understand that the most important thing that we can do to protect ourselves is by precisely cultivating healthy thoughts, ways of living as well as informing ourselves of the Truth or at least the one we are able to integrate at this time, with the level of consciousness that we possess, of what is truly happening.

This is something that is done throughout our entire life existence and not just when we are threatened by certain disease or anything else we consider dangerous. When we consciously talk to our DNA, body cells and entire body, whether what we desire is to improve our immune system or any other body function, we begin by programming ourselves differently, as well as by talking lovingly and patiently towards ourselves and bodies, until we regain the necessary consciousness to bring the proper change that we desire.

There are many that fear activates in themselves a necessity of doing protection and other similar tools to be able to stop what they fear. However, if one has not done this inner and daily work, in my opinion, in a daily basis, it will take some time for our bodies to respond to what we now try to program them or infuse to them.

It is pivotal that we understand that it is not by releasing toxins from our physical bodies what makes invincible our immune system, but by consciously eliminating these same toxins from our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies what truly creates this healthy barrier toward diseases, and the many created dangers that nowadays are affecting humanity. 

Working on regaining sovereignty and mind freedom is not a one day process and it is pivotal that the ones who consciously desire to be on this path realize the importance that doing this inner work of self-liberation has, for those who wish to shift timelines and leave behind, even though not in a literal physical way yet, an old 3D one based on slavery and mass manipulation. 

Earth-Pleiadian Connection

Taurus as you know hold one of the most significant star clusters to humanity; Pleiades. This is a very important connection to many on Earth, not just for soul family reasons, but due to healing purposes too. At this time, the New Moon of Taurus is a perfect portal for us to work on two main things: birthing our new soul creations with the assistance of Pleiades, and healing with the power of inner earth, for even though we are not able to go out, the connection to our Mother Earth is always present. There are many who are very connected to the many healing forces and beings from inner Earth. Some powers or allies that can help us at this time to be more grounded, so we can also expand into the stars.

This is a time in which many of us are not able to go out. However, this does not mean we should lose our connection to the elemental/earth realm, for Earth will provide us whether going physically there or not, with the necessary support required for us to clear ourselves, emotionally, physically, mentally, as well as other distortions as the vesica Pisces ones, and keep working on the conscious healing process that we began a long time ago, when we desired to embark on this journey. 

When we work on conscious creation, first, in order for our inner visions to become reality, we need to clear mental, emotional and physical distortions. This also includes to clear our second chakra as well as our procreation wounds, for this is very connected to the aspect of us that manifests. This is one of the first steps towards regaining personal freedom, as well as healing ourselves to be able to liberate our inner creator. 

I share below an exercise for those who are ready to embrace a new reality and have first worked on healing the many distortions that we have accumulated, especially genetically, throughout the many lifetimes that we have experienced whether in this physical plane, or in any other we consciously have chosen to live in. 

At this time, even though humanity seems to be immersed in a very tumultuous situation, there are always many soul creations waiting to be born through us, waiting to emerge into the light of our tangible plane, and be spreaded to All. Surrender not to your fears but to the aspect of you that is yearning for expansion and new creations. Surrender to your creations, dreams and desires, for they are the non-physical aspect of who you are wishing to be represented within a physical realm.

This is a time for choice, one that must be conscious and that shall come from the depths of our being, for what we choose in this moment will determine how our next one will be.

Therefore choose wisely, choose lovingly for All, and above all, choose to remain always in the Illumined Essence of who you truly are. 

Infinity symbol exercise 

I received a tool to work with the power of the infinity symbol. This is a symbol that also represents number eight, although this is also a meaning that, as humans, we have attached to this symbol. This symbol represents the infinite possibilities that are there for us to pursue, even though many may believe that we are being enslaved and that all is heading into an unloving place. It is all what we determine to do with ourselves, personal reality and where are, what will determine our next human experience. 

This is a regenerative symbol, one used by those who are transcending the initial phases of awakening and are now aware of their multidimensional reality, to be able to travel or navigate between dimensions, and different timeliness, whether conscious of it or in a dream phase, so they can choose between the many dimensions and realities that they can experience and step into the one they desire to step into.

When we consciously envision and hold in our third eye, or through painting it as well, in conscious meditation, especially for those who may not have it easy to visualize, this infinity symbol, as being a bright golden one, as I received, holding as well a vision of our desired reality - always one that is for the highest good of All - we are already creating in subtle planes of existence, first, as it always happens, the reality that is already being birthed.

After envisioning the infinity symbol in your third eye or if you have painted it with your physical eyes, we take this bright golden infinity symbol into our hearts. With our eyes closed, envisioning it from within, from where we create, we take this symbol that is suspended into our higher heart with our hands and expand it, as we continue to visualize our new reality, one that is full of love, peace and abundance.

Then, we release this symbol from our hands into the Universe, sending this same loving and abundance reality to All. After that, we decree that this same freedom that we have had to choose our personal reality shall be the one that others may have too, to choose theirs. The Universe have received now our vision, as from the moment we envision our soul desires, it is already being reflected outside of ourselves too, will respond At Divine Time, giving back to us the physical representation of the vision we have held.

Many times happen that we envision many details of the reality we desire to experience. This is not always for the highest good of All, in the sense that if we visualize ourselves being with someone who at the present moment is not corresponding our feelings, to set an example, or that is with someone else, we may fall into the trap, even though unconsciously, to try to manipulate other person's reality. This is why many times a lot of people feel disappointed, for the vision they hold also depends on another, and we can never control or manipulate other's reality.

There are also other details, as having a house in a certain place or having a certain house which is already occupied by someone else, and that hence also represents a challenge for us to obtain. This is why it is so important not to interfere, or try to, and simply generate a vision where we are happy, whether accompanied or not, without putting faces, or things that will involve others, for we will not be sending a pure and authentic desire but an egoic one, and the universe will never co-create with something that is manipulated.

These are important details to take into account. This is why I always recommend to simply envisions ourselves surrounded by loving people, by peacefully and balanced relationships, and simply by having an abundant reality that is the result of just sharing who we are, and our unique abilities.

If our vision is pure and comes from our heart and desire to benefit All, at the right time it will descend into our tangible reality, finally stepping into a new timeline, which is in truth what we mean when we talk about the creation of another reality - the conscious choice of simply being at peace, surrounded by the love and light that we, in Essence, already are. 

Other important things to take into account when creating our new reality is that it must be compatible first with our frequency, and secondly, to the physical space that we inhabit now. If we desire a totally different physical Planet or a dimension in which there is no sign of our 3D one, this may not be totally aligned with what we also chose to experience: a human reality.

Therefore, choosing the many timelines available within this human reality that we chose to experience in the first place. Our main wish is to continue experiencing a reality that we already chose, not to escape from it when things challenge us. Therefore, what we create is a new timeline that can coexist with our human plane, in which we will feel at peace rather than constantly challenged by the manipulative tactics that the matrix uses to continue enslaving us.

We cannot escape the responsibility that in a soul level we first chose of coming here to experience this reality and assist others. However, as we regain sovereignty, we begin to understand that in truth there is nothing to escape from, but to embrace, and by doing so, is that we discover the many open doors that exist and that we can still choose to cross and enjoy.

Decree to choose freedom for the creation of a new reality

your name call upon the Presence of My Unified Self and Guides to protect me in this conscious decree and to help me keep my frequency aligned with my Soul Will, at all times.

I thank all Benevolent Forces and Guides for helping me in this decree and on my human journey. I thank you all for allowing me to be the sovereign being that I am, free to choose freedom over enslavement, free to choose my own path. 

I thank the opportunity, that is always present, to create a new timeline, a new reality where to dwell, in love, light and peace.

your name choose from a space of gratitude and freedom to release all 3D ties and begin the creation of a new reality where I am liberated from the old programs that enslaved my mind and physical being.

I choose to trust on my inner guidance rather than in outer sources that try to control my destiny and human experience. For I no longer dwell in human illusions, fears or doubts about my personal power, as a Divine Creator.

I choose to trust in what my heart yearns for, allowing myself to manifest my soul dreams and choosing faith, trust and confidence above any other egoic feelings and/or manipulations from the matrix. I no longer fear the power I hold within to create, for I now realize it is my ego getting attached to what is familiar and a fake sense of security. 

From this moment onwards, I choose to create from a free, unconditional loving and peaceful space that which is going to be for my highest good and that of All. 

I choose to create, and therefore experience, abundance, compassion and freedom, for in the Illumined timeline that I choose there is no oppression, manipulation or any other form of control.

I consciously choose to dwell in love, light and joy.

I consciously choose to dwell in peace, harmony and abundance, for this is what I am.

And so are You and All within Creation.

Therefore, I make of this declaration a permanent and irrevocable one. 

I thank my Unified Self and Guides for protecting and accompanying me on my human experience. It is with great love and appreciation that I send infinite love, peace and the opportunity to recognize infinite possibilities to All.

And So it is and it will be so by Grace and in a perfect way for All!

I wish you all a wonderful New Moon and a wonderful Now moment wherever you are experiencing at this time, Beloveds.

In love and light ∞

Natalia Alba 

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