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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

martes, 2 de junio de 2020

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, June 5, 2020 ~ Moving Towards the Light

You once told me you wanted to find yourself in the world, and I told you to first apply within, to discover the world within you. You once told me you wanted to save the world from all its wars, and I told you to first save yourself from the world, and all the wars you put yourself through.

Apply within by Suzy Kassem

Beloved Light Emissaries,

In this new phase of our journey, we begin to welcome a series of three eclipses, being the first one in Sagittarius, a sign that indicates resurrection, revelation of the Truth, and hence the light and new beginnings that emerge when we begin to live authentically, and above all, in a fearless state of being. It is with this lunar eclipse at 15 degrees Sagittarius that we begin to move from darkness to the other side that we also came here to experience, the light. For we are now aware of all that is not real and that shall be removed. 

These series of eclipses are going to support us into the profound transformation in consciousness that many are experiencing and that begins by dissolving all the old and step into a new reality in which creating the strong pillars that will support it, is pivotal, if we desire to create a stable life.

It is with this sign that we begin to burn the old, realize the many delusions, lies and programs that have been both put into our minds and self-created, when we dwelt into a lower state of consciousness, and begin to step into a more conscious ways of living. In this stage, we pass from being dormant to be totally awake, beginning to see our true potential, and the subsequent restoration of our true essence that comes with it. 

We are in a moment of our human history where nothing that is not in harmony with the Planet and the new dimensional space it occupies now, will survive. It is therefore a time for us to choose in which timeline we desire to dwell, and contribute so this new timeline that humanity is choosing and that is based now on love and a higher way of living, can be supported. Many will begin to notice what is not in alignment with their truth, what is not real, and will move into this new space. Our mission, as star and earth seeds, is to help them uncovering this veil of illusion, so they can too spread their wings, as we did once. 

It is a time for lifting the veil of illusion that many still carry due to old fears. Humanity is finally awakening, massively, and it is our task to support this shift, not by interfering, but by consciously being in our higher hearts, recognizing the illusion, fomenting love above any other form of fear, and even though inhabiting in a human body, within a human mind that may make us from time to time to fall into old patterns, remembering that we are humble sovereign free beings, with the right to live a free human life, yes, but also with the responsibility to share and help, as we once compromised ourselves to do. 

Sagittarians show perseverance in what they truly desire, and we are not just seeing this influence in certain individuals that are born under this sign but also globally, for there are many who have awoken to the truth and have realized that they no longer desire to live in a controlled world of abuse and lies. 

As Sagittarians, we too now are conscious of the importance that enjoying the journey has, more than getting to the “final destination” as we are grateful for all the "lessons" learnt in the path itself, knowing that in truth, there is never a final purpose or destination, for we are forever evolving and becoming anew, within the infinite realms of Creation. 

From a cosmic perspective, the eclipse square Mars, and opposite Venus. This is what we are already experience since a few months ago, the inner battle of many in choosing whether to remain in a loving space or whether to continue fighting the system, or as it occurs to others, remaining in the frequency of fear, feeding the matrix and perpetuating the existence of it, in a way. 

With Venus, and for those who resonate with it being retrograde, we are going to have the opportunity to realize if we love and honor ourselves, not the egoic aspect of who we are, but the Divine One, that desires to manifest through us, and if the lack of purpose, direction and abundance, that we many be experiencing is not precisely happening due to this self-created limitation that under a lower consciousness, we imposed to ourselves. 

Now, we have grown in wisdom, realize many delusions and cleared many of them. Now, it is the time to begin a process of deprogramming, in which, we finally see the truth of who we are - sovereign beings living a human experience for the purpose of co-creation, and above all, assistance to others. 

On the other hand, with Mars, we are going to have the opportunity to learn how to conduit this force from the Warrior. As you know Mars represents the aspect within us that has to do with power and strength, how we direct this power makes all the different, for we can use this energy that simply Is towards building something loving, or towards the creation of resentment, anger and hate.

For some the energies from this eclipse, will encourage them to speak their hearts and hence personal truth, like never before. For others, it will be about becoming aware that they still have anger and distorted emotions within that need to be healed and channel properly, for all is in reality energy, pure emotion, directed towards healing or towards personal destruction. Once we know how to channel the pain we feel and how to directly get into the wound and treat it, there is no hidden repressed emotions that hurt us, for we have learnt how to treat them in time and let them go.

This is an opportunity to heal what is hidden and all painful emotions that impede us to continue our journey without feeling guilty, trapped in a space we no longer desire to be, and above all, denying the love that we are to ourselves due to egoic illusions. We are in one of the most busiest months, in terms of astrological events, of all the year, and it is one full of gifts, if we know how to align with these energies, to create freedom, and embrace higher levels of love, which never ends.

Galactic Center codes: Divine feminine integration

We are in a very important galactic passage during not just this eclipse but the following months. We are about to welcome a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, and this is very important as the galactic center dwells in it, together with another eclipse in Cancer, followed by a third one in Capricorn, which will helps us anchor all we have first descended from the Illumined Essence of who we are, as well as from the invisible realms.

This comes at a time when we also are going to be poured with the sun codes coming from the Solstice on June 20, which is going to be a massive influx that will put us in integration mode for at least three months. These energies from all these cosmic events at that time are meant to help us awaken/expand, depending on where you are in your ascension journey, the Mother/feminine codes that we all have within and that due to the patriarchal manipulation, and other karmic patterns, many have not yet activated.

This is a perfect time for us to work on the fallen mother/feminine aspects of us that have dwelt in pain for eons and that have to do with traumatic experiences that we have passed whether in this or any other lifetimes that we have experienced, as infinite beings, and that are yet within us, waiting to be embraced and healed. 

There are many who have suffered from feminine repression. As conscious beings who are willing to heal all the distortions that we still have within our physical, and non-physical bodies, it is our responsibility to take the proper time to do our inner work. This is a time to begin healing the sexual misery programs that have been forced upon us during eons and that have fomented the distortion of the feminine for many years.

We can know reclaim our sexual-feminine energy, the one who nurtures, births from within and loves All equally, and begin to retrieve the pure and Divine meaning of the feminine and what this energy truly is about. This is why there are many who are experiencing a profound inner crisis regarding their feminine wounds, for once we awake, a healing crisis will occur, as a sign of the shift that our body is experiencing at all levels. 

It is in the feminine wisdom that lies within all of us that our ancient memories reside. It is now the time in which we can work on reclaiming these gifts that the feminine holds within, by consciously integrating these galactic codes, which are precisely Divine Wisdom in form of liquid light, descending to us to embodied them and direct them towards the proper development of our unique abilities, and begin to shine our true gifts.

Working on activating this past wisdom is essential, if we desire to move from separation towards unity. When we realize that our soul is not divided and that the many selves that are living different experiences right now, in other dimensions, we call past, present and future, are also a part of us, just dwelling in different bodies, we understand that beyond our human sense of separation, the soul does not possess this perception, for it holds together all the experiences of who we have been, are and will be.

The same goes for all the wisdom that we carry within from all the parallel selves of us. We are not separated from the wisdom we once achieved. We can all reclaim it and begin to unify all we have already learnt by calling upon our Unified Self, Guides and ask that all the knowledge we already hold, and that our body can integrate at this time, comes to us, if it is meant to be, for not always it is meant to be, if our bodies may not cope with the new frequency. This is why it is so important to heal the distorted feminine and work on the opening of our upper senses, before we can retrieve this wisdom. 

The balance will be put by Capricorn energies with the last eclipse, so we begin to create harmony between our masculine and feminine essences. For this is precisely our main purpose here - to synthesize both aspects of us that may seem opposite to our human perception, but that without experiencing the sacred marriage of both of them, we could not reach a unified, and hence enlightened, state of being. 

This is a time when new structures are emerging, and not all of them negative or against our freedom, even though many believe that this new world order is an oppressive one, and although sometimes it can be as such, no one can govern our inner space. We all can rise from within and create limitless expansion whether they are trying to manipulate us or not. It is never about the outer but about the ability to create within the prefect frequency of harmony and peace required to experience, under any circumstances, a stable and loving reality.

This is a time for the ones who came here on a mission of being of assistance, to stand tall in their power and begin to work on unity rather than on separation by trying to fight what cannot be shifted. For we can only begin by changing ourselves and how we react, not others or what they choose to do with their personal realities.

It is a time for many to begin moving from followers to leaders and embody the Divine Role that was given to them, as sovereign beings, once they dwelt in this Planet. Becoming mentors, wayshowers, healers, guides, and/or any other labels we use to describe what we do to assist, has nothing to do with being superior, knowing more, or any other egoic delusions.

Becoming a guide or mentor simply means to be an example of what one can be and do if we simply choose to become who we truly are in Essence. When we choose to follow a path of less resistance, unconditional love and compassion, it comes naturally to simply be who we are, and it is in BEing that others see that creating the life we desire, with all we need to sustain ourselves, and with the right companions for us, can be done. It is not about being perfect, for we are humans, and there is nothing wrong about it, but about being authentic. 

It is precisely in becoming living examples and in anchoring the infinite possibilities that are there for us to purse, that we become mentors and guides. We do not have to do anything; we simply have to live within integrity and Divine Love for others to see that it is possible to live a life that is aligned with a higher purpose and Will. 

If you are one who are yet reticent to let go, to be who you are and to spread the unique gifts that you brought here to share. I understand and appreciate you and all you do to expand yourself. For I have passed through the same. The path to release resistance and lower egoic layers is not easy at all. However, there will come a time when the soul will finally push us to stand firm in our truth and share it. Our only task is to prepare ourselves by releasing fears, doubts and illusions of inferiority. For it is not about us, but about becoming Divine Channels to spread Truth to All.

I wish you a revealing and blessed Eclipse, Beloved Ones!

In love and light ∞

Natalia Alba 

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