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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

martes, 16 de junio de 2020

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer, June 20/21, 2020 ~ Embracing Transformation

We are never more than a belief away from our greatest love, deepest healing, and most profound miracles.

Gregg Braden

Beloved Ones,  

We are in a crucial phase of our evolutionary journey. Humanity struggles between fear and love. It is indeed a time of deep fear for many who believe in the end of the world, although in a way, it is, as we knew it. As it will no longer be as it used to. For some, stepping into a desired new timeline will mean freedom and a new way of living, one based on unconditional love, respect and conscious co-creation. For others, this new phase will be about fearing the future events to come, and the many predictions that come with them. 

This is a crucial period for all of us to truly commune with our soul before making judgments and come to conclusions, as we are fed by fear and many delusions. It is very important that we all learn how to think and discern for ourselves, as in truth, the matrix manipulations may be so subtle that many times what we think is coming form our own discerment, is precisely what they have infused upon us. 

Most of the times, what we believe is our own guidance or thinking, is nothing but the mere input they have literally inserted into us through different media. Therefore, stay in the silence of your soul to listen to the Truth, for what you may be fighting for, may be just what they want you to be doing, at this time. 

With the coming of this second eclipse at 0 dergees Cancer, we are immersed in a void, a zone of no time/space where all ends and begins at the same time, and hence, when all is birthed, again. The time where we erase the past we no longer desire to experience, simply with learning how to act within Divine love and stop damaging all that in truth, is One with us. 

At this time of deep personal, and global, transformation, it is very important that during this time of eclipses, and other important galactic events, we take the proper time and care to continue redirecting our energy into the conscious creation of what is going to benefit us and All, and that is always to be centered into our higher heart, so we can spread our love, light and fearless essence into all who wish to collaborate with us in the creation of a more illumined reality.

The heart knows no polarity. This is why it is so important and we always talk about being centered there, because it has its own intelligence, receive direct guidance from Above, and is always connected to All. On the contrary, our brain is the one that is fragmented, making constant judgments in order to categorize and makes choices according to its dual perception. If we learn how to commune with our heart intelligence, we will understand that every time we have to make an important decision, it is there where we have to go for clarity.

This is the time when we finally begin to find unity and create from this same space something that will help us all evolve and reach a higher state of consciousness. Something that as species help us end the eons of suffering that we have put ourselves into, due to our egoic illusion of separation. This is where we finally awake, and use this void to come back to our zero point, erasing our past deeds by embracing higher levels of love, and creating a new reality that simply births from this same Divine Love. 

Cancer - the Mother, one of the most intuitive signs of all the zodiac who lives in the realms of emotions and a higher form of love - represents the female principle of creation, the Mother aspect of us that gives birth, heals and nurtures everything it touches. a natural caretaker, healer and the one who is responsible for birthing our inner visions. As Cancer is the nurturing sign par excellence, it is related to the physical parts of us who feed and protect.

This is why, at New Moon, any breast or stomach - uncomfortable - issues, for emotions are processed in our digestive area, will show you where you need to nourish yourself, as you are feeding your human fears and this is the way your body has to express itself. As Sol is going to be very active as well, due to the Solstice, there will be sensations of being exhausted and drained. Do not push yourself to integrate more, to reach a higher state of being. You are, always, being all you need to be and exactly where you need to be.

With the coming of these series of eclipses, Solstice and many other cosmic alignments, we have the opportunity to work on our hurt feminine essence, especially during this coming Eclipse at 0 degrees Cancer, in which we will have the gift to work on releasing the damaged that during eons we have suffered in our Mother Essence, as well as in the correspondent part of our bodies - genitals - from all the damaged experienced during many lifetimes.

As this solar eclipse is going to be highly influenced by Saturn as it quincunx it, we are invited to work on the aspect of us that is determine and that expresses itself, together with our other opposite side, one that is self-limited, and therefore, lives in fear of its own personal power. This is a time to break the barriers that impede us to express who we are, to speak our truth and to make it in the way we feel guided.

At a time when many are eager for truth, freedom and love, all that we can reveal, and that comes from a space of love and respect to All, is greatly appreciated, remember that this is not about us and what we have to say, but about Source expressing Itself through us. Everything we have experienced and overcome may serve others. Everything that we receive that comes from a pure Source, can help others awake and find their truth, beginning a journey of conscious evolution. This is why it is so important that we take what we do seriously, for it is not about us, but about contributing the best we can at the moment, with the whole. 

Building the Antahkarana bridge 

When I was communing with my Unified Self and Guides to receive guidance for this solar eclipse, the most important message, at this transitional time in our human history, was the importance that building a conscious bridge - Antahkarana - with our Soul, and hence, Unified Self and Monad, has, for those who are beginning to awake, as well as for those who are feeling as if they do not receive guidance in the same way, for it can be a sign that we need to continue building our non-physical cord with our soul and the Highest Aspects of us, so we can renew ourselves, our Divine Connection, and receive, again, as we used to.

At the beginning of our ascension journey there are many who are eager to continue evolving and begin to work a lot on themselves and personal healing process, which is vital. However, once we see ourselves already into this conscious path, it does not mean we should cease our personal quest, as well as inner work. Working in the connection with our Divine Aspects, is an endless task, for we never end evolving. This is why it is so important that we take the proper time, from time time, to heal, release and strengthen our connection with our non-physical self.

The Antahkarana is the conscious connection that we are going to build from our heart center, and hence, physical self, to our soul and Monad. This is the so-called triad connection, as we connect our human self with our soul and Monad, and the one that we need to build, when we initiate ourselves as fifth dimensional beings, something that comes when we are already living within Divine Love and respect with All, and feel ready to give this step.

It is vital to establish a connection, once we are finally awake, with our Illumined Self, call it as you prefer, as if we do not build this connection that goes from our human self to our soul, there is less possibility to receive guidance, healing and higher frequencies than when we consciously do so. This is why many feel as if they do not receive. In truth, the non-physical world is always talking to us, it is us the ones who need to clear our channels and do our inner work to allow this guidance to be fully descended upon us.

Prepare for meditation by sitting with your spine straight and calling upon your soul, Unified Self and Guides. After you feel their Presence and protection, thank them for their assistance in building this higher connection with the human aspect of who you are and begin to focus on your breath.

Move your attention from your breath to your heart chakra. Visualize a cord (I prefer it to be gold, although I leave it to you if silver feels more comfortable for you) which is going to go up until your pineal gland, star chakra and then as you move it throughout the other upper chakras, you will finally reach/link it with your soul and continue until you do the same with your Monad.

This is a deep visualization that requires clearing before we can step into it, as well as silence and a profound concentration, for what we are visualizing, even though it may seem just as a mere visualization exercise for our human self, is as real as what we can physically see, and it is the conscious building of our connection to the Illumined Aspects of who we are.

This is one of the most important exercises to do when we step into this ascension journey, as the more we build this connection, the stronger this cord will be, and the more guidance we will receive, as the consequence of our communion with our Unified Self.

We are always One with our Divine Self. However, as free will beings, once we came here, we chose to come and pass through a veil of illusion, one that impedes us to fully remember this connection. This is why it is so important that when we finally awake, we take the time, and repeat this meditation, from time to time, to strengthen this connection, as when we do so, we are telling our Illumined Self that we know who we are and that we are willing to make of our will its Will - linking our human self with our Divine One.

While you do this exercise, if guided, call upon the sixth Ray as well. This Ray is the one meant to be for those who are devoted to their ascension journey as well as work of assistance. As you continue to choose to evolve, and then do your inner work, not just for your personal growth but to be able to be of more help to others, this Ray is going to give you the strength and tools you need to continue with your journey, which can be challenging, especially in the beginner stages.

This Ray will also be a great support if you are asking in what you could be of further service, waiting to receive more clarity about new aspects of your soul mission, or purpose in itself. This Ray helps those who are willing to give the important step of dedicating their lives to assist others, as it shows us the particular way, in which we could develop our unique abilities to put them into the service of others.

Embracing vulnerability

This eclipse in Cancer is going to be a very emotional one for us all, together with the Solstice, Mercury retrograde, for those who resonate with retrograde phases, and many other events that are beyond our human comprehension, but that many of us can feel, even though we cannot fully name. There are indeed many Forces aligning at this time for helping humanity to evolve and pass from unconscious species to evolved ones.

During this eclipse in Cancer we have five planets in water signs and three in earth ones. This is an opportunity to connect our non-physical self with our earthly one, building stability into all aspects of who we are. Many of us are already feeling the profound collective fear and mass manipulation that is taking place, as we feel more vulnerable and emotional than never before. 

This is it is so important to be in contact with nature, with our True Essence, to receive the truth from our own Illumined Source rather than searching it outside or in other lower sources that can program our mind from what is really happening. We are passing through a deep period of fear, one caused by many who are trying to implant new programs into the collective as well as the great threaten of their survival by making them believe in the so-called coming of the end of the world. 

When we are feeling vulnerable in whatever possible way we feel it, for each and every one of us will be different, it is important to embrace, without any fear, all of our feelings, for this is precisely what vulnerability is - to accept all of our feelings as equals, without any fear of expressing them, with respect. It is important to begin using our vulnerability to connect more with our Illumined Self and Truth and be of service, for we now are able to empathize more and more with others who are under a lot of fear.

Breaking our heart barriers, and showing our feelings is a sign of personal power, for we know that even though we may feel hurt at times, we embrace it all anyway, conducting it all into a constructive way rather than hiding our feelings, and hence, using our vulnerability destructively. All is energy in nature, and it is up to us to interpret and conduit our feelings wisely instead of reacting egoically all the time. 

Our power and strength lie precisely in walking defenceless and exposed to all feelings, knowing that nothing and no one can truly hurt us, when we possess a higher vision of what being human truly means. When we go with an open heart, we are not weak, on the contrary, we are growing in love, for we are now strong enough to embrace everything that touches us, and it is precisely in this embrace that we help others to feel loved and appreciated.

Some may not understand how we choose to walk on this earth. We all have different views and opinions. However, love can always be felt and no matter our vision of reality, we all will begin to walk more consciously, more in love and above all, in unity, for we now remember that beyond our human personality, we are Divine Beings in disguise. Remembering makes all the difference to take this life as a conscious, and joyful choice, or as a punishment and accidental one. 

I wish you all a revealing and loving Eclipse, Beloved Ones!

With love and light ∞

Natalia Alba 

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