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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

jueves, 2 de julio de 2020

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, July 4th/5th, 2020 ~ Dimensional Portals & Timelines Revelation

Beloved Ones,

In a month influenced by both masculine and feminine planetary frequencies,  we are about to welcome a very powerful, and already strongly felt, Lunar Eclipse at 13 degrees of Capricorn. The energies from both the eclipse and this month, as well as its universal number 11 - 2 reduced - give us the same message of unification through the proper integration of both essences within ourselves. As it is only through self-synthesis that we can truly co-create with other forces/souls and give birth to something that will benefit All.

This is a very important passage in our evolutionary journey, as we have a conglomeration of many energies from all the eclipses, together with many other sources that constantly pour new frequencies into our Planet. It is vital that we move from our human perspective, even planetary one, and feel beyond our human senses, the many benevolent energies and their wisdom and that surround us, at this time. As we are literally within a Void, as Guides shared many times during these past days, in which endings and beginnings merge, it is there where we have the opportunity to create, focusing only on that which is going to be our next life experience. 

If we take this eclipse from a total earthly perspective or astrological one, then it will be all about the integration of the sacred masculine, and its balancing with the feminine, due to the other frequencies that help us to work on this inner task. This eclipse will also help us to create structure into our lives, something that must come first from the inner balance we hold within.

The Lunar eclipse trine Uranus, and opposite Mercury which at the same time square Mars. These planetary encounters invite us to master our anger and impulsiveness before taking important decisions, or express our feelings, and begin to move into a more loving space, before rushing into the creation of something new or before expressing our hearts.

Expressing who we are, at all levels, is one of the most important messages from these events that accompany this eclipse, it is part of our double mission as starseed and earthseed souls, to express ourselves and soul creations, with love and respect. For we not only came here to enjoy this realm, and clear the many issues that we may have accumulated during the many lifetimes lived on this Planet, but to serve as well, and one can only serve Creation, if one expresses oneself, as one is, without filters, without masks, for it is not about us, but about God choosing to express Itself through us, what truly matters.

When we rush into things we may fall into disregard, because we often take only ourselves into account, and this is what these events are inviting us to observe, in a more earthly perspective, to calm down before we speak and act. The energy from Capricorn is very powerful, as it is a sign that likes to make things tangible, to act and to organize it all. 

However, together with Uranus, which invites us to create change in the things that no longer resonate, and Mars, whose fiery impulse can make us fall into desperation patterns, we need to use this inner fire to create something stable, but with the proper determination, especially at this time in which we are immersed into a void, as all we create, will be our next reality.

With all these different energies, we all need to witness our personal ascension journey to see where we are. It is the only way in which we truly can discern if we are at a time when we need healing/clearing, closure of old chapters, or if we are under the process of transforming our entire life. For others, this will be about a totally different thing, as they may be already settled into a wonderful life experience, as they already gave birth to their desires, when the time was right for them. It is all what we need and where we desire to go next. 

As I always say, this is not about the next destination. Guides make a lot of emphasis in explaining that there is no final destination, for we are never done with our personal evolution. We all have our time, and the most important is to enjoy where we are at the moment, more than constantly losing the present moment, to wanting to reach the next one, and what will be in it. What the next moment will bring, is what we create in the present. 

Into the Void of Creation

As many of you know, by own personal experience, since a few months ago, we are immersed in a portal in which our conscious choice to step into a new timeline or remain into an old one, is pivotal. At this time, we are in a void where many dimensional doorways are being opened for the ones who desire to step into new phases of their lives, and begin to create from a space of integrity and unconditional love. 

This space that Guides have been emphasizing for a while, is one of infinite possibilities, a zone outside of our human time and space where we can finally meet our inner creator and begin focusing on the creation of what our soul truly desires to experience next. If we enter into this void feeling sad or worry about our past or about where we are going next, then we will be creating a mixed of our past and future worries, rather than something that we really wish.

If we use this time to focus only in the creation of something that is going to benefit us, not egoically, but in a soul level, then even though we may not truly know how our inner vision will be descended into the physical, we will be satisfied, as we are here to master the art of deliberate creation, and we may not always obtain exactly what we wished, and then we need to begin again. However, we will obtain something that is more aligned with who we have became, more than old scenarios and relationships that we no longer wish to experience.

The unknown is only as such, if we have not  previously done wisely the work of conscious creation. When we do so, then we may of course co-create with other people and energies that we may not know about, but for sure, we will know the totality of what we have formerly envisioned in the ethereal.

This is a unique and very special moment for those who have been working on manifestation, as the many timeliness available to us, according to our unique frequency, will be revealed. This can come in form of a strong feeling, which is inner knowing and it is as valid as when we physically receive a sign, or it may come throughout dreams, or other signs. 

What is important is that we step out of all expectations to receive. When we hold expectations, we will create these same expectations, and then it will be something we have manipulated within our own reality, more than something that we are receiving. It is what happens for example with Mercury retrograde. When we create the belief and hence expectation, that when Mercury is retrograde, many negative things will occur, then we are creating, and expecting them, and so they come. Not because they are real but because of our power as creators.

When we use this power to send the universe a pure vision of our desire, and then rather than having expectations about how exactly things and people have to be, release it, then we will receive what we asked for, if this is for the highest good of All, and even in a greater way than we were even imagining. The importance of letting go, once we have sent out a vision is pivotal to receive something that is pure and has not been previously manipulated by our egoic self. 

If you are one who knows your own micro cycles and where you are, without any doubts, for it takes devotion to service as well as courage to let it all go without attachments, then you probably are able to discern if you are in this void or not yet there.

If you are feeling with the feeling that you are in joy, even though it may be scary for the ego not to know where it is going, and as if you were navigating between different choices, timelines, and everything in your physical life experience is also manifesting this same transition, then you are already there. Now, it is your personal mission to make sure that you focus only on that which is going to be of assistance to your personal path, for you may fall into repeating the same old patterns, if you only choose to focus on your fear. 

Focusing on what already IS whether we envision it yet or not, is not just about taking five minutes and visualizing. Focus begins by holding, always, a higher vision of our reality. By observing the self and cease all self-negative talk, by acting with integrity, loving all as equal, and by simply being who we say we are. It is not but just holding a vision a few minutes that we obtain what we wish, for in these five minutes we may fool ourselves, never the Universe. In the moment we fall into an old pattern, whether by thinking or acting upon it, then our vision will be spoilt. This is why conscious focus during 24/7 is so important. 

When we are in the process of creating something that is now aligned with our current state of being, we may feel as if we were stuck, lost, without receiving guidance, and confused. This is why it is so important to know ourselves and personal path, to know where we are, and if this is something that we are already experiencing, as we are moving into a new direction, or it is because there is something we still need to dissolve that is confusing us.

When we feel in the void we may indeed feel lost. However, we need to remind ourselves that what is truly happening is that we are in a space where we are being soothed, protected, and healed, whether we realize it or not. It is as when we were in the womb, it is simply a space where we shall remain at peace, focus on the process of BEing, rather than in the many things that will come once we step out of this void. 

Once you regain balance and know where you truly desire to go, enter without fear into this space, and once you are there, no matter how challenging it may be, stay there, hold always a pure vision of where you wish to go, and above all, love yourself unconditionally. 

You are being reborn again, there is nothing to worry about, as this time, you do remember, on the contrary that when we born for the first time, the visions that you have for your new reality. Hold this vision, keep faith and surrender to the opportunity to be loved and nurtured within this sacred cosmic void. 

Karmic Relationships Closure 

When one is in this sacred space I call the void, as received, one may feel with a sense of completion, as in this space we revised all of our experiences. It may be a certain situation or relationship that we deep within ourselves know has finally ended. This is a very repetitive message I receive at this time to share for All, and that is being confirmed as well by the many who co-create with me who are also at this phase of their personal journey.

As a result of the proper integration of both of our essences, and hence retrieval of our inner balance, many are beginning to embrace a space of more personal freedom and sovereignty, where their partners may not always be in the same space. When this occurs, we may have different times and one of them is meant to assist the other. 

However, once they have done that, and even if both of them hold different frequencies, they no longer feel in perfect harmony and resonance, then it is time to evaluate our reunion and from a space of total discernment, acceptance, and compassion to us and the other involved in the relationship, conclude with a successful relationship. As every time that we conclude, with the lessons, so to speak, mastered, with a sense of inner peace, even though pain too, and with more growth, it has been indeed a very successful soul encounter.

It is very challenging to discern if we are experiencing a phase of personal growth in our relationship, in which we both need to express our hearts, create more balance and master certain lessons, so to speak, that we both are meant to master as One, or if on the contrary, we have finally learnt all we had to offer to each other and end what is meant to come to closure.

Our egoic self, will tell us that we just need another opportunity and that we are meant to be forever together, even though we already know, forever is a human concept in some ways, as we are flexible and free in nature, and are constantly transforming ourselves and personal experiences, and that we shall remain in the relationship. However, if we are brave enough to look into the depth of our soul, commune with it, and allow it to show us the truth, without fears, we will fully see what we feel.

We always know what we will. However, we not always want to accept it. This is human and we all need our time to put an end to what needs to conclude. Endings can be wonderful beginnings, if we just learn how to peacefully release. Nothing and no one is meant to be attached to us. It is Law that we shall meet to then part again.

This may be painful at the beginning. However, not all endings must be. We never lose anything or anyone, as all is One with us, even though we strongly possess, by conscious choice, an illusion of separation. When we do not desire for the other to be free, if we know this is what we need to grow, then this is not love. We cannot retain anyone. We shall let all free.

Only you have the power, and wisdom, to witness your own soul path. Only you can truly discern and know what your feelings are. Others can confirm what you already know, but only you are the one who has to accept and surrender to the Truth that resides in your soul.

We all have our time, there is never a wrong time, for everything happens in a perfect way for All. There is no rush and wherever you are at the moment, even though the present path may not be easy and even painful, know that if you are walking through it with unconditional love  towards yourself, and others, doing all you can in the middle of it to assist, then you are doing all you need to.

I wish you a loving, healing and revealing Eclipse, Beloved Ones!

In love and light ∞

Natalia Alba 

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