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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

jueves, 26 de noviembre de 2020

Full Moon Penumbral Eclipse in Gemini, November 30th, 2020 ~ Mastering relationships

 Shine your soul with the same

egoless humility as the rainbow

and no matter where you go

in this world or the next,

love will find you, attend you, and bless you.


Beloved Ones, 

We are about to welcome one of the first eclipses, a Full Moon at 8 degrees Gemini, on November 30th, that is going to bring us the opportunity to work on our relationships, healing what is yet not unified and wounded.  This is the eclipse that opens the gate to the energies of December and the year 2021 that we are about to enter into, as its main frequency is one of adaptability to change, something that we began embracing in 2020, as it has been a very transformative year, which does not mean it was not filled with infinite possibilities, for where there is transformation there is always the opportunity for us to seed new beginnings,  and that we continue with the new year 2021.

This is an important phase for us to ponder about our journey. Do we really want to embrace change as it comes? Or are we still attached to an old reality? Every single thing that keeps us linked to our old self or past life, is still going to chain us to our past life experience. If we desire to bring new results, then we need to embrace change. Not the one that our egoic self considers but the one that our soul orchestrates for us and our personal growth. We may not coincide with our earthly plans, but that will be, always, what we need for our personal evolution.

This Moon and eclipse will be a wonderful opportunity for those who are working on loving and respecting more themselves, as well as embodying new soul mission aspects. Its is also a very healing period for the ones working with creating balanced relationships - healing what is distorted, obsolete, toxic and that shall be released.

This Moon is focus on bringing healing and hence, change into our relationships, at all levels. Mastering relationships is a long process that begin by awakening ourselves and realizing what we first must heal and clear in order to discern about our relationships, as in the initial stages they reflect our own unhealed issues.

After this initial healing, then we will pass to understand what we first need to shift, which begins by having love and respect for the self, and ends by having equal respect and love for the other, and their different choices. When we listen to ourselves, others, express our feelings and are ready to let go, for this is the most important thing, not to control and manipulate others, is that the path to experience equal and balanced relationships begin.

This Moon in the loving and joyful Twins together with the many surrounding energies from the eclipse and outside of our Universe, for we are not just trapped into our dimension or Universe, as many still belive, is a wonderful gift for us to embody higher levels of love and joy, for both are united, and being to work on the things we need to clear and/or heal for us to love ourselves more, and the others who desire to co-create with us. 

Gemini represents duality, and indeed this is what we, as ascending souls, are constantly working with - the synthesis between opposites polarities. However, this eclipse and the surrounding energies go further than just working with duality, and it invites us to create balance within the present turmoil and adapt to the many events that are being constantly created. 

Gemini is a perfect sign for creating balance. Gemini represents our silver and golden (feminine and masculine) aspects, and like them, it is in embracing each other in an equal and rhythmical dance of Love and Oneness, that we can truly be at peace. The essence from this eclipse goes further than just embracing our opposite poles, for it is about embracing everything, even though what we do not understand, for all is part of who we are.

At a cosmic level, the Moon quincunx Venus. This is a wonderful essence for us to work with our sense of love. We all need support, love and affection. However, sometimes we seek into the wrong places. For we should be the first ones respecting, loving and caring about ourselves. This planetary alignment reminds us the importance than being our own caretakers and lovers have, especially if we desire to appreciate others and what they have to offer us.

It is a good moment to discern about our relationships, the proper balance that shall be between what we give to ourselves and others and step out of old toxic patterns, working on creating the loving and equal relationships that are meant to be the ones that we truly begin to experience, within this new dimensional space. 

All kinds of imbalances, from within to our relationships, including familiar ones too etc. may arise at this time, not to punish us or to impede us being in joy, but to show us that we still have some things to unified and healed, before we can truly master balanced relationships. Every time that we encounter difficulties, as we see the many opportunities that our soul prepares for our growth, we should not take them as a punishment, as many still do, or as karmic results, but as simply situations that are there for us to master our egoic self, and embrace higher levels of love.

As we also have Venus opposite Uranus, this will determine the level of change in ourselves and relationships that we are willing to integrate. Venus is challenged by Uranus to experience a more profound transformation. As Venus represents the love that we are, it is inviting us to take a look at how we treat ourselves, for the relationship with our own selves is the most important one of all, for if we do not respect the unique aspect of God incarnated through us, then we could not see this same Divine Spark in others.

As I always say, love comprises many things - abundance, values etc. Everything that is not yet supporting us in our reality is a reflection of this love that we have for ourselves. The more we love and honor ourselves the more that we will be in flow with All, learning how to give and receive equally. 

This aspect at the eclipse time can be challenging but it is going to help many that are yet to love themselves and value their unique gifts, for where we are heading, even though slowly, as it is how things are done in a perfect way, with patience and care, is a space where everyone of us will be offering our unique gifts, independently of what others may think or command us to do.

We are actually already there. If you look closely, there are many of us, some of us call millenniums, that are out there already expressing our personal truth and abilities, putting ourselves in service, in our own and humble way. As it has happened gradually, we may seem this process as obvious and simple. However, if we look back just a few years ago, how possible this process seemed to be?

We are indeed awakening, evolving, and ascending into a new reality in which the exchange is equal to what we offer. A space where respect for All is pivotal to sustain a harmonic reality. We may be distracted with new manipulative tactics. However, we are all seeing where we are heading. If there is something that still does not resonate in your reality, you are always in time to shift it, for it is a sign of misalignment that you can detect and shift. That is all the real meaning of what seems not to be working. 

Another important aspect is Sun quincunx Uranus. As you know, I prefer to work on evolutionary astrology, and while some aspects may be more harmonic, others may challenge us more, as it is this one, to step out of our comfort zone. I do not believe, as many will share, that this aspect is a conflicting one or that will create tension or anxiety. For nothing from the outside, especially not Planets can really create anything within us, but ourselves and our perception of our own reality.

This aspect, as all of them to me, is an opportunity for us to release limitation and begin our inner work of adaptation to change, something that in one way or another all events will invite us to do, for it is Law that we constantly change. It is in our nature, as Divine Beings that we never remain the same. However, it is hard to shift the illusion that we created for this plane and that helped us to have a more earthly and lineal experience.

Anything unexpected or unknown we consider as negative. However, for the ones who have chosen to step into this new reality, fomenting the illusion of familiarity, linearity and especially fixity, will be harder than just begin to flowing with change, for they will begin to realize how hard it is to change an already shifting reality. It is not compatible within our new dimensional space to wanting to remain the same, while our current space it is constantly shifting, as it is also beginning to be in a space outside our current human time/space zone. 

Remember that in order for us to change our life circumstances or any other pattern that we may no longer wish to repeat or see in our human reality, first a transformative period shall begin, which is what many see as chaos, negativity and karma. All that needs to be dissolved cannot do so if we first do not transform the old foundations of our lives and begin creating new, stronger pillars, for us to begin building again the lives we desire to live now. 

This is what has been happening and this is what we need to integrate, understand and take into the next level of surrendering by flow with everything as it IS. For there are things and people that we cannot change, and even though we think our rebellion may help, it will only create more confusion and chaos within ourselves. This is why it is so important to create our own healthy boundaries, and personal reality so only us command within it.

With this wonderful Gemini Moon and eclipse, we have the opportunity to begin dissolving all that is not aligned with who we are, for we are constantly shifting, even though we may not physically see it sometimes, and begin to align ourselves with our new timeline.

This is a process that has begun and will still last for a while. As I always say, it has nothing to do with the coming of the new year but with our own personal micro cycles and where we, planetarily, are. We are in a unique time within Creation. Never in our human history a civilization, has evolved in a massive way as we are doing.

This is what mainly indicates a new cycle, and not exactly the new year. When we begin to dissolve false illusions, as it is the one that with the coming of the new year something new will come from the outside, and will begin creating our own life experiences according to our own micro cycles and hence, soul directions, it is when our entire human reality will finally shift and will head into our desired direction.

As long as we continue feeding illusions, other people and forces, will continue moving within the same and limited space. It is Law. We can always choose to step into a more empowered state of being and begin the process of personal transformation, as it is the first step towards enlightened and transfiguration of the old self and life. 

We are always going to have the opportunity to open our hearts, embrace the Truth of who we are and our main aim here, and start moving into a more illumined, humble, and loving space. The choice is always ours, and the portal for us to cross into this new dimensional space, even though there are many energies willing to assist us in this process, is always there for us to cross it. 

I wish you all a loving and healing eclipse, Beloved Ones.

In love and light ∞

Natalia Alba

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