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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

lunes, 9 de noviembre de 2020

Universal Divine Mother Message

 My Dearest Children,

Blessings to all of you who are open to receive and willing to integrate this message. I am The Universal Divine Mother Consciousness. The one you call Mother Mary, although I am called by many other names – Sophia, Virgin Mary... It is not my name that is important but the Cosmic Mother, the feminine aspect of Creation, that I, as well as all of you, represent. It is the Love that we All hold within, what I come today to represent, for it is who we All are, dearest ones. 

I exist outside of your time matrix, for I do not belong into your earth plane. I belong to a group consciousness, which may challenge your human mind, as you have been programed to believe that I am an individualized being, as you all are. 

We all, the ones you call Ascended Masters, are One Family, the guardians, pouring our love and light towards Earth and all of you who desire to evolve, dearest ones, for that is how much we love, appreciate and value you.

I come to you through this benevolent channel with infinite love and compassion. For a long time, I had the desire to express my heart and love to All of you through this channel. However, she was not yet ready to take this step, for she was limiting herself to only channel those who she is more familiar with.  

May it serve as an example for all who wish to receive me in their hearts, for I speak to all of you, my dearest ones. Not just to a few. You are all deservers, for we are all made of the same love and God's breath that birthed us All. 

All of you are precious channels, for all of you can share a unique message to all humanity. One that together with the many other love messages that others receive, will form the puzzle, and final message, that we all desire to give to humanity, at this important time.  

May you all liberate yourselves from the idea that you are not worthy, enough or deserve to receive. We are all a Family, and we are all united and in constant soul to soul communication. As you learn to move inward and expand your Consciousness, you will begin to receive in unique ways for you, our love and messages, for we are willing to speak to those who listen, with a kind and open heart. 

The Truth is there for All, dearest ones. God's Truth unlike human's truths, has never been hiding. It is there for all who choose to listen to it and see it, for God is everywhere. 

When your heart is open and you feel worthy, for you all are as Divine Beings, I will come to you with immense love to offer you the Divine relief of forgiveness and a higher understanding of the planetary, and personal situation, that you are living in, at this time.

I know of pain, for I have experienced profound desolation and ingratitude, at a time, when humans were not yet able to evolve, as you are now. I know of suffering, dearest one. However, I too know of love, compassion, forgiveness, and peace, when one is ready to embrace them.

I know of what many of you are undergoing, in this devastating period for many of you, dearest ones. I have come to remind you that all your suffering, when wisely integrated will lead you all to experience the most profound love, understanding and compassion imaginable that you could have ever imagined for yourselves and humanity, for pain is a great transformer. 

When you pass through the many stages that the path of evolution offers to all of us, you understand that all you experienced was precious and was only meant to show you the great love that lies within all of us. Never regrets, never pain, never guilt, only the love and light that resides within and that many have forgotten. This is the main purpose of pain and evolution to show you who you are, dearest ones, and you are only Love.

I know that during eons humans have manipulated the authentic meaning of love. For it was even before our Beloved Jesus came to Earth that the archetype of the Cosmic Mother has been deeply distorted - through many human created doctrines, and cults that you have been implanted the false archetype of the Universal Mother. 

It was such the desire of some for mind control that even my original message was distorted through false sexual programs that impeded you to see the original essence of our Presence on Earth, and main message.

However, our main purpose on Earth has been, and continues to be, helping humanity restore, and embrace the Cosmic Mother Essence, and it is with immense love, delight, and appreciation that we are witnessing this process, dearest ones.  

May you continue choosing to see the Truth!

May you rejoice in your authentic nature as Love Divine Beings!

Now, humanity is diverted into two different timelines, as many of you already know. One is the old one in which many of you will be oppressed in new ways, dearest ones. For the ones who choose this path, I send all my love and strength, for you need to be strong to live the experience that you have chosen.

May God be with you in this proof that you have put to yourself, dearest ones.

For the ones who have chosen a path of love, then my kind invitation to all of you peacemakers, is that you remember to look only into the eyes and hearts of the people that you may not understand. 

I understand that many of you are trapped into what you have been taught, programmed to think and feel and that it is not easy to leave all you have believed to be true aside. Call upon the many benevolent beings that are willing to help you remember, and we will pour Divine Remembrance upon you, descending through your crown chakras, to your hearts, so you can remember the nature of your existence, dearest ones.

Call upon the seventh Ray of Creation to sweep away all matrix programs, as are false ascended masters, if you desire to clear yourselves from the many massive manipulative techniques that have been used to enslave you. This benevolent Ray will clear all your chakras, from the first to your crown one and beyond, giving you the opportunity to regain wisdom. One that has always resided within yourselves. 

When you retrieve clarity and understanding of who you all are, then you will remember how importance, especially at this time, giving love, has. For it is what can truly shift, and neutralize, any lower frequency. 

This is a time that humanity is living in which unconditional love shall be given to all, not just to a few. Those who are evolving do not need so much of your understanding and love, for they have already found God inside. 

It is those who are more lost and that you see as evil beings who need your understanding, for even though not all are here to give love, but to experience the opposite ,all deserve your love and compassion. 

As humans you need to remember that the power of God is precisely to love All, equally, and that this is what makes your heart strong, for you now remember what everyone is made of, even those others have chosen to forget, for a short period of time.

Within this short period of time is where you find yourself now. Within this short period of time humanity needs your love and higher understanding.  

Will you be willing to love the other as you love yourself, even though the other may choose differently?

Will you be willing to understand that others have their own time and path to come back to God Consciousness? 

Will you seed your love and light, equally?

Or will you continue living separated by forces that are not love?

My love for all of you is unconditional. Your choice is always well received, dearest ones. For if not, love will never be unconditional. Love will be then human, and love is not human, for love is God and God loves All without separation.

This is what you need to understand, at a time when you are being separated, again, with new tactics, with new politics that represents unlove and fragmentation. 

This is what you need to see, from a more evolved perspective, that all is fake and has been created for the purpose of your participation. For as long as you participate in the many human battles, you will be trapped into them, forgetting who you are, and that is what some wish.

However, it is not what some wish but what you, in your heart, desire, and that is something that only you can know and determine. For only yours is the decision to give your power away or to take it and stand in it.

You have within a power that comes from the Love that God feels for all of you. What you need to understand is that everyone uses this power differently, for not everyone experiences the same reality and makes of it a loving place.

I invite all of you today to remember that you are love and that love is above all forgiveness, and that forgiveness shall be granted to all not just to a few.

May you all choose to remember, for humanity is in a place where it will benefit from your love and forgiveness.

May you all remember the power of love that you hold within, and may you always choose to use it to bless everyone that your touch.

May you all love yourselves as God loves you, unconditionally.

May all my love be poured to All of you today, and always.

May you all feel the unconditionality of my love for all of you my dearest children, for I see you all as innocent, benevolent beings, even though I know many could not understand yet.

It is with infinite love and peace that I bless your beautiful hearts, dearest ones.

May you too choose to bless those around you with this same love.

The Universal Divine Mother Consciousness 

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