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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

domingo, 4 de abril de 2021

4/4 Harmonic Portal Opening

Beloved Ones,

Blessings to All of you at this time of rebirth and hence resurrection. At the moment, we all find ourselves constantly releasing, beginning a new process of illumined embodiment. In the micro, Easter is being celebrated and energetically it is a time for the unification of polarities, for even though it is now the rising of the masculine, as it manifests in the physical what the feminine has previously created, we should never forget that both are eternally co-creating together, embracing each other as One.

If we look deeper into the vast scheme of things, seeing what is truly taking place beyond our human limited reality, we will too become aware that this is a time of profound planetary work particularly for the ones that like me have as a personal mission to be stabilizers, as today the portal for these benevolent harmonic essences have opened, to express in a way what is occurring in the etheric Illumined Planes.

As Guides shared at 4:44 am, today I shall begin the process of going into nature, into certain spaces, to help stabilizing the Earth's fabrics and templates that are being reconstructed, together with the soul group that are too connected, assisting as One Consciousness into this process of retrieving Earth's lost balance, and its original harmonic frequency.

Four is Love, and therefore what we are and shall be for All. Four are the Pillars that sustain this and any other Universe. Four is the stability and the strong foundations required so anything can grow and expand. By holding this frequency, we work from a heart space, being in a constant flow of giving and receiving, of embracing and letting all go. Four is the Soul Will manifested within our earthly reality, one that is not based on our egoic desires but on the Divine's Will One. 

It is by welcoming this frequency, holding it within and spreading it to All that we serve and help heal many hearts that are currently in pain. This is what we are all invited to do at this time, when humanity is being again manipulated with a new world order, one based on a profound control like never before.

For those who are on this mission in the inital phases, as there are many that you will be entering into as you continue integrating this mission, there is nothing that you need to be or do to assist more, for your Soul's Essence does it all in the soul planes. You are already all you need to be, for in this moment - and always - you are whole and complete, and it is only the illusion of fragmentation, and our egoic sense to do and be more, what separates you from experiencing your true potential and authentic mission.

If you have passed now to the second/third stages, then you will need to fully prepare yourself to anchor through symbols, light language, or in your unique way what your Unified Self sends you, and after for a few days of complete repatterning and rest, for the energies are rising and the more we co-create with them, the more exhausted that we may feel.

Today, on this 4/4 day, we begin a long process that will last for several months in which energizing and clearing, in a daily basis our bodies, is essential, if we do not desire to run out of vitality and health, while this process lasts. As empathic beings many of you can fall into the trap of believing that what you stabilize, filter, especially if you are a transmuter of planetary energies, or similar roles, is yours, when it is just the force of the collective energies which are a conglomeration of pain, confusion and many other similar emotions, being filtered through you. 

Remember the importance of becoming a literal filter for these feelings and energies, for you are a vessel for them to be transformed, and let go all that is not what you are meant to be. Otherwise, you will be once and again making yours what is not part of your own personal process of growth. 

Love and care for yourself and unique process with utmost respect, as if not, you could not assist from an empty and loving space, dearest ones. Health and balance are the pillars for those who are working as planetary helpers and that are also evolving within their own paths. Remember to ground yourselves too as much as possible, for when we dwell too much in the ethereal, we may fall into mental delusions and it is vital for when we come back to our human lives to regain control and stability. 

To All who are assisting at this time, and always, in your unique way, I send all my love and appreciation, for the path may not be always easy, but it is always worthy, as we continue seeing the evidence, in both a personal and global level, of our efforts as One family.

Do not let anyone or outer forces tell you otherwise. Go inward. Feel it. It is happening and it is real. We all can feel it deep within our hearts, for the joy and the love increase, as we too continue choosing this evolutionary path of devotion to All.

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba 

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