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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

lunes, 17 de mayo de 2021

Saturn retrograde, May 23, 2021 - Embracing our Shadow Self

Beloved Ones, 

In our evolutionary journey through this endless Spiral within Creation, we finally find ourselves heading towards the Light - entering into a new harmonic dimensional space - for we are finally leaving behind an Old Cycle of slavery and unlove to welcome a illumined one based on harmlessness to All.  A frequency of liberation of everything that belongs to the old that is introduced by Saturn, which enters retrograde, for those who resonates with this transits, since May 23 at 13 degrees Aquarius until October 10 at 6 degrees Aquarius. 

Many, especially the ones who are beginning to awake now, will find themselves in this period of clearing karmic patterns/implants as well as their deep sense of polarity. This is a time for taking responsibility and balance, for it is the authentic essence of this Planet, more than the old one that has been implanted upon us about punishment and paying our karma. 

The only way to balance any karmic debt is to simply recognize the wound that we may have possibly inflicted in others, and hence, in ourselves, taking full responsibility for our actions and balancing them with unconditional love and compassion, for all involved. No one and nothing within Creation punish anyone, and this is what may would like, in their wish for revenge, but there is only Love for All. Once we accept this, we can begin walking a conscious journey. 

We are indeed in a phase of profound change, one that is also confirmed by Saturn in square to Uranus. Although this aspect will be mainly taken as another challenging one. To me, this just represents the previous inner fight, so to say, that needs to occur before we finally break free from all that restricts us from taking charge of our human life experience. As always, if we are not yet aware, there is always something that triggers this inner awareness, for us to realize our birthright as free beings. 

Saturn also makes other wonderful aspects, as it trine Venus and the North Node. This is where we commit to embrace a higher Light, a Light that begins when we find unity within our human duality, a Light that transmutes lower frequencies into higher ones. For the Light never excludes, but includes, loves and embraces All as it IS. There is no separation or judgment when one lives within this Divine Light, for Source loves equally, as All is always of the Light. This is what Saturn, reminds us at this "retrograde" phase - to finally liberate ourselves, ending a karmic cycle of great separation.

At this transitional time, Planet Earth is also experiencing a collective dark night of the soul, as it keeps bifurcating from the 3D Old Earth, for at the same time that we embrace a higher way of living and BEing, we shall too leave behind all that we once were. At this time, more souls that are consciously deciding to begin this journey are starting to regain their natural state of being, which was always one of purity and unity, instead of one of separation and unlove. 

It is precisely in this phase, that Saturn is helping all who are yet to clear their "karmic" baggage, as Saturn comes to test our strength, in our ascension path, reminding us that we are limited by our human sense of time and space, and that it is within this human realm that we can now cleared the old, build strong foundations within the New and begin to ascend in the physical, which can only be done when we finally take responsibility for all of our acts as well as past and present selves.

As the Universe works in perfect ways for All, we also have our central Sol very active during these past days. The Sun is the macro aspect of ourselves that represents the Light within us all, our Unified Self and the eternal never-ending flare of the Light that we, in Essence, are. On the contrary, Saturn represents our shadow self and the need to embrace it as well as we own our light one too- this is why they are diametrically opposed to each other. 

Saturn teaches us responsibility for our creations, actions and every single thing we send out to the Universe, for everything has a consequence, and the outcome of our actions depends on the intention we hold. Saturn reminds us of unity by experiencing the necessary challenges in our life experience that will help us remember the Law of One as well as our Divine nature as love-light beings, by repeating - until we fully integrate its knowledge - all the lessons that we have still to master, within this dense realm, and that we shall remember. For everything that occurs is never meant to punish us, but to help us master our lower self, and this can only be done by experiencing the challenges - opportunities - that will help us retrieve the wisdom and sense of love for All, that we all hold within. 

The lesson-giver enhances what we, as humans, consider as painful or negative, which is in truth what will make us surrender the eternal fight with our egoic self, learning from our challenges and beginning anew. It is in Saturn, as I am often told by Guides, that a lot of souls choose to dwell, after they leave Planet Earth or in between lives, to regain a higher knowledge of what they left unfinished or did not integrate as humans. 

Saturn is always seen as being the Planet of Karma in traditional astrology, giving this cosmic Force, again, the power to punish us or to bless us. In Truth, Saturn helps us to be disciplined in our evolutionary journey as humans, for it is only with devotion and daily inner work that we can leave this realm and begin to dwell into illumined ones.

As I always say, I do not believe that anything is ever retrograde within Creation, and in my humble view of the Universe, Saturn is a living organism in itself, experiencing its own journey as well as helping us to ascend. In my view, aligning with Saturn's essence helps us to clearly see all the outcomes from our acts and if they were aligned with our highest Will or not, as well as bringing into the light old self-imposed limited beliefs that impede us to embody a higher level of consciousness - and begin the inner work of clearing all the non-physical waste that we have created. 

Saturn gives the gift of becoming the witness of our whole life experience and takes full responsibility of what we have manifested until this moment. Have we learnt and integrated the wisdom from our past challenges, learning harmlessness to All? Have we seen beyond our human limited perspective the pain that the illusion of separation causes? Have we stepped out of the "karmic" wheel to finally embrace our inner creator and divinity and start manifesting outcomes aligned with our  God Self's Will? 

At a physical level, Saturn mainly governs our spine, knees, joints, nails, hair, bones and teeth between a few others. If you experience deep sensations in any of these part of your body, without medical reasons, remember that this is the way your body has of telling you where you create resistance and blocks to where is natural to let go. Are you impulsively repeating the same old patterns? Are you not letting go of that which diminish you? Are you still creating pain in your life as a way of self-punishment?

Shadows, human challenges, everything we consider to be in the negative polarity, are only perceived as such because we have been programmed - and genetically manipulated.We have the cosmic gift, now, to enter into the vastness of our dark corners and embrace everything that our lower self shuts down because it fears knowing what pain - or Truth - feels like. 

It is time to finally direct your destiny. A destiny that was settled in the past by the gods, and that you know now is only decided by the sovereignty of your soul. How many timelines are you eager to experience? In which one would you finally like to dwell? What is the true path that you feel would offer you the highest evolution, at the moment? Feel it, envision it, create it, as you like - with respect to All. For we already know - as Saturn reminds us - that no one has the power to manifest anything - for us - but our own God Self.

It is time now to not just embrace duality as a part of our human existence and experience, but to step out of our deep sense of human polarity and begin to see everything as a micro representation of a higher hologram. If you are not ready to know the depths of your being and what it holds, you should not connect with Saturn's essence, for it will destroy the limited worlds your human self builds with so much effort and dedication. 

However, if you are now ready to embrace The Shadow and see yourself for what you truly are, connecting with Saturn's essence, will show you Truth in its pure form, without denial, without judgments, just as it IS. It is then that you will be granted with the strength to confront your shadows, and loving them as you love the light in you, realizing that, in truth, all was always Divine in nature, for you have always been pure, Divine, beautiful and whole in nature. 

You just have to uncover all the veils of illusion that you accepted when you chose to be human. You just have to surrender and accept that the time to reclaim your sovereignty - and shine again - has finally come.

Within Infinite Love ∞

Natalia Alba 

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