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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

viernes, 1 de abril de 2022

The Energies of April 2022 ~ The Pisces Stellium: A Season of Miracles

 Beloved Ones,

We now welcome one of the busiest astrological months of the year. April comes with wonderful, and very powerful energies, to help us move forward within our chosen timeline. We begin the month with a New Moon in Aries,  as even though we now passed from Piscean waters to Aries, we will continue having many Piscean influences. 

We are experiencing one of the most important seasons since March, as we have many planets still in Pisces, something that is known as a "stellium", in astrology, intensifying Piscean's qualities. A Stellium that is marked by the Jupiter and Neptune conjunction, whose main essence will signify a profound impact and planetary shift for All. A very ethereal conjunction that is surrounded by other energies who invite us to ground ourselves, as it is Taurus, and our desires, so we can find a balance between both worlds. 

We have during this month, as main energies, both essences, on one hand, Pisces, inviting us to continue focusing on our sense of community and on the expansion of our intuitive senses so we can improve our unique abilities, putting them in service to All. And on the other, Aries is about focusing on our individualized aspect - beginning to forge a path by ourselves, as the only creators of our human life experience. 

This month will help us step into a more harmonic and loving state of being. A time for us to transcend and continue healing the duality that still governs in our plane. A season that comes to remind us of the importance of unity, compassion, and empathy, at this moment, in which humanity is still navigating between two different choices. Choices that will determine the final transition of our planet, which already occupies a harmonic future fifth-dimensional timeline.

A month with two New Moons, of which one is a solar eclipse in Taurus, and another Full Moon as well in the middle of the month in Libra. It is indeed a month for profound transformation and above all, for aligning with new possibilities and ways in which we can give birth to our goals and soul desires. 

April is a tenth - 1 reduced - universal month. A month for us to reset ourselves and begin anew, as it is going to be the only 1 universal month of this year 2022. Therefore, it is vital that we align with this frequency and create our lives according to our Highest Will, and although everyone is unique and we all have our own micro personal cycles, this universal one is going to signify a major opening for all who are ready to co-create in a new and more illumined level.

All the energies from inside to outside of our planetary system, are going to support us in the creation of that which is aligned with the harmonic frequency, and timeline, that we have consciously chosen and that the six universal frequency of this year supports too. 

Number 1 is a reminder that we are ending/beginning a cycle - although still oscillating between both worlds - and it is pivotal for us to end with all that used to limit us, as we keep expanding within the new worlds that we are now bringing into form. The peak or void, as Guides shared of this space where we have the biggest opportunity for creation, is on the Solar eclipse in Taurus at the end of April, and beginning of May. 

Number 1 in the tarot, is represented by the Magician, one hand pointing to the sky and the other one towards the earth. He knows how to work with the Universal Laws, as he has mastered the art of descending into the physical what is first created in the ethereal. This is where we are at this time - birthing our deepest soul desires. To do so, knowing how to integrate and direct the energies is pivotal.

We all are magicians as we all have within the power to manifest the outcomes that are aligned with our Highest Will, we just have to focus our energy on what is truly important, as it is not a time now to waste our personal power on delusions, collective fear, and past situations, but in the new life experiences that we are building and that has nothing to do with who we used to be.

Astrologically, we begin April by having a New Moon at 11 degrees Aries, on April 1st. A Moon that set the frequency of this month, an opening that coincides with the last New Moon and solar eclipse at the end of the month, and whose portal will serve us to maneuver between worlds, descending from them all the wisdom and visions we desire to anchor, in the physical.

An essence of leadership, conscious creation through the proper self-empowerment and discernment to go after what we wish to create next. A pioneering energy that pushes us to move forward from drama and mass manipulation - re-focusing again on what brings us joy. 

As it conjunct Mercury, it is going to give us the time and opportunity to evaluate our lives, to re-think our plans before acting impulsively on them, as mediating upon what we are going to create is not only essential but our responsibility towards others too, as all we create and do, affect the whole. 

On April  5, we have Venus entering into Pisces. The Planet of Love, in Intuitive and Romantic Pisces, will make of our soul reunions a space for us to master illumined and balanced relationships, beginning with the one we have with ourselves, followed by other soul co-creations that we have consciously chosen. 

It is also a very creative time, as we will feel more sensitive and with the need to connect with Universal Love, embodying and anchoring this infinite loving essence within, and on our planet, for we too are here on a global mission to be of assistance, bringing more healing and restoration to earth. 

Creating balance is also important with Venus in Pisces, as we may tend to live in the ethereal, of our dreams, delusions, and imaginations, and it is important that we ground ourselves, and use what we daydream to anchor these visions into the tangible. 

On April 5th we have Jupiter semi-sextile Saturn. This is about breaking old mental structures, about expanding and stepping out from rigidity to flexibility. Jupiter is an energy that does not like to be encapsulated, Saturn likes structure, discipline, and order. Both are wonderful essences if we learn how to combine both. 

On one hand, we align with these energies to work on what is keeping us from experiencing our true potential, and on the other, if we are reticent to be organized, determined, and disciplined in our personal purpose, which is also important, this energy can make us feel uncomfortable. 

However, it can also help us expand into being more organized and bring more order and harmony into our lives. All is how we decide to co-create with these energies. In astrology, energies simply are, and we are the ones giving them a purpose, whether positive or not so much. 

We have another sextile between Jupiter and the True Node on April 8. Jupiter continues to be the most important energy in April too, Jupiter with the True Node, is about helping us restore our original mission, for many would have not yet retrieved it, due to the veil of forgetfulness that we put ourselves when we come into this plane.

This is a unique opportunity for us to expand in our soul desires, dreams, and goals, not looking back into the past, but into what we wish to pursue. This is a time to focus on just what you wish to build for the next moment, and we can only build, as guides remind us many times, in this present moment, by being conscious, and by intentionally creating through the proper visualization that which we wish to manifest. 

The true node is about our purpose in life, what is ahead of us, and that is something that only we know, and when we are ready our soul will descend all the guidance required for us to fulfill our unique destiny, for only we create it when we are ready to be devoted to our divine assignment. 

On April 10th Mercury enters Taurus. This will show us where we need to create more harmony and equilibrium in our tangible lives, for our existence is not just to dwell in the ethereal remembering who we truly are, but to also be practical and descend into the physical all we have created in the non-physical. Mercury in Taurus is a wonderful time to believe in ourselves, personal skills, especially verbal ones, and put ourselves and personal truth out there. After all, everything that is in our mental plane, shall be descended into the tangible, as it is where we express ourselves. 

Mercury in Taurus will remind us of the importance of grounding our desires, what we first imagine and envision in our minds, focusing on our physical senses, and building things that are enduring, and stable. 

Another very important alignment will take place the next day on Apr 11th - Saturn square True Node. This is all about our true soul mission, our destiny, and what is yet to come. This is why taking responsibility for every moment, and the intention and creation that we put in it, is pivotal, because our next moment and what we will experience in it, will depend on what we do in our present one. 

It is a month that focuses on what we are here to do, and what is our mission to assist others? How can we develop and continue discovering it? Healing is the only answer, as the more we heal, the more we will dissolve the veils of illusions that impede us to see who we truly are. 

This aspect is asking us to move out of our comfort zone and if we really desire to step into a new path, leave behind all fears, doubts, and everything that is impeding us to evolve and expand into new horizons, that may not be known but that is what we are meant to experience next in our human journey. This is a call for all who are procrastinating to stand tall in who they really are, doing what they know they came here to do and be.

Saturn trine True Node is the frequency that for those who are ready to descend more aspects of their soul mission will help them receive more guidance about their soul purpose. For there are many who are already in this process of consciously unveiling more about their cosmic heritage and the many missions they have fulfilled, within Creation, and the one they have been assigned, during this present lifetime.

For others, this process of knowing more about their human mission will come when they will be ready to fully understand who they truly are. There are many precious souls who are passing, at this moment, through an inner transition in which for more than they desire to know, their human self is not ready yet, and only inner work, and patience, will help them until they are ready to receive this new knowledge about who they are and what they are meant to do here on this Planet.

On April 12th,  we reach the peak of this Piscean Stellium season, by having one of the most important conjunctions of all the year, Jupiter conjunct Neptune. Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion is also very active during this new month. This is a time for spiritual development, awakenings, and initiations in higher levels of consciousness. Spiritual growth that can come through studying, communing with our soul, traveling, or through the courses or soul family encounters required to help us obtain the wisdom, and the assistance to continue evolving. 

The next important event takes place a few days later, on April 14th, with Mars entering into Pisces, together with Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune in this same sign. We know to experience the magic, the love, the miracles that this Stellium grants us, and that is a one-lifetime event, as this did not occur since 1856, the last encounter between Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. 

The fierceness of Mars in loving Pisces, and even more with the previous event: Jupiter conjunct Neptune, it is a wonderful opportunity for us to direct our energy, passion, and intention to transform our inner world and use our strength to emerge stronger from challenges, and with the wisdom of all, we have learned. This encounter is going to teach us how to be more sensitive, and empathic, rather than employing force or impulsiveness, using only love as our main tool to communicate. 

The second Moon of this month will take place on April 16th, being a Full Moon in Libra that will bring balance, harmony, and above all, the opportunity to stop for a while, see where we are in our journey, what we are creating and what, if anything, could we transform to obtain the desired outcomes. This is a time to stabilize ourselves, bodies, and creations, discerning about the steps already taken, and make the necessary changes to obtain harmonic outcomes. 

On April 19, the Sun enters Taurus. The second sign of the zodiac, ruled by Venus, offers us the gift to create our Heaven on Earth, connecting with nature, honoring our physical realm, and enjoying who we are and our creations. Taurus will start opening the energetic gates for us to begin grounding ourselves as well as our desires in the physical. With Taurus comes our second initiation into a deeper knowledge of how to manifest our desires from an energetic Plane into our dense world, teaching us our next lesson within the wheel of life, which is to master ourselves in the endless art of bringing things from our inner world into our human one.

Taurus is indeed a sign that likes to see the rewards of all His efforts. It invites us now to pay more attention to earthly matters, as they are the materialization of that which is within and that which sustains us in our lives, remembering that material things are also a part of our lives, for we do not separate anymore, as instead, we choose to unify All as being equal within Creation.

It is a time to create, to bring forth new desires. A time to be reborn just as nature does, as everything is giving birth to a new way of existing and so are we. We should stay open to receive all that we have been creating from within during all these months and be patient, as everything has been already perfectly orchestrated for us to just have faith and trust that at Divine Timing, all that is meant to come into our lives, will come.

Approaching the end of the month, on April 29, we have Pluto turning retrograde. As you know, I do not foment this human illusion of retrogrades in my articles, as I think it will not serve to continue fomenting old beliefs. Pluto's main essence is related to how we manage our personal power, which has nothing to do with our limited view from Earth. 

This is something that we all need to work with at this precise time when we seem to have been literally disempowered by outer forces and isolated. On the contrary to what it may seem, we all have the power to create, from within, to continue expanding, and manifest any outcome or state of being that we desire. The mistake, if I can call it as such, is to fall into the fake or illusory view that we are powerless at this time. The Essence of Pluto will act as a reminder that we are sovereign beings and that no one can ever command our inner space, and hence, what we create outside of it. 

There are also wonderful opportunities during this month for expanding in communication, as we have Mercury entering Gemini on April 29. Mercury is Gemini's ruler, when at home we are invited to learn how to communicate effectively, but with the compassion and empathy required for us to have balanced and loving interactions. 

It is a time for studying, going further into anything we wish to learn or dig deeper into, and for channeling, understanding by channeling, to establish a direct, conscious, and sovereign connection with our God Self and Guides team. It is an alignment whose frequency is meant to help us in becoming better communicators, and it is up to us how to direct with whom we wish to communicate and how. 

Finally, at the end of the month, on April 30, we have the third Moon, a New Moon Solar Eclipse (Partial) at 10 degrees Taurus. An eclipse that has been building since the beginning of the month, and end of March, with solar codes that will help us to anchor into the physical our soul desires, and above all, to work with our bodies, our sacred earthly vehicles, and the ones who need nurturance, a major connection to our central sun and the transformation required for us to ascend, while we are still in a human body. 

It is very important to be grounded, not just from a physical perspective, but bringing into the tangible as well all we create in the ethereal, from our dreams to our desires and goals, as if not, we will be falling into extreme polarity patterns, such as issues with not having enough abundance or not being able to fully ground our projects, as we have not yet done the previous inner work. 

It is a season for us to begin a process of redirecting our lives toward the authentic path that we so desire to experience and due to our fears, doubts, and many other things that we use, as an excuse not to move forward, sometimes impede us to fully experience our true potential and real destiny, as even though there is never a final destination, there is always a lot that our souls wishes to create, in this human plan and that we, deep within our heart, know what it is.

A time for us to develop into the wondrous divine seeds that we are and that are meant to blossom when the right time comes for us. Seeds that bring unique gifts and different ways of anchoring love. Seeds that must be honored, watered, and appreciated, allowing the time required until they are ready to grow and show their beauty.

April represents our inner illumined seed, and the importance of nourishing them, so they can come to fruition, at Divine Time. It is our choice to continue trusting, having faith in the divine task we came here to do, and continue seeding love, compassion, and healing, despite the apparent chaos and others' intent to seed unlove.

I wish you all a loving and abundant April, Beloved Ones.

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba 

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