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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

miércoles, 8 de febrero de 2023

Light Body Reconnection Stage III - Shoulder Portals Opening

 Beloved Ones,

Throughout our human history, there are many paintings and channelings representing the so-called "Winged Beings". The majority of them, are in truth sixth-dimensional lovelight beings or often called Angelic ones, who have a unified template. This is why they are seen with "wings" as it is how the light is originally meant to flow and radiate when we have our shoulder portals opened, as well as their corresponding body channels.

A template that we, as humans, too have in our original 12D template and that we can manifest, in this lifetime, for we are now ready to reconnect our shoulder portals with the 6D (Indigo) and 7D (Violet) Rays, as these Rays have been now rehabilitated and we can begin the process of light body reconnection.

Our shoulder portals are of utmost importance to be able to work on polarity synthesis, as well as to merge our feminine and masculine sides. Once opened together with the rehabilitation of our sixth-seventh dimensional DNA layers, will result in the opening of our own wings, for we too are light beings that were literally cut from our original essence, and hence, power.

Our right 6D shoulder portal corresponds to our masculine essence of us, and the left 7D one with the feminine. Both portals are too connected to many body conduits in our body, which is too complex to explain in a few words. As you know, we need to take the first step and do our inner work, to initiate this process. First through the conscious building of our silver cord or hara line, together with the removal of all distortions, so our soul and Unified Self can be able to assist us in our process, for unless we first inform them of our willingness to ascend in this lifetime, they will not interfere, as they will never violate our free will.

This is an advanced stage of light body reconnection, and that again, is of great importance, if we wish to unify polarities, as the feminine and the masculine aspects of us, go beyond our 3D human interpretation of these essences. This is also very important if we desire to communicate with our Unified Self, as I call the Higher Self or God Self, and establish further communication with other benevolent beings.

There are many who are beginning to be called, especially this year, when we are being massively supported, to begin opening their wings, and retrieve their authentic essence, as sixth-dimensional beings, for we are in truth twelfth-dimensional ones, reclaiming our power and lineage.

This inner work is arduous and a long-term one. However, once we initiate this reconnection, we will never feel isolated, alone, or uncommunicated again, for we have begun to merge ourselves with our soul, monad, and Unified Self, healing all illusions, and beginning to feel whole and healed again, for we are not codependent beings, but sovereign free ones, in total charge of our lives and personal creations.

I hope it helps to clarify a bit more about the many stages of light-body reconnection, as many of you have asked me to explain the basic phases of light-body reconnection, as there is more, as you well know. 

This information is within, as well as the chakra system and how to have access to the state of our body and all we need to heal in ourselves. You are always in alignment, you just need to find a unique way for you to communicate with the Illumined Aspects of yourself. This and any other information is not given to the "special" ones. It is within for All, for the Truth is only One, and it is inside all of us. 

As you continue with your inner work and your Unified Self and Guides Team, often parallel aspects of you, consider, you will be taken into further stages. They will guide you through inner knowing, or in the way you receive your guidance, into the next steps for you.

As I always say, we are all unique, follow always your own guidance, in the way it comes for you, and take only what resonates.

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba 

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