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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

jueves, 6 de abril de 2023

Full Moon in Libra, April 5th-6th, 2023 - Mastering our Relationships

 Beloved Ones, 

In the midst of all the intense energies that we are co-creating with, we now have a break to focus on balance, bringing harmony to both ourselves, and our relationships, which is what helps us evolve, and recognize the many things that we do not see for ourselves, and that our relationships show us. 

To assist us in this process of self-synthesis, stabilization, and relationship healing, we have the energies of today's 4/4 portal, whose frequencies are meant to bring harmony on both a personal and a planetary level, as I previously shared in a previous post. These loving energies together with a Full Moon at 16 degrees Libra, on April 5th-6th, are going to create a wonderful portal for healing, rejuvenation, and clearing, as in the following weeks, we will begin to experience massive activations again, especially with the coming of the hybrid eclipse, removing all that is not aligned, which takes a lot of integration, and self-mastery to know how to embody, direct, and co-create with these energies.

The Full Moon in Libra quincunx Uranus, but harmonizes with Vesta, and Venus, which conjuncts Uranus as well, and the most important aspect, its alignment with the Cosmic Healer, Chiron, which together with the Sun and Jupiter offers us a tremendous opportunity for healing. Chiron reminds us that is precisely by embracing our wounds that we can integrate pain, which is a great teacher and transformer, so we can pass to be more unified, bringing this same unity as well in our relationships, for there are many who desire the perfect partner, but they have not yet loved all of who they are, attracting, therefore, another person with the same inner voids. 

Co-dependency is born out of the need we have for love, affection, and compassion. It is putting outside of ourselves something we do not know yet we have within. At the moment we see ourselves as our main source of unconditional love, peace, and compassion, we will then be ready for harmonic and elevated relationships. 

The healing essence of Libra's Moon is for those who are ready to look at their shadows in the face, bringing to the surface all the hidden wounds the ego self is afraid to address, so we can finally realize that we can neutralize fear and pain, if we are willing to look at our lessons, integrating pain, and allowing it to show us that behind all wounds, is the need for recognition, for all that dwells in the shadows wants to be embraced, recognized and loved, as this is how we neutralize the aspects, feelings, and situations in our lives that are fragmented, lost in the pain that we once experienced.

It is now that we are working with the self, while we dwell in Aries, that we need to master how we treat ourselves, as well as how we are with our relationships, for if we do not treat ourselves with unconditional love, compassion, and respect, we could not treat the other equally. This is an opportunity to address these aspects of us that are still reticent to walk into the light to be integrated, so we can continue healing ourselves, as the more whole we become, the more we can open ourselves to love and be loved.

This is also a very powerful time to heal our relationship, if this is still possible, or cut cords with everyone that has already fulfilled a purpose in our life experience, for we are not meant to carry energetic, miasmatic, and physics cords, between many others, that drain us and impede us to forge new authentic and balanced relationships. 

We have three wonderful aspects during this Moon helping us precisely regain strength, and courage to continue with all we need to heal in ourselves and our relationships, obtaining more clarity, as communication with our God Selves, is essential to be able to discern what we are experiencing. On one hand, we have Mercury sextile Mars, which is going to offer us the warrior energy required to continue healing our mental bodies, of old programs, beliefs, and the many implanted thoughts that are not ours to continue carrying, clearing as well those aspects of us that have been hidden for so long, and that now need to be embraced and unified.

On the other hand, we too have Mercury Sextile Saturn, which is going to help us obtain mental clarity, so we can organize our thoughts, ideas, and visions, to descend them in the physical plane, where we can communicate lovingly, respectfully, and compassionately, as this is pivotal in all the relationships we consciously choose to maintain. 

Lastly, we have another important aspect, Mars trine Saturn. This gives us the sense of order, structure, and ambition to go after our goals and soul's desires, without decaying in the midst of the process, for the human aspect of us wants quick results, and we need to be devoted and persevere, even though we cannot see results yet, for what we do with love, is always worth it, and has results, at Divine Timing. 

Our path is not a path focused on results, but on healing, embracing higher levels of love, and above all, remembering that what truly matters is not the destination but all we experience while we are walking the path. However, for these results to be the outcomes we wish, we need to gradually build from a space of love, patience, and confidence, rather than from a space of impulsiveness. This is what this aspect is also going to teach us, to build, with patience, what will endure in time and serve All, rather than just the self. 

We are navigating a very important passage. One in which focusing on stabilization is key. This is going to be a busy portal for all, but especially for stabilizers, for we are not yet aware of the power of these harmonic waves, on both a personal and a global level, and the importance of anchoring them in our plane. 

This is just the beginning of what is yet to come, as soon we too have a hybrid eclipse, that will have a profound impact on many. This is why harmonization is key at this time, to prepare our bodies for a massive integration, and/or activation, as we are all in different phases.

Balance is what is required of us, at this time. Balance within, so we can too offer it to All who need our love and harmonic frequency. Balance comes when we have integrated the shadows, overcame fear, and accept the totality of who we are, in this plane, as sacred and equal. It is only when we love all of who we are that we can finally act as integrated, balanced, and sovereign beings, beginning to co-create in more illumined ways, birthing the creations that will benefit many. 

I wish you a wonderful passage, Beloved Ones!

May you all find love, peace, and harmony.

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba 

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