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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an endless path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a Spark of the Divine, a free being always expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Fountain of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

About Ascencion

Beloved Ones,

Planet Earth has been awakening at a very fast rate in these past years. Our Beloved Planet has finally ascended into a new and higher octave within Creation. The collective is now embracing the energies of unification, Divine love and compassion that some pioneers souls brought to Earth, instead of perpetuating the old sense of separation that we used to possess. At last, new consciousness is being born within the souls that are originated on Earth, this is not only due to the precious assistance of other Galactic beings that have been helping us to raise our frequency since ancient times, but also to the Starseed Souls, Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children between others beings, that have incarnated on Earth to assist the Planet. 

These souls hold within their soul purpose blueprint and DNA, the proper codes to raise the frequency of Earth to build a New Golden Era of love and compassion in which our main aim is to remember our connection with Source after we fragmented from it to experience a physical existence. It is also noteworthy, the souls that belong to Planet Earth and that are awakening massively to their True nature at that time, and that by doing so, are also assisting others into this endless evolutionary path of soul remembrance and unification. As when one awakes to their true nature, this spark illuminates others into their own process of awakening and ascension.

When we talk about ascension, we are referring to the conscious choice of raising our frequency to match a certain level of awareness that will help us to develop what is required to step into this New path of self-love and compassion that we have consciously chosen. Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our physical body - the embodiment and conscious integration, of our True Essence into this dense and physical body. 

When our soul is finally wide awake, by conscious choice, the ancient memories that always lie within ourselves awake us to a new way of living, existing and BEing, and a new world begin to arise for us, while the old one dies. Humanity is experiencing this soul awakening and consicous evolution in one way or another, our Planet also counts with the precious assistance of many Galactic Beings as well as other Planetary and Extraterrestrial entities that are helping us into this ascension process with devotion and infinite love, as we are never alone in our evolutionary path of ascension.

 It all depends on the mission that each Soul has brought to Earth, whether they will awake sooner or later. What is truly important is that we all contribute as One, to this process of raising our frequency and embracing higher level of awareness and wisdom, so we all can experience a New Era of Love and integrity that Humanity have been building for a long time.

The ascension process will definitely challenge us in all aspects of ourselves, as we will experience profound inner and physical symptoms due to the shift that occur our physical vehicles and DNA, as they are shifting from carbon base into a more crystalline one, and this integration process is not always an easy one to deal with. This is why this path should be consciously chosen, and we should know that challenges are going to be there along the way, as well as other beings that will try to deviate us from our true path, but in the end, nothing real can be threatened. All this, can only be solved by being properly informed and by embracing and accepting what IS, as it is the only way in which we could move forward, by internalizing our lessons, healing our karma, and clearing our ego. The more knowledge we hold, the more we could understand and see with clarity what it IS from old Human illusions.

There are many souls involved in this ascension process, as Indigos, Crystals, Star seeds, Walk-ins and many others souls that have agreed to be on Planet Earth at this time, assisting Gaia to transmute negativity and old patterns of thoughts and beliefs so Humanity can pass from the old paradigm of Human illusion/limitation and destruction into a New Era of love and authenticity. There are also other souls who as Lightworkers (souls who are originated from Earth) have decided to assist in that mission of building a New World in which we could finally get rid of mind control - as other negative experiences that Earth has been dealing with for so many years, and start creating a higher version of Earth. 

We are all equals within Creation, we are all Divine Beings in Essence taking part in this ascension process, some souls just choose to remember it and others do not, but our Divine Essence is always the same even if we decide to choose different choices. At every moment, there are new souls that awake to this true and pure Divine feeling of love and soul remembrance that we all carry within. At every single second, these souls light up others, as what we do for us we do for All and so Humanity keeps ascending and becoming more conscious of the Truth.

When talking about Gaia, our Planet is a living organism in itself and there are Planetary Beings taking care of Her at all time. So as an independent organism, Gaia has already ascended, leaving the old Terra aside. It is our task to decide whether we would like to step into this new Earth and evolutionary soul journey, or remain in the old version of Gaia. Our main aim should be to start working on our own and unique process of ascension, instead of focusing on others. Our mere task should be also one of gratitude and love toward Her, but not one of saving. As Gaia, only need for us to raise our frequency as well as our care for Her. Earth has its unique process, but again, we All ascend as One.

Some souls have decided to remain in this old version of the Planet, others have consciously chosen to enroll in this ascension process and unite their forces to keep creating a New Earth of Divine love and higher understanding. It is all perfect within the Divine Plan, remember that no light can truly exist without the darkness and vice versa - everything needs a counterpart to exist and be experienced. 

We all have our unique mission to fulfill and we should judge no one, as we never know what other souls have chosen to create for their own journey, and if what they have decided to create that we call "wrong", is helping us in the end to realize what we do not wish to experience in our own path. Judging is irrelevant, and it can only come from an egoic place of resistance to the fact that it is all One and that polarity only exists within our earthly Plane - created by our human self to judge and compare instead of unified. Our main purpose is to shine the love that we are, as well as our soul gifts, not to enter into other paths, as we can never know the whole Divine Plan for All Creation. when we heal and help ourselves, we are doing so with others even if we sometimes cannot see it with our physical eyes. It is all connected, it is all part of the same Divine Plan.

The first step into Ascension is not only our awakening process, which some of us did not even experience, as some souls, were already aware of their True nature and soul mission on Earth from an early stage of our lives, we simply had this soul remembrance feeling that accompanied us at all times. Our main task on this ascension path should also be to clear our ego of all the old programming and attachments that make us fall into the human illusion and experience of that which is not our Divine Essence. 

We are all unique and we all have different experiences within our ascension journey, but in any case, we all should start from healing the lower aspects of ourselves, that is to say, from our physical vehicles, so we can begin to embody our souls into our human being. Only when we have cleared ourselves from the old and unified all the aspects of ourselves as One is that we can start merging with our Higher Self, being able to act from a total place of integration - when our thoughts, feelings and actions are aligned. Remember that our Human challenge lies into passing from holding a strong sense of polarity into embracing one of unity consciousness and Divine remembrance.

Even before we start ascending, we have to heal all aspects of the lower self and physical body. Our chakras are the first step into the proper internalization of higher energies. When we feel that we are attuned to a higher vibration, it is our responsibility to start giving new steps into our ascension process and not while we still have some aspects of the old self to release and heal. 

The embodiment of our soul and the lost fragments of it (obviously, we cannot embody the wholeness of our soul, as the Human body could not stand its higher vibration) which is called Soul retrieval, is the next step we should consider, of our journey, a it is the only way in which we could feel whole again. In any case, we are always connected to the totality of it, as well as its ancient memories and the necessary light codes that remain dormant within ourselves and that if we do the required inner work to activate them, it will help us to re-connect with our True Essence, Higher Guides and other Beings that are assisting us throughout the entire journey.

Our path is one of service to All not just to the Self. Our path is one of soul remembrance and self mastery to be the wayshowers for others that will come after us, as well as others did first for us. All belong to the same Fountain of Love and Light that gave us birth since the beginning of times. We embrace our soul memories and we dedicate all the guidance that we receive, as mere and pure channels, to be at service, as this is our main mission as ascending souls. We all have our unique roles that should not be compared with others. It is our responsibility to be engage only in our own process of healing and self-mastery, and not that of others. As we all came here to express ourselves as an individual aspect of Source and judgments as well as comparisons are unnecessary and useless.

Embodying higher levels of wisdom and being aligned with our Divine Essence is also essential for the Ascending Souls. It is vital to stay connected to Source at all times and live in this state of connection in all we do and say, as it is our natural state of BEing that we all should cultivate to live in the purity of our soul purpose. We have always being multidimensional beings. We have just recently awaked to the Truth. Our conscious intention and attention as ascending souls, is now to remember, recognize and honor our True Essence and act accordingly to our soul mission which is always one of selfless service to All. Helping humanity to finally erased old programming and step into a new path of soul evolution into a higher state of consciousness and Being, moving from duality to unity consciousness, which is what in the end our human journey is all about.  

Each and every one of us is unique. We are all a spark of the Divine, star seed souls navigating through Divine Creation. Divine seeds blossoming and ascending each day, ancient souls expressing our unique and unrepeatable gifts through this physical human form. Who we are and what we do from one existence to another is never the same. As who we are, shifts every single moment, even if we may not be fully aware of it. 

Our path is also a unique one, we all feel what is occurring behind the human scenario in our own way. Honor your uniqueness; do not compare yourself to others. What you feel is perfectly fine according to where you are in your path, and by allowing yourself to sense every feeling and embrace it, you are opening yourself to a higher form of guidance, as our feelings are the best form of guidance that we can possess.

I AM truly honored to share this ascension path with you all Beautiful Souls! And I wish you nothing but the pure bliss of knowing that you are all helping on this transition and that you could never be more loved, worthy and appreciated that you are Now. 

Thank you for all your assistance!

In love, light and service,
Natalia Alba

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