Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance and Divine Love with you all my Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, a journey to transcend matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our Human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

Claim your power and Divine sovereignty by affirming: I AM a Cosmic Traveler navigating the entire Universe in an endless path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a Starseed Soul, a Spark of the Divine, a free being always expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience. I AM the Fountain of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You


Declaration of Intentions & Healing Tools

Declaration of Intention to let go and welcome change

This is a declaration I was guided to share to release the past and welcome the new, for those who resonate, and feel guided, to use it, as they wish. As always, you are your own Master and this is just an example, you will have your own words. 

Before this declaration, in your unique way, make sure you first protect your physical, and non-physical bodies, so only the LoveLight Beings assisting you in your path, will come to help you. 

I _(your name)_ call upon my Unified Self, Monad, Guides who assist me on my human experience, and who only come from the Love, Light, Truth and Unity of God to help me release what no longer is serving my current human path. Thank you for helping me protecting my personal and sacred space of everyone and everything - incarnated or not - who do not belong to the Light. 

It is my conscious desire to let go of everything, and everyone, with great love, and blessings, that have fulfilled its purpose in my journey - being free of the old so I can welcome what my soul planned for me to experience, in this human plane. 

I _(your name)_ as a sovereign free being, choose to no longer feed the past, for it is no longer existing, in my present timeline, fully opening my heart to new horizons that have not been walked, yet, by my human self and that will offer me precious new experiences and soul encounters. 

I AM forever dwelling in this Now moment.

I AM forever grateful for all the past experiences and relationships that have served me to become the empowered and sovereign being that I am now and that have been already released, forgiven and appreciated. 

I AM ready to let it all go, with great love, joy and excitement for what is coming, in this new phase of my evolutionary path. 

I AM now manifesting what is for my highest good, and that of All, working in perfect unison with God and with the Forces of Light of this Universe and all multi-universes that help me manifest a perfect reality for what I need to experience next. 

I decree that it is my pure intention, and conscious soul desire, to only dwell, and hence, experience, this moment, removing all previous ones that my human self is no longer living and needing for its growth. 

I __(your name)__ thank my Unified Self, Monad and Guides for helping me dissolve all past timelines, energies, and relationships that are still active in my energetic field. 

Therefore, I make of this declaration a permanent and irrevocable one. 

And So it is and it will be so by Grace and in a perfect way for All!

Declaration to command and protect your personal space

I _(your name)_ call upon my Unified Self, Monad, Guides and LightLove beings, helping me on my human journey, coming from the love, light, truth and unity of God to assist me protecting my personal and sacred space of everyone and everything - incarnated or not - of negative thought forms, other form of consciousness and everything vibrating in the opposite frequency of the Divine Love that I AM.

I _(your name)_ as a sovereign free being, conscious of where I put my intention, and responsible of all my thoughts, actions and creations in the physical, as well as non-physical planes, clear now my personal space of all debris, negative thought forms and anything that is vibrating in a lower frequency, in this earthly plane, where I dwell and in any of the other dimensions where other aspects of me reside as well. 

I am fully anchored to Mother Earth's power, as I am Anchored Above - acting from a unified space to be able to assist, at all levels, in the physical and in the non-physical aspects/dimensions within Creation where I also exist. 

I AM forever protected.
I AM forever grateful. 
I AM forever working in perfect unison with God and with the Forces of Light of this Universe and all multi-universes. 

I __(your name)__ thank you for helping me purify all the channels within my physical and non-physical bodies, removing all lower entities/energies, from this current timeline to all existing, so only the light - Truth - and protection of the Divine can descend through me, allowing me to act as a pure conduit of the Divine, wherever I am, without any other entities or lower energies interfering in my personal decisions, space and personal soul mission.

I decree that my only and pure intention is to only be here, incarnated into this physical realm, at the same time that I too operate in other multidimensional dimensions, serving my God Self 's Will to assist All who will benefit from my Essence and Presence, and as this will be, always, my intention, I make of this declaration a permanent and irrevocable one. 

Therefore, I declare that no being/entity or form of consciousness - coming from an unloving source - can act without my permission, or enter into my personal sacred space and act through me or for me, for I only serve a Higher Will and Power who works in selfless service, from a total space of respect and unconditional love to All beings, things and other form of consciousness within Creation, practicing, always, the Law of Harmlessness to All.

I AM a LoveLight being of the Divine - giving form to a Human body - and as such, I AM always One with this - unconditional - loving, non-judgmental and forgiving Source within me, and I declare that I use this infinite loving Power, within me, to only serve All, in an unconditinal, compassionate and loving way.

I AM a pure conduit for the Divine Light, I AM always protected, for I AM, always, One with God, forever acting as a sovereign being in service to humanity, from a pure space of Divine Love, and never from an egoic one. For I know I am always One with All that exists and have ever existed within Creation.

And So it is and it will be so by Grace and in a perfect way for All!

After this statement, you are ready to make any other declarations of intention, healing or any other session you would like to maintain with your Guides or simply to be able to be protected and make the conscious statement of only allowing the Forces of Love and Light within your sacred space. 

In love, light and service ∞

Natalia Alba

Dissolving emotional traumatic wounds exercise
  • Locate the emotion that is stuck within you due to the rumination of it. Remember the more you ruminate about something, the more you keep it active within your emotional body, occupying a space that should be freed for you to fill it with love and constructive new emotions that will help you build a strong and healthy life experience. Call upon your Unified Self/Guides, to assist you in your healing process. 
These lower emotions/wounds can be covered with many things that can impede them to come into the surface. Do not cover them with substances, fears or denial, become conscious, become the healer that you are and feel the pain. Never ignore pain, for it is your best teacher and saviour, and the doorway to self-healing.

After you locate the pain, the most important thing is to deal with it, not from where it comes. It does not matter what we used to be, in our past lifetimes, and if the pain comes from there, it only matters what we are being now, and what we are doing with what we are feeling now. If what you are feeling is making your suffer, identify from where this pain comes, is useful, but you cannot come back to a past time to fix it, as there is nothing to fix, to begin with.

The only thing you can do is to forgive yourself/ves and let this pain go, after you learn what it came to show you. If you commune with your soul, for at least a few minutes a day, with the other selves that are One with you, whether past, present or future, you will have the assistance required to do the necessary work on the forgiveness you need to release these lower emotions that are causing you suffering.

When I work with my emotional body, in my sacred space, I always imagine it as a dark blue sea or lake, as you wish. I relate it to  the element Water and for me it is easier to flow with this element and release all that is stagnant in it, for water does not allow anything to remain stuck in it.
  • Visualize yourself in front of this not clear sea, all the lower  emotions are impeding the nature flow and radiance of this sea to emerge. Now feel all the painful emotions that make you suffer, one by one, after accepting your responsibility for these situations, be grateful for what they taught you and send them into the point residing in the middle of this sea, where there is a current that leads into a hole.
It is there where all your negative emotions are released, until you begin to feel peace, or at least in a balanced state of being, out of anger and repression. 
  • After regaining calmness, enter into this sea - that is now clearer due to the emotions released - submerge yourself in it, until you fall into the bottom of the ocean where a theatre resides full of people, souls, that have accompanied you in this lifetime or any other one, even though they have no faces, they do have a soul and have touched your life in a sense, making it better, and helping you to grow, whether your human ego recognized it or not.
As you enter, you will see a chair in the middle of the theater. Sit there. This is for you, all these souls are eager to be forgiven, as your soul is also eager to be released of experiencing the pain that these hidden wounds cause. Call them one by one, do it daily, as it is not a one-day process, recall what happened with this person that made you think he/she hurt you. 

Dissolve the illusion, remember, he/she helped you, by soul contract, by Free Will, to help you remember the powerful being that you are - to overcome any challenge - but also capable of forgiving, for an empowered Sovereign Being forgives the self and All, it is in our Divine Essence, it is who we truly are - forgiveness, love, light, joy, humility and wise beings, beyond measure.

Tell them what you need for you to end this pain, knowing it is a precious soul that helped you, for by your own self you could have never learnt as much as you did. When you finally remember the light in them as their only nature, send them with great love and respect to the pillar of light that emerges when one forgives, and send them into this wonderful space of freedom - at the same time that you too liberate yourself.

As you keep doing so, you will not only do soul retrieval but soul integration and healing of all the wounds that are yet imprinted within your emotional body. It is essential to work with forgiveness for we tend to forget all these wounds, in denial, and leave them in a mental plane, thinking that we are free of them, but in truth, we just hide them without realizing that they are still hurting our emotional body which is as important as our human one. 

This is why sometimes we experience anxiety, isolation and pain but we are not able to realize from where these sensations are coming. We want to think they come from solar flares, cosmic energies and so forth, but sometimes, they just come from the very pain that our hidden emotions cause us.
  • After doing so, come back to the sea, it is now clear blue, radiant and flowing, as you too are now, in love, in light, in gratitude with yourself and All, for you have been communing with your soul as well as with the other souls that are your Soul Family and Divine Companions, in peace. Souls who have done nothing to you but loving you, in ways that your egoic self could never realize by itself.
  • After that affirm:
(say your name) accept the light of my soul as well as the light that dwells in others that have helped me on my journey. I release all human illusions. All sentiment of pain and anger and everything that impedes me to see the Truth of who I am and of who others are. I expand now - and forever - within Divine love and any resistance to experience all that will allow me to grow and experience joy, abundance and unconditional love, in a new and higher way. 

Now, You are free, free to walk your path without interference from. Free of past hurts. Free to create a path in which you will not have to force any interactions or soul encounters or getting attached to any of them, for you walk now as a master, healer and sovereign being of your own life experience and the mere essence of your New Frequency will attract anything and/or anyone you need to co-create a new path.

Declaration of intention to see only the Truth in all my life experiences and relationships.

As a sovereign being of my human life experience, I now declare my pure intention to receive the Truth - and only the Truth from my Higher Self and the Divine - in all the situations of my current path, that I need to see within Divine clarity.

I have dissolved all human veils of illusion - that impeded me - to be aware of what truly IS in my own being and life circumstance.

I have released old attachments, all the past vows that were completed in my relationships and everything that was not aligned with my soul, and hence, with the Divine Will.

It is now that I consciously choose to embody Higher aspects of the Truth and become fully aware of all that shall be revealed to me at this very moment, from my Higher Self and the Divine Realms of Illumination.

I__(your name)_ AM now free, open and ready to accept all the wisdom and guidance for all my relationships here on Earth and its purpose - if it is for the greatest good of All involved.

It is through infinite gratitude that I now command to receive, with great humility and within Divine Love, a clear vision of Truth in all my human life experiences and enlightened relationships.

I AM a LoveLight being of the Divine - giving form to a Human body - and as such, I AM always One with this - unconditional - loving Source within me.

I AM a pure conduit for the Divine Truth to manifest now and always, and so be it! 

In love and light
Natalia Alba 

Declaration of intention to serve only the Law of One

As a sovereign being of my human life experience,  and as I conscious creator of my reality, I now declare my pure intention to only serve the Forces of Light and love of the Universe. As a free being fully aware of my choices, I now choose to only work for the Law of One - in deep commitment with my Higher Self/Guides and the Star companions who agreed to assist me on my human journey.

It is now that I consciously choose to embody Higher Essences of my Soul and become fully aware of all that shall be revealed to me at this very moment, from my Higher Self and the Divine Realms of Illumination. I ask that any fallen being or human who is possessed by a negative entity, will be revealed to me within Divine Love and Clarity and be immediately remove from my Auric field. 

I__(your name)__ do not allow any entity, form of thought or consciousness that is not coming from a LoveLight Source to try to control me by implants, programmed thoughts or any other method of mental or physical manipulation. And so be it!

I__(your name)_ AM now free, open and ready to accept all the wisdom and guidance that will show me the Truth about me and others so I can become aware of what is not coming from a place of authenticity and integrity - if it is for the greatest good of All involved. 

It is through infinite gratitude that I now receive, with great humility, a clear transmission of  everything that my Soul desires to reveal to me at this moment. 

I AM Love, I AM a Light Bearer incarnated into a physical body in service to All within Creation and as such, I AM always One with this - unconditional - loving Source within me and All.

I AM a pure conduit for the Divine Light to manifest through me, now and always, and so it is! 

In love, love and service always,

Natalia Alba

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